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Andre Woodson’s Monday News and Views


No its not his birthday. But since 32 NFL teams showed no respect to our man Andre Woodson today, we will. The fall down the draft board by Woodson is one of the most amazing things I have seen in sports recently. Here was a guy that after the LSU game was spoken of as the favorite for the Heisman and a potential Top 5 pick. And then, after the season, thanks to a bad performance in the Senior Bowl, he drops down to the 6th Round where he was picked by the Giants. Picked before him included such players as Erik Ainge, two quarterbacks from San Diego and Colt “Freakin” Brennan. It is totally and completely baffling on every level. This had to be a very tough day for Andre, but here is hoping that he uses this for the better and makes something positive happen from the process. I hate that he was picked by the Giants, as he now likely will send our man Jared Lorenzen packing, especially due to the signing of David Carr. We will have to see how all this plays out, but I am confident of one thing…..people will be sorry they forgot about Dre’….

Three other Cats got drafted today, matching the highest UK total since 1989. They were:

Jacob Tamme: Went in the Fourth Round to the Indianapolis Colts, where he will immediately fit in the Dallas Clark role with the offense. Manning loves his tight ends and Tamme projects to have a bright future on the turf up there catching passes. The Colts also picked a TE in the 6th round, so Tamme might have to expect some competition. But still, a great situation for the kid from Boyle County.

Keenan Burton: Went with the very next pick to the St Louis Rams. The history of great receivers with the Rams is well known, but this isnt the “Greatest Show on Turf” any more. They still throw the ball a decent amount, but they have some room for a receiver to come and make a splash. They took another receiver in the 2nd Round, so it was obviously a need and Burton can find his place on the roster.

Stevie Johnson: The text messages flew between my friends as “Stevie Got LOOOOSE” to Buffalo in the 7th Round. The Bills seem to go through WRs like candy up there and I am not sure if they have had a guy who I remember being great since Andre Reed. Stevie will be on the border of making the team, but as we all know, when Stevie gets loose, anything can happen.

Late word tonight is that Eric Scott signed a free agent deal with the Titans and Wesley Woodyard may have signed with the Broncos (although that is not official). Either way, Woodson disappointment aside, a great day for the UK football program in the draft.

A few more notes of the basketball recruiting variety…..

Ater Majok: Jerry Tipton has a story today that Majok could make a decision any day between UCONN, Baylor and UK. The theme of the story is that Ater loves UCONN, but that may just be because it was the last school that he saw. Thabeet’s return would seem to limit immediate playing time for the big man, but as always, I wonder how much that really fits in with a kid’s call any way. Some folks I talk to are quietly confident about this pick….I still think UCONN is the likely choice, but we shall see.

Nicola Kecman: Reports came that he committed to Ohio State this weekend. In Tipton’s article, he quotes the coach as saying a decision has not yet been made and that Kecman is visiting Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy on Monday. So dont count out Serbia just yet.

Roderick Flemings: Committed this weekend to Hawaii. Lots of debate online about whether he was offered or not and whether he picked UH over UK or not. Ultimately this question is meaningless. Flemings is a great player. He has work to do to get qualified….when Kentucky was in this week, I was told there was a greater than 50 percent chance he would get qualified, but it was still close. Gillispie visited him on Wednesday, but Flemings committed on Friday. As to whether he had an offer….no one knows for sure. Kids sometimes claim offers when they dont have them….coaches sometime claim to have not given offers when a school spurns them. And the only folks confident as to whether an offer exists or not often seem to be fans. Two stories show how hard understanding “offers” can be. When Kris Humphries picked Minnesota over Duke, Coach K (who back then never gave an “offer” unless he was sure of an acceptance) claimed no offer was made…fooling no one. And then of course Adam Williams had an “offer” from Tubby that he accepted, that may have not ever been an offer to begin with. You just never know. In the end though, Flemings wont be a Cat and that is all we will remember.

Josh Harrellson: Visited St Louis this week and down to the Billikens and Kentucky. I am told a decision is likely by Tuesday and by the weekend at the latest. Its hometown school versus the big program in Kentucky. And dont forget that Majerus can sell Harrellson on the similar players he has sent to the NBA (Van Horn, Mottola, Doleac), so this may be closer than we wish. I am high on this kid though….the Cats could use him a great deal.

Paul McCoy: Another kid I am very high on. Down to Kentucky and Virginia. Some say that McCoy doesnt have an offer. His coach told me last week that he did, but again who knows? I like McCoy a lot and think the Cats could really use him next year.

Bobby Maze: We will have more on this guy next week. May visit UK very soon….one to watch for.

So it is a big week on the recruiting front. Two or three big Cat targets will make their call in the next couple of days…..Hang on tight….

Article written by Matt Jones