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An Open Letter to Kentucky Football

More of this, please.

Screw April, August is the cruelest month. It’s been a long summer. And by long, I mean excruciating. Sure, the afterglow of winning the National Championship held me over for a while (as did a wedding and honeymoon), but as the dog days of summer set in, I can’t stop my cravings for Kentucky sports. Now, even though expectations may be at an all-time low for UK football, I find myself counting down the days ’til kickoff and clinging to each sliver of news that comes out of the Nutter Fieldhouse. Even the smallest morsel of praise inflates my hopes for the season, so that by September 2nd, I’ll have tricked myself into thinking the Cats will make a bowl game. It’s my Big Blue Nature. And it happens every. single. season.

You’d think by now I’d know better. As a child, I dutifully attended UK football games during “Bill Curry’s Farewell Tour” (an actual t-shirt that I’ll always remember) and suffered through more than my share of cold November rains as Tennessee pounded our pride into the turf. The Hal Mumme Era was a ray of sunshine, the air raid siren awakening a Commonwealth of football fans from decades of boredom. Like starving children, we fully bought into the Hal Mumme system, going as far to name our family dog after him and buying his trademark Oakleys. Tim Couch was our pride, and as a twelve-year-old girl, I found Mumme and Couch’s offense of “scratching plays in the dirt” downright romantic. Of course, we know how that ended, which makes Claude Basset’s visit to Danville High School my sophomore year to speak about running a successful football program even more ironic.

Guy Morriss dried our tears after the scandal hit, comforting us with seven unexpected wins before heading to greener pastures. Rich Brooks may not have been the sexiest hire, but over time, we found out he was the right one. He didn’t have cool sunglasses or a Texas swagger, but Papa Brooks had fire and a no-frills approach to football, which was exactly what Kentucky needed to recover from probation. Randall Cobb, the Golden Boy, dazzled and taught us to dream again. Hell, College Gameday came to visit. Six years of steady improvement and awesome tomato tweets had fans back on their feet, and as Brooks moved into retirement, he passed the program to his trusty assistant and son of the Bluegrass, Joker Phillips.

I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong. Things started out well; we beat Louisville in Joker’s first game as head coach, and even knocked off the Ole Ball coach in a game for the ages. The highs were high, but the lows? So, so low. It’s as though we were always one step short of special. The BBVA Compass Bowl? Probably the most depressing bowl ever. It didn’t get much better last season, with crushing defeats to South Carolina and Spurrier, who might as well have been Sherman burning through Atlanta he was so hell bent on revenge. Vandy (VANDY!!!) hung up 38 points on us, something I could see coming and for the first time in my life, refused to watch in person, the memories of our sad win over Western Kentucky still dancing in my head. The team showed signs of life against Georgia between the hedges, but still, the result was the same, which made the win over Tennessee that much sweeter. It wasn’t pretty, but damn it felt good. The streak snapped, and with it, decades of demons were exorcised across the state.

I wish we could have bottled up that joy. We may need it. The annual battle between the head and the heart has ramped up, with both sides making totally convincing arguments. As August drags on, this is my plea to Joker and the team: do something exciting. You don’t have to win every game, but at least make me smile. No more draws and short passes on third and long. Air it out. Take chances. Look as though you’re having fun playing the game that you love. We’ve been in this situation before: undersized, overmatched, and no one giving us a chance in hell. Although he pretty much shat the bed, at least Hal Mumme entertained us.

I always have, and always will support this team. If the season goes south, like an addict, I’ll still turn on the TV each Saturday to watch the Cats. I’ve suffered through too many cold November rains not to. As a sport, I’ve always loved football more than basketball, even though as a Kentucky fan, that’s pretty much impossible.

We’ve got more than three months left to go until basketball season. Make it worth my while.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

76 Comments for An Open Letter to Kentucky Football

  1. RUPPS_rhetoric
    12:06 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Tyler is always good. Nice commentary.

  2. Jeff
    12:10 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky is really going to surprise alot of “UK” fans this year. This team has talent and speed. Minter’s defense will be a bright spot for years to come. I’m seeing 7-5 this year and it all starts by winning 24-20 on Sept. 2nd.


  3. Hahahah
    12:13 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    7-5…. beating UL on the road… Jeff you are quite the optimist

  4. Derek
    12:13 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Nice. You said what most of us feel. I didn’t renew my tix and swear I won’t be watching…but I will.

    12:19 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Mrs. TT nailed it! I renewed my season tickets thinking we would only win five games. Now I’m starting to believe in seven. I’ll be in that stadium every home game either watching dreams come true or a team fall apart. Either way, I will be there supporting my Cats because I am a “True Blue” fan!

  6. Bob
    12:21 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I love the optimism as well! The reality is even if they beat the Cards they would still have to win a road SEC game to get to 7 wins. Based on the schedule I don’t see it. I see 5-7 or at best 6-6.

  7. Bus
    12:24 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    “No more draws and short passes on third and long. Air it out.”

    I love you.

    (In a strictly platonic way – promise. Don’t send anyone after me.)

    This has ALWAYS been one of my biggest beefs with Joker. His play calling is absolutely absurd on occasion, and the whole screen-pass-on-third-and-Nicholasville thing just drove me crazy. Especially when he did it with the 07 team; that offense was crushing people when he’d allow them to do it.

  8. Jeff
    12:25 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Why shouldn’t I be optimistic?? Our RB stable is deep and loaded. We have a bunch of young WR’s who have homerun potential. Joker showed in the spring game that he’s going to a quicker tempo and getting the ball to these playmakers quick and in space. Our DL is REALLY GOOD! Bud Dupree is a STUD. We have good athletes in the secondary! Rick Minters system showed improvement last year and with another year and a few more athletes…Why shouldn’t I be optimistic??

  9. Jeff
    12:27 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I agree that we overuse the draws on 3rd down but there is a reason that EVERY TEAM does this. It’s difficult to convert 3rd and 10+ in the SEC. Teams sit back with athletes that can cover space in no time. It’s oftentimes better to take the 5-8 yards of field position and don’t turn it over. We need to take shots but 3rd and 15 isn’t the time to do it. We have to consistantly win on 1st and 2nd down to allow us the ability to take the needed shots!

  10. UKfansNKY
    12:28 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink


  11. UKFan
    12:28 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Joker–do something to make me smile….resign. Take Barnhart with you. When UK administration gets serious about football, some fans may return.

  12. Bob
    12:29 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Jeff, what 3 SEC games do you see us winning? Just curious.

  13. theWilkman
    12:29 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Mrs. TT! I love football and will always get myself excited before the season, no matter what. Air it out, go for broke (or at least actually go for the first down)

  14. Ken Tucker
    12:31 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    “I’ll have tricked myself into thinking the Cats will make a bowl game” The Cats had several bowl games in a row until recently.

  15. theWilkman
    12:31 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    11. Barnhart resign? The guy that got us Calipari, plus improved many of our other sports (girls basketball, baseball)? I’m all for Joker getting the axe if we have a repeat of last year, but Barnhart has done a great job.

    I bet you still wear your “Fire Ritch and Mitch” t-shirt

  16. Real UK Fan
    12:32 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #9, It is your kind of thinking that keeps this program where it is. Worry about turning it ove is like saying I know I am going to lose but maybe I can make it look like I am not losing so badly.

  17. big tim
    12:33 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    i think we will win 5 to 7 games as long as they stay healthy. i get sick of people saying throw long passes who were we going to throw it to last year when every wr except king has trouble catching the ball. it takes playmaker making plays to make it exciting. mumme playmakers made it exciting not the play calling and we should have more then one this year as long as they dont get injuried

  18. el cid
    12:38 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Too bad you aren’t older. I would have wooed you in front of Chambers or Warner Hall.

  19. zzzz
    12:40 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink


  20. Jeff
    12:41 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #16 Go back and research many of the top 10 teams in the nations play calling on 3rd and long. You will find many draws and short passes. They surely are not trying to keep the score close!! I agree that UK needs to be cutting edge and provide an aggressive and exciting brand of football to compete and recruit. I’m not happy with the conservative nature of this staff either but I don’t think their goal is to “make it look like I am not losing so badly”. It’s a different philosophy than I would employ but to think we should throw long on every 3rd and long is incredibly ignorant.

    #12 I think the following SEC games are winnable: South Carolina, Mississippi St., at Missouri, Vandy, at Tennessee

  21. Pu
    12:42 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    It seems like Tyler is writing 3/4 of the posts these day. Fine with me. I like her more and more with every post. I’m convinced that she’s NJT, too, which makes her that much better. Back to football… I never understood why we didn’t offer Guy Morriss more money to stick around after Mumme “pretty much shat the bed”. But, in hindsight, I’m glad we ended up with Papaw Brooks, although I hated the decision for the first couple seasons. I’m not sure Joker is the right choice, but I’m going to support him as long as he is our coach and wish him success. I truly believe that UK football fans are gluttons for letdowns, though.

  22. Dusten
    12:43 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Go Joker, Go UK football. I’m tired of the pessimism. I want joker here another ten years.

  23. UKFan
    12:45 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #15, you may not realize this but Barnhart did nothing to bring Calipari to UK. In fact, he and Todd were told to stand aside by wealthy boosters because they were opposed to hiring Cal. Thank god the boosters won out. Barny gave us Gillispie and Joker.

  24. Common Sense
    12:46 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I totally agree with Jeff (8-9)
    I am optimistic about this season because of the talent we have. The only thing holding them back is experience. This team IS capable of winning 5 games this season.

    Something else to think about UK fans, if you want deeper passes, then Newton is your QB as he is way better at the deep pass than Smith. Is that what you want? I don’t mind.

  25. Matt in Franklin
    12:47 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Well said! I too am guilty of the whole “hope springs eternal” mess too, and to add insult to injury, my wife was born and raised in FL, so every year I get to hear the whole, “just become a FL fan so you can enjoy the football season” speech…my background on my computer at work shows the winning TD by Coshik being scored, just for all of the “low down dirty snitches” invading our state…yep, Ive bought in too…again…

  26. Blue Bayou
    12:48 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Absolutely could not agree more. Great post, I was screaming this all of last year.

  27. Jeff
    12:49 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Nice to have Common Sense on my side! I have a gut feeling that Newton is going to win this starting job. I’ll be honest, that scares me and excites me at the same time. Really odd feeling

  28. Common Sense
    12:50 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I don’t think South Carolina is winnable, but the rest you named are.

  29. Common Sense
    12:52 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I talked to Jared Lorenzen a few weeks ago and he was really impressed with the talent that Newton has. I haven’t given up on Newton. Talent wise, I think he’s the best QB on the team, mentally though, he might be the worst. Did you ever get the feeling that every time Newton snapped the ball last season, he just went into a panic mode?

  30. Jeff
    12:56 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    He had a ton going against him last year. The running game, which was supposed to be really good, just had a terrible year. We never could establish the ground game and make people respect that potential. That made the throwing lanes even smaller and obvliously made him gun shy. When he did rip one in there, it was dropped. A big game on Sept. 2nd could help set this team up for an impressive run. This game may be the biggest game in the last few years in terms of gaining some positive momentum and, more importantly, some needed confidence.

  31. Jeff
    12:57 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I’m not 100% sold on either guy right now but I really liked Newtons body language and leadership last Saturday.

  32. GregJ
    12:57 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve bit my tongue on Joker because I was flat out wrong on Rich Brooks…but optimistic does not describe how I feel about this upcoming season.

  33. UKBlue
    1:00 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    You think summer has been long, this football season is going to feel like forever.

  34. Common Sense
    1:03 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I still really like Newton and I thought Smith was average in the Spring game. Smith was perfect on short passes in that game but was maybe 2-6 on deep passes to Robinson, very unimpressed with the deep ball. What did Newton and Smith look like on Saturday? I was out of town, wish I could of gone.

  35. Matt in Franklin
    1:04 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    29—I thought the same thing…its like hes playing scared…when you play scared, thats when you get hurt or turn the ball over…I’ve been scolded on here for playing the old “iffin’ game”, BUT, watch the GA game and the TN game again…those games showed our improvement, compare those to the Vandy game, then tell me we didnt get better…I would like to see more plays where after we get a takeaway, the offense goes for the endzone immediately…

  36. JDH
    1:09 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    29. I think the reason Newton went into “panic mode” was because our o-line was terrible. I just hope the o-line has improved over last year. Because, if not, we can have the best RB’s and QB’s in the league, but if they don’t get any protection, they’re not going to be able to do anything.

  37. RICK
    1:09 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Jeff, I like the way you think. Hope your right and is Joker going to start Newton?

  38. Dude
    1:09 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I feel sorry for the fans that think this team will ever do anything. Music City Bowl is as good as it will ever get people. Move on.

  39. Jeff
    1:10 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Newtons intangibles showed well. His accuracy left something to be desired but did hit on a few big gainers…That being said, he looked like Tom Brady next to Smith. Max was all over the place and threw 3-4 interceptions throughout the day. Some of the balls were not even close! I know Max had a rough day so I’m trying not to let that one day affect my thinking but I think Newton is going to be the man and I’m confident the pieces around him are better this year. That will help him reach some of that potential

  40. Greg
    1:10 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I’m shocked the Lexington Horsemen didn’t succeed here considering how much we want our college football team to play circus football. We’re not going to be successful overnight, but if you want to become a good football team, you play like good football teams. Our defense IMO will continue to get better under Minter, especially given our improvement athletically on that side of the ball. 8-10 yards on a draw and a 40 yard punt is much better than an interception or sack and not much worse than an imcomplete pass. The keys is to not put yourself in that situation to begin with, but once there you only take your chances in spots. I agree our RB and WR play should be improved upon this year and I’m also excited about the defensive guys here. I’m confident we can build this program up, and it will take time, but it’s not going to be done by turning our guys into a damn traveling circus for the rest of the SEC to laugh at when we’re doing Hail Mary’s, reverses and flea flickers all of the time. Sure we can be a little less vanilla, but turning into an arena team isn’t the answer. Very few teams find success that way, and IMO it’s not possible in this conference. Improve the athletes, coach them to win by playing football. GO CATS, I think we can turn some heads this year if the O improves.

  41. barn
    1:11 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    8/24–where is all this talent you speak of? did joke sneak in some bigtime players during the night? the charts i’ve seen the past few years show our recruiting classes made up of 3 stars, 2 stars, no stars, and perennially ranked at the bottom of the sec. the fact is no one at UK has ever been able to recruit (except the bear) the kind of talent needed to compete in the sec.

  42. Jeff
    1:12 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    35- You are right. The team did show improvement throughout the year. Minter had a new system that was a COMPLETE OVERHAUL. That stuff takes time. With a year under our belt and more athletes that “fit” into it…I’m confident that our defense will keep us in many more games than most think.

  43. DerbyDemon
    1:14 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #29–I don’t put much stock in what tons-of-fun Lorenzen says. He also said it was the UK fans’ fault because the football team isn’t that good.

  44. Greg
    1:16 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #35- I thought our defense fought like crazy the first half of that LSU game too on the road. Those guys are going to keep us in some games.

  45. Jeff
    1:17 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    41 So are you implying there are only 5 levels of talent and that every player in those 5 levels are the same? All 1 stars are equal and all 2 stars are equal…etc. It doesn’t take much of a football eye (although it does take one which may disqualify quite a few here) to see the team speed, athelicism, and size is greatly improved where it matters. SEC games are won in the trenches and I’m as excited as I’ve been about our DL. Jeremy Jarmon said the other day that he’d be splitting reps if he were playing here right now!!! JEREMY JARMON said this!!

    You are also crazy if you think the athleticism at LB and DB isnt better than what we’re used to. The only problem is that its young athleticism. We have little experience but if the players potential doesn’t get you a lil bit excited…I’m not sure what you are looking at…OH nevermind..You already told me It’s so played out but tell Randall Cobb that all 2 stars are created equal.

    You sir, are a ** poster!

  46. John W
    1:18 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Even if this team is terrible, gotta support my cats. Pumped for the first game.

  47. Jeff
    1:19 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I never even got to the offensive skill players but take a look at our RB and WR depth chart…Plenty of speed and ability. It’s DEEP too.

  48. Bob Sugar
    1:21 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Go Kentucky nothing will put a smile on this face more than Joker Phillips losing his job. Beat Louisville and the other cupcakes, then try to beat the usual gar of the SEC. Oh and try not to get blown out or even worse shut out…..

  49. Jeff
    1:24 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I’M READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!! KSR, I am available if you need a positive, educated football writer to take some of the burden off of you. Joker Phillips approves this message

  50. BPM
    1:43 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Newton may start but he doesn’t have a chance to hold on to the starting job. His problem is that he is totally incapable of making a play if his primary WR is covered. He panics and can never find the open guy. I just don’t think this is something he can get better at in practice against our defense. It seems Newton can’t see the middle of the field because the TE or slot WR is typically open in our offense – at least they were last year. Also, Newton cannot throw a short pass to save his life – bad touch and accuracy. His only real talent is throwing an accurate deep ball but it is always so high that any decent SEC DB is more likely to make a play on it before our suspect WRs. I appreciate the optimism some of you have but this team doesn’t have the talent or experience to win 7 games with this schedule. I will still be going to the games though, including the UL game, and hope they prove me wrong.

  51. Hokey Pete
    1:45 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky fans, while loyal (at least in most years), know less about the game than the average Alabama grandmother. All the complaining about the 3rd and long playcalling is typical. Our QB is 0-saturday on passes over 5 yards on any down, but we’re supposed to call a 10+ yard pass play when everybody in the stadium knows it’s coming? Sure thing.

  52. Trevathan
    1:46 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve spent six years on this site making the same points over and over but so have the type of people that infuriate me: 48. 41. 38. 33. 11.

    Jeff, you’re right on with your optimism.

    Mrs. TT: If you think a projected 4-8 season is an all-time low in terms of expectations for UK football, then you’ve only conveniently been attached since we beat LSU in 2007. Also, if there’s anything that gets on my nerves it’s when UK fans say something like “We’ve got more than three months left to go until basketball season. Make it worth my while” or “Give me something fun to watch until basketball season.” Just don’t watch! Study old UK basketball games if you need to, but don’t bring that pathetic “support” around this team that needs real support so bad. That type of back-handed “fandom” should be reserved for people who go to UL games looking to get drunk, eat pizza, and fight somebody.

    And for the 100th time, can we quit talking about stars for recruits? You know who’s a 4-star recruit and got most of you basketball-minded people fully torqued about football? Aaron Boyd. Do you know who was a two-star recruit and fit right into your complaint system? Randall Cobb. This isn’t basketball. One recruit won’t make or break you and the entire system is fatally flawed because they’re lumping people into groups who they’ve never seen play against a team full of top talent and/or have no way of projecting how the player will grow and get stronger in college.

  53. Big Blue B-Rad
    1:53 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    21) I know I’m late to the party but IMO you are exactly right about Mrs. TT being NJT. My first clue was that week she was away on her honeymoon there wasn’t a NJT post that week.

  54. #1TylerFan
    1:54 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    This was a great post, Mrs. TT. Thanks for saying what a lot of us feel.

  55. putinrichie
    2:08 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Im also looking forward to the season. I think most of the pessimistic crowd has no clue how much talent we have. Its a completely different team this year and all signs are pointing in the right direction. Any less than a bowl game tells me that Joker’s the wrong coach for UK.

  56. WestWorld
    2:08 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I hear ya sista…well written.

  57. theWilkman
    2:24 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    23. Did not know that. He DID bring in Rich Brooks, however, and Joker was a hire by Brooks (as assistant) who eventually was given the nod from Mitch. Too early to tell what his legacy will be. And Mitch did bring us Gary Henderson and Matthew Mitchell. Bottom line is, he has done a lot for UK and it is silly to demand his resignation because of a couple of down football seasons.

  58. BigCat94
    3:05 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Great post. Sums it up for many of the Big Blue football faithful. I think the Cats will surprise some folks this season. We will kick pass and run ’til the battle is won and bring home the victory!!

  59. Smiffanator
    3:12 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #20 There is a big different when comparing other SEC Schools play calling on 3rd as compared to UK’s play calling on 3rd down. Majority of the time, last yr, when UK had the ball on offense they went 3 and out with little to no yards gained or negative yards. Then they would run the same 2 yard slant or draw up the middle that gets a yard or two back to the line of scrimmage. Others schools like Alabama are not in this position because they produce way more on offense, making it where they do not have to go for a big play on third down every time, also not saying that their defenses are much better and on the field way less of the time then ours. This is why UK should be more aggressive on 3rd and try to shake up the defense because lord knows we will have plenty of opportunities at 3rd and long downs.

  60. Greg
    3:43 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    My heart has been broken since Blanton Collier. Then good ol boy Charlie Bradshaw. The the whizzzzz kid from ND John Ray (2-3 wins/yr). Curci ‘got it’ (you havta cheat to win) but he got caught. Then the safe & pity hire Jerry Claiborne (‘o’ wins year one). We ‘stole’ Curry from ‘Bama…..(I graduated from there—they’re still laughing at that one). Mummy’s ‘fast break on grass’…yeah…but noone got back on defense after the score! Morris seemed like a ‘real’ SEC prototype….we jewwwed him into leaving. Old Rich brought laughs and a quick wit….glad Mitch bought 4 wins per year for him or that reign would be a laugher. Now the ‘pinnacle’ well … upside down pinnacle I suppose. I would take Curci over any of them. He did open up the FL pipeline. His motto was the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. And he played ‘real’ teams out of conference & beat them on occasion. Frankly, I’m just tiwwwrd of the broken promises and the hyped expectations that come with this portion of the Athletic Department. It has been a loooong 59 years for me. Mitch—Run it like a real business or close it. Sorry, but I’m done.

  61. Jeff
    3:45 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    #59 I agree that UK should take more chances than Alabama on 3rd down…as well as 1st and 2nd downs. I think it’s just incredibly dumb when I hear UK fans bitch and moan about a draw on 3rd and 15. It’s boring, I get that…but that doesn’t mean it wasnt the right call. Once again, I agree that we’re WAY TOO CONSERVATIVE but the problem isn’t 3rd and long…Its the 1st and 2nd down plays as well. We need a much more unpredictable and aggressive scheme. I’m just rambling now but my point remains…There is alot of reason to be optimistic with the talent we have!!

  62. Randal
    3:49 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    “All time low”? Obviously you have missed a loy of Kentucky football.

  63. Mary
    3:51 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I thought you gave up your season tickets! If so, why are you asking them to do something exciting? They are currently working their tails off, FYI.

  64. UKBlue1!
    3:58 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve been going to football games for nearly 40 years. The offense from last season was aweful and the Cats still won five games. 4-8 this season, if we are lucky maybe 6-6. The only possiblities of wins Vandy, MSU, UT plus the 3 roadkill games. Another team might slip up and forget to play. If 6-6 is reached Joker will get a four year deal.

  65. flysoup
    4:01 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    This post just illustrates how out of touch KSR is with the football program. “clinging to each sliver of news coming out of the Nutter Fieldhouse……”. Hell, KSR doesn’t even care enough to send someone over to cover football practice every day. You could literally go over and interview the coach after practice every day, but you don’t. I you’re really “clinging to each sliver of news” get over there an cover practice. Also, the football team practices at the Nutter Training facility, the only use the Fieldhouse when it rains.

  66. Jared
    4:07 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I have been very critical of Joker since he got the job. I just don’t think he has what it takes to be a successful head coach. He’s got some of the best recruits and for sure the best coaching staff that UK has ever had, so if that doesn’t translate into some kind of success then something is OBVIOUSLY wrong. I will be shocked if we win more than 3 games this season.

  67. Mrs. Tyler Thompson
    4:10 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    63 – I live in Nashville, Tennessee and have never had season tickets. If I lived in Lexington, I’d be there every game. Last season was the only time I’ve decided not to go see them play Vanderbilt in Nashville, if that’s what you’re referring to. For the record, the week after, I paid my penance by traveling to Athens, GA to watch them play. Also, I’m glad they’re working their tails off.

    For those of you quoting “4-8” as Kentucky’s predicted record this season, you must be seeing rosier forecasts than I am.

  68. Common Sense
    4:21 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    You think UK will be worse than 4-8? Is that what I am hearing?

  69. Mrs. Tyler Thompson
    4:26 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    68 – Nope, that’s just what I’ve heard from other media, analysts, etc. I think they can beat Louisville, and if so, have a good chance at getting six, and hopefully more. If not, well, we’ll see.

  70. KSR Groupie
    4:29 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    Why come the Joke dont just throw a hailmary everytime? If he cant do at jus har Mike Leach. #KSRLogic

  71. dick gosinia
    4:43 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I was at Fan Day and spent a lot of time watching Minter in action. He is a very active coach and every time the defense did something positive in the scrimmage, he sprinted over to them, gave them a High-5 or chest bump. They seemed to play with a high level of confidence and were flying around the field. The D seems to have taken on his infectious personality and I think, as long as they aren’t on the field for 80% of the game – will play very solid from the get-go!

    We just need the offense to move the chains and not turn it over.

  72. barn
    5:11 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    45–randall cobb, randall cobb, bla bla bla. hell of a player but only a nut that the blind squirell found. what did our team accomplish the last year that cobb was here? my points are founded in the history of the past 60+ years of UK football in the sec. i may be an ass poster but i’m just relating recorded facts

  73. Common Sense
    5:53 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    You can’t trust the ratings. UK has had numerous 2 stars that now play in the NFL. It is very difficult for these databases to evaluate a football player and assign him a star. There is well over a thousand D-1 players coming out of high school each year for football, while in basketball, there is roughly 500 D-1 players. Also, basketball recruits play AAU in the off season. Therefore, you see less accurate ratings for football players. So, give it a rest about “they are all 2 and 3 stars”.

  74. Chicken Little
    8:09 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I want UK football team to play hard and with pride, something that has been missing in a lot of the games with joker as coach. Play EVERY game as if they expect to win. Do not predetermine your failures like so many people love to do.

  75. barn
    8:58 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    73–maybe you can’t trust the ratings but when i look across the lines of the likes of bama, lsu, fla, uga and the top tier sec teams and see that they are chock full of 4 and 5 star-rated players, it makes me pause and say hmmm, ‘there might be something to this star rating business’. we find a diamond in a pile of clinkers once in a blue moon, but we need a pile of diamonds.

  76. JayCee
    9:16 pm August 8, 2012 Permalink

    I have seen retarded dogs that learn quicker than UK FB fans.

    Sadists. The whole lot of you.