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Back In the Groove


So I go away for five days and things just go crazy around these parts, eh? Bomani and Doyel go at each other on Twitter and I feel the pain of a father who cant stop his two sons from squabbling in the back yard. Then comes the Jon Hood response to Beisner, and the resulting furor over KSR and whether it is “good for the program.” In case you missed the latter incident, Hood sent out a tweet saying that there was a person wearing a “tuxedo t-shirt” at some event he attended and Beisner Retweeted the comment, adding “was it Billy Gillispie?” Hood and his family are still big fans of Gillispie and the next thing you know, Beisner is blocked and the battle is on. Hopefully everyone knows that Beisner’s comment was in jest and Beez (along with everyone on here) loves UK and has for a long time. We all pull for Jon and everyone else wearing Blue, but we also believe that you can make jokes about anything…including each other, as we make fun of each other more than we do anyone else (Beez is a communist). Hopefully one day, Bomani, Doyel, Beez and Hood can all follow each other and hang out in a blissful state in which all are throwing a football and smiling, reminiscent of an erectile enhancement commercial of a Low T gel used in most of the therapies .

Until then, we have to get back to the business of UK news. I have just returned from Vegas and will have a number of reports over the next three days. Interviews with Patrick Patterson, Demarcus Cousins and Quincy Miller are coming, along with reports on the performances of John Wall and Eric Bledsoe. Plus, I will go over the Daniel Orton situation with some background information as to why some of his bad decisions may have taken place. The next couple of days will have a lot of info and I am looking forward to getting it up here. Until that moment, three things that have happened since I have left that I believe to be important:

— UK is recruiting Anthony Davis hard and attempting to make itself the leader for the rising Power Forward’s services. They have sent someone to every one of his games and he is getting lots of interest from the coaching staff. We will see his name much more and he has big time potential. I still would say that Miller is the better player (a sentiment that Quincy himself said on Twitter last night in a reaction to the Frosted One’s tweet giving the opposite opinion), but Davis is very good and would be a great addition.

Kentucky is THE STORY at the NBA Summer League. As I walked around and spoke to people at the NBA Summer League (which is a place you really have to go sometime….a great experience), the topic of Kentucky was everywhere. One scout told me that “if Calipari stays in Lexington, you will be out here seeing 3 or 4 guys every year.” Some complained that Calipari had not taught Wall to limit turnovers, while others praised Calipari for the work done with Cousins. However whether pro or con, all talked Big Blue and it has become the #1 place for NBA folks to look for talent at the college level.

— The recruiting story on Quincy Miller is fascinating and something that is a must follow. Many dont realize that Brian Clifton (the AAU coach of John Wall) is also close with Miller and is a big part of his recruitment. Clifton is not (contrary to what some believe) close with John Calipari…in fact, you could almost say they are not close at all. Wall went to Kentucky despite Clifton hoping he would go elsewhere…and now the scenario is playing out again with Miller. I think Quincy likes Kentucky the most and in our interview, it is clear that he has the most positive to say about the Cats. But Clifton likes UL (and Tim Fuller specifically) and Baylor, and clearly is pointing him in that direction. Following that battle…which played out with Wall, but with the kid winning out in the end, will be interesting to watch.

More in a bit and player reviews all day….

Article written by Matt Jones