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An update on Franklin County WR Ryan Timmons

From the minute Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown step foot on campus, he has made Franklin County WR Ryan Timmons a top priority of the 2013 class. Brown has become a fixture in Franklin County, courting Timmons as much as possible in hopes of a commitment to Kentucky. And for good reason. Timmons is an explosive athlete who will immediately help the Wildcat offense wherever he is asked to line up. Timmons has been no stranger to Lexington, either. He has visited the Nutter Practice Facility three times (two unofficial visits, one official) to meet with Kentucky’s coaching staff. With Timmons growing up so close to the Kentucky campus, and Brown’s need for interchangeable athletes like Timmons in his offense, this seems like a match made in heaven for both parties. However, a slight monkey wrench was thrown into the equation when Timmons picked up offers from two of the most storied football programs in the nation: Ohio State and Florida. The offer from Florida is no surprise. Former Kentucky head coach Joker Phillips, who recruited Timmons while at UK, coaches the Gator wide receivers and knows what type of talent Timmons possess. Ohio State is a little more puzzling, though. Timmons has longed coveted an offer from the Buckeyes, and it finally comes with less than three weeks to signing day. Timmons takes an official visit to Florida on Feb. 1st, but many expect Timmons to ultimately choose between Kentucky and Ohio State.

What could hurt UK in landing Timmons

Timmons recently expressed his desire to play running back in whatever offense he chooses. Running back is probably the deepest position on Kentucky’s roster and I believe that Brown has plans to play Timmons in a slot-WR role until the position is less crowded. Besides that, a commitment from Deland (FL) RB Jojo Kemp could also cause Timmons to second guess the Wildcats. If Kemp commits, it will increase the competition at an already log-jammed running back spot.

What could hurt Ohio State in landing Timmons

Offering Timmons a scholarship so late is the main thing that could hurt the Buckeyes. Timmons has said publicly that there are “no hard feelings” regarding the late offer, but that could be just talk. Ohio State has a pretty deep running back group returning as well, with the #11 overall RB (ESPN) already committed to the Buckeyes. Ohio State also recently gained a commitment from 4-star JUCO WR Corey Smith. The last thing Timmons wants to do is get lost on a deep Ohio State roster. Kentucky offers him more assurance of, if not immediate, eventual playing time.


Timmons is set to make his decision on February 5th at 1:00 pm EST at his high school in Frankfort.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

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  1. Blue Boy
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  2. drewflex
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    How is this an update??? Nothing to see here, move along.

  3. Cat Fan in Georgia
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    Can someone please explain to me the significance of the “first” comments that appear on most threads? Is it supposed to be a big deal to make the first post? And why does the “first” poster never make an actual comment?

  4. GoforIT
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    1-Wow congrats on being first. Are you going to put that on your resume??….so stupid. No one cares if you are first. Wish this would stop in each post.

  5. GoforIT
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    Ha Ha right on 3. Exact same time.

    8:25 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t really care about what the idiots above are whining about. What I do want to talk about is Mr. Ryan Timmons. I think he is a HUGE key to having the class we need to get us to where we need to be as a program. This kid is a complete package and is going to be a STAR in college, he is literally reggie bush/randall cobb kind of talent! GET HIM STOOPS! GO CATS!

  7. JOHNW
    8:39 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    Can we get a interview from Za’Darius Smith…since he came to Kentucky without a visit. I think it would be great to get his perspective about UK and the football program……

  8. Bourbon Meyer
    8:51 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    I’ll say it again. As a Buckeye fan, I’ll be surprised if Timmons signs with Ohio State. We already have one five-star WR and two 4-star WRs in this class, plus we are going after one of Oregon’s 4-star WR recruits. The 2013 Buckeye class is already complete except for one or maybe two open slots. One of the spots is being held for Vonn Bell a 5-star player. The other is open. Will Timmons take that spot? I doubt it. Ohio State is loaded with better athletes than Timmons and he would most likely ride the bench. However, Ohio State is primed for a National Championship run this season AND next season. Maybe we would like to be a part of a Championship team, even if he isn’t starting. He looks like UK’s for the taking. He could be a prize for UK. He’s just an afterthought for us.

  9. Troll Bourbon Meyer
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    And yet #8, you seem to be obsessed with Mr. Timmons. Are you done crying?

  10. williamtitan
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    how many receivers do we need?

  11. Hey #8
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    How is Jared Sullinger’s face with the Jorts/Basketball face tattoo and all

  12. williamtitan
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    #8 ohio state winning the national championship? please. keep dreaming. ever heard of the SEC?

  13. Hey #8
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    And the Big Ten can’t beat the SEC in a title game. Nor can any other conference but especially the over-rated Buckeyes.

  14. Hey #8
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    #12 beat me to it.

  15. ?
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    should i buy the nike platinum warm up jacket from last year, even though the championship years on the back are now outdated? Or should i just buy the regular white uk warm up jacket?

  16. williamtitan
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    #14 sorry i have a knack for that lol timmons will go to kentucky cause kentucky is in the best conference in the nation. why go to the big ten? if u play for ohio state, all u do is beat up on teams and watch ohio states players stock drop for the nfl draft cause they play no one. just doesnt make sense why u would go there in the first place other than tradition or playing time. better off playing for a team in the SEC and play talent thats going to play in the NFL in the future u know?

  17. williamtitan
    9:20 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    #15 where is UK’s Fashion Police at?!?!

  18. BBN
    9:20 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    Where are the commitments??? Lots of guys visiting but very few commiting. Looks like most chose to visit out of respect and their relationship with Stoops. Next year they won’t visit at all after Kentucky has a 5-7 season with no marquee wins.

  19. its urban meyer
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    #8…glad you said it again. whew. load off my mind.

  20. Hello
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    16. Ohio State has more players in the Super Bowl than any SEC team, how do you explain that?

  21. SouthBeachWildcat
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    You are correct…………..we have a log-jam of average at best running backs.

  22. Dillinger
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    11. Sullinger is doing good in the NBA. He had a great game the other night. How’s Jorts’ NBA career going?

  23. SayWhat?
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    Why on earth would an OH St fan be on this site? I understand Louisville fans coming here…they seek our validation and crave our attention, and now OH St fans want it too?? Good grief, sweating us hard!

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    *** UPDATE*** ( we have no update)

  25. MustBeDoingSomethingRight
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    Hey Ohio St troll: should we be honored that you’re here or do you troll every school’s boards? Please tell me that you only have eyes for us!

  26. Drew
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    8. Your on here pretty much saying that we will all be heart broken if we don’t get timmons and he’s our prized recruit that we desperately need. Wtf are you smoking?? Yeah it would be nice to have him but don’t come on this site and think your so holier than now just because your an OSU fan. He’s not the only receiver we are recruiting. To be honest i much rather have Samples. And what the hell are you doing on a UK football website???

  27. L1-C4
    10:23 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    No other forum is dumb enough to allow posts without registration. Just makes easy trolling.

  28. Buckeye
    10:30 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    26. I live in Lexington. I have to listen to all you UK fans portray Stoops, a man that has never been an HC before, as the second coming. I understand the excitement given UK’s history, but it seems common sense has been thrown out the window. Do you know how many fans I hear saying that UK will win the SEC in three years?

  29. Buckeye
    10:33 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    Plus I’m giving your story about Timmons even more credibility adding additional reasons why UK will get him.

  30. Rae
    10:39 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    28. Let us have our hope. It isn’t like we will be a serious threat to major football schools next year. We are actually pissing off a few decent football schools in recruiting, and that NEVER happens. If we pull off an upset in the SEC next year, it isn’t like it will affect OSU any. If you want to trash talk seriously, go to the Bama forums.

  31. NotABuckeye
    10:46 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    28. I too live in Lexington and yet some how still manage to run into countless OSU fans who talk about Urban what’s his face, like he’s the second coming and all. I know I know, he’s coming from that team you all could never beat, from that conference you could never hang with…but it’s like all logic has been abandon. Do you have any idea how many FIFOs i hear saying the Bucks will win a BCS Championship next year? Classic! Go Home.

  32. Meaningless
    10:48 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    Hello Says:
    January 30th, 2013 at 9:37 pm
    16. Ohio State has more players in the Super Bowl than any SEC team, how do you explain that?

    How many of those players were on a national championship winning team while at Ohio State?

  33. UKCincy
    11:21 pm January 30, 2013 Permalink

    OSU say they will be NC’s, UL say they will be NC’s. WKU say they will be NC’s. WOW!!

  34. ikeeveready
    12:02 am January 31, 2013 Permalink

    32 – yes OSU has more than any 1 team from the S.E.C but the closest in number of players is Georgia, who hasn’t been one of the last 6 national champs or last 7/10(?). Meaning the Big11 is a one trick pony. The sum total based on conference is 21 to 14 with THE conference getting at least 2 from 4 different teams. I think the big 10 has smaller rep than the ACC and barely ahead of the Big East.

    Bottom line, to be measured as the best you have to play the best, and the big 11 can’t even count.

  35. Andy
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    8. IS not a Ohio State fan. Its probably someone hoping Ryan reads ths post and commits to UK. Why waste your time?

  36. Drew
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    29. With all do respect, your credibility to this pointless thread doesn’t mean Sh*T to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. danthecat
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    #28…LOL…Ok we’ll quit with the sec championship when you guys quite with the NC in bb every year…Now when was the last time that happened?…STOOPS TROOPS!!,,,GOCATS!!!

  38. bluristhurr
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    #9 Does it really sound like #8 is crying to you? Learn to read in between the lines buddy, if anything he gave good insight on Timmons to OSU topic then the actual post.

  39. BigTenBob
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    @12 and 13. The Big Ten can’t beat the SEC lol neither can the C-A-T-S! UK football fans are clowns, got to admire their commitment to a team that would be average at best in the MAC.