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Andrew Harrison and Julius Randle named one of the best 1-2 punches

We are inside one moth from the start of football season, and the buzz surrounding the program is higher than it has been in a long while. There is no doubt the gridiron Cats will have plenty of support behind them as the team begins its rebuilding process. But the Cats on the court will be seeking a second title in three years in a little more than four months; sooner than you think. I believe it is worth reminding you loyal readers just how good Kentucky basketball is going to be… With a lot of new faces and a re-focused pair of returning players, Kentucky basketball boasts one of the most fearsome 1-2 punches in college ball.

USA Today lists its top five tandems in the country, and UK’s Andrew Harrison and Julius Randle rank as the only freshmen duo – and two of only three freshman on the entire list. The other being Duke’s Jabari Parker. Here is what Scott Gleeson has to say about the two Wildcats:

John Calipari’s recruiting class – getting hyped as the best since the early 1990s – is best known for its depth (eight McDonald’s All-Americans), the two freshmen that stand out as potential All-Americans are Harrison and Randle. Outside of Andrew Wiggins, Randle has the best ability to dominate thanks to a 6-9, 240-pound frame. Randle has been criticized for having a lazy gene, but Calipari will put an end to that real quick, as will a stacked big man lineup to compete against behind returnee Willie Cauley-Stein and freshman big man Dakari Johnson. Harrison was rated as the top point guard in his class for good reason, as his control and decision making should bode well in the college game. But he also could have the most challenging job in the country: Making everyone on the Wildcats’ roster happy. It might not be by early season or mid-season, but these two players figure to be a scary mix for opponents come March.

Also making the list is Adreian Payne and Gary Harris (Michigan State), Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III (Michigan), Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood (Duke), and Marcus Smart and Le’Bryan Nash (Oklahoma State).

Go Cats.

Article written by Stuart Hammer

B.S. Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky. @StuartHammerKSR

38 Comments for Andrew Harrison and Julius Randle named one of the best 1-2 punches

  1. Bobbum man
    3:05 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    You could have atleast mentioned that they will enroll in the fall and be here so we don’t have to listen to all these idiots who ask every day why they’re not here

  2. classof68
    3:08 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    That must be one ginormous moth for all of us to be inside.

  3. CatFan12
    3:10 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Are the twins even eligible yet? I would feel a lot more at ease if we knew those facts!

  4. trey
    3:11 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    never realized how closely Maryland and Travis high’s jerseys looked alike. UM and UA missed big time on those kids

  5. asdf
    3:12 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    I haven’t heard anyone say this is the best recruiting class since the nineties. The only thing I’ve heard is in terms of “all time”. So the author tried to take a subtle shot at us.

  6. Bob Dole
    3:20 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    How many moths until basketball season?

  7. chromium
    3:21 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    that gotta be one bigass moth, Stuart.

  8. twins
    3:24 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    We’re not gonna be able to play this year but you can watch us in the NBA next season.

  9. Cat Fan in Georgia
    3:27 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    5 – Are you old enough to remember Michigan’s Fab Five? I’m not saying that, as a recruiting class, they were ranked higher than ours this year, although it would probably be pretty close, but out of that class you got three long-term NBA stars (Webber, Howard and Rose), and they went to two straight NCAA championship games as a fivesome. That will be the class against which this year’s UK class will be compared.

  10. Bad move
    3:30 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Cue the loserville trolls. They’ve been sweatin big bro to the max today. Welfare lines must be extra long, they’ve had a lot of time to troll and post on here.

  11. Matt
    3:31 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    How does the National media seem to think Randle has a “lazy gene” when everyone around UK including the coaching staff/teammates/and former Cats in pickup games say he is the most competitive guy there and compare his motor to MKG’s?

  12. Michael
    3:32 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Is basketball here yet?

  13. Bobbum man
    3:32 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    5- like 9 said, it’s not a shot at us he’s just saying its the best since the early 90s (fab 5) which is the best class of all time and the only one that could really be considered better

  14. lil c
    3:33 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    I’ve asked and asked but always seem to get some smart a$$ answer. Does any body have a clue of WHEN the Harrisons and Young will be on campus (AS STUDENTS)??? What day? Time? smh.

    When they finally do enroll and arrive, maybe then all the rumors and speculation will end! But, until than, expect the fans be worried and questionable!!!! just sayin.

  15. Cat Fan in Georgia
    3:37 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    11 – Two Christmases ago I was visiting my brother-in-law in Ft. Myers, FL. We went to the big Christmas tournament there. I wanted to see Shabazz Muhammad. I had never heard of Randle. I was (correctly as it develops) not all that impressed by Muhammad, but my brother-in-law and I were both wowed by Randle. And it was his non-stop, MKG-like motor that impressed us the most. There is not a “lazy” gene in his body.

  16. Bobbum man
    3:40 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Yea agree wit the others, never heard of this “lazy gene” in randle always heard pretty much the exact opposite

  17. [email protected]
    3:46 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    14 if you are a UK fan, you are the only one worried about it. If you are a UofL fan, you are typical but wishful thinking will get you by the next couple of weeks.

  18. Everybody calm down
    3:46 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    14. I understand your concern. However this is under control, if they aren’t on campus by aug. 28th then freak out. Something tells me that since they have to get cleared through the ncaa(national corruption of athletics assoc.) and that goes through old man emmeret he is taking his sweeeeetttt time, he’ll do anything to piss of Cal and UK fans.

  19. J in Orlando
    3:47 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    14 Aug 28/29 ish….what time? Cmon man lol

  20. Linda Taylor
    3:47 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    14 – Classes at UK begin Aug. 28th this year.

  21. lil c
    3:54 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Thank you.

  22. Uncle Wes
    4:00 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    No worries. Bledsoe spoke Jive and could not read or write and we got him eligible.

  23. Steve!
    4:05 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    It’s disappointing those three haven’t been in town working with the Rey of the te this Summer, since the offense will revolve around them. I think what made the 2012 team so special was that our top 6 players got to play as a unit every day against the Pros that were in town that summer.

  24. Steve!
    4:05 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Rest of the team

  25. Al/in/Indy
    4:08 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    As I’ve said many many times 18, my SIL’s sister works for the NCAA and she’s absolutely scared to death that the 5 power conferences are going to make a break from the NCAA and start their own governing body. She’s told me several times that Old Marky boy is on pins and needles, scared to death that this movement will grow legs much sooner than later and that this take place on his watch.
    In the next few years we are going to see a revamp of the college sports as we’ve never seen before.
    As far as Emmert taking his sweet time about letting the twins become eligible, there are other avenues UK/Cal can travel to remedy this situation…..unlike the Kanter situation.

  26. Ridge Runners
    4:12 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Young is really the one to worry about. Another uk premium board is saying it is not looking good.

  27. Kevin C.
    4:20 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Julius Randle is a 1-2 punch, all by himself.

  28. Bobbum man
    5:05 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    19- what time? Lol thats kinda creepy dude, jus sayin….

  29. Bobbum man
    5:06 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Sorry 14 not 19

  30. Lil c
    5:23 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    I wasn’t serious when I said what time. I was being sarcastic. Geez

  31. theSkinny81
    5:32 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    26 – Forgot how to spell your own name, I see…. Or maybe you’re a pathetic Loserville troll. I’ll go with the latter. #L1ScaredToDeath

  32. J in Orlando
    6:10 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    26 Young is fine, twins are fine…sorry UL, but this season doesnt get an asterick for lack of talent and good teams

  33. cracka
    6:49 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    there have been rumors about young having issues qualifying going back before he even committed … eric bossi addressed this as recently as this week but no one is willing to actually report anything because his family keeps shooting down the rumors … the rumors supposedly started from players currently on our team … just try to be happy that no reputable writer or site is willing to report a real issue because they have no evidence

  34. Your spelling teacher
    8:59 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Inside one moth?

  35. Brilliant!
    9:09 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    Hey #22-You are a racist pos. Meanwhile, Bledsoe makes millions! That is called poetic justice. Look it up, Moron.

  36. Come on Up!
    9:10 pm August 2, 2013 Permalink

    #8-Step up and show your face you pathetic coward. We will talk. Sound good?

  37. ronnie gore
    12:20 am August 3, 2013 Permalink

    Young is fine he’s working out everyday he’s going to be there on your campus when the school starts he’s one of my friends on Facebook he poses its stuff about itself every day

  38. k2da
    8:25 am August 3, 2013 Permalink

    I just hope willy is more concerned with his game instead of being the coolest tall guy in the world