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Awww….the internet

Great day for the internet and Kentucky sports today as there was a great deal of drama on various message boards. A well-known poster on many UK boards posted a thread a couple of days ago that essentially suggested that Coach Tubby Smith had held a meeting in which he had laid the law down to his assistants and told them that changes could/would be made. The thread then went into detail on a number of other things, including player transfers and recruiting blunders. IT received a great deal of attention and led to the events of today, where a poster claiming to be Sandy Bell…UK’s Director of Compliance… came on and essentially said that the stories were false, no such meeting occurred and the entire notion of info based on a “source” was incorrect. The story then got told on Alan Cutler’s radio show and has been fodder for debate all over.

Now I am not here to get into the merits of the particular story or whether it contained true information. Anyone who has read this blog or my various message board posts over the years, knows what I think about such rumors and the likelihood that they are ever true. What is fascinating to me is the involvement (supposedly) of Bell, showcasing the acknowledgement of the power of the internet. To come onto a message board and publically call out a poster and his story would have been virtually unheard even one year ago. And now it is not only done, but in a moderately aggressive way.

I think that many stories on the internet….especially those that claim to be inside the Tubby SMith coaching office……one of the tightest ships in America….strain my notions of credibility. I hesitate to say they are false, because ultimately I have no proof, but I have learned over the years that folks on the internet are excited to read ANY story or rumor, no matter how bizarre. Thus anyone who brings them such rumors is hailed and thus they grow exponentially. But I also think that the promotion of such rumors can do a great deal of harm. The actions by Sandy Bell today suggest that not only does she possibly agree, but she is willing to act on that belief, something that truly amazes me.

Article written by Matt Jones