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An interesting comparison

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing some new bloggers to the area. Here is one from a guy we call, “The Turkey Hunter”

Tookie vs. Tubby- In the end, whose week will have
been worse?

This morning at 12:01 a.m., Stanley “Tookie” Williams
was executed by the State of California by lethal
injection for the slaying of 4 individuals over 20
years ago. A founder of the “crips”, Tookie garnered
much fame and support over the past several years as
he recanted his former lifestyle and became actively
involved in publicly denouncing gangs and the
accompanying violence. He published several children’s
books on the subject and was even considered for Nobel
consideration. In the end, Tookie had a huge following
of supporters, even amongst some who championed his
execution. This Saturday, Tubby Smith and the Wildcats
will take on the Louisville Cardinals in a game that
Kentucky die-hards will consider much more important
than life and death. Should Tubby lose, it will
probably seem as if Tookie had the easy way out, as
people who could even overlook the shotgun slaying of
4 innocent individuals will flip out at the prospect
of having Tubby continue at the helm of the Wildcats.
But will the fact that should Tubby lose, he will be
more unpopular than a convicted killer be justified?
Now true, Tookie was better than Tubby at
recruiting. His legacy flows in legions over several
continents, even following his death. The best Tubby
has been able to do internationally is get one Polish
player whose softer than a pill-less Bob Dole doing
the polar bear plunge. Tubby and Tookie only ever
competed for one player, Rashaad Carruth, who proved
to be a much better asset for the Tookster. While both
took control of boys in blue, no one was able to say
that Tookie took over an already powerful gang that
Rick Pitino had developed. As for shot percentage,
good taste will prevent me from continuing down that
Should Tubby lose Saturday, I truly fear that at the
end of the week his popularity level out in the world
will have dropped below the level of a man who once
kicked down a door of a hotel room so that he might
kill an Asian family for PCP money. People, if we
lose, we lose. If we have 10 losses at the end of the
year, life will go on. 15 losses, they still sell
bourbon in this state. 20 losses, adopt a pet and kick
it (kidding). But should the unthinkable happen, and a
team that is BETTER than us BEAT us, just remember its
still Saturday. Don’t spend an hour and a half on hold
to yell on some AM station that Tubby should be fired,
shot, or exiled. Even though Tookie promoted peace and
Tubby promotes Rafferty’s, he never killed anyone. And
neither will another loss.

Article written by Matt Jones