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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Arkansas Callin the Hogs….


The Arkansas-Vandy game figured to be the most competitive of the day, as the Hogs are playing for their berth in the NCAA Tournament and it has not disappointed. Both teams are playing on a high level and the game has been as entertaining as the previous matchup with the Vols and Cocks. I am sitting within ear shot of Coach Pelphrey who has been a virtual one-man unintentional comedy caravan during the game. While the ball was being inbounded on the Vandy side of the floor, Pelphrey yelled, “Foster is #32″….I am hoping that the Hogs already knew that by the way. At another juncture, one of the Arkansas big guys Charles Thomas, got a rebound and began dribbling up the court and Pelphrey yelled, “why are you dribbling? What is wrong with you?” Way to inspire that confidence Coach!

Corliss Williamson was the Arkansas legend today….an inspired choice. People often forget just how good Williamson was during his time leading the Hogs to a title.

Bruce Pearl is a trip to watch. He came in halfway through the game and kicked some random guy out of a seat on press row…the guy asked where Pearl wanted him to go and Bruce said, “I dont know but I need to sit there.” At halftime I walked past his seat and he was talking to an old guy next to him, drawing plays on a manilla folder. The man certainly is entertaining.

— Is it just me or do you get confused by Rod Barnes and Rob Evans? Are they the same person? They are both allegedly here but I am not sure I have seen them together at the same time.

— Very little Kentucky scoop going on right now….the Kentucky turnout for the day games really hasnt been that high….I am hoping that the crowd tonight will make up for it.

— And for those you wondering, below is Crazy Security guy in one of his very few non-crazy moments….


Article written by Matt Jones