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Bachelor: Paris

Not sure how many of you are watching the Bachelor in Paris…..likely not many as our female readership here is not high. But assuming for a second that anyone does, I hope you saw last night. This bachelor, who is a doctor at Vanderbilt Medical School and has the face of a wet puppy yet is admired by these women like he were Brad Pitt combined with Nelson Mandela, had to cut the women from six to four. This was an important cut as it would determine which home towns he would visit in the coming weeks. Now he picked one woman from Nashville (likely because he needed to visit his medical school) and two other women who were non-descript. However he also picked the resident “villain” of this season, some woman whose name I cant pronounce who has admitted that she is on the show to become an actress.

What I find fascinating is that the other women are so REPULSED by this admission. They all talk about how it sickens them that a women is on the show “not for the right reasons.” Oh yeah….what are the right reasons? You mean coming on a show with 30 other women for the purpose of wooing a guy you dont know and getting him to propose to you and all your desperateness in two weeks is “the right reason”? It seems to me that coming on the show, to meet someone you might like, while trying to build your career is….oh how shall I say this….Normal. Whereas you and the other women who are trying to find love on a television show are simply pathetic.

There I got that off my chest….

Article written by Matt Jones