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Arkansas gets a visit from the injury fairy.

Just when you were thinking that all the bad things in football are only happening to Kentucky, Arkansas goes and loses their leading tackler to a foot injury.

After seeing player upon player relegated to the sidelines, the Wildcats’ already-young roster is looking borderline pubescent.  Granted, any of those guys could pick me up and snap me in half with one hand, but I don’t play football.  When you play week after week in the SEC, you quickly find out that young freshmen often don’t cut it.  With Max Smith and Patrick Towles out due to various ailments, true freshmen Jalen Whitlow and Jeff Witthuhn (a walk-on) will be bearing the brunt of the weight.

Needless to say, the lineup was looking rough.

But we caught something of a break with the forthcoming absence of Razorback linebacker Alfonzo Highsmith, who’s already tallied 54 tackles this season.  It’s never good to be happy when a player gets hurt, and I’m not celebrating the young man getting hurt.  We know how bad it sucks.  But if we get a lucky break and don’t have to face a great tackler and key part of the defense, it’s not bad sportsmanship to point out that that works in our favor.  In addition to Highsmith, Arkansas will be without a pair of fullbacks for the year as well.  So we’re not just getting unlucky in Kentucky.  It’s happening elsewhere.

I would rather have both teams perfectly healthy going into Saturday’s game: Max Smith, Patrick Towles, AND Highsmith and whoever else the Hogs are missing.  It’s the only way to play the game without excuses, and trust me, regardless of the outcome, there will be excuses.  From whichever side loses.  Anytime a player goes out, it’s easy to use that as an alibi to assuage the pain of a loss.  It’s what I did this past week in my Fantasy league with RGIII.

For now, though, it looks like the Wildcats and Razorbacks are pretty even not only points for and points allowed (each averages a ranking of 99th nationally between the two statistics), but also in the “available personnel” department, where both are starting to dig a little deeper than they’d like.

If we want to have any chance of winning an SEC game this year, we have to hope to capiatlize on a  teams’ misfortune.  Opportunistic and arguably unscrupulous?  Yes.  Bad sportsmanship?  I don’t think so.

Article written by Corey Nichols

19 Comments for Arkansas gets a visit from the injury fairy.

  1. Dickie Z
    9:05 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    This is awful. You had been improving, but this is a back to the CN of old and that means I should say – Corey Nichols SUCKS!

  2. Bob Sugar
    9:10 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Wow! This is a new low. Kentucky now has to hope for another team to lose players to injury just to have a chance? This is pathetic and once again shows how far this program has fallen.
    Regardless, Kentucky’s injuries are no excuse. Joker can lean on this crutch all he wants but we did not win and would not have had a better season even if we were the healthiest team of all time.

  3. Azubuike's Bicep
    9:13 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Alfonzo Highsmith must’ve been that fan that CM Punk punched last night. #bestintheworld

  4. HicksPickSix
    9:21 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Can we say grasping at straws? Just because you stated your disclaimer (“I’m not celebrating the young man getting hurt”), doesn’t remove the fact that your entire piece implies the opposite. This is absolutely pathetic, even for your low standards.

    …counting down until this comment is deleted.

  5. luvmesumcats
    9:22 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    If you didn’t feel guilty, you wouldn’t have spent the next three paragraphs defending yourself. “Arkansas Loses Leading Tackler for UK Game” and a link would’ve been sufficient.

  6. Great piece Corey. These other commenters are jealous of your awesome writing skills and your honorable disclaimers.

  7. westerncat
    9:33 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Ark. couild use walk ons and still beat this UK team. Come on Corey tell the truth,
    this staff does not know how to win.

  8. UKMike
    9:34 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    just stop dude, writing is really not your forte….I hope to start to realize this while you’re young so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

    embarrassing piece of work.

  9. Awful
    9:46 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Remove this post; awful, pathetic writing.

  10. confused
    9:52 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    so to the people who have nothing better than to bash a well writtin article, go on some where. Im excited about this news. because finally were not the only team who is getting injured. and i disagree, if we hadnt lost multiple players over the offseason to various reasons and to injury during the season our record would be 2-3 wins different.

  11. JayCee
    9:55 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    “If we want to have any chance of winning an SEC game this year, we have to hope to ‘capiatlize’ [sic] on a teams’ misfortune.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a loser’s thought process.

  12. UK fan
    10:15 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Just another article to link another excuse on why Joker is having such a hard time this year. Young talent lol, injuries.. Lets ignore the fact he only has lead 3 SEC teams at half time during his tenure and been out scored almost 350-150 in the first half. The guy can’t prepare his team or coach

  13. Come on basketball season..
    10:27 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    This is all you could come up with to write about? Sheeesh..

    Yes I know UK Football sucks and there’s not many positives to write about..surely you could write about the basketball team or something better than a player on the other team gets hurt and it may help our chances of only getting beat by 40 instead of 60. Come on Matt, this deserves a do-better speech

  14. Matt in Franklin
    10:36 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    What happened to the QB that had the long run during the Blue/White game? Wasn’t he a transfer from EKU, dont remember his name…where’s he at? Sorry, I’m suffering from CRS…

  15. TheDecker
    11:08 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    A 2-4 Arkansas team playing with their entire second string offense and defense still beats UK

  16. Weightloss Jason
    11:45 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    I’d pay $100 for a signed piece of the floor. But $200 for a signed Saul smith jersey by mrs lemond

  17. Rachel Ray
    11:53 am October 9, 2012 Permalink

    #14-Jacob Russell, now playing baseball at UK.

  18. UK
    12:53 pm October 9, 2012 Permalink

    you are horrible! BTI must be your role model

  19. Bobbum man
    1:02 pm October 9, 2012 Permalink

    Well…. I’m pretty sure we’re still gonna lose. #jokersawesome