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And Now for Something Completely Different….


I like things that are a bit off…..but I dont think I have ever seen, or even heard of, a “sport” quite as ridiculous as “The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll.” introduced me to the Cheese Roll as part of its series on the The Ten Most Insane Sports in the World. According to Cracked, here is what the Cheese Roll (which is of course, held in Britain) is:

It involves up to 20 competitors chasing a block of cheese down a hill. No, really.

The competitors climb up to the top of the almost-impossibly steep Cooper’s Hill and chase a large not-quite-round wheel of double Gloucester cheese down to the bottom. The winner is the first person over the line at the bottom of the slope, but theoretically, the winner is supposed to be the person who catches the cheese. The cheese, which is given a one-second head start, reaches speeds in excess of 70 miles an hour, so unless a competitor is the T-1000, or has managed to smuggle a motorcycle to the top of the hill, it’s not gonna happen.

Now as glorious as that sounds…..why dont you try watching it:

That may be the absolute height of ridiculous comedy and one of my favorite videos ever…..Oh yeah, listen to Kentucky Sports Radio from 6-8 pm at the link below:

Kentucky Sports Radio

Article written by Matt Jones