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Andy Katz With a (3-Point) Shot of Reason

The face of logic.

More than a little bit of hoopla has been made over the last several hours about the article by He-Who-Whall-Not-Be-Laid regarding further NCAA investigation into our own Nerlens Noel.  The article was released amidst substantial evidence of actual wrongdoing by the University of North Carolina, players at multiple schools being banned from early- or pre-season tournaments, and myriad other NCAA rules grievances.  So why illuminate the Kentucky player?  The answer is simple, and obvious: Kentucky brings attention, and site hits, in an otherwise boring offseason.

Andy Katz, meanwhile, takes a logical approach to the investigation in this morning’s very early “3-Point Shot,” and comes to a very fair conclusion.

2. Memo to any high school player: If you change schools multiple times and/or reclassify to enter school a year early then you can fully expect a thorough NCAA eligibility check. The era of trying to fool the NCAA enforcement staff into thinking that you won’t get at least an extended examination is in the past. Kentucky freshman center Nerlens Noel was going to get checked, regardless of any questions about how he visited schools. But no one should be surprised, either. The NCAA enforcement arm has had its antenna up to look into all high-profile incoming freshmen, no matter what school the player decided to attend.

The reclassification issue certainly becomes a sticky wicket, and is something of a flag that signals an inevitable NCAA investigation.  That Noel is under close scrutiny so far has not really been an issue.  All indications up to this point are that he is in the clear academically, and it is really his status as a top-recruit, and not as a possible rule-breaker, that has merited this level of attention.  

Bottom line is, folks can’t get Kentucky’s name out of their mouths, be it Sports Illustrated, CBS, or whoever.  Don’t let it bother you.  It’s entirely unfair, but ultimately flattering.  Andy Katz says the investigation is par for the course; I’m inclined to believe him.

Article written by Corey Nichols

14 Comments for Andy Katz With a (3-Point) Shot of Reason

  1. ktmiln2
    9:04 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Zack “the Sack” Lodge the voice of reason? Color me shocked.

  2. Ridge Runner
    9:06 am August 23, 2012 Permalink


  3. MtnCat
    9:07 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Nerlens might miss a few games early on while NCAA drags it’s feet, just lets Willy get some exposure and court time. Can’t keep Cal down.

  4. Pokey Chapmen
    9:14 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    We might as well get used to this. As long as we have to reload with 5* recruits every year we are going to end up recruiting people, some of whom, are going to open us up to scrutiny. It goes with the territory.

  5. David
    9:24 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Does anyone know where I can find the Pete Thermal article?

  6. K
    9:28 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    The NCAA will drag its feet until after the Duke game for sure I would assume..

  7. Them
    9:28 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    David…Google SI College Basketball.

  8. Larod King's Hands
    9:29 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Because Andy Katz knows all……..Just face it, your boy is a cheater

  9. Them
    9:30 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    If you Google NBC College Basketball there is a good story by ROB DAUSTER on the NCAA and Noel

  10. Han
    9:40 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    The investigation is normal, but the media attention it’s getting, especially when compared to the scandal growing at an elite school in UNC (not some bottom dweller), is incredibly biased.

    This should be a blurb in other articles, not top news at every sports site, especially ones that continue to try to ignore the UNC situation.

  11. barn
    10:00 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    10–agree. nc former gov james martin who was appointed to do an unbiased (lol) audit, is also a close friend/associate of unc chancellor holden thorpe, who appointed him, and formerly served on the unc board of governors. it’s starting to look like a dog and pony show, along with the diversions of ncaa investigations of noel, among some other high level recruits.

  12. Greg in Stover
    10:08 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Noel will almost certainly not play against Duke considering it’s our 2nd regular season game. That’s a friggen shame.

  13. Big Blue B-Rad
    10:39 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Is there any reason we should be concerned about Noel’s eligibility?

  14. Jordan
    10:46 am August 23, 2012 Permalink

    Every single offseason we are going to have to deal with this kind of crap. I guess it comes with the territory.