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Andrew Wiggins doesn’t want to attend summer school

The Courier-Journal’s Adam Himmelsbach is back with more from Lesley Thomas, Andrew Wiggins’ host mom in Huntington. This time, she’s talkin’ summer school.

According to Thomas, Andrew Wiggins does not want to attend summer school and that factors into his decision. Kentucky, of course, is big on getting players in as early as possible to speed up the development. It’s a faster pace here, remember? The incoming players are expected to come in this summer to train hard with each other and all the NBA talent that’ll be using the facilities too. The late start is what set Nerlens Noel back early last season.

But if Andrew Wiggins doesn’t want to enroll early for classes during the summer months, I’m sure John Calipari will be okay with that. Ideally, you want him in town right away, but if he’d rather enjoy pool time and lemonade stands, UK will just have to deal with it if that’s what it takes to sign him.

A better piece of news from the Thomas-Himmelbach discussion: Wiggins wants to join the program that “met his credentials as far as getting to the next level.”

That would be Kentucky, no doubt.

And it would help if he started in the summer.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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58 Comments for Andrew Wiggins doesn’t want to attend summer school

  1. catfandan
    4:15 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    I am first!

  2. RICK
    4:18 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Sounds like Fla. State would be a good fit for this young man.

  3. and_i_should_care_why
    4:19 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    1) And I should give a rat’s ass why?

  4. I'll Say It Again
    4:19 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    He’s not going to be a Cat.

  5. glad
    4:24 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    fake account

  6. UKSupporter76
    4:25 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    #5… Trolling gullible, or just plain stupid? That’s not Andrew Wiggins’s twitter.

    4:25 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    @5 that’s not his official account. This means nothing at the moment, though may coincidentally be true.

  8. Bewn Dokk Saynt
    4:25 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    6 – 824 followers on that account. Yes, I’m convinced that’s the real AW.

  9. tom
    4:25 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    If this is accurate and that is a big ‘if”…then I’m dimming a bit on Wiggins. Seems more and more like he wants things HIS way. Frankly, I want a TEAM not some hotshot who believes rules are for everyone else but him. We saw where that attitude got us last year.

    If Cal wants the guys in Lexington in the summer,if at all possible, then they should be here. And a legitimate reason is not one of ‘I don’t want to.”

    Maybe we would be better off without Wiggins. Maybe the chemistry is already there.

    Just a thought

  10. Please
    4:25 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Thats not his twitter account….. If he comes, great! if not, we will still have a hell of a team that will contend for a NC… Im just happy thats its about to be over!!!!!

  11. Bewn Dokk Saynt
    4:26 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    I meant 5, obviously

  12. ltylerj
    4:26 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    5: That’s not him. @22wiggins is him.

  13. Watts
    4:29 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    I say go to Florida State. We don’t need anyone who thinks he’s bigger than the program. If everyone comes in early, then EVERYONE comes in early. Be a team guy man.

  14. ONE EYE
    4:31 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    #10 AMEN TO THAT!

  15. Venom is in the Denim
    4:31 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    If he does not want to come to sumeer camp and start working out with the rest of the team, to me that isn’t a good sign. I agree with #2 Fld State will be a much better school. He can just lay back and play when he feels like it. “Andrew, you don’t feel like playing today, that ok, maybe tomorrow”.

  16. J in Orlando
    4:32 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Its because he wants to work with his national team…it means a lot to him…whats the problem with that?

  17. Voice of Reason
    4:33 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    No…you don’t change your team’s summer itinerary for one player. If Wiggins doesn’t want to attend summer school like Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Jones, Knight, Lamb, Teague, MKG did…then he’s not a fit here.

  18. Chan Wang
    4:33 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    If Wiggins isn’t going to Hunglow University in Hong Kong, me and 3 billion other people in my country could care less which school he attends. Also, I can pronounce the letter “R”.

  19. Real talk
    4:34 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Well I guess he doesn’t have the determination to be a cat. If he doesn’t have that drive and doesn’t want to compete against the best every day as soon as possible than quite
    Frankly. He don’t belong at uk. Good luck being triple teamed at fsu

  20. Seminole Fan
    4:37 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    No offense BBN, but Coach Leonard Hamilton is a good coach and not too long ago owned you guys in recruiting when we went head-to-head. Cal’s probably the best recruiter in the game right now, and usually gets who he wants – but with Wiggins’ mom and dad being alums and all, I think we get him.

  21. Voice of Reason
    4:38 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    …let’s not forget he “F*** Andrew Wiggins!!!” debacle from a couple days ago. It wasn’t said by either of the Harrison twins, but they were present. Our players know something we don’t. Also…the #1 high school player at seasons end wasn’t Wiggins…it was our own Julius Randle. Boom.

  22. Wildcatsteeler
    4:40 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    OMG I’m done with this site until this circus is over. This whole thing went beyond absurd 2 months ago. I like the forwards we have and that’s who I want getting minutes next season. Not this primadonna. Go to FS where you can lay by the pool all year. Think of all the superstars we have in the NBA right now. Did any of them come with this nonsense? Please go to FS and have an obscure season like Shabazz had.

  23. Demo1975
    4:41 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Not gonna happen boys..

  24. ONE EYE
    4:41 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Randle was the prize this year!!!!!! GO CATS

  25. Voice of Reason
    4:43 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    #21… Getting “owned” while Calipari wasn’t here doesn’t apply. Good luck this season though…if Wiggins chooses FSU you’ll become a household name…in Florida. Wiggins is good, but he ain’t no Danny Manning or Carmelo Anthony.

  26. goUKats
    4:44 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Airel Castro has a better chance of becomming a “Born Again Christiam”,running as a Republican Senatorial candidate and winning in South Carolina than UK has of getting Wiggins.FSU will be the choice,and UK will have a great year next season with or without him.

  27. Page turner
    4:45 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    This article screams bad news. I have been team wiggins since day1. Even as others have dropped interest from the overly drawn out process. But as others have speculated Matt jones knows more than he is letting on, the release of this article seems to me like sending a softening blow to the BBN so we aren’t as upset tomorrow. Gotta admit after reading this I’m starting to fall off the wiggy bandwagon. I want kids coming in that are ready to work and have ambition to start a breakfast club. Wiggins is seeming less and less like that.

  28. inlinefor9
    4:46 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    No offense #21 but “not too long ago” UK was at it lowest point at 20 years, at least. So to say that Hamilton owned UK in recruiting then isn’t that great of a compliment. It’s kind of like when UK beat FSU in the Music City Bowl “not too long ago”. Programs have low periods. That doesn’t mean the programs/coaches that beat them are all that special.

  29. UK Poppy
    4:47 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Prima Donna 1st, team player 2nd. Kinda reminds me of Shabazz Mohammed last year.

  30. HillbillyInBC
    4:48 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    21 – Gotta love the Noles fan trying to educate us about the guy who was Joe B. Hall’s lead assistant back in the late 70s and early 80s.

  31. Voice of Reason
    4:50 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    I keep looking for a “Like” button under these comments. #29…like.

  32. Laker Cat 18
    4:50 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Sounds a lot like Shabazz Muhammad to me. Would have been a pretty clear top 2 draft pick had he came to UK in my opinion. Heck, look at Noel sitting in the top spot with a torn ACL for part of the season. Shabazz will be lucky to be a top 10 as it sits right now, all because he made a bad decision.

  33. Chaz
    4:51 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Drew, how sure are you Cal’s OK with AW not showing up till fall? NN had to finish high school to be eligible, that’s understandable. If AW just doesn’t want summer school and get an early start along with the rest of his team mates, how well will that sit with the other recruits? I agree with “And it would help if he started in the summer.”

  34. Leonard Hamilton's playbook
    4:52 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Hey don’t feel bad…I won’t be opened all summer either.

  35. WTF
    4:54 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    21-You may well get Wiggins to FSU and you will have a much better team and will most likely go to the NCAA tournament after finishing 3rd in the ACC (Duke, UNC). However, you don’t have enough other talent to make a deep run for a title. If he does not announce for FSU it is unlikely that you will even make the tourney. It would only make sense to go to FSU if he were planning on staying for more than one year as they could recruit other good players to go with him but we all know that is not happening. He said he wants to win and win a lot, his actions would say differently if he chooses FSU, as well as, reportedly, he does not want to go to summer school where he could play with his new team mates every day. Obviously, UK would be a huge favorite to win #9 if he comes. There is enough talent at the other two schools to make them contenders. He would only make FSU a good team. The only reason for going to FSU is a lifelong allegiance through his parents. Is that enough?

  36. SeoulCat
    4:57 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    This is bad news, and I agree with the sentiments above. Although we’d love to have his talents, we don’t need another Harrow cancer in the locker room this season. I’m starting to think we are better off without, rather than with, Wiggins next season. If this kid doesn’t want to put in the time to get better and build team chemistry by showing up like everyone else for summer school and conditioning, then I don’t want him on my team. We already have immense talent coming in, and equally importantly, it seems we have great chemistry moving forward. Why mess that up?

  37. Joe
    4:57 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Andrew, listen up, this decision is simple. If you want to be part of a team, sacrifice and try to win a championship then it is UK. If you want to be the star and not win a title, it is FSU. I don’t really care about the summer school, because you may have other obligations. But the decision is simple. You know that he won’t be the only star at UK but the team will be awesome and you will still shine bright.

    Mr. Wiggins, the decision is yours. But keep in mind that teamwork wins titles. UK saw enough of the one on one last year and that won’t happen again. And even though you are very talented, you won’t be the only good player in the NBA. Even the NBA coaches like players that play with the team. Lebron had to learn that and he has.

    And as far as FSU, just because your parents went there doesn’t mean you have to. Be your own man, and leave you own legacy. If you have trouble with publicity or telling people no, you will never make it in the NBA.

    Time to man up.

  38. Voice of Reason
    5:00 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink


  39. jq
    5:01 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Is it a guess or what that Wiggins is going to play on the Canadian National Team this summer thus eliminating “Summer School”, huh?

  40. Lcat
    5:04 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Whoa! AW, he a heel. He got fixed up with a foxy UNC coed. He a heel!

  41. bloobloodcat
    5:06 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    If Wiggins commits to UK tomorrow, the same people making all these sour puss, “we don’t want him cause clearly he doesn’t want to work” comments will be bouncing off the rafters like the rest of us. Do we need him? NO. Will we drink an extra finger of brown if he commits? You’re GD right we will!! Next fall is going to be one heck of an exciting UK sports season no matter what. I’m loving this stuff either way boys and girls.

  42. Matt Jones
    5:08 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    We will preempt Rush tomorrow to bring you the news (good from what I am hearing)

  43. Bigd1983
    5:12 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    The people that say that we “don’t need/want him” are idiots… Of course we want him, he’s the best damn player since LBJ!! So to that same group of people, don’t make the rest of the #BBN look stupid tomorrow if he picks another team. It will be a disappointment, but it’s his call. Don’t make us look bad in the future fools!

  44. Al/in/Indy
    5:13 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Not really sure what to read in that statement, but hard works pays off in the end plain and simple. GO CATS!

  45. Beezhd
    5:17 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Hey if hes doing something for his natl. team I can see that . If he jus wants the summer off ………
    Regardless I STILL WANT HIM AS A KAT

  46. Al/in/Indy
    5:17 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    I agree 44, when Shabazz went to the bruins last year some people went apeshit saying we didn’t want him and all that other crap. But here’s the thing, if he comes to UK we’ll be bouncing off the rafters like a kernal of pop corn on a hot gridle, if not we should wish him the best and go on…..We’re loaded like never before, and we are UK DAMMIT!!!!!

  47. Money
    5:18 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Plain and simple, anyone who takes this long to commit its all about the attention. Its not about “I need to find the right place for me” crap.
    I would love for him to be at UK next year but if hes gonna be like Goodwin and Play no D and shoot everytime he touches the ball then go somewhere else.

  48. chardun
    5:26 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    I want Wiggins to go to UK, but it sounds more and more like UK is not for him. Cal says UK is not for everyone.

  49. Sam
    5:35 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    49: Well said. And enough said. But hope he chooses the Cats.

  50. ClayCity
    5:46 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Maybe he doesn’t want to go to summer school because he hasn’t spent good quality time with his parents in months! It could be that this is his last chance to live with his parents before his career really takes off. Give the kid a break.

  51. Han
    5:53 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    The thing about meeting credentials is that athletes talk about that the same way they talk about shocking people. Wiggins could go to FSU and still say he thinks they can win a title, even though we all know it’d be hardest to do it there.

    That said, if he goes anywhere other than UK, I’m hoping for FSU. It’s more fun seeing a good player there than at UNC or Kansas.

  52. Simply Minded People
    5:55 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Do you actually think AW is reading this site? Seriously, there are some dumb BBN fans.

  53. Luke Skywalker
    6:08 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    @53, he may reading this site. You don’t know. I hope he doesn’t take all the comments seriously, especially from the trolls.

  54. Catscatscats
    6:42 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    Really attacking this kid for not wanting to come early?? His family lives in Canada, I think we can let him have a couple months at home with his family before he goes to college. You guys attacking him are selfish, give the kid some family time And stop posting your dumb opinion on this awesome website.

  55. I am thinking he wants to play with the best and he chooses Kentucky.

  56. Really
    7:31 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    If we get him ok
    If not ok

  57. Really
    7:33 pm May 13, 2013 Permalink

    49-I’m with you