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Ashley Judd Getting it Done in Rupp


picture by Dr. Michael Huang

Much has been made about Jay Z bringing his H to the Izzo, V to the izz-AY, self into Rupp Arena for the game on Saturday, and for good reason. Getting the biggest rap name in the game was clearly a coup for the Blue and is just another step in the “John Calipari is cooler than every other coach” march. But let’s not forget that an old-school famous UK fan was there as well. Ashley Judd was four rows behind the bench and yelling at the top of her lungs throughout the contest. Continuing her tradition of arriving at the games as they begin and being worked up from the opening tip, Judd was great to watch throughout. She stood up and cheered all of the players and let the referees know when she was upset at their calls (which was often). She was still rocking the UK t-shirt and seemed as content as she could be in a non-Morgan Freeman chasing her through the fog setting.

In recent years, Ashley’s fandom has become slightly controversial to some among the UK internet fanbase. While she is never greeted with anything but warmth from the Rupp masses, some UK internet fans who are not happy with her politics, aren’t happy with her as a fan either. It is of course, an absurd idea to think that because one disagrees with Ashley Judd on something like the endangered jumping frog (which may or may not be endangered), they can’t accept her cheering on the Cats. But what Saturday showcased to me once again is that Judd is the best kind of UK celebrity fan. Like Josh Hopkins, she knows the players, is absolutely passionate about the game and cheers throughout both good and bad. She attends at least 2-3 games every year and famously sat through that awful Billy Clyde debacle in Nashville four season ago. She is a true fan, and as loyal as one can be who does not live in Lexington and is married to an Indy Car driver.

So while I love having Jay Z, Drake, John Boehner and Mike Tomlin make appearances in Rupp, I also enjoy the familiar site of Ashley in the stands as well. She has gotten a bit older, playing the mom instead of the hot bombshell, but she is still getting it done and forgave me for my verbal slip-up with her years ago (a good story that I have told via radio). To paraphrase our man Jigga, when I am saying what up to Ty Ty while sipping mai tais courtside at Rupp, I hope it is Ashley that will be there to give me a high five.

Article written by Matt Jones

40 Comments for Ashley Judd Getting it Done in Rupp

    7:08 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    ashley is a great fan, and from what i hear, a VERY GENEROUS donor to our athletic programs

  2. Another Perspective
    7:13 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    I live Ashley Judd. I do believe she us as close to being a perfect woman as I have ever seen.

  3. Another Perspective
    7:15 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    *love – not “live”

  4. JVice
    7:17 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Tell Huang that his logo is a tad obnoxious. Overcompensation, perhaps?

  5. Jewco Transfer
    7:17 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Is that a unibrow on the Wildcat?

  6. SagaciousMind
    7:20 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    2, hey guess what, you lost and UL sucks!

  7. catfan
    7:25 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Our mascot wears a unibrow and the cards wore a pecker. Go figure Chane.

  8. nolablue
    7:27 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Y’all keep forgettin’ Steve Zahn. Or maybe he only comes to the football games? He does
    sport Cats wear when he’s out and about, and attends football games often.

  9. BirdsWidTeeth
    7:30 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t worry L fans, we still got Babs from Da Band reppin’ us! L Yes!!!!

    7:33 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Hahaha, seems like some girl wised up and quit “Throwing Dem L’s Up” with #2. Realized she looked better in blue…or in Matts bed.

  11. KYStout
    7:41 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    I love me some Ashley Judd!

  12. steve zahn
    7:54 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    9 – He flies pretty under the radar for living in Lexington, but he does need to get MORE love for being at most of the games. Saving Silverman is one of the most underrated comedies of all time by the way.

  13. BleedingBlueInTexas
    8:07 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Our love of all things “BLUE” should transcind any political, religious, socio-economic, or race differences. WE are the Big Blue Nation!

  14. procrowe
    8:15 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    I do think she is a nice asset to have in our fanbase…however, I do take issue with the fact that I watched her walk out of the SEC Tourney game against Miss St in Nashville minutes before Cousins’ heroics. She missed the OT and UK’s return to SEC Tourney Glory…a true fan would never walk out of a game like that early…regardless of status.

  15. Fannin
    8:15 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    I just noticed… When did our wildcat grow a uni-brow? Or has it always had one?

  16. Johnny Freeze
    8:19 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Ashley was at Chapel Hill during the BCG era. You tell me who the real fan is?

  17. Zack
    8:26 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    That tree huggin Ashley Judd is a fan that UK could do with out. I dont believe anyone in Eastern KY likes her ever since she spoke out against Coal and wants Coal Mining banned.

  18. UK lumpy
    8:30 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    She has yet to attend a single UK football game to my knowledge.

  19. steve zahn
    8:35 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    meant to say 8 on my 12 post

  20. Lord Vern, Master of the Universe
    8:47 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    #17 Zack – You’re dead wrong. Lived in Knott/Perry all my 5 decades … seen a lot from the Coal Companies. Ashley speaks for a lot of us back here and I’m glad she’s doing it. Question: “If you’re not a Tree-Hugger, does that make you a Land-Skinner?”

  21. Women Everywhere
    8:52 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Dario Franchitti = hot

  22. saki7
    8:59 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Great post. I don’t agree with all of her politics, but that goes for 50% of the people I deal with on a daily basis. She’s extremely articulate and represents BBN well. It’s always great to see her in the stands.

  23. cracka
    9:02 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    would personally rather mike tomlin and ben rapelisburger not have anything to do with uk … i hate pissburgh … go cats and who dey

  24. BellCountyFootballFan
    9:16 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    oorah #17

  25. old_school
    9:17 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Politics kept Rush Limbaugh from becoming a part-owner in the NFL – so it seems all is fair.

    Politically correct leftists trumped up charges of racism against Rush to keep one of the NFL’s biggest fans from putting his money directly into the sport.

    I’m fine with Ashley supporting the CATS – but it’s hard not to boo a woman who so openly supports the killing of babies.

  26. Hoodfor3
    9:41 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Ashley doesn’t have much tread left on the tires.

  27. Walden Schmidt
    10:04 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink


    10:11 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Bet it doesn’t hurt that she’s a flaming liberal too, right Matt?

  29. Here we go now
    10:37 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Ashley J has been a true UK BB fan longer than many of you have been alive. She knows the game. Backs her Cats and is willing to stand and cheer the entire game. You go girl!

  30. Get Real
    10:40 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    You know why I watch college sports? They are fun, I escape the everyday life, the life that includes politicians, policies, and taxes. BBN is about coming together to support 18-23 year olds who are showing off their talents! No matter what she does or does not support politically she is supporting the Cats and that’s what this is all about. Right?

  31. Bulldawg
    11:17 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Ashley is into politics? I will vote for her to be president!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! Then it really would be big blue nation!!!!!

  32. NJCat
    11:20 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Its just great for the program that the Cats have such a positive, vocal supporter. Have seen lots of celebs in the stands, but they normally sit there acting all too cool. Ashley, Jack and Spike are the best celeb fans out there, and I’m glad we’ve got her.

  33. ... and to you political nerds...
    11:21 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    just stick a sock in it already – especially you ‘old school’

  34. Brucebigblue
    11:27 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    “Can we all just get along?” One of the things that makes BBN so special is that people with polar opposite views can come together in our love of the cats.

  35. Retweeted by @Humblebrag
    11:32 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Hey #4, same for Jones’ #HumbleBrags too, right?

  36. Threadee McThreadThread
    11:47 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    The Queen of the Frontrunners. Is it written into her contract that she has to show up whenever national TV cameras do?

  37. kingrex
    11:57 pm January 2, 2012 Permalink

    Why would you ruin this piece by mentioning she is now older as though the only reason to love her originally was her appearance? Totally unnecessary.

  38. Geno'sCats
    12:04 am January 3, 2012 Permalink


  39. Reality Check
    1:35 am January 3, 2012 Permalink

    Sorry, the “biggest UK fan” title no longer applies to Judd. For the past several seasons she has only shown up at the biggest games on the schedule, normally the nationally televised games, a couple of times a season now. She needs to show up when she won’t be shown on national TV a few times… And yes, Matt loves her because she’s a flaming liberal and he also loves to drop celebrity names and tell everyone how wonderful his seats are and who he met and rubbed elbows with. No one cares that he once met Senator Obama. BFD.

  40. NC Weasel
    10:41 am January 3, 2012 Permalink

    My best guess would be that I don’t agree with the politics of probably half the people at Rupp on any given night. But that doesn’t mean I question their love of the Cats. Same with Ashley.

    Being part of BBN doesn’t require any test of your politics. All are welcome, its aports afterall. She lives 3 hrs away and has a busy schedule. She comes when she can, she knows her basketball, and she shows her LOVE for UK Hoops at all times. That is the only criteria. So why the haters all wanna hate, I just don’t get. You prefer she cheer for someone else?

    If she was going to get some benefit from supporting a team, my guess would be she would pick a team from a more populated state or a bigger “cinderella story”. Not big, bad Kentucky, always good but from a state with one of the smallest populations in the country. Haters gonna hate.

    The girl loves her Wildcats, she attended school and has been cheering for these Cats for more than 20+ years. Let’s just treat her like the rest of BBN. I don’t think she has asked for anything else in return.