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And the Winner Is…..


After a process that resembled our forefathers making their way across the Oregon Trail, Will Lentz is the 2009 Winner of the Who Wants to be a Blogger contest. In the end it was a bit of a runaway, as Lentz was the top choice on four of the five judges’ ballots and ended up with 14 points in our scoring system. It is a fitting victory, as Lentz has probably been the strongest overall competitor throughout the process, solidly completing every assignment with humor and intelligence. Early on, Lentz had to make it via a fan vote, after he didnt make an early cut. But from that moment on, he hit it out of the park on nearly every assignment and came home the victor. He was the best at the Live Blog, had a great State of the Union Address last night and now becomes the newest member of the KSR Staff.

So what about the second place winner? Well that was much different. After tallying the votes, Chris Johns and Patrick both finished with 8 points. Chris was named 2nd best on 3 of the 5 ballots and Patrick on only one…BUT Patrick got big support from one judge, who ruled him the winner of the contest. That means a tie between the two for the round. This led to a conversation between Beisner and I (the Manager and assistant to the Regional Manager), in which we agreed that both guys will join the staff. The reason is actually simple. Both guys are quality writers and with the departure of Evan Hilbert, the business schoolings of Mosley and the growth of the site, we need the extra person on staff. Thus they will share second place, but still shine Will’s shoes for two months.

This is an exciting day for KSR. Over the next few months, the site has some pretty big things planned. Our big political announcement comes on Wednesday. We have the KSR podcasts starting back up this weekend. And there will be a potential partnership in the near future that fans will like a great deal. All in all its a big time around here. Our staff as it is currently constituted includes:

Matt Jones
Rob Gidel
Drew Franklin
Fake Gimel
Dustin Rumbaugh
Brian the Intern
Intern John Wilkersley
Turkey Hunter
Hunter Campbell
Will Lentz
Chris Johns
Patrick Barker

In addition, a couple of the earlier eliminated contestants will have roles from time to time as well. Its a big time around here and very exciting for me. When we started the blogger contest, I never imagined it would produce this quality of writers. Their addition will only better the site. Congrats to Will Lentz on joining Hunter as the Contest winner and we hope that he, Chris and Patrick dont screw up.

Article written by Matt Jones