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An Anonymous Kentucky Fan Tells His Story

We received this e-mail from a Kentucky fan who would like to remain anonymous. It’s a story of his trip to the Kentucky-Indiana game on Saturday and the ruthless encounters he experienced while in Bloomington.


Allow me to preface by saying I visited Bloomington countless times as a UK student and always had a tremendous time. Though the campus and its student body were vastly different from my alma mater, I found IU to be a beautiful place and a lot of fun for a college man. Naturally, when I bought 6 tickets from the IU ticket office back in October for my Dad, brothers, a friend, and me, I was pumped to go back.

We arrived in town around 12:30 pm Saturday and parked near Kilroy’s, a pretty standard college bar. Walking past the first storefront a college kid opened the door to offer us a warm reception.

“You’re going to get your ass kicked wearing that blue.”

We laughed it off and kept walking to Nick’s, the “alumni” bar and pizza joint that is loaded with Indiana regalia and lore. A really cool place that reminds you a bit of Two Keys. In that 3 minute walk no fewer than 3 separate groups shouted from their cars and/or across the street, “F*** Kentucky!” It became obvious to us at that point the phrase would be the tagline for the day, and it was.

After throwing down a couple large pizzas downstairs (excellent, friendly service), we made our way to the 2nd floor which is a large open room with a bar in the center. We filed in one-by-one and were met with a chorus of boos from the 99.5% IU crowd, boos that we took in stride. It was actually really funny and almost felt like a friendly welcome, strange as that may sound. We had no idea that would be the only moment of light-hearted banter from the Hoosier fanbase we would get all day. The day turned very dark shortly after, and I will never forget the almost surreal experience.

As we enjoyed cheap domestic drafts, IU fan, after IU student, after IU alum berated us with “Kentucky f*ggots,” “Leave hillbillies,” “F*** Kentucky,” and “You are not welcome here.” Man and woman, boy and girl. If we were keeping statistics it would not be hyperbole to state we heard something along these lines once every 10 minutes, and we estimated that 1 in 7 Hoosiers we came across the entire day verbally assaulted us. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in an American town. Frankly, it didn’t even feel American. We couldn’t fathom the abuse we were taking nor where it was stemming from. It was that vitriolic.

Here is what was perhaps most bothersome. I have visited a lot of college towns following the Cats: Tuscaloosa, Athens, Columbia, Oxford, Nashville, Knoxville, to name a few. Though each of those trips included experiences with confrontational folks, it was always isolated and invariably there were reasonable, friendly “hosts” who would buy you a beer, tell you to forget about it and to have a good time. And perhaps it’s just an SEC thing, but most folks will even thank you for making the trip.

The difference this weekend was that the entire fanbase were of the confrontational variety. There were no friendly faces, nobody with any concern or regard for the small number of Kentucky fans that were flat under siege in their proud town. Not one time did an IU fan step up and check their counterparts (save for a very close IU friend who did so repeatedly). Not one time did any ask if we were enjoying ourselves, or if we were being treated okay, or offer to buy a beer. The 6 of us were basically the “untouchables.” Subhuman Kentuckians that somehow found shoes for the weekend. It was obvious; to them we weren’t just the opposition, we were inferior people.

There are too many incidents to even begin to write them out. It was constant. Most all are best left alone at this point, frankly. Unprovoked near fights. Middle fingers point blank to our faces. Looks of disgust. People walking up and mocking us with ridiculously exaggerated southern accents. It goes on and on.

I would only say this to Kentucky fans. If someone thinks so highly of Kentucky and Rupp Arena to spend money to follow their team to Lexington, be hospitable and respectful. Even if in Volunteer Orange or Cardinal Red, they are fellow college basketball fans, and that shared passion is literally enough to start a friendly discussion over a beer. I thought we would find that in Bloomington given their program’s rich history, alas what we found were thousands of hate filled, cold, nasty people that ruined what should have been a grand day for college basketball. Even still, next December when Indiana comes to town, treat them with dignity and perhaps they’ll “get” what college basketball should be about.

Shockingly, that’s my little brother’s hope for what good can come out of the profound misery that was our day. After the game as we made our way through a packed Kilroy’s, a chant of “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!” came roaring down on us, along with dozens of fingers pointing downward in our direction. It lasted for a good 2 minutes, long enough for a Hoosier to pour his beer out on my brother’s head and for another to throw something cumbersome enough to leave a bump and bruise on his forehead. Even still, the Kentucky “hillbilly” whom was ironically told all day has “no class,” stated this morning that he wants Indiana folks to visit Lexington next year for the game. He has no doubt that they would be treated properly, have fun, and perhaps they’d return the favor next time Kentucky travels to Bloomington.

That will be for one of you other hillbillies to discover, however. This one won’t be going back. Just don’t forget your shoes.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

822 Comments for An Anonymous Kentucky Fan Tells His Story

  1. White Tipturd
    8:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    google me

  2. Jimmy
    8:09 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This is a travesty. It makes me burn with the fire of ten suns. I can only hope that we meet IU again this year – and we beat them when it counts.

  3. Yo Bro
    8:11 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    What did you expect, seriously?? It’s Indiana and this story does’nt surprise me at all. They are indeed the WORST human beings in this country.

  4. tubby knows
    8:11 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    What else do you expect from the bobby knight lovers of the world. Screw those chumps, they should be in the same boat as Xavier and Cincy, no class.

  5. ronkat
    8:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    By the way Drew, the probably spit in your pizza. I, too, have had similar encounters when visiting Bloomington for a UK game…FOOTBALL! Can you believe it?

  6. Mike
    8:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Personally, if an IU fan pours beer on me or my brother’s head there will be a brawl.

  7. IU Referee
    8:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You all be nice to those nice IU folks, they put a nice wad of cash in my pocket before the game started, such nice people.

  8. SexnNursinHomes
    8:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    So I’m sittin’ here watching an old Muppets show and it got me thinkin’….. You think Jim Henson ever was in a situation where he was taking a shit and was out of t.p, so he wiped his ass on a Muppet?

  9. j8
    8:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    All these reports should make Cal’s decision a whole lot easier on which game to drop…unfortunately it will probably be UNC.

  10. ronkat
    8:16 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Additionally, I have never observed this kind of behavior against IU fans or any other fan visiting Rupp, Lexington or Commonwealth. OK…maybe Louisville and Tennessee fans…but they don’t count.

  11. Former IU fan
    8:16 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I grew up an IU fan. I remember the ’75 squad and the ’76 national champions vividly, and went to the games as a young boy.
    While the Sampson years were disheartening in hindsight, I have to openly state that under Tom Crean the past three years I have disavowed my passion for the basketball Hoosiers. There is a new breed of fan in Bloomington these days that is VERY ACCURATELY described by the UK fan above. 100% spot on in fact. It starts with Crean and trickles down to the woofin’ mentality of the players, and now the thuggish fanbase. This is the new IU and I want nothing to do with it. The win over UK was an anomaly. Mark my words, IU will spiral downward. Look no further than Tom Crean for proof.

  12. ItsGonnaBeGreatToGet#8
    8:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    good luck in the NIT Hoosiers…#Lucky

  13. UK fan gone wrong
    8:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I had something similar happen to me in Kilroy’s after the game. I had drank and knew the situation after all day of drinking with these fans could be crazy. By the end of the night to make a long story short I started to break up a fight between another UK fan and IU fan and got blindsided with a punch to my right eye. When I turned to go towards that person I was grabbed by Kilroy’s employees and kicked out because us Kentucky fans were trouble. The guy knew me because I go into Kilroy’s a lot since I am an Indiana student but he says man tonight just go home it will only get worse in here.

  14. Hoops Malone
    8:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    What do you expect? They grew up applauding the behavior one of – if not the – biggest jerks in college basketball.

    I say F them. I’ll go to Bloomington next time…and I’ll take my four ex-marine buds with me. We’ll be the guys you read about in the paper the next day – the guys who beat the hell out of any hoosier dumb enough to sling an insult in our direction.

  15. Cal'sFrontButt
    8:19 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! It’s about these PLAYERS!”

    Yes. The fat a s s has spent the whole call yelling and bitching about referees, his team and the university not having new dorms for the students.

  16. Hoops Malone
    8:20 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #5 – I don’t believe it does…not to this extreme anyway. There are some jerks in every crowd but I think UK fans are 99% respectful to all visiting fans.

  17. frank
    8:20 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Expected. What a vile fanbase

  18. JVice
    8:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #7 – this didn’t happen to Drew. Please read the caption.

  19. ronkat
    8:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Why are there Hoosier fans on this board? Oh by the way, did you know most Hoosiers are thrid and fourth generation hillbilly, too?

  20. Roland
    8:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    If ya don’t feel GOOD about your self, you attack others. IU fans haven’t felt good about themselves for sometime. Now, thanks to a rattled UK team, IU fans can feel good about themselves.

    Maybe next time you visit, it will be better. NAH. JUST KIDDING.

    It will be an IU rally call for this year, “We beat Kentucky”. that’s IT. IU’s only thing to brag about for the 2011-12 basketball season.

    It was a enjoyable game to watch until the last few seconds.

  21. JR
    8:22 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You gotta remember these people adore Bobby Knight, who has such a pure tongue.

  22. JVice
    8:22 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    5 is the new 7

  23. Joe B.. Dorm
    8:22 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Most of us have the good sense to stay home and safely watch the game on TV.

  24. slappy
    8:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Classy post. IU, as a school & community, obviously needs to check itself. I understand they’ve been a basketball non-factor for decades now, but there’s absolutely no reason to act this way about it.
    Maybe the most ironic (or idiotic) aspect of all this taunting is that, you know, they’re Indi-freaking-ana. When did they become this place where they can pretend to turn their collective noses up at anybody? Utterly ridiculous and shameful.

  25. benny
    8:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This is no surprise too me. I live in south ky between lake Cumberland and dale hollow. I have worked in grocery stores and fast food. We have alot of vacationing people that come from Indiana. I even have family from Indiana. About 75% of them think they are better than us an about 25% are just complete buttholes.

  26. GetClassy
    8:25 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m a Bengals fan, been to Pittsburgh, even they had more class than this. I’ve worn UK blue on Louisville’s campus during a UK v UofL weekend and had people talk shit, but jokingly and good natured, never with any malice. I used to have a lot of respect for IU, but this is pathetic. If you’re an IU fan with some class you should feel embarrassed reading this.

  27. ronkat
    8:25 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    OK…22…I got it…Anonymous!! JEEEZ

  28. nolablue
    8:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Yankees. What part of that don’t y’all get???

  29. HospitableRupp
    8:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    At Rupp Arena we take a REAL PRIDE in being hospitable towards other fans. We want to show off what we have to offer at Rupp and the Civic Center. We want the enemy to have a great time and say good things leaving Rupp Arena about the experience. I am sure you get a jerk or two on very rare occasions but Rupp Arena and the experience you get from UK fans coming in is a 360 on what the poster above described.

  30. Kyle Macy's Socks
    8:28 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Though I appreciate the conciliatory nature of your story and comments, I must say that my experiences with Hoosier fans almost mirror those that you unfortunately experienced this past weekend. They are without a doubt the biggest bunch of rude rednecks when it comes to the IU/UK basketball rivalry.

    It seems odd because I’ve spent literally tons of time in Indiana for business and Indianapolis remains one of my favorite mid-size cities in the nation. Back when Knight was there and the games were held at Freedom Hall and the Hoosier/RCA Dome, it was a very fun atmosphere with the arenas divided half red and half blue. However, their fans were extremely nasty then. It seems that their past years of struggles have done nothing but made them more bitter and nastier.

  31. MHFaulkner
    8:28 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You risk this treatment if you wear enemy colors. They’re a traditional powerhouse and have been awful for years. They are hungry to be “established” again and will do anything to get there. So, they were assholes.

    Rule 1 – Don’t wear your UK gear into the IU alumni bar on their biggest game in years. That just makes sense.

  32. DT in DC
    8:29 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You should send this story to Tom Crean and see if he replies. It would be interesting to see how he defends his fan-base.

  33. Tyler
    8:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    30 – you don’t hide your UK gear because you’re scared of the other fans. you wear it proudly if you’re a true fan.

  34. iWantToBeTheDrewFrankling
    8:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    CLASSLESS. I want them in the tournament this year so bad. 2nd round, 1 vs. 8 in Louisville. We will beat the dog shit out of them.

    I hope we give them the same treatment next year. I’ll pay hundreds to get tickets for the game next year just to do it.

  35. Huff
    8:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Reading this after having read the UNC fan’s write-up of his trip to Rupp paints two entirely different pictures of levels of class between the two programs’ fanbases. It’s sad. I’ve had to say it several times to friends on facebook that are IU fans (along with their pathetic buddies posting on their page), but is it that hard to win with some class?

    My favorite has been watching the irony of IU fans saying that we have a cheater for a coach. I like to point out that their glass house has the name “Kelvin Sampson” on the mailbox. Funny…they take that route when Cal hasn’t been personally punished (or named) by the NCAA, but they had a coach who was nuked by the NCAA within the last five years.

  36. Big Pun
    8:31 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Baton Rouge / LSU fans make this story seem like it belongs in a children’s book. Suck it up.

  37. GetClassy
    8:31 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with 31. I’d like to see what he’d have to say.

  38. Larry Winn
    8:31 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m an IU grad. who, along with my wife, attended every the home games (and the away Purdue games) for 3 years (including Knight’s 1st 2 years there). Although an IU fan, I was furious that when KY visited, the IU cheerleaders passed out sheets calling on us to boo the poor KY hillbillies whom the game “was being piped into.” I guess an inferiority complex makes people want to feel superior to someone. Apparently, the fear of being perceived as southern haunts many IU fans–even across the decades. Sad to see such lack of class at a place that gave me thrilling memories. The dark shadow of Knight still looms.

  39. Larry Winn
    8:32 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Poor proofreading. Delete the “every.”

  40. CrazyUKfans
    8:34 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    We may be wackos, passionate but when other fan bases come to town we want them to leave with a smile on their faces and a L in the loss column. I always engage other fans and have civil conversations and wish them luck. There is as the other poster mentioned a huge level of pride we take in that hospitality in Rupp. Never once have i seen something anywhere near that nasty. Not a once.

    8:35 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I lived in Indiana at one time.. and yes.. they HATE KENTUCKY. I hope the game is no longer played. Their fans deserve that much respect. Coach CAL, I hope you read this article and comments… CANCEL IU>>>> NOW.

  42. string music
    8:35 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    For a team that has not been relevant in years, you would think IU fans would have a bit of humility built up….I guess it’s just pent up frustration from Tom Crean taking so long to turn around a program that Kelvin Sampson killed in as much time as it takes Bobby Knight to choke a player.

  43. IU traveler
    8:37 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I have been to many games following the Hoosiers for almost 20 years… Yes what I read is very disappointing yet happens almost everywhere whether we like it or not. I remember a similar situation where I was in Lexington for the game and someone hit my cousin in the back of the head with a beer bottle, just because we were wearing our trusted cream and crimson.

    If you are going in the middle of a hostel environment like that, then you have to prepare. Going into a college town of 20 thousand drunken students wears a rivals colors is honorable. But the name calling is going to happen, every rival game I attend that always happens.

    IU has changed with out a doubt, this was the biggest game of the Tom Crean era…That game is what college basketball is all about and I am very disappointed in the Hoosier fan base for what they did. But we are not “thuggish” and we are not spiraling downward. IU has the 2nd best recruiting class coming in 2012 behind Arizona.

    GOOOOO HOOSIERS! 9-0 by the way 😉

  44. Rich
    8:37 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I dont know why folks wanna hate on IU now. I hope they do well from here on out. They got a #20 ranking today.

    I hope they beat OSU when they come to play at Bloomington.

    OSU loses to KU by 11 and we beat them by 10. So does Sully make up for that? I don’t know.
    I think OSU wins the game with Sully playing but I doubt its a beatdown like the one we gave KU at a neutral court — at one point we had a 17pt lead. First of all I don’t think Thomas steps up like he did in the KU game if Sully is on the floor.

    Later in the year we will have a good idea about how UK/OSU compare for real.

    By the end of the conf. seasons, UK and OSU will have both played
    @South Carolina
    Florida at home

    I know games can be abt matchups but I think we’ll have a good basis for comparison after those games.

    From here on out, only games I’m worried about are Louisville, @Vandy, @Florida, @Miss St.

    If we come out of those 4 with 2 wins, I’m fine w/it. We’ll continue to improve as the season goes on and we get Twany in January which should help depth issues some. God I hope he’s better than Jared, etc. We’ll be able to play a lineup that has 2 guards at 6’4 and 6’5 and then Jones and Davis and Miller can handle the ball as well. That’s a lot of size with 2 guards on the floor.

  45. _Blackhawk
    8:38 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Been to wining games and losing games at Rupp with a friend of mine who is a UNC fan……he is always treated the same way…..someone says Your boys are going down Carolina and after the game regardless of the out come those same folks shanks his hand and say good game….followed by a good luck the rest of the year. And IU fans say we’re classless.

  46. Hell is coming with me
    8:39 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Good f**cking thing I wasn’t there! It would take an act by God to stop me from making a blood bath in that crap hole! The next time I see a punk wearing an Indiana shirt, I’m knocking the rest of their teeth out! Hope and PREY we meet again! I’ll be there ready to open a huge can of whoop ass on an IU fag!

  47. Rich
    8:39 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    43. The Hoosier fan base was a little too raucous disrespectful for my taste. But that doesn’t matter to me. The team had class and they played well. They played hard as hell and never gave up even when UK’s overall talent started to overwhelm them toward the end.

  48. UKGrad04
    8:39 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I kinda don’t see what the big deal is. Given the events that transpired leading up to the game, how was this a surprise? Now, I should qualify–I’m 6’3, 220, and I’ve never been maliciously taunted when I’ve traveled with the team, but if you’re truly that disgusted with how you’re being treated, do something. Dogs that bark don’t bite. Treat Indiana like prison: kick the biggest guy’s ass the first day, and watch the rest sort of melt away. Am I saying you should go pick fights with opposing fans? Of course not; we’re not barbarians. But I am saying someone sticking their finger in your face is assault, and while I don’t know all the laws, I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to break said finger–and, if need be, the accompanying nose–in defense, especially as you’re walking through a tidal wave of vitriol.

  49. Cat Lady
    8:40 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hope Cal cancels the contract to play IU after the horrible way IU fans treated our players and our fans all last week. The bottom line: IU needs UK a lot more than we need them! Afterall, WE ARE UK. and who are they: NOBODY!

  50. IU Sucks
    8:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    IU sucks. IU got the benefit of the call. I agree with #34. I want the Whose Your Daddy Bitches in the NCAA tournament 1 vs. 8. Yes, we would beat the dog shit out of them. I never liked Tom Crean when he was at Marquette. I hate Tom Crean now. I hate Indiana. Words can’t entail how much I hate IU. Like they say, when you cross the river, you’re on the other side of the world.

  51. FourThinInches
    8:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    All big ten’s team fans are huge @$$Holes. I had a room mate, ohio state grad, biggest A hole ive ever known. They all suffer from napoleon complex.

  52. TheDecker
    8:43 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    If the series continues I hope they go back to neutral sites. Tickets are easier to come by and the better team usually prevails.

    I’ve lived in Central Indiana my whole life and the majority of my friends are unfortunately IU fans. Over the years we have built up a neutral respect for each others programs. They have always been polite as I have been to them, but this week has been completely different. UK has won 14 out of the last 18 meetings and not once have I ever rubbed it in their faces. As soon as Watford hit the three my phone exploded with text msgs bragging about the win. Lets just say I have lost all respect for their fan base.

  53. string music
    8:46 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    49 I like your style

  54. BlueTexan
    8:47 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Wow…what a trip. I am not surprised by the action of those at IU…after all, The General get away with slapping Joe B. I’m just sick that members of the BBN were treated with such disrespect. However, I’ve been through similar situations…particularly in Knoxville! It doees ruin the reason for traveling.

  55. IU Sucks
    8:48 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I just hope we get IU again. I hate Indiana, and I hate people from Indiana. “You Guys” are f***king a**holes. Go to Hell Bobby Knight, Tom Crean, and you f***king Hoosiers.

  56. Opti
    8:48 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Drop the Indiana series…

  57. Blueburg
    8:48 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Crude side effects of a rabid fan base. I’m glad we can distinguish as UK fans between basketball and what really matters.

  58. UKGoBigBlue
    8:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Pot meet kettle; I don’t get where Indiana thinks they are anything, Indiana is one of the poorest states in the country. Take away Indy & you’ve got a whole lot of nothing. Northern IN is beyond poor & it looks like a nuclear bomb went off.

  59. Did you guys catch that?
    8:51 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey did you guys catch that??? 43 called it a rivalry. That was a good one.

  60. catcrawler
    8:54 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    It’s called the mob effect… we humans are so primitive.

  61. IU Sucks
    8:54 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m surprised Tom Crean has not thrown a chair across the floor. Let’s face it, UK is a better team than IU. Yeh, they beat us in 1 game. How many times do they beat us if we played them in a 7 game series? Once, maybe. All I can say to IU fans is 1975 MidEast Rgional Final 92-90. Your first and last loss of the season that year.

  62. Ur Mom
    8:56 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Ive never been to any road game in any sport and been asked how I was doing or offered to buy me a beer from the opposing fan base.

  63. IU Sucks
    8:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    It’s not a rivalry anymore. Hell, we owned IU’s ass for the last 3 years. I say we drop IU. UK has more class than that bunch of GD Hoosiers?

  64. Actually...
    8:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    43.) Kentucky has the #2 class in 2012. Indiana is #8 according to ESPN

  65. Wow
    8:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    That’s why I don’t go to road games.. I have already served enough jail time (years)… I’m smart enough now to stay out of places that might cause me to snap and end up back there….sorry for your experience.. I actually felt my blood pressure raise just reading about it.. Go big blue

  66. Yao Ming
    8:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Ever been to Scottsburg, IN? Yeah, there are no hillbillies or toothless people there at all…lol, just the “meth capital of the world” as my IU friend says. What a joke…

  67. SagaciousMind
    9:00 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I still find it funny that this game mattered very little to UK fans while IU fans treated it as the game on the century. When UK really played, it was obvious we are the better team and would have stomped IU. Unfortunate for us, the refs were paid off and we couldnt hit free throws or listen to Cal when he says foul. Either way, this game is a learning lesson for us and will only make us better. And we all know come march, UK will be marching to the final four while IU is sittin on the couch. I’d love a rematch with IU in the tourney though, they wouldnt have a chance. I just think it’s funny IU’s fans wanna call us rednecks and stuff when they arent any better, I mean, it’s Indiana. Look no further than Larry Bird to see how country that state is. Also find it funny that if IU was #1 and we beat them in Rupp, no one would storm the court. Cant call yourself a premiere program if you feel the need to rush the court.

  68. Krice Cook
    9:00 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You were in a bar, correct? With drinking, and drinking…correct? You were not “treated” like this inside of Assembly Hall, right? Dude, WTF did you expect? I have been to a many of Lexington bars for basketball games and seen how some of them treat opposing teams fans. It is not with “open arms” so to speak. Something tells me if Watfords shot doesn’t go in, your story doesn’t get told.

  69. Davis Armpit
    9:02 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Keep it classy UK fans in person and on this blog. We should turn the other cheek and show everyone how classy we really are. Let your neighbor actions speak for our great state. We should not degrade the other fanbases unless in a joking manner. Remember the golden rule…Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. This story has made me lose all respect for the IU fanbase and sickens me to think humans would treat each other this way over a something that doesn’t amount to anything. Win or lose, the sun will come up tomorrow and life will go on. Just remember how you felt reading this story next time you get the urge to make remarks to opposing fans visiting Rupp Arena.

  70. IU Sucks
    9:04 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    72 are you some sorry Tennessee fan or Louisville fan?

  71. Chad Huffman
    9:04 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I have had season tickets to UK basketball games for close to 6 years and I have NEVER seen a rival fan treated that way unless they asked for it even then it was done in jest. I have never seen rival fans treated like that in bars around town either. I can see where if drinking is envolved some of this could be explained away but not to the level of this. I have been to EVERY rival stadium in the SEC and have been to bars before and after each and every game and I have had a off base remark or two thrown my way on occasion but I couldn’t even imagine some of this happening to me. I wouldn’t have made it home I would have been in jail or the hospital because I don’t think I would have been able to hold myself back or my brother if he had been with me.

  72. I was with anonymous
    9:05 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    and what he wrote is accurate, and somewhat tame, in some scenarios that he could have gone into futther detail. For those who think Crean or IU should be aware, I think IU Admins are somewhat to blame. They are the ones who fostered the environment there to an extent by telling fans to be sure that BLUE does not get into Assembly Hall, etc.
    My favorites chants were “It sure must suck to suck” and the lady with the KY shirt that read WORST STATE EVER talking about how rude and unclassy UK fans were..

  73. slappy
    9:05 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    For those saying “drop the series!!” because of this… Well, screw that. Continue the series, and let’s beat their asses 16 of the next 20 again.

  74. Brian
    9:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Karma is a bitch.

  75. snoopaloop
    9:07 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    If that happened to me and my bro’s we would ZIPPEM UP! Now run and tell dat, homeboy!

  76. Apathetic Andy
    9:07 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    STOP with all the Hoosier crap on KSR. Dear Lord, let them go back under their holes. No more pictures of them storming the court or their vomit spewing fans.

    This is Kentucky, home of the Wildcats. We don’t obsess about the little people of the world. We only obsess about ourselves.

  77. What's a Hoosier?
    9:07 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    why does this behavior not surprise me?

    hoosier 1: an awkward, unhandy, or unskilled person; especially: an ignorant rustic. 2: hoosier [usually capitalized]: Indianan–used as a nickname.

    hoosier (verb) slang: to loaf on or botch a job. -Webster’s Third International Dictionary, 1976

    hoosier : A hillbilly or rustic; an unmannerly or objectionable person.
    Dictionary of American Regional English, 1991

  78. Amanda
    9:07 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am from Indiana and have quite a few friends that go to IU, but I was wearing blue this weekend when my boyfriend and I went to the game. We had signs shoved in our faces that said “calipari is a cheater” (even though they just got off probation for cheating) but fortunately we were surrounded by mostly mature, adult hoosier fans because we sat by older season ticket holders. There was a huge difference between them and the students who were ruthless. We went to a party after and everyone was friendly there (probably because they won) but we saw couches on fire and heard about riots and overturned cars. I just think people should be able to support their team without bashing the other team and their fans and I didn’t see that at IU.

  79. Blue Bones
    9:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I hope IU and UK meet again in the tourney. We will have the last laugh. They woke up a giant.

  80. IU Sucks
    9:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    IU sucks. IU sucks. In the words of Bob Knight, “I chair about Indiana.” I’ve said it about 3 times now, I hope UK gets another shot at IU. The outcome will be different.

  81. saki7
    9:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This is really sad. I think desperation brings out the basest instincts of people, and they’ve been desperate in Bloomington for a long time now. Also, if fans personally identify with a program, and the entirety of IU basketball lore is rooted in the Bobby Knight era, maybe it makes sense that much of the fan base reflects his sociopathic personality.

  82. Dunkman42
    9:09 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink


  83. IUsux
    9:10 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Simebody should turn this in to th IU president. Those unclassy pricks should apologize for that kind of childish behavior. There’s no need to pour beer on somebody for wearin their team colors unless ur in a NY bar wit a red sox shirt.

  84. HaHa Kentucky
    9:10 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am soooo sorry you were treated so badly.

    I am also sorry I couldn’t say F*** Y** to your face myself.

    You are a moron toothless hilljack. Cry me a river.


  85. Dunkman42
    9:12 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Even the best team money can buy couldn’t take us out!!!
    Kentucky repeat after me OVERRATED!!!

  86. dale
    9:12 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    ah yes, the beloved crimson and cream the colors of a used tampax.

  87. IU Sucks
    9:12 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    84 you’re a bitch. You classless Hoosier F**K. Just wait until UK gets you bitches in the NCAA this March. UK had a bad game and still had you beat.

  88. Truth be told
    9:12 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Bottom line. If you UK ends up playing IU on a neutral court (tournament), they win by 20…atleast…guaranteed. It’s all good

  89. John Benson
    9:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am not condoning the students giving them a hard time, but I have seen opposing fans coming into crowded bars putting on the show, and the more I have read here the more convinced I am that these clowns were looking for trouble and found it.

    They were treated so badly and were so frightened that they moved to the next most crowded bar and found trouble. There was certainly no issues for the few UK fans that were at the game.

    This site is known for over the top attacks on IU.

    Sorry fellas, your sob story doesn’t pass the smell test.

  90. IU Sucks
    9:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Right on “Truth be told.” Maybe we can all pour Woodford Reserve on The IU bitches at the Yum Center this March.

  91. I was with anonymous
    9:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Just look at 84. Enough said.

  92. GO UK
    9:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    “HaHa Kentucky” is a rich kid from the suburbs. His mommy and daddy likely paid for his Xbox, his first car and his nice apartment right off campus. Please excuse his tone, he has impulse control. He is on medication for his behavior and still wets his bed on occasion.

  93. IU Sucks
    9:16 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    84 says it all man. What a douche. I’m glad I wasn’t with you anonymous. I would have gotten locked up. I would have gone the hell off.

  94. IU Sucks
    9:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I bet 84’s moma slow jacks him.

  95. John Benson
    9:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #78 Amanda…Come on! There was extensive news coverage all night and the next day in Bloomington. There were no “riots’, there were no “overturned cars’.

    Just stop the BS

  96. Krice Cook
    9:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    To#70—No I am not a Louisville or TN fan. A lot of you think this type of behavior only exists against you, and nothing can be further from the truth. I have seen UL fans do the same. I have seen Purdue fans do the same. TN, Illinois, etc..It happens everywhere—Including Lexington, KY. It is a shame that this happened and in no way do I condone it. But honestly, what did the OP expect? To have a “warm and fuzzy” experience at an IU bar during the UK game? C’mon, now. I lived in Lexington during mu internship and there were two or three bars my brother warned me of. I went there last year for the IU/UK game as greeted quite nicely in the arena…But in the bar before the game? Not so warm. It happens everywhere. Including Lexington.

  97. kycager
    9:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    ah! sarcasm, irony, great report. We should probably keep UNC based on the awesome review written about their visit to KY…. but we beat the tar heels! if this report is true and not IRONY?!? then we should at least host a 30pt blowout next year before we cancel our return engagement after taking yet another of their mcd all americans.
    1975…Bobby Knights wife crying…things never change, UK 2012. kycager out.

  98. kycager
    9:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    i think i could take #1 off the dribble (lamb, teague)….ky cager….”LIVE ACTION!”

  99. saki7
    9:19 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Good move, 84) and 85), coming on here and pretending to be IU fans and making them look ignorant. I’m sure there are very nice Indiana fans across the state..they’re just not obvious because they celebrated, then carried on with their lives.

  100. Ddt
    9:20 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Good thing it wasnt raiders fans theyd a killed u

  101. Krice Cook
    9:20 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Like I said, if Watford’s shot does not go in, this ‘story” does not get told—Or garner any attention.

    PS- Nest year, grab some beer’s and STAY HOME.

  102. GetClassy
    9:20 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Kycager, why wait til next year? Hopefully we can hand out a 30pt blowout in the Tourney and see where all the Hoosier fans are then.

  103. I was with anonymous
    9:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey Benson, the story is 100% true. Look, all of us in this group are professionals with families, we did not go looking for fights. We were treated this way before the game too so win or lose, they were still crappy to the fans. You say the fans at the game had no trouble? We went to the game as well and there were plenty of issues in Aseembly Hall. Five steps in we were greeted with middle fingers in our faces Do you really think we would go to a bar looking for trouble with 5 on 500? It’s a shame you cant go grab a few beers after a game that ended at 7:30.

  104. Jd
    9:22 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    All I can says if someone poured a beer on top of my head. I would have pulled out my Kerahaw and unzipped him.

  105. kycager
    9:22 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    whats up with the monitr, u guys asleep? this is becoming HATEFUL?!?

  106. IUFan
    9:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    As an IU fan, I can’t say that this article is off base. I have followed many different sports teams and the IU fanbase is the most vitriolic, mean group of any of them. I don’t act that way, but so many others do. The people that act that way should really be ashamed of themselves, because they wouldn’t want to be treated that way if they went to an away game.

  107. schwing
    9:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    43, leave it to an indiana resident to not know the difference between hostel and hostile.

  108. WKU Hilltopper
    9:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    IU’s students probably don’t remember the last time IU was actually relevant. So, they don’t know how to handle an upset like Saturday. On a broader level, this is a huge problem in America: sports are becoming way too serious. Look, I’m a huge sports fan and I would go crazy if there weren’t games to watch; but at the end of the day, a game is just that, a game. People are taking things way too far. There’s nothing wrong with a little banter, but when you act like a complete jerk to total strangers, you know there’s a problem.

  109. UKFan
    9:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I saw an elderly couple, maybe in their late 70’s in the parking lot after the game. The woman had what was left of her UK sweatshirt hanging around her neck. She had a really bad gash on her forehead, and one of the lenses was missing from her bent eyeglasses. I looked down and saw the husband looking for something next to the curb. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me one of his two teeth were knocked out when 3 IU students curb stomped him. The poor guy had a wedgie, and they had pulled his fruit of the looms over his head and around his neck. I cautioned the couple that Assembly Hall was the last place they needed to be after dark. Just then there was a loud explosion not far from us. As luck would have it, it was their pickup truck. A group of IU fans had pipe bombed their truck. As we were headed for our car we saw an older guy carrying a large box. He was really struggling. I went over and offerred my help. You will never guess who it was. Ted Valentine. Just as he was handing over this large , bulky box, he dropped it to the ground. The box had split open and stacks of hundred dollar bills were strewn everywhere. He told us thanks for the help, but he could manage. What a night.

  110. Wiki
    9:24 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like the IU fans live up to the definition of a Hoosier straight from wiki. “In other parts of the country, the word has been adapted to other uses. In St. Louis, Missouri, the word is used in a derogatory fashion similar to “hick” or “white trash”.[

  111. Bubba Earl
    9:24 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Bloomington and Morgantown have become as one! Truly classless idiots

  112. Krice Cook
    9:25 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am so glad I have many of friends(and co-workers) who are UK fans. Otherwise, I’d believe the rest of the nation in their description of “UK fans”. Kentucky will be just fine, yet you want to try an tarnish or justify their loss to IU. Grow up.

    BTW- Next year? IU loses only Jones with a Top 5 class coming in. I wouldn’t be so sure about that “whooping” your predicting in Lexy.

  113. CliffFrankLou
    9:29 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Had a concrete block put through my car once in Indiana. Police said it was because of my KY license plate.

  114. Callin The Kettle Black
    9:29 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    UK fans have GOT to be kidding me…get off your high horses, because the same exact thing happens at Rupp Arena…the same exact things are said to opposing fans; so get off your high horses and take a loos like a damn man..all you hear about are excuses and pity parties when UK loses..embarassing..

  115. I Wore Grey
    9:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I was with the anonymous writer at Nick’s, though my wife and I decided to wear neutral colors. We were treated just as bad as our friends in Blue. If “looking for trouble” = going to a bar to grab a bite to eat and a few beers before a big college basketball game, then yes, that’s what we were doing. Don’t be stupid. As the letter states, we’ve been all over the country following the CATS. This was by the far the most hostile environment we have ever seen. Hostile to the point of being legimately scared for your safety. I’ve been to at least 10 UK-IU games over the years. Never experienced anything close to what we experienced on Saturday. The student body and university should be ashamed for the way they acted. Congrats on the big win, but act like you’ve been there before. You’re embarrassing the proud IU fans before you.

  116. Lamps korner
    9:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This letter should be sent to the iu ad, president and coach. Disgusting treatment

  117. Again
    9:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    112. IU is ranked 8 right now in recruiting.. I’m not quite sure how that is a top 5 class

  118. MHFaulkner
    9:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Know what we should have done?

    Won the damn game.

    Now, everyone stop yer bitchin. The butthurt is strong around here past 2 days.

  119. Hoosier Fan
    9:31 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I live in Southern Indiana and work in Louisville. I graduated from IU in ’07. I went to the game with a friend of mine who was decked out in UK gear. He had an aisle seat, and only got booed and yelled at a few times as people walked by. The people sitting around us never gave him grief during the entire game nor at the end.

    If this is true then I’m embarrassed. Truth be told, IU has enrolled more and more out of staters who don’t get college basketball. They are just looking for an excuse to get drunk and pick a fight.

    I will say my friend never felt threatened and only got a few curse words which I felt was tolerable.

  120. UTfan
    9:32 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Boooohoo give me a break. I’m a UT fan that lives in kentucky and I can’t tell you how many times I received the same treatment. Not to mention I went to the UTvsUK football game this year and was heckled just as bad as these guys were. Stop being hypocrits it happens to everyone. Yes it can be a bit extreme sometimes but I got the same treatment from Uk fans.

  121. JerryTownBlotter
    9:32 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Just want to point out to #29 that it should be 180 not 360. One would only have to look at the scene in “Last Action Hero” to understand the consequences when this mistake is made.

  122. Disappointed
    9:33 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    As an IU student, I want to say that I’m appalled that you were treated so badly. Some sort of animosity should expected when traveling with the team, but not as much as you received. I will not make excuses for any students yelling F*** Kentucky or any of the other insults that came your way, but I will say this.. You were down on Kirkwood where many students had been drinking since 10am in preparation for the loss some of us thought was coming. I’m so sorry for your brother getting a drink poured on him – that is certainly not the way Coach Crean would want any of his fans celebrating a win. Please don’t let the drunk idiots you encountered ruin your perspective on IU fans forever.

  123. Browsa
    9:34 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    85 – So by your emphatic declaration that UK is, in fact, OVERRATED, your win becomes exponentially less meaningful. I happen to think that IU beat an incredibly talented UK squad and may substantiate their undefeated record against otherwise marginally talented teams. Repeat after me. YOU, sir, are an idiot!

  124. NCcat
    9:35 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    NO….this is NOT the experience most opposing teams have when they come to Lexington!! Most of what you endured could be criminally prosecutable!!
    Contrast this article to the one had by an UNC fan coming to Rupp:
    Stay classy KY!

  125. CAUKFAN
    9:35 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    One thing I learned early growing up is people who have to live in Indiana are dang jealous of Kentuckians. And why wouldn’t they be, Indiana is a true armpit. Aside from the Indianapolis 500 there is simply nothing up there. Ever heard of taking a vacation in Indiana? I didn’t think so.

  126. Hoosier Fan
    9:35 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    UTfan Says:
    December 12th, 2011 at 9:32 pm
    Boooohoo give me a break. I’m a UT fan that lives in kentucky and I can’t tell you how many times I received the same treatment. Not to mention I went to the UTvsUK football game this year and was heckled just as bad as these guys were. Stop being hypocrits it happens to everyone. Yes it can be a bit extreme sometimes but I got the same treatment from Uk fans.

  127. IU Sucks
    9:36 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey UT Fan didn’t we just break the streak? Oakland was a tough game, was it not?

  128. Lance McAlister
    9:36 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    how ’bout my Hoosiers? “Boys, gonna run the picket fence…don’t get caught watching the paint dry”

  129. HardinCoCat
    9:37 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    52, I lived in Indianapolis for 15 years from 1994 – 2010. I had “friends” that I would basically not talk to during basketball season. I had to become a Pacers fan because it was the only way to talk basketball. I have always said the people of Indiana are great people as long as you root for the right team. I could feel things really start to get ugly when Cal got there. I don’t miss not living there during basketball season at all.

  130. JackieLuvsUk
    9:37 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Something about iu (they don’t deserve to be capitalized) fans that just burns my Butt. Trust me if me and my “hillbilly” clan would have rolled up in there, shit would have went down. To get respect, you have to earn it! Because your subpar team beat the #1 team in the nation by a point is no reason to get all “hood” or “ghetto”. No class, no respect, none deserved! iu can suck it!

  131. HardinCoCat
    9:38 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t miss living there during basketball season at all. My mistake.

  132. Syrin
    9:39 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Send this to the Dean of IU and the Athletics Dept.

  133. Hoosier Fan
    9:39 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #125 who the hell takes vacations in KY?? Neither state is a vacation spot. Bringing up that point is incredibly stupid and has nothing to do with this entry or the game.

  134. IU Sucks
    9:40 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I hate the movie Hoosiers. Your boy Watford got lucky. Like I said earlier, UK had a bad game and still had you beat. Watford just got lucky. Shove the picket fence up your can.

  135. ILCatsFan
    9:40 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I went to college in Indiana and lived near Bloomington for a time. IU fans are without a doubt the most rude, obnoxious, and stuck up people I have ever met. The sad part is, they have no reason to be. They are as backwards and hillbilly as anyone I have ever encountered. I, for one, will be in Bloomington in 2013. I hope BBN comes out in droves. We need to take over the bars and get into ASSembly Hall. If anyone wants to start something, well, I have no problem making their day! Pricks! By the way, Crean is the biggest prick of them all! I can’t stand him and I wish him nothing but mediocrity in the Big Ten. I hate Indiana!

  136. KYStout
    9:40 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    “Michiana” is one of the most depressing places I’ve ever been in my entire life. Full of soul-less, no personality having shells of humanity that blended in perfectly with the gray skies and dirty snow of their home.

    This experience doesn’t suprise me at all. What a truly pathetic group of people.

  137. suckitup
    9:40 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Lol at people saying IU got lucky…. How many losses do we have? How many do you have? Get over yourselves. And if you would have won there wouldnt be any “anonymous” people saying how bad the fans were. Your stupid.

  138. Rob
    9:41 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    @109 ROTFL

  139. Callin The Kettle Black
    9:41 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe…just maybe UK fans should have talked all that s#!t leading up to the game..disrepecting the IU program..may not have been you, but I heard alot of it…not saying they were doing the right thing, but they obviously had a reason to..

  140. James K
    9:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    True story: after the UK-LSU football game in 2007, a game that was very similar to our loss Saturday, there were college students getting in the faces of LSU fans as they tried to walk to their cars, and the taunts were the same. I WITNESSED it. Don’t think IU is the only place this happens. People need to draw the line between sports and reality.

  141. Kingscuba89
    9:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I live abouth 7 to 10 minuets from Indiana. Most people that live right across the border are Kentucky fans. Pretty much sums it up

  142. IU Sucks
    9:43 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Your boy Watford got lucky. Like I said earlier, UK had a bad game and still had you beat. I’d rather lose a game in December than lose one, say the 2nd Thursday of Friday in March like IU will this year.

  143. John Benson
    9:43 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    LOL, now there are even more people who were with these poor innocent victims (this was quite a crowd). And these folks were wearing neutral colors and were mistreated.

    Complete BS story. Nice try.

  144. Krice Cook
    9:44 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #117—I just guess it depends upon which publication you look at. Rivals had IU at 2….Now 6th… had them 4, now 6th as well. ESPN has their incoming class at #1, now it is at 4. Athlon has them 8th. However you slice it, IU will be better next year than they are this year–And the years to come.

  145. travis
    9:44 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    @132 About to do just that.

  146. LOL
    9:45 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Leaving WalMart and I piled carts around an indiana fans decorated car. Clarksville one[ Someone laughed and said now thats funny!!!

  147. IU Sucks
    9:47 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    144 like Cal can’t out-recruit your boy Crean. UK has had the #1 recruiting class 3 years in a row. About to make it 4in a row before it is all said and done.

  148. CalifCatFan
    9:47 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    That’s it. Discontinue the Indiana series. They don’t deserve it.

  149. WildcatLogic
    9:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Enough vitriol, already. I think both coaches need to watch what they say to their fanbases before any heated game with ANY rival. Sports games today are not what they used to be and while the banter back and forth b/n coaches (Calipari & Crean) may have been in jest, obviously some fans REALLY took it to heart. Crean, for instance, had no business telling his fanbase to “keep blue out of the building”. That one statement can be interpreted in an aggressive, physical way and certainly only added fuel to a rival fire already burning. Add to that, a mob and a twelve pack of beer and potentially, you’ve got real big problems. All of us need to act like mature adults.

  150. Krice Cook
    9:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #142—-Please explain how Watford “got lucky”? He had already hit two threes from almost that exact same spot. He hit four on the night. He entered the game shooting 47% from 3pt range, and….HE WAS WIDE FREAKIN’ OPEN. So tell me, exactly how did he get lucky?

    As for the Cats playing bad? Really? They shot 68% in the second half and 54% overall for the game. Though they committed 17 turnovers, 13 of those came in the FIRST HALF. Kentucky outscored IU 13-5 from the line in the second half….Teague went off for 15..If doesn’t Miller stepped up big time midway through the 2nd half, you guys probably get ran out of AH. NO, Kentucky did not play to their best, but nor did IU. Both teams had something to do with that.

  151. Pdnes
    9:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    After getting spit on etc at certain football and BB away games, I go out of my way to welcome the visiting fans at Rupp and Commonwealth. Best away experience, USC football game by far.

  152. John Benson
    9:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This one time in lexington, I was kneeling in church praying and was wearing an IU shirt.
    Suddenly three nuns in blue habits rushed in and started beating me with rulers.

    So then I went to another church and there the pastor came out and putting his middle finger in my face.

    So then I went to another church and the priest came out and poured holy water on my head.

    So then I went to a bar and UK gangstas started shooting at me, then there was a riot and a pipe bomb thrown at me.

    Fortunately I got away on my trust Unicorn.

  153. I was with anonymous
    9:51 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    John, the guy and his wife wearing the neutral colors was not with our group but caught up with them for a bit before the game. Believe what you want, I can’t make you. But there are even some IU fans on here who says his story his believable

  154. IU Sucks
    9:51 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    152, you gay ass Hoosier.

  155. P.L. Wallingford, III
    9:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    If an idiot poured a beer on my head, somebody, probably me, but somebody would die. I’ve been aching for one last fight before I kick the bucket & that would just be an ideal way to go out, 100 vs 1….What a way to go!

  156. travis
    9:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    152 is clearly on LSD. Give him a break and a Dr Phil intervention.

  157. paducahfan
    9:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    this behavior and xavier-cincy tell me that college sports need to be reduced in size and influence

  158. Fred Garvin
    9:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    As a lifelong IU and Butler fan, I am very sorry to hear you were treated so badly. Since Bob Knight left, the students have gotten more and more rude. Profane chants etc. Makes me sick. Now, some of you are saying some pretty dumb things about Indiana as well. Really sad all the way around.
    I loved going to Freedom Hall when IU played UK. Half and half crowd. Great atmosphere. Never had a problem.

  159. Krice Cook
    9:56 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Again, this “story” never gets told IF Watford’s shot misses. If it did happen, exactly the way you proclaim with no provocation, then I am truly sorry. But for you and other to sit on here nad act as if this same type of behavior does not take place in Lexington is not only asinine, but irresponsible. Quit acting as if Lexington and UK fans are “the most hospitable” bunch in all of college basketball—It is just not true.

  160. IU Sucks
    9:56 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Krice Kook, I don’t have to explain anything to you, bitch. Any UK fan will tell you that the Cats had a bad game. It wasn’t all everything IU did. UK did not play as good a defense as they can. I believe if UK gets another shot at IU in March, different story. That’s all I got to say about that.

  161. WoW!
    9:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Imagine what it would have been like if they lost.

    Crean is a snake and has gotten into bed with the local AAU
    to try and bail himself out— freakin’ Harbuagh-Wannabe.

  162. RickyPVoodooDoll
    9:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Tom Crean, Coach Cal’s buddy(?) is the one that has encouraged this behavior from his fans. With friends like him Cal, you do not need enemies!

  163. Oh Rupp Arena Is BETTER?
    9:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I have friends who are U of L fans that went to Rupp once for a game. They had their tickets taken away per the RULES on the back of the ticket. No discussion, no refunds, and no way to fight the unjustness of such a backwoods rule since it was clearly written on the back of the ticket. They did nothing wrong and just happened to be wearing U of L clothing. At least the UK fans got to watch the game if they had a ticket at IU since they don’t throw out people for wearing the wrong clothing. All fan bases have fans we wish would just go away but don’t you dare say it just happens in Indiana. To do so would be beyond ridiculous and shows you to be blinded by blue colored glasses.

  164. SpitOnByIU
    10:00 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I went to the game…sat in section D, near the back. I was spit on and pushed over trying to leave my seat after the shot went down…simply awful people.

  165. i is for idiot
    10:00 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    At the SEC tourney in ATL I dont remember any out of control UK fans, just saying. the only way theses teams will meet again is if its in the tourney which will give iu plenty of time to prepare for UK cause lord know he helped guide that last shot in.

  166. Krice Cook
    10:00 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    See #160, your a perfect example to exactly my point: It happens everywhere…If you do not believe me, just go back and read your post.

  167. John Benson
    10:02 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Been going to IU games and bars before and after for 25 years. Never seen one single issue.

    Not one.

    I don’t doubt that there were some cat calls and F-UK chants, this was an overhyped game against a tough rival on a Saturday evening where kids had been at the bars all day. A risky scene anywhere. But to paint the Iu fanbase this way is like me painting the UK fanbase by #46, 154, and 155 above.

  168. IU Sucks
    10:02 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Krice Cook. You get the moral cookie for the day. You puss.

  169. Krice Cook
    10:03 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #162- Crean encouraged this behavior? Wow. Ok. How? By saying, “don’t sell your tickets to UK fans, and lets keep as much blue out as possible”? Yikes!! Those are some pretty harsh words there.

  170. IU Sucks
    10:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    # 169 needs to go Back Home to F***ing Indiana. You Jim Neighbors queer dicksucking bitch.

  171. Yo Bro
    10:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    To the fans who were SPAT on, WTF? How in the world do you just walk away after being spit on, I would have gone ape sh%t.

  172. Krice Cook
    10:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #168—You just keep proving my point here fella…I appreciate it. And #165, I am assuming #168 wasn’t at the SEC tourney in Atlanta—Or may be you just didn’t “see” him/her?

  173. nic j
    10:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am a huge Colts fan, and I go to games in Indy often. You can tell immediately that you have entered Indiana as soon as you stop off at any gas station. ZERO Southern Hospitality. Nothing but Yankee prick arrogance and silent, bitter attitudes. People who are assholes always come in last.

  174. John Benson is in denial
    10:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    English soccer hooligans is the best metaphor I can come up. Except “supposedly” educated. And if it’s come to that, then I’m all for getting rid of this rivalry. No reason people should fear for their safety. Not at a college sporting event. Not at any sporting event for that matter.

  175. nic j
    10:07 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    In Lexington, you will NEVER see this behavior. NEVER. FACT.

  176. Krice Cook
    10:07 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Before I go #170, just one more thing: INDIANA 73 UK 72….Have a good night.

  177. lpool003
    10:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I hope we drop IU from the schedule next season. Cal asked and the fans voted unanimously to drop that game. Karma is a bi$&% and I think Indiana fans are going to find that out pretty soon.

  178. John Benson
    10:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Stay classy #170.

  179. i is for idiot
    10:09 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    AND DIDNT TOM CREAN SAY KEEP THE BLUE OUT LIKE TREAT ANY UK FANS YOU SEE LIKE A JEW DURING HOLOCAUST???? yes i said jew during holocaust. Cream turned the hate meter up for the game. scum, i hope the worst for cream

  180. Callin The Kettle Black
    10:09 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    IU sucks is so mad right now lol…hey bro, its december its take coach cals dick outta your hole and let it go man…life is not about uk basketball as much as you want to believe..nothing you SAY or DO will change how UK plays..your the reason that UK fans are HATED

  181. John Benson
    10:09 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    All UK fans are like #170.

    There, i can do it too.

  182. IU Sucks
    10:10 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Glad you’re leaving Bitch Cook. Wait til March. We’re coming for your ass.

  183. Krice Cook
    10:10 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Nic J, that is not a fact….I was there last year and saw and heard many rude comments/gestures by UK fans—many. C’mon dude, you cannot possibly speak on the behalf of A WHOLE CITY, can you? If so, that is just being naive….very naive. There are some nasty IU fans, no doubt. But the same can also apply to UK, UL, PU, Duke, etc…They exist in every fan base. Just so happens, one of them beat you this weekend and it hurt your feelings.

  184. Josh Skillman
    10:12 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This mirrors how I was treated in Rupp arena last year when IU played there. UK fans spitting on us, cussing at us, & threatening us. It’s a shame it happened to my wife and I at Rupp last year. It’s a shame it happened to some UK fans this year. Both fan bases are better than that.

  185. John Benson
    10:13 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Krice Cook…Game , set and match.

  186. Krice Cook
    10:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Jones dribbles up the floor—-gets a screen from Cody. Jones in the lane, passes out to Watford for three——-“It went in”!! Christian Watford has hit a three at the buzzer to beat Top ranked Kentucky, 73-72″. Now imagine Don Fischer’s voice—-Ahh, sweet tunes to sleep on.

  187. IUgrad83
    10:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I attended both schools in the late 70sin and early 80s. There were idiots at both schools then just like there are today. You just have to remember that most IU fans have forgotten what its like to win a big game. They stormed the floor last year after they beat an average Illinois team at home. That doesn’t excuse abusive behavior, but I think its a temporary thing. They haven’t beaten UK in a game that mattered in a long, long time. I’m just glad its a legit rivalry again. For years I’ve been embarrassed to bring it up with my IU friends because its been so one-sided.

  188. Bob Loblaw
    10:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m sorry, but who drives to an away game without tickets to watch the game in the hometown team’s bar? Is this a thing that happens in real life? Maybe it is different with the author of this post, but it does seem like something someone would do when they are expecting to win and walk around tall after beating lowly IU.

    In this era of high definition broadcasts it just seems a little off. Maybe they went with good intentions, but I cannot imagine someone wanting to do this.

    I went to the UK vs. Notre Dame last year in Freedom Hall with three UK fans in IU gear. I was greeted to some adult language and a few middle fingers. I didn’t really expect anything different.

    If someone dumped a beer on their head, shame on them. I do not know what the Lexington equivalent of Nick’s would be, but do you all really think that a visiting IU fan would be treated any differently in terms of taunts and profanity during the IU vs. UK game?

    This rivalry is deeper than sports, and it is ridiculous. I love living in Louisville now and I loved growing up in Indianapolis. I didn’t like living in Lexington but it had nothing to do with UK athletics.

    I attend many IU games, I have never seen the treatment that was described in this post. Regardless, I hope it never happens to anyone again. We should all move on to what is really important, making fun of U of L fans.

  189. Yo Bro
    10:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    183, just gtfo. All fanbases have their bad fans but yes your ENTIRE fanbase is pure trash and I wish the worst on every one of them. Your arguing on Kentucky website, take your stupid sh%t to peegs. We own Indiana in basketball and are still ranked #3 in the country, will very possibly be playing for the National Championship while you hicks will fighting to make the N.I.T. Enjoy that hillbilly.

  190. IUsed to be relevant
    10:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    KSR is being taken over by trolls. Must feel nice that beating Kentucky is the only way to get a second of relevance. The number of IU fans on this site tells me how desparate they really were. kinda sad

  191. John
    10:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I went IU and I am a huge UK fan, I was happy to see IU win, I was. IU deserved it in my opinion, they have been through a lot over the past couple of years. Plus, it’s good for the rivalry, for UK and for business. Would you rather watch blowout after blowout, or good close games? Now, with close games, you’re going to loose some here and there, such is life, but it makes it much more enteresting and the victories all the more sweet. The posted letter above, I can easily see it happening, very easily. However, let me make one thing clear, most of the student body at IU is from Chicago and the northest in general, not from Indiana. I learned a lot at IU about the rest of the country, esp the “north.” The general consensus is that Kentucky is in the deep south, which it isn’t, and by in large, their behavior is disgusting towards others. Yet I’ve heard and seen bad things that occur in Lexington. The average IU basketball fan is no different from the average UK basketball fan, but the student bodies are vastly different. They come from different parts of America, and have different up-bringings that stress different values. In all fairness, I have heard stories about UK fans hitting UofL fans at games, it happens on all sides, no fan base is 100% innocent.

  192. Bender
    10:16 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    iu calling UK a rivalry is stupid. They get lucky against a sloppy UK team and now they’re blowing up our boards. Savor the flavor bc it won’t happen again. Win some conf games and maybe you’ll make the tourny. #doingittherightway.lucky

  193. call..charge
    10:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I have been a UK fan my whole life and I graduated from IU recently. I was at the game on Saturday, and I can tell you that this guy is not lying. IU fans were literally trying to start fights in the parking lot before the game. I love IU for the four years it gave me, but Saturday I was truly f*cking embarassed of my own school. I lost a lot of respect for the Indiana fanbase.

  194. Syrin
    10:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Cal wanted to know what rivalry game to drop. HERE’S YOUR PROOF !! When your loyal fans are in PHYSICAL DANGER, DROP THE GAME !!!

    IU needs this game WAY more than we do. Don’t reward “gangtsa” (here’s to you Xavier) behavior. Keep our fans SAFE !!

  195. IU Sucks
    10:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    What Loser gets on UK’s site and quotes their play-by-man? I never got on IU’s sites and quoted Tom Leach. IU fans are all douche-bags.

  196. Mr. Bateman
    10:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    There is NO QEUSTION that the perfect storm occurred on Saturday, allowing an obviously mediocre IU team to hang with the Cats. Between the complete absence of Jones, foul trouble for Davis, Teague’s first half performance, and missed free throws down the stretch, UK appeared doomed to suffer this loss. Call it luck, “convenient” officiating, or whatever you like, but on a neutral court IU would get destroyed.

    During the last decade, I have cared very little about the IU game due to the fact that they are, and will remain irrelevant. As a result of stories like this one, the behavior of many of the fans (mostly students) during the game (this is why they do not allow signs in Rupp) and numerous articles written last week by IU sports writers, I wish for nothing more than the immediate demise of Hoosier nation. Sadly, due to a relatively weak remaining schedule, IU will probably have a fairly successful season (by their standards). This Cat fan, however, will react with glee when OSU obliterates the Hoosiers in Columbus.

    For all the IU fans posting on here, I have undeniable proof that you are a bunch of classless, uneducated goat-pokers. Ready?……Wait for it…….YOU ARE ON THIS BLOG!

  197. Krice Cook
    10:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I took my wife, who BTW is a UK graduate, to the Vandy/UK game last year. We had a really good time and for sakes and purposes had no issues. But—–When this guy who obviously was , well, drunk, started the Cats cheer—C- A-T….then he looks at me and says, “C’mon man, you got to cheer”. My wife repleis, “Oh, he’s an IU fan”. This due goes on about a 10 minute tirade about how he cannot believe they even let me in the building…How we are the @#@!$ hole of the world, etc…Yeah,it never happens in Lexington.

    BTW- Besides that “one guy”…We had a wonderful time.

  198. raining blood
    10:19 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    My friend and I make shirts with characters bent over and Indiana as their asshole.. F indiana!

  199. What's a hoosier
    10:19 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    The only thing I know about Indiana, is that you just drive through it.

  200. HonestAbe
    10:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Welcome to the hospitality of the Big 10!

  201. Syrin
    10:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    191 – Actual POLLS have shown repeatedly that UK fans are considered some of the most friendly civil fans in ALL of sports. Sorry, your generic blanket excuse doesn’t cut it.

    I lived in Muncie for five years, and I agree. Most Indiana residents are GREAT people. Very much like the people I met in Kentucky when I lived there. If you have a bunch of liberal NE and Chicago style thugs and jack asses, then your school HAS to call them out. They didn’t.

  202. John Benson
    10:22 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Lot of Classy classy cats here.


  203. Brent
    10:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    lol @ #184…nice try.

  204. travis
    10:23 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s give Krice Cook (who names their kid Krice?) his chance to celebrate. We all know we’ll be cutting down the nets in New Orleans. Then we can laugh about it for the rest of our lives.

  205. IU Sucks
    10:24 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    John Benson get off this site. Oh, I forgot, you Hoosiers don’t have a cool site like KSR. Lots of Douchebag Hoosiers on here. Go back home to F***ing Indiana. Get Sergeant Carter’s dick out of your ass Gomer.

  206. John Benson
    10:25 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Yikes! Do you guys kiss your sisters with those mouthes?…wait don’t answer that.

  207. IU Sucks
    10:26 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Know I kiss your mama, then she goes down on me. If she doesn’t f***k goats.

  208. John
    10:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    When is the Super Bowl coming to Kentucky?

  209. Krice Cook
    10:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    The officiating was bad….We played bad….Jones was hungover, err, didn’t show up…Davis was in foul trouble, etc…Blah, blah and blah. IU shot 31% in the first half…had 11 turnovers…was 2-6 from 3 pt range, yet led by one. You guys crack me up…You really do. You act as if Indiana played some type of “game of the century” to beat you, when actually, they didn’t play that well at all. Sure they hit 7-9 from three in the second half—And that surprised you? Question? Why do you think Cal put Kidd-Gilchrist on Hulls? Better question, why in the world did he put Jones on Watford? Christina torched is butt for 19 and 9 last year. Guess he wasn’t convinced, so….Watford dropped 20 on them this year. Anyway. Good luck the remainder of the season.

  210. Henry Earl
    10:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    OH MY GOD, someone stuck up their middle finger and said “F Kentucky”?? Someone alert the authorities, stop the presses!! Seriously, stop crying. Things like this happen everywhere, and if you think similar (and worse) things haven’t happend to UL fans in Lexington you’re either on drugs or serious denial.

    I’m as big a UK fan as they come, it seems like some people are just looking for something to bitch and complain about because we lost. It sucks that we lost, but things will be okay, and this team will be okay, and I’ve got a feeling that playing in (and losing in) a hostile environment in December will help this team come March.

  211. Todd
    10:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Not to say that there wasn’t a few drunk idiots but I know they were fare and few between. Stop lying and take your lose like a man. There is always some idiots where ever you go. Funny this is coming from the most classless fanbase I’ve ever known.

  212. IU Sucks
    10:28 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    210 what does that mean?

  213. Shane
    10:28 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    So u go into an IU themed bar with a bunch of drunk IU college kids and are shocked that they acted like a**holes? You guys provoked the whole situation by going to a IU campus bar wearing UK gear. Have some common sense at least.

  214. John Benson
    10:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    My “Momma” passed away @IU Sucks, but she would never have kissed you, that is for sure.

  215. IU Sucks
    10:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Where’s Peyton Manning? Oh I forgot, Matt Painter is leading you to the promised land.

  216. wow
    10:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    211 is still hung over.

  217. Krice Cook
    10:31 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #204—Who names their kids “Billy JOe Todd”? Isn’t ONE first name good enough?

  218. John
    10:32 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Matt Painter is a basketball coach, not a quarterback. Where’s…….oh, that’s right. You don’t have any professional sports in Kentucky.

  219. Krice Cook
    10:34 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    “Jones passes out to Watford for three”—“IT WENT IN”!! Christian Watford has hit a three at the buzzer to beat Top ranked Kentucky 73-72″…..Ahhhhhh…..

  220. tdr76
    10:34 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    If iu can’t provide security for our fans, coachs, and players why would we want to play them?

  221. Krice Cook
    10:34 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Speaking of “professional sports” in Kentucky—Greaaaat job with the NASCAR race. LOL.

  222. Mr. Bateman
    10:35 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Krice, you are correct. Thank you so much for showing me the light! Your team shoots an average of 78% from three every game. Let’s see, that would only be an ALL TIME RECORD! I cannot believe that Watford and Hulls aren’t first team All Americans? How were they overlooked by the geniuses at ESPN, etc.? Can you explain this to me?

    That was sarcasm by the way. Sorry, I forgot for a second that you are an IU dumbass. Face it. Your team shot the ball out of its mind,got EXTREMELY lucky that Davis was on the bench, and benefited from Jones (who actually IS a first team All American)deciding he wasn’t in the mood to play. Move on, preferably to your own blog, and enjoy your 15 seconds in the sun.

  223. IU Sucks
    10:36 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Krice Cook: Which goat did your mama name you after?

  224. IU Sucks
    10:37 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Matt Painter, there’s an all-pro. He hasn’t even won a game. The Colts haven’t either.

  225. John Benson
    10:39 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    S C O R E B O A R D


  226. PureKentuckyGold
    10:41 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    So let me get this straight…you went to the IU campus decked out in your blue and people were not nice to you? Somebody call the governor! Torch the bridges! This means war!!!

    Seriously–how freakin’ stupid and immature are you? Use a little bit of common sense next time, and I’m sure you’ll be treated much better.

    People like you are why everyone hates Kentucky fans.

  227. Krice Cook
    10:41 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    My version of the final 5.6 seconds(UK’s huddle):

    Cal–“Guys, foul.We have two to give”…I can’t foul I have four…Me neither I have three—Let Jones foul, he can do it . Cal–“Jones, can you AT least foul tonight”…Jones–“Can I fles afterward”? Cal–“You selfish [email protected]#@!, just sit down”. Now, where were we? hence—NO FOUL.

  228. travis
    10:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    221 BTW we’re not mad that you won, we’re mad that Indiana fans like you are acting like you won the Super Bowl and it’s still December. And the fact that we now know how unclassy IU fans are.

  229. IU Sucks
    10:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Just like IU will when UK gets you in March, b***h. Sorry bout your mom. Once I got past the goat hair, it was good.

  230. Oh No
    10:42 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    The most disappointed person in the world right now is Tom Crean. Since that no name hit a lucky three iu fans are going to demand a good year. Unfortunately Crean is like 6 and 50 in conf games hasn’t made the tourny in yrs and completely blows it down the stretch of every season. We’ve all seen how this story ends w Crean. Gets a big win then implodes.

  231. Norwegian Woody
    10:43 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Is it any wonder Gunner Kiel wanted to back out of that “insitution?”

  232. John
    10:46 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    If by “institution” you mean the one that is consistently ranked MUCH higher than UK, then yeah.

  233. IU Sucks
    10:46 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey John Benson
    Just like IU will when UK gets you in March, b***h. Sorry bout your mom. Once I got past the goat hair, it was good.
    Krice Cook
    You’re a f***ing douche bag. You s**ked Jim Neighbors. Sergent Carter, get your d*c outta my a**.

  234. slappy
    10:46 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Funny that IU fans, of ALL people, go to the “racist” jab that quickly. I’ve been to a couple IU games and let me tell you the combined number of black people I saw in the stands at those games–> Zero. Not saying they’re all racist, because that’s just a completely ignorant thing to say, but good Lord… Sure didn’t seem like the most welcoming place to be if one were African-American.

  235. travis
    10:47 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    234 the KKK was founded in Indiana….

  236. KentuckyBoy
    10:48 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like I’ll be going to jail in lexington next year 🙂 Cant wait to stomp one of them Hoosier’s head in!

  237. John Benson
    10:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    It was “founded” in Indiana but found a permanent “Home” in KY.

  238. Krice Cook
    10:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Mr. Bateman-

    I didn’t expect you to understand what i was saying, so I’ll type slower and maybe this time, you’ll understand. Indiana entered the game shooting 52% AS A TEAM from 3 pt range, or SECOND in the nation. Kentucky left our shooter OPEN in the second and the shots went in. Law of averages(MATH), says that was bound to happen since IU only shot 33% from 3pt range in the first half(2-6). I never said Hulls or Watford were All-Americans. I asked why do you think Cal put Kidd-Gilchrist, a 6’8″ F/G on Hulls? Because he knew Hulls could shoot.Not b/c he felt Hulls was an “All-American”, but b/c he knew Jordan could hurt UK from the perimeter. Is it that hard to understand? You and others act as if IU was just “throwing shot up” and that was not the case…They were WIDE OPEN looks. You give that to a good perimeter shooting team and eventually they’ll start to fall.

  239. IU Sucks
    10:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    221 I hate the Colts. I hate IU. I hate everything f***ing Indiana. Matt Painter is Purdue’s coach. He f***ing sucks like you do.

  240. Anon
    10:50 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am also a cat fan in Bloomimgton. Being a southern belle I never thought I would run across this behavior. Sadly- while at Yogi’s bar I was booed by a table of men walking back to my friends (all IU supporters) from the bathroom. I never said a single negative thing about IU, may have dropped some profanity at the refs but did my best to be courteous. As the time was winding down I had a guy (obviously intoxicated) point at me and say F. You. I was so shocked. Never have I seen a man say something like this to a lady. I was fortunate for good friends who made sure I made it safely to my car. And yes- they were worried I might notate it whole.

  241. MP
    10:51 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Krice enjoys being choke slammed by Bobby Knight

  242. IU Sucks
    10:52 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey MP, Krice has Bobby Knight’s D**K in his throat. Krice has Tom Crean’s D**K in A**.

  243. Krice Cook
    10:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    #239—–73-72…..Dude calm down. remember how you said “people never act like that in Lexington”…Umm, let me guess, you live in Nicholasville?

  244. J-Money
    10:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You can put a redneck in a Northface jacket and some Sperrys (if you’ve been to Bloomington you know what I’m talking about) and give him a college degree but he will still be a redneck. I went 2 years ago and won’t go back. Had 7 guys behind me running their mouths to the one blue shirt they saw. I have NEVER said ANYTHING to an opposing fan in Lexington. Arrogant rednecks kids trying to prove that they aren’t.

  245. DirtyD
    10:54 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Do not take this game off the schedule we need to give them a 25pt beat down at rupp first then go back and do the same at assembly hall then we can drop em!!! If we drop them now we will never hear the end of it!!!

  246. Krice Cook
    10:56 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Now, can I whine and complain to the moderator? After all, you guys are calling me names, my family names, making derogatory remarks in a sexual manor, etc…Or, is this what should be expected by an IU FAN coming to a UK BOARD? Sure it is. Just like some goof going to an IU bar on IU’s campus to watch the IU/UK game—WHILE drinking. “I cannot believe they were not nice to me”. Geez.

  247. sesmith4205
    10:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Sad story and I hope it is a little embellished, for IU’s sake. Not to excuse this type of behavior, but I experienced some harsh words and extremely arrogant comments throughout the week prior to the game. It’s sad, but most fans are extremely over the top and lose contact with reality in the process. It’s a game, an important rivalry game, but still just a game; both sides should respect the pride and heritage of the schools, the rivalry, and, most importantly, the game of basketball itself.

  248. Molly
    10:58 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    As a native of Indiana, I’m embarrassed by how UK fans were treated this last weekend. My brother goes to UK, and so in my family, we’re all UK basketball fans. I’d like to apologize for this disgusting treatment. All I ask is that you don’t think the entire state is full of IU basketball fans. There are good people here, too. That said- GO WILDCATS!!!

  249. Todd
    10:58 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    UK had 4 count them 4 fouls in the 2nd half and you think you got screwed bye the refs. All you need to know about UK fans.

  250. UK .. What a JOKE!
    10:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Way to handle a loss UK fans…. See you next year at Rupp when it happens again.

  251. Krice Cook
    10:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah, I am sure all 24,000 you guys put in “The Mall, errr, Rupp Arena, are very polite. Every game. No matter who the opponent is. I have witnessed it first hand. I have been there for UL/UK, IU/UK, etc…I have seen how a lot of UK’ student body has acted…You are very naive if you feel this don’t take place @ Kentucky.

  252. catfan55
    10:59 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I guess we know how iu fans felt he last three years when we won by average of 18 points,evaen the billy g team beat them by 18,it’s been at least 20 years since iu has won 2 years in a row, so iu has won 3 of the last twelve and 5 of the last 21,they shouldn’t get too pumped up over 1 win at the buzzer,I too want to see us play them in march that’s when we will be playing our best.

  253. catfan55
    11:00 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    the last two years

  254. iufan
    11:02 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    So first off yes…..IU’s fan base was a little bit on the side of idiots. I apologize for the lack of respect we showed as hosts. Please understand some things, 1. Indiana has not been relevant for the last 5 years. We played in a National Title in ’02, and the year we were busted cheating we were ranked in the top 10. We KICKED every single player off our team with the exception of 2 or so. We hired Crean to do things right and he has done that so far. In order for us to become relevant we needed the win against Kentucky. When you get you ass kicked by them every year, you need something to bring you back into relevancy. We appreciate KY not playing well and us getting that win. It was 5 years coming, if it was Duke, UNC, Ohio State, or anyone else that is ranked in the top 5. Our reaction would of been the same. Not all IU fans are classless, most of your stories of negative fans will be students and trust me their were some idiot fans at the game. We talked about how brutual some people were towards people in Blue. Our coach is not classless nor were our players. I sat next to older gentleman that was from Kentucky. He was nice and a pleasure to talk too. Got along well shook hands at the end of the game and he said congrats. He also added, Assembly Hall was the loudest building he has ever been in too watch a game. (Season ticket holder at UK) No, it was not loud just because Kentucky was there. That is what that place is loud.We have one of if not the largest student section in the country.

    So I apologize for our fans being idiots. Kentucky is still the better team but on Saturday we out played Kentucky it is what it is. You will go further in the tournament, probably win the SEC, and who knows maybe you can cut down the nets. Looking forward to being in Rupp arena next year for the IU/KY game, I am sure I will get my lumps and I will take them it is fun. As for all of saying discontinue the series, we don’t deserve it. That is comical, you realize Purdue is a much bigger rivalry right? The Big Ten is plenty strong enough for us to “Survive” without the UK game. To be perfectly honest I didn’t know it was really a true rivalry. We were hyped to play the game because you were ranked #1 in the country, we wanted to see how we stacked up in the big scheme of things because we hadn’t played anyone, and this was our first meaningful home game. I would of cared more about beating Butler if they were having a better year. And I definitely care more about beating Purdue. We are all on this board because let’s face it the Colts suck, indiana is boring, and Dakitch said KY people were talking shit about us. By the way listen to Dakitch’s show, he hangs up on 95% of callers. He doesn’t deal well with talking to idiots. What he was telling you guys in the interview is the same thing he was telling us in Indy, it was an upset to everyone else because you think Kentucky basketball is currently “God” but we think we have a top 20 team. A top 20 team playing at home is a small upset. He was giving you reasons why Indiana would win. He predicted it awhile ago. He actually likes Painter and Stevens way more than Crean and IU. But it is whatever. I am sure I’ll get torched for posting something on a Kentucky Board. I really do apologize for anyone that was physically hurt for being in Bloomington. That is not right no matter where you go.

    Go Hoosiers

  255. Krice Cook
    11:04 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    “Screwed bye the officials”? Sexually? Because it certainly cannot be the game you are talking about….IU-16 fouls…UK-13 fouls….IU 17 free throws, UK 17 free throws…Kentucky was in the double bonus in the second half—IU was still TWO fouls away from the BONUS. Now, lets take a look at last years stats—

    Kentucky was 31-44 from the line…….IU? 12-16. IU was whistled for 34 fouls….Kentucky, 19.

    So lets see. This year in Bloomington, IU is called for more fouls and both teams shoot an equal amount of FT’s, but last year…..Yeah, the officials screwed you.LOL

  256. Krice Cook
    11:06 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey catfan55, we felt the same way you guys did when IU beat you by 19(70-51) and 26(79-53). The last seven years, UK holds a 4-3 advantage. During the WORST period ever of IU basketball. 4-3? Yeah, you are dominating.

  257. Anonymouis KY Fan
    11:08 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Next time, Im bringing Yancey Gtes with me!

  258. IU Sucks
    11:12 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    IU still sucks even though you beat UK.

  259. IU Sucks
    11:15 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I have about heard enough of Krice Cook. Yeh, go complain to the moderator. You P***y, go f**k yourself.

  260. Tonydelksarms
    11:16 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe I’m stupid, but this may be why they played this at ” nutural” sites

  261. gocats35
    11:17 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I went to the game as well and this is the exact same situation I was in. It started off with a feeling of friendly boos, but I quickly realized how awful the game was going to be. I don’t understand how that many fans can be upset just because a UK fan would go to the game. I didn’t say how bad IU was or how I thought UK was going to win. I was miserable the entire game as people put up the middle finger constantly and shouted curse words in my direction. I have been to numerous neutral sites and on the road to UL and have never felt in danger at all. At IU I was uncomfortable at all times knowing I was surrounded by 1000 IU fans screaming things that went well beyond the normal “UK stinks”. I understand each fan base has crazy fans, but the majority were absolutely classless the entire day.

  262. Jo
    11:18 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    That story sounds like my experiences in Gainesville when I go there for the UK game–Nasty, nasty people.

  263. Krice Cook
    11:20 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    You UK fans kill me—you really do. Some of your fans are the most arrogant, classless people I have ever met. I have seen and heard this first hand. You just want to cry and complain because IU beat UK. I 100% guarantee if UK had won this game–NONE of this would be an issue. See you fellas next year when we come to Lexington with a Top 5 team. That is, if Cal doesn’t “cancel” the game.

  264. Seriously??
    11:21 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Honestly I have been an IU fan all my life and this shocks me.. I am not saying its right, but I do think that it has been exaggerated! I have lived in KY for quite sometime now, and 3 years ago when IU cam to KY my brother and I got cussed out and the whole nine yards with our IU shirts on. So its not just IU fans and KY fans too… and I also went to UK and I know how awful it can be.I think what IU did was wrong and very unclassy but UK is equally unclassy!!! Don’t hate on one team with out hating on the other.

  265. KY Alum
    11:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am embarrassed that this story actually got published. When you go to a road game with the opposing teams colors on you have to expect to get treated like that. Go to any NFL game and wear an opposing teams colors and tell me how that works out for you. Quit whining and be thankful that the worst thing that happened was getting a beer spilled on you.

  266. Come on guys..
    11:27 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t understand why people from other fan bases (IU, UL, etc) get on a UK sports site and talk trash…I never usually post a comment but after reading all the comments on here, it’s getting ridiculous….I’m a huge UK fan and i have never been rude to other non-uk fans or rubbed it in their face when we won. The reason this site was put up was so UK FANS could keep up with what’s going on in the world of sports with UK. I know there are idiot fans in every single fan base out there but the things i have been reading from IU fans is just plain rude. Not to mention the threats and tweets to Coach Cal…
    Maybe some people don’t have lives and think it’s a great idea to get on a KENTUCKY site and talk trash….idk.
    These young men aren’t playing basketball for any of us. They are playing because they love it and they hope to one day get a national championship and go to the NBA….it has nothing to do with any of us. It only provides us with entertainment.
    There are more important things in life than sports…
    I lost someone very close to me a few years ago from cancer and dealing with that loss has been rough…my point is that life is short and to fight with each other over freakin sports is just disgusting…
    We lost on saturday and yes, it sucked. Good for IU for getting that win but it’s over and done with now. Move on. Kentucky is still ridiculously talented and they have great young men like Kidd-Gilchrist who plays his heart out. They will be fine guys.
    I can’t believe the things i’m reading on here…I know some UK fans probably do it too(i really hope they don’t…), but IU/UL fans please do your fan base a favor and get off our site….

  267. From B-town
    11:30 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    It’s really a shame that this happened to the writer. But he did say that the last few visits he made to a IU game were peaceful. I suppose there wa so much hate towards fans this time because the game meant so much. The win is what they needed to put them back on the map. I know when I used to live in Bloomington, the fan base would not have been that way. Hopefully it was only a few bars like Kilroy’s that were so inhospitable.

    I live in Kentucky now and I can tell you that the people are about the same. Hoosiers are classy people; it’s a shame fans acted the way they did on Saturday.

  268. CliffFrankLou
    11:34 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Hey Krice, bet your wife, the UK alum, has no idea what you are posting on here. If she does, you sure won’t be getting the antlers trimmed anytime soon.

  269. ChicagoHoosier
    11:36 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Seriously, read back through these comment posts and ask yourself why it is that IU fans might not like you much, and might not care for your presence in Bloomington. I’m not saying that the behavior of DRUNK people at a IU BAR in BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA, while you’re wearing KENTUCKY BLUE is justifiable and classy, but neither is the pure hatred spewed on this very page.

  270. 06PCP
    11:44 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    About the only thing missing from this piece is the several IU alumni/fans who were sincerely apologizing for their counterparts’ embarrassing behavior.
    It seems like some people on here aren’t buying it just because it was that bad. Trust me, it really was. I know the difference between heckling and pervasive vitriol. This was very much the latter. Couldn’t understand why they made making UK fans have a terrible time in their town to be such an end in itself. It was like they felt they owed it to IU to be ABUSIVE to people in blue. “What did you expect would happen when you came here???”
    Nor do UK fans routinely complain about opposing fanbases here on KSR. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, folks.
    Couldn’t understand it. Never seen anything like it in Lexington. Go big blue!

  271. btown bball fan
    11:44 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am a die-hard IU basketball fan and did attend the game on saturday. I will admit that IU fans were taking it a little far with the name calling, but for them it was all in the fun of the game – since UK was ranked #1. Everyone was just super pumped since the team is doing so well this year, and I’m not making excuses for the fans, but I don’t think they meant any of it personally. Try thinking of it from your perspective; if the game was at UK similar things might’ve happened, just the other way around. And as many others have said, you stated that your other visits at bloomington were very enjoyable. I’m sorry that some of the fans were a little too caught up in the moment, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying they are horrible nasty people – just slightly intoxicated and fired up…

  272. he says she
    11:47 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    256 Krice. You honestly want to say that the series hasn’t been in UK’s favor for a while now because YOU want to frame the parameters within the last seven years? I could just as easily go back 21 years (your 7 + 14 more) with IU adding ONLY two more wins. The fact that you’re posting past 11:00 p.m. two days after the game on a UK fan site suggests that you’ve been waiting for this moment for a while now. And it’s not like UK was dominated by IU in that game. UK didn’t play particularly well… and with some questionable officiating at times… and in front of an admittedly frothing at the mouth crowd, it took a last second three for your team to win. That shot clanks off the rim and I doubt we’d be hearing from you and the rest of the ignorant hoosier faithful. But I can tell you one thing — at least UK fans can admit this: we respect how IU played that game with a ton of heart and passion… and with class. IU fans could learn a thing or two from their team on how to act.

  273. Paint It Black
    11:49 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    It’s okay. The IU fans are just bitter that no one makes IU Basketball/Notre Dame Football reversible jackets.

  274. Boilermaker
    11:52 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This was very disgusting to read, you can bet you wouldn’t get that in Boilermaker Country.

  275. he says she
    11:53 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    269. So you’re comparing words written on a Kentucky fan site to being verbally and physically assaulted? You’re not serious, are you?

  276. 06PCP
    11:54 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I also don’t think seeing an opposing fan drinking at a bar in your town gives you license to dump a drink on him, or throw an object at him causing a mark on his forehead. And, if you think the guy provoked it himself, do you really picture a vastly outnumbered UK fan starting a fight with any one of the dozens and dozens of IU people around him?
    Embarrassed to be an IU student/UK fan ever since Saturday.

  277. 06PCP
    11:56 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    IU student**

  278. Iuhoosiers
    11:56 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Having gone to dozens of games at Assembly Hall, I can say this sounds very suspicious. I’m sure people said some harsh words about Kentucky bumpkins and so forth, but your account of the game doesn’t match up with what others said. Also, it says a lot about you that you went to Kilroy’s, which is known for being the craziest bar in Bloomington, after a game that ended in a last-second shot. Seems like you were looking for trouble at the very least.
    To the rest of the UK fans, do not take this to be an honest account of how opposing fans are treated. We are not LSU. We are not jerks to our visitors, but then again, we do prefer to keep out blue. Go Hoosiers.

  279. he says she
    11:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    264. You’re an IU fan and you went to UK… and you know how UK fans can be? Ok… we believe you.

  280. Davis25
    11:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This is the biggest bullsh!t story ive ever heard in my life! There were plenty of UK fans at the ge who said they had a great time, and were treated great! Im not sure what you did to provoke 75% of the heckling, but what you just wrote doesnt happen without help! Ridiculous and I feel bad for anyone who believes this story!

  281. BLUE HAZE
    11:57 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    wow.. 25 post when i started reading.. just now caught up.. that was fascinating.. you could clearly see that a select few were not really IU fans but fakes trying to incite the dumb ignorant hicks that post on here sometimes….

    its now at 272…. and climbing… keep showing your ignorance..

    GO BIG BLUE. just imagine if that got posted in the LCJ or LHL.. there would bloodshed.. LMAO!! dorks.

  282. Iuhoosiers
    11:58 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    @276 This guy went to the worst possible bar after that game. There had to be a line out the door, and you can see into the bar. It is often insanely crowded. It was a truly stupid decision for them to go into Kilroy’s.

  283. matt
    12:00 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    please please please IU lose 10 games and get the 8 seed in our bracket at the yum yum please please please I will be there and I dare a mother f***ing IU fan to be there…do IU idiots know that this rivarly did not end on watfords 3 you all will see the team that owns you again and I think our fans will remember december 10th 2011

  284. Iuhoosiers
    12:00 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    How about we point out to a verifiable fact from the game. At the beginning of the ESPN pregame, they show a kid who wore Kentucky blue right in the middle of the student section, and if you watch at the end of the game, he’s still there. No punches, no drinks thrown at him, nothing. No need for a fictitious story when we have facts.

  285. Really?
    12:01 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Let me get this straight,
    you’re upset that drunk people, who were already at one of IU’s biggest sports bars,
    were mean to people wearing rival kentucky gear.

  286. Shawon
    12:03 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Has this set a KSR record for the number comments yet???

    The fan behavior by IU fans towards UK fans reminds me of what I experienced when I went to see UK play LSU in football in 2006, only worse, because that football game was a Zero on the competitive scale.

  287. he says she
    12:08 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    271. That’s sounds like a rational point-of-view. I’ve probably been to hundreds of UK basketball games and I’ve never seen anything from UK fans that comes close to resembling what happened at IU on Saturday. UK fans definitely get up for the big games and it does get loud and intimidating for opponents and opposing fans I’m sure. But let me tell that if UK fans or students continued the verbal assault and name calling on that level, the blue hairs and UK administration would be sure to never let it happened again.

  288. This is IU
    12:12 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It was fun to see the f*ggot from UK with the blue suit get the s**t beat out of him at Kilroy’s !

  289. ChicagoHoosier
    12:15 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #274: As someone sitting next to a friend who had a blood vessel burst in his eye when struck by a full can of beer at a Purdue football game while said friend’s wheelchair-bound mother was cussed at during the entire game, you should open your eyes and get real. (And you can think that story was made up, but I couldn’t make up something that crazy.) This crap happens at every school. Mix alcohol and kids and this is what you get.

    #275: If their attitude going into a college student bar in an opposing school’s town was anything remotely has pompous and condescending as some of the people commenting on here, I don’t doubt they got an reaction. Sometimes you need to be smarter.

  290. Three Ball
    12:19 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Does this site do the joke writing for Conan????????

  291. ChicagoHoosier
    12:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #287: First of all, let me remind you that these incidents allegedly happened AT BARS. It did not happen at the game. Second of all, if you’ve attended hundreds of Kentucky games, does that mean you were at a local bar during them, or in Rupp? (Do SEC basketball fans even travel to away games?) I must admit, IU fans are not used to having opposing fans at their home games. They’re usually given about 20 tickets, and those go to parents and family who sit behind the bench. I read that IU gave anywhere from 100 to 400 tix to UK (I haven’t seen either number verified), which has to be one of the largest allotments given to a visiting school at Assembly Hall. I can promise you, as someone who has been to hundreds of IU games in multiple sports, I have never seen anything remotely like this take place.

  292. HoosierDaddy
    12:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Wow, this makes me sad to hear. I am an IU student, and while I don’t condone my fellow students’ behavior at all, this bashing of iu on the blog is just as bad. I’m just glad both teams put up such a good fight and made for an unforgettable experience. I hope you understand that there are decent kids here at iu who do display good sportsmanship. I know Tom Crean wouldn’t be happy to hear iu students acted in such a hostile manner. Let’s all just respect each others’ opinions and support our teams the right way–whether it be in kilroy’s or via the comments on a blog. (and I have to throw this in there…let’s go Hoosiers!) 🙂

  293. Ender
    12:27 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This story confirms what I was thinking as I was watching the game. Before the game, I told myself that I wouldn’t get too involved but by the end, I simply wanted to win because of some of the IU fans in the crowd. It was ridiculous. At one point, right after Davis committed his fourth foul and was walking to the bench, I saw a eight or nine year old girl mocking Davis by poking out her lip and rubbing below her eyes like a crybaby. If someone has the game DVRed, watch for it right after Davis’ fourth foul. The girl doesn’t make me upset because she’s just imitating others, but it is sad to see that type of behavior from a child. It doesn’t matter what team it is, but that is taking the game too far.

  294. 06PCP
    12:39 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    292 Nicely put!

  295. The Real IU
    12:47 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU is ranked higher than Kentucky in basically all academics. Anyone who was admitted to IU is relatively intelligent and by no means a hillbilly. I do not believe the violent aspect of this story (getting a bottle smashed over the head) but middle fingers and obscene language has to be expected at an IU BAR with drunk students after the biggest victory of our era. Simply by reading many of the above posts it is clear that many UK fans wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. Thanks for an amazing game and a historic rivalry.

  296. Yeah Right
    12:51 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You guys are all hillbillies and your team is overrated! Youre all just writing this BS because you lost!

    12:55 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    THIS—–>Iuhoosiers Says: December 13th, 2011 at 12:00 am
    How about we point out to a verifiable fact from the game. At the beginning of the ESPN pregame, they show a kid who wore Kentucky blue right in the middle of the student section, and if you watch at the end of the game, he’s still there. No punches, no drinks thrown at him, nothing. No need for a fictitious story when we have facts.

  298. Bec
    1:15 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    What kind of person gets on a rival’s blog and taunts their team and their fan base? What, you’re gonna convince someone with your superior skills? Your need for attention must be off the charts.

  299. Common Sense
    1:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    These comments just prove that UK fans are “just as bad” as this story may seem. Vile, Worst human beings? That really makes you sound like the bigger person. Its not like IU thought they were the better team, its just that no one else in America likes UK except for UK fans. And the reason being that you all act just like this story except you live in denile because you think you have the greatest team in the nation. And where you may this year, you talk shit galore and where you won’t have the best team in years to come, you will talk shit about how great you were this year like it matters. Get over it and just be a fan, no need to take it any farther unless you play on the damn team.

  300. letsgo33
    1:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am not a fan of either school and even though it sounds like you guys had a horrible experience and I don’t condone that at all it is also a HOSTILE ENVIRONEMNT. That’s what makes college sports so great and road games so much fun to watch. GET USED TO IT! Your team needs to learn to play on the road and not just in the safety of Rupp. I have never been a fan of Calipari’s one and done system and as you can see it clearly came back to bite you guys here because those freshman don’t know what their getting themselves into during true road games. If you cant put up with the fan base of another school just stay at home and watch the game on TV.

  301. BleedBlue
    1:19 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

  302. Smh
    1:23 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @299 and @300 This is just one story, there is more. UK fans are justified in there comments.

  303. Kassondra Caldwell IU FAN
    1:37 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    After reading this story I want to personally apologize for the rudeness of my classmates. I attend Indiana University and am a proud Hoosier, but that is not acceptable. I would never treat someone like that, although I have been to Lexington and have had similar treatment. I was going to a concert and had an IU shirt on and several times I was told to go back hell and other vulgar things.I think that people who posts comments that hate against Hoosier fans and say we are the most nasty people around need to take a look in the mirror, what are you doing right now? Is bashing us on a comment necessarily classy? I think not. Please excuse Hoosier Fans for being excited and also hostile against Kentucky for after a 4 year streak of losing to finally have a team worthy enough to beat the former #1 team in the nation. I believe if the tables were turned Kentucky fans would do the same to Hoosier fans following them to Lexington simply just to watch a good game. So for all you nasty Kentucky fans, go take a course on manners and good sportsman ship. Thanks.

  304. Themovement
    1:43 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Although sad, how do you expect to go to Bloomington when a basketball program which was dismantled by Kelvin Sampson has the chance to knock off the number one ranked team in the nation and not expect a hostile crowd. How dare anyone say that Tom Crean is a poor role model or hasty individual. Crean accepted the coaching position knowing the program needed a complete overhaul. Sampson was the one who violated rules, not Tom Crean. If we want to start with Jon Calipari and his history with NCAA allegations, so be it. Remember what happened at UMASS? How about Memphis where someone took Derrick Rose’s test for him. I wonder if Cal knew Rose was too unintelligent to get into that school? Tom Crean has evolved these players into an actual team where communication plays a huge role in their success. By the way, the IU basketball team maintains a 3.0 gpa and professors contacted Crean to tell him that players attended their 8am class after playing at NC state the night before. What is the Kentucky basketball team’s gpa? This shows a unified group of individuals that know how to play as a team. Give the kids a break. Their program has been devastated for several years now and this game finally gave the hoosier nation something to get excited about. As for the players, this game is something they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Let the Rivalry continue, there’s nothing better than a good battle between UK and IU.

  305. Common sense
    1:43 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @302 and those who attended a game at rupp and got their cars keyed all because a uofl sticker was on it are not justified? Uk fans are the exact same as every other fan in the world, they do not get special privileges at any away game. Stories like these happen at every game but people don’t share. Just saying all these comments prove Kentucky fans are just as awful where this story tries to paint them as gods. College fans of any team will act out, and Kentucky fans should not think they are any different or better

  306. cbs_purdue414
    1:45 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU is notorious for being extremely rude and taking a rivalry too far. I go to Purdue and can tell you they are vicious with what they say. You can compare the facebook pages I hate Purdue University period against the I hate Indiana University Period. They truly seem to hate us, for what reason I’m not sure.

  307. Wick Lutz
    1:46 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry for partying

  308. Kassondra Caldwell IU FAN
    1:48 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Another add to this lovely commentary. After reading all of the comments, The people that are actually Hoosier fans are at least giving decent comments compared to fellow Kentucky fans. That really does show who has the better class. Also what would you expect at a college bar with students drinking and waiting for their Hoosiers to finally make history. Please do yourselves a favor if you follow your team, go someplace that is not centered around college aged Indiana fans.

  309. YouHadMikeDavisAsACoachAndSoccerIsYourBestSport
    1:52 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    What’s the difference between Indiana and a bucket of shit?????? The bucket…Now that’s classy…

  310. Alex C.
    1:54 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Hey, I’m a Purdue fan and I’ve been to those rivalries at IU. You think it’s bad being a Kentucky fan, try being a Purdue fan at IU.

  311. CrimsonCee
    2:04 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am a very militant Indiana fan and have a hatred of UK that goes back to my childhood, when I first told my Mom that if Satan and his minions took on UK for the fate of humanity, I would paint my face red and carry a pitchfork to the game.
    That said, I think your story is probably accurate and doesn’t please me in any way. I also hate all the generalizations that this story had brought out (IU fans are this, and UK fans are all that). But, for the most part, IU fans tend to be pretty knowledgable about hoops in general and good sportsmen (a lot of our identity comes from having won for so long so cleanly – what people fail to see is that whatever Sampson did wasn’t exactly pushing us to the top…). But there are a couple of things you have to realize…
    1. The perception that Indiana is no longer a basketball power is very frustrating and honestly untrue. We didn’t morph into DePaul. We have played for an NCAA title since UK has I believe. We have the series lead over the majority of our conference. We have a marquee name as coach. We had horrible years, exaggerated by the speed of the 24 hour sports news cycle, but we never really left. And that frustration is horrible to live with, particularly in a hoops-crazy state. This game became symbolic of that frustration, and the only way to really alleviate it (winning that game meant more than even a quiet third place in the Big Ten and a 6 seed would have). UK and it’s fans became symbols of all this, an while it doesn’t make that childish behavior OK, just know it likely wasn’t personal, but built over years of losing, media disrespect and a shitty time to be a fan. You can’t throw beer on Andy Katz or Seth Davis, but they could have at you. And did.
    2. I live in Southern Indiana, right on the Louisville border, and it is very depressing to be outnumbered by UK and U of L fans, despite living IN THE STATE OF INDIANA! Here it is to the point that being an IU fan is almost weird to people and I’d put the split at 2 of every 10 hoops fans here choose IU. To this segment of fans, and I know a few went up to the game, seeing UK blue on our Mecca sets off a swirl of emotion like you get every time you go to the mall and see, in Indiana, a store that sells just UK and U of L gear and can’t buy an IU hoodie without seeing 10 times the UK stuff. Again, no excuse, but a legit reason for the hostility, even if it went way way too far.
    As a diehard (to the point I spent the entire game shaking and scaring my 3-week old child hollering at the TV) Hoosier, I can tell you this game did a wonderful thing: it made this a real rivalry again. When it’s not controversial and chaotic, UK fans want to spread their loathing to Louisville and UNC and IU fans just spend their time hating Purdue (which I couldnt care less about except for Big Ten purposes. And that’s sad for college basketball.
    I’ve come to realize that while the sight of that blue and that penis-tongue logo still make me feel ill inside, we need UK to hate and UK needs us. Were both having more fun when we can care about this game (the talk of UK dropping IU also added fuel to the fire). So take heart my friend that you were part of something wonderful. Not an IU win, but the rebirth of a special rivalry that had lost it’s luster. I’d take a beer bath for that. And I can’t wait to hear the reception for Watford at Rupp next year.

  312. Mina
    2:07 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I went to Purdue as an undergraduate and as a nice person, I would joke with IU fans on game day to change their shirts and stuff, and take part in the IU sucks cheer, but when it came to seeing a person on the street lost, I would give directions—and what did I get in turn, a punch swung at my face walking out of Ross-Ade Stadium. I’m a girl and this was a guy. They are barbaric. I go to an SEC school for grad school, and I am surprised at how hospitable all the “hillbillies” and “rednecks” down south are at every game. Even at the LSU/Alabama game!

  313. Erin
    2:08 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with Alex C. I’m a Purdue student and a member of their marching band. The disrespect that we as a band receive from IU fans is astonishing. A couple of years before my freshman year, the band went down to IU for the Bucket game, and IU children were throwing rocks at the Purdue band, and being ENCOURAGED to do so by their parents. I also went down this year for the Bucket game, and while there were some nice people, many IU fans were incredibly rude to us. We got called ugly, fat, got middle fingers stuck in our faces, etc. We get crap all the time for our “IU Sucks” cheer, yet I’ve seen far more disrespect displayed by IU fans.

  314. BoilerUp1107
    2:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m a Purdue alumna & after four years and lots of family rivalries, I’d say that IU has some of the most hateful fans in all of the Big Ten, if not the nation. Everyone has their die-hards and people who take it too far, but IU’s take it to another level. I realize that everyone has loyalties to their schools/teams of choice, but IU seems to think they are superior on every level. There’s no arguing with them because they’re always right & they’ll just whip out the middle finger or a few classy words if they don’t agree with you. You stay classy, IU. I’m sure you’ll have a great reason as to why you don’t win a national championship this year. (And of course it won’t be your fault!)

  315. chris
    2:20 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I go to Tennessee and when I went to Kentucky I was astonished at how I got raped. Some guys just took me in a dark alley… it was awful!!!!

  316. crackmyshitup
    2:38 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Wow, Class? Would have to say maybe 5% of the people that have made comments on here have class… All the hateful things that are being said is just amazing to me. From what I have been reading the past 30 mins looks like IU fans and UK fans (throw in the other fans that gave their 2 cents) have zero class. ITS UK VS IU, idk what you all expect when you visit each others home towns. Get over it… Two of the biggest mens ncaa basketball schools, both expect to win, get over it…

  317. suckstosuck
    2:39 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    hahahahahha who won bitches????

  318. Boilermaker
    2:40 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I went to IU once for a volleyball match between IU and Purdue and had people trying to start a fist fight with me over freaking volleyball! I did nothing to provoke them, but once Purdue started winning, they wanted to take their anger out on me. IU fair weather fans are classless.

  319. Hoosier
    2:42 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    DRAMATIC. I’ve been to games elsewhere and experience the same name calling and boos. It’s called fan competition. UK lost to a team that wasn’t even ranked, accept it and stop being sensitive.

  320. Irony
    2:44 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I find it funny that everyone on here is saying “f*ck IU fans”, they’re all “A$$holes”, you’d “knock our teeth out”. . . Yet, the article is describing someone who is pissed off because of what IU fans said to them. Sounds to me like the pot is calling the kettle black.

  321. ksr is layyum
    2:46 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    stop being a bunch of bitches. learn how to talk and give shit. everybody talks shit!

  322. crackmyshitup
    2:49 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    well said 311 and 320 and 321

  323. DEEZnuts
    2:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    everyone needs to stop being a bunch of bitches. learn how to talk and give shit. everybody talks shit in collegiate sports, everybody!! UK, hoosier-daddy?

  324. DEEZnuts
    2:56 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    boo hoo im 50 years old and got my feelings hurt at an away basketball RIVALRY game (they call it rivalry for a reason). what you shouldve done is tell them to go f*ck themselves. learn how to talk shit. and if you get your a$s beat, well.. take it as a learning experience. or just talk sh!t to someone smaller than you, thats what i do.

  325. BallsDeep
    2:57 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    boo hoo im 50 years old and got my feelings hurt at an away basketball RIVALRY game (they call it rivalry for a reason). what you shouldve done is tell them to go f*ck themselves. learn how to talk shit. and if you get your a$s beat, well.. take it as a learning experience. or just talk shit to someone smaller than you, thats what i do.

  326. DEEZnuts
    3:00 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    do you think thats funny copying and pasting, real mature. mature like the tool who is crying about getting his little feelings hurt over somone giving him the bird.. oh no the bird, god forbid anyone be mean to me:( i want you to hold my hand to the arena and give me free beers because i have a blue shirt on.

  327. BoilerUp #IUstillSUCKS
    3:01 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I find it quite offensive for you to consider all of Indiana like this(#3.) I’m from Indiana, hate IU with a passion, I find it pitiful of you to talk about other people like this, makes you just as bad as the pitiful IU fans. Maybe you should reconsider your thoughts, not all of Indiana is the same.

  328. Hoosier anit IU
    3:06 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve lived in Northern Indiana all of my life and people’s attitudes actually gets worse as you go south of Indy until you hit Kentucky. I’ve also been a Purdue fan my whole life, where we take pride and are ambassadors for the state of Indiana, unlike IU. IU has this new attitude where they are superior to everyone else and possess the rockstar-party boy image along with it.

    Just disgusts me. I love calling myself a Hoosier, but certainly not an IU Hoosier.

  329. UK'sJUSTmad
    3:08 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Sound’s like some people are mad that they lost. Get over it and quit being so sensitive

  330. @JodyFree
    3:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


  331. Dedicated Fan
    3:47 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    haha 328 – he should have taken that video down as soon as he saw they lost in order to avoid something like this video emerging.

  332. kingrex
    3:55 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It was a great game and I do not want to see us destroying every team by 30. Indiana shot well and I was impressed with the noise in the arena. I can even understand the hatred for UK. If I were the fan of another school and basketball program i would have hated to see the marriage of UK’s tradition, the best fanbase on the planet and a brilliant recruiter like Cal. It is the perfect storm and jealousy would obviously break out everywhere else. Someone mentioned a high percentage of IU’s enrollment has been coming from Chicago. This would explain the behavior of their fans in my opinion. People from Chicago are disgusting. I have never in my life met such, obnoxious, pieces of shit in all my life. They have this sense of superiority based upon nothing. It is quite remarkable, but if they are truly filling their student body from Chicago then we have our answer.

  333. Swhostet
    3:57 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You cannot blame us for getting excited and rushing the court and you want to talk about terrible fans? I go to IU and my roommate and I were jumped and hospitalized by 7 visiting Purdue fans last season just because we happened to be heading in the same direction as they were, and we were not even playing them at the time

  334. BSU student
    4:11 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I just want to say, I am from Indiana, go to BSU, and we are nothing like IU students. No one else in the entire state of Indiana like IU unless you are from IU. We have a saying at BSU that IU students get their degrees in douchbaggery.

  335. CalifCatFan
    4:14 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Coach Cal, please end the Indiana/Kentucky series. By playing Indiana, it gives them a prestige that they don’t deserve. One other thing, I am now rooting for Purdue. I have lost all respect for Indiana.

  336. LivesinINBUTnotAhoosier
    5:01 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    First of all, some of the above listed comments are completely hypocritical. The article is talking about IU Hoosier fans, Not the state as a whole. I agree, IU fans are sleazy and cruel, but after living in Indiana my whole life, i haven’t come across any other indiana school’s fan base that is as vile as the Hoosiers. Mackey Arena is always welcoming, The JACC is never cruel, and ive never had a bad time at Hinkle Fieldhouse. So please do not throw everybody from Indiana into this group of IU fans. A generalisation like that is almost as uninformed and unclassy as the IU fans were this weekend.

  337. IBleedBlue
    5:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The last 13 years I have only missed this game twice. I live in Indiana, actually home of James Blackmon, and Jay Edwards of all people. My wife and I were to meet friends at Nick’s before heading over to Assembly Hall. We were staying at The Union, dropped off our bags and started walking to Nick’s at 1PM. Wearing our blue, I was only 100 yds from Union when 2 dipsh!ts start yelling “f$ck Kentucky, f$ck you!” I do not think you IU people can use alcohol as an excuse for this group walking down the street! We get to Nick’s, table upstairs waiting for us, with three friends, 2 were IU alumnus. People booing us as we make our way through, but luckily at same time on TV, Xavier and Cincy are throwing hay makers at each other to distract our entry. Then walking up to Assembly, again the “f$ck Kentucky. F$ck you!” my wife and I hear it pretty much all the way to our seats. After Watford’s shot, and I stand there numb, I notice the IU guy standing beside me, in his upper 20’s (the one that was SCREAMING “f$ck you Valentine! F$ck you Calipari!”) was bawling his eyes out. As we left, I did have one grayed hair IU fan shake my hand, saying good game. We park back at Union and walk back down bar area, village or whatever they call it, and I felt worried for my wife and my safety. I felt like we were entering an Iraq war zone. The only reason we went back down there, our friends and some family members didn’t go to game and we were meeting up. Kirkwood St is full of IU idiots acting like they just won the NCAA Championship! Seven or eight people standing on every car that is parked along street, hanging from street signs and light poles. Still, I hear the “f$ck Kentucky, f$ck you!” we go into The Upstair Bar or something, just to get off street. With our table by a window, we see cars being destroyed and almost tipped over. Two hours this goes on before you can see the concrete on the street. Cars hoods and roofs all caved in. Somehow in this mess I am introduced to a 7 ft tall Todd Lindeman, he sits at our table, he played for Bobby back in the mid 90’s. Maybe him sitting with us, made all the idiots leave us Aline for awhile, that is unless you had to gong the bathroom. Do it in pairs, then the abuse came again as we snake through rooms to find it. Our last stop, some pizza place to get a couple of slices, and again “f$ck Kentucky. F$ck you!” At this point, my IU ALUMNUS buddies are also tired of hearing the crap! After some choice words back and forth, the owner tells us Kentucky people to leave, not the idiot student that can’t touch his nose with a tennis racket! What makes me dislike and hate IU and their basketball is not the players, its the fans! When they’re losing, no hint they are fans, no shirts or hats. But I guarantee, it started Sunday, out of the woodwork come all those annoying fans that couldn’t tell you IU’s starting five! By the time I got out of Assembly Hall, I had 11 texts for IU idiots that wouldn’t have even mentioned game to me next time I saw them if KY had one. Hey IU, act like you’ve won before! Last time we lost in Bloomington I had people giving me credit for wearing my colors out after the game, this year….idiots! I usually am a good winner and loser, I don’t rub it in, but GUARANTEE, next year I will be an idiot!

  338. IU fan
    6:00 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    HOO HOO HOO Hoosiers!!!!!!

  339. IUBB
    6:11 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Watford’s got ice water in his veins. And to the KY fans…if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen. Also people started pounding drinks at around 10:30 in the morning so there ya go.

  340. gcat4496
    7:17 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Its amazing what a silly sports activity does to people. These are 18-21 year kids (the players) that none of know and it sometimes turns what should be an enjoyable activity into a hate filled event. In some cases this has turned into violence where opposing fans have been physically attacked over a sporting event. Get a life. Jesus says we should love even our enemies. I hope the same ones that get drunk and throw F bombs at other human beings over a silly sporting event can get a proper perspective. I say we pray for such people. Don’t ever hate back. Hate is a seductive and destructive pattern of thinking.

  341. bus puppies
    7:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I was at the game and had the same experience. A lot of horrible classless people there.

  342. CliffFrankLou
    7:20 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Karma is a bitch, IU fans. You have a long Big 10 season ahead of you. With this approach, you will need to heed your own advice many times.

  343. Karma
    7:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU won’t be in the NCAA tournament, so KY gets no rematch in March. The hoosiers won’t win 10 more games the rest of the season.

    You’re welcome.

  344. panther7108
    7:28 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you UK fans on here are talkin about how disprespectful the IU fans were… yea ill admit from what i read in the article above that was extremely disprespectful and classless. but some of the $hit i just read was pretty classless and idiotic. All i have to say is let it go and the next time IU plays UK at Rupp, treat the IU fans with respect, like adults.

  345. T-Mill
    7:43 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am not surprised. I run a very popular Purdue website and I went to congratulate them on a solid victory that I did not expect. I said it was a great win, but they weren’t “back” because to be truly back, consistency was the key. It was, however, a very large step int hat direction. I was told I was marginalizing their win.

  346. John Benson
    7:44 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    These stories are clearly bogus.

  347. T-Mill
    7:47 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I find all the “scoreboard”, “Who won”, and “Quit whining” comments to be hilarious, as these people obviously didn’t read the article and are completely disconnected from reality.

  348. ....
    7:48 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I find it funny that Indiana kids are calling Kentucky hillbillies…
    I’m from Miami and anything in mid to midwest are all hillbillies. You live in a land of cornfields, wtf

  349. PUNT PUNT
    7:55 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Drop IU, we don’t need them at all……

  350. JD
    7:57 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    After reading this post last night right then and there I decided that i was going to the game in Bloomington in 2 years (if the series is still played) with my brothers and a friend, and i can tell you right now, none of us would take that kind of treatment and let it go. If someone pours a beer on one of our heads and then throws something at one of us that hits us in the head, there is gonna be a brawl!! I wear my blue proudly no matter where I go and no number of dumbass, redneck, thug IU fans would change that!!

  351. CWat4threeee
    8:06 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    So after all the internet trash talking that went on by UK fans last week you expected to be welcomed in bloomington? Your fans made their way in droves to our boards to tell us how non elite we were and how irrelevant we are and how they were going to destroy us. Hell even the writers on this site got involved with these comments…yet UK fans thought it was a good idea to show up in Btown with the UK colors on….get real man….you’re dealing with drunken college age kids who read that crap…don’t think the IU students are not on our message boards and heard the ridicule that UK fans gave us for a week….but I wouldn’t expect UK fans to understand that frustration at all…they think they can talk down to a fan base and not get anything back.

  352. CWat4threeee
    8:08 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Really? You do realize that UK fans took every chance they could last week to visit the IU boards and tell our fans how irrelevant and non elite our team was….they took shots…personal shots….and did so with a smuggness because they just knew that UK was going to smash IU…guess what…WE READ THOSE BOARDS…THE STUDENTS READ THOSE BOARDS….maybe the UK fan base should show a little class on the boards and they might get some respect…but you could not have expected a warm welcome after a week of being belittled and made fun of by UK fans.

  353. random hero
    8:14 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I didn’t read any of this mess. But facts are hostile environments are what they are. You come trotting into a place all decked out in another teams gear you are gonna catch some hell. If you didn’t think so, you are naive or just plain dumb. Passion for many things run deep in this world, sports, religion politics etc, don’t think those belong together in the same sentence, refer to the previous sentence.
    If you got your feelings hurt, maybe you are too sensitive or naive again to the fact that you got what you asked for, or more than you bargained for.

  354. John Benson
    8:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Folks, You DO understand that this letter is fake…right?

  355. Rick
    8:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Now retired, my wife and share our time between homes in KY and IN. Graduates of both PU and IU. And we’re very embarrassed of the boorish behavior of IU fans. In years past, there used to be good-natured rivalry; that’s always been part of the fun. But what we read here about how UK fans were treated in Bloomington is disturbing. We hope it is not a trend. There’s something wrong when visiting fans are treated like child molesters. Our neighbors and friends in the hills of Eastern Kentucky are some of the nicest folks you’ll meet anywhere. They don’t deserve the mean-spirited, abusive actions delivered in Bloomington.

  356. NoShoesJack
    8:34 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I hear about stuff like this happening at NFL games, and I’ve been accosted more than once in my Steelers gear when I go to Paul Brown, but its mostly light hearted, good natured ribbing. This sounds like a Douche convention of the highest order.
    The difference between UK and IU, and frankly IU and all traditon “blue blood” schools is that we expect to win, and we are always harder on ourselves (Laetner exception) than on the opposition. UNC and Duke fans appear to act accordingly. Indiana has a history of winning, but not a tradition that demands excellence.

  357. DeezStun
    8:40 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    ROFL trololololo trolls.
    LOL who just got off major probation? Hahahahoosiers. LMAO…
    🙂 Love Y’all.

  358. zack
    8:41 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The difference to me i think about our fan base is that when we go into oppossing arenas we are cordial and dont act like pricks.I had a group of UNC fans three rows behind me a couple weeks ago at rupp that were being a bit obnoxious. So when the game was over i turned around and said “I dont hear you now bitch” and to be honest with you i felt bad about it the rest of the day i wanted to find them and apologize, and that was just one comment i would be ashamed if i acted like the IU fans did.

  359. HaHa Kentucky
    8:44 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You guys are THE biggest crybabies on the planet.

    HAhahahahahaha! LOSERS!!!

    By the way … we played our “B” game, and still beat you!!

    Would love to see you guys in the NCAA. But, you’ll probably be the first 1-seed to lose to a 16-seed this year. Pathetic team. Even worse fans. Sucks to be you.

  360. cry me a river
    8:45 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Sounds like a bunch of cry babies…IU won a great game. Yall just sound like a bunch of crying sore losers. You go to major hometown bar like kilroys and nicks ur gonna take verbal abuse wearing UK or pu. Get over it. Lol I hope we do meet UK in the dance so we can beat yall and send yall crying again. GO BIG RED!

  361. DeezStun
    8:45 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    How about instead of a “scoreboard” chant, we have a “RAFTERS” chant. Who has more championships? Who has more Final Fours? Who had a Final Four last year? And what about conference championships LOL? Wait, we don’t keep banners for conference championships!

  362. It's good to see
    8:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    the venom back in this rivalry. IU has been off the grid for so long many young UK fans do not remember IU ever being of relevance. That being said, fans brave enough to travel into a harsh environment should be respected by the home team fans for just that. It’s ok to yell a few jabs to support the home team but when adults act like idiots especially in front of kids it’s crossing the line. I’m sure this stuff goes on at every arena/stadium but I’d like to think that BBN treats visitors a little better than most. You stay classy BBN.

  363. UTfan
    8:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    126-IU SUCKS- first of all there is no we, ur not part of their team and secondly that’s the typical response from an ignorant uk fan. Ur the type of fan that gives uk fans the bad name. There’s always gotta be an excure for a loss other then the oppossing team played better. I admitted UK deserved the win in football just like IU deserved itthe other day. My experience with UK fans is they are a bunch of winey cry babies that can dish it out but can’t take the trash talk back with crying and posting an article

  364. Whaa
    8:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Sounds analogous to the time “my brother hit me” in the backseat…

  365. ThankfulCat
    8:58 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Here’s to IU suffering the Devan downey curse and ending up 15-15 with this fluke win being the highlight of another miserable year in that sucky town.

  366. kycatfl1
    9:02 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I had a friend that went to the final 4 when IU played Maryland in Atlanta. He is a DUKE fan so he had no dog in the fight. He came back and all he talked about were the IU Fans and how nasty they were. To this day he hates Indiana as much as any team including Maryland, which has some pretty nasty fans especially when they play DUKE!

  367. Thomas Beisner
    9:09 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


  368. drew young
    9:10 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I would of been fighting at the bar, your a better person than me. And they prolly did spit in your pizza, last thing I would of done is bought food from those fucing hoosiers.

  369. IU student
    9:10 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m an IU student who is a UK basketball fan and was at the game on Saturday. Before the game, I struck up a conversation with a UK fan at Coaches’ bar in downtown Bloomington. I thought this may be the same guy because he was also at Kilroy’s earlier in the day. He said the hate was so strong he didn’t even stay longer than one minute. People swearing etc. Not to defend that behavior, but Kilroy’s was the site of that games “breakfast club”. For those of you that don’t know, breakfast club is essentially the bar that students go to to begin drinking at 7am in the morning. So it’s probably safe to say half the crowd was wasted at that point.

    Later at the game, the lady sitting next to me went out of her way to tell me that cal is a cheater and we would be vacating a season soon. I said we probably need to hire a class act like Kelvin Sampson. She was happy. Right as the game began lamb opened up with a three and I let out a cry of excitement. The guy a few seats ways told me to shut the F#@$ up.

    Granted, this was IU’s superbowl, but IU bball fans are generally dicks and this comes from 4 years of living on enemy soil

  370. UKfanFelicia
    9:11 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Let IU have their moment in the sun but lets be done with this and not concern ourselves anymore with the awful IU fans or anything related to the hoosier state btw what the hell is a hoosier?…we are New Orleans bound and the road UK travels has some curves in it but nothing the team can’t get around to reach their destination of Number 8 while IU is on the road imo to NIT btw has IU made any playoffs in the last few years???

  371. Bob Campbell
    9:11 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I hope we drop IU from our schedule ASAP. They’re on their way back up and I don’t want to be losing to them every year this early in the season. We had such good records vs. them during the Pitino and Tubby eras because we had upper classmen that could handle the high stress rivalry games. Taking one-and-done freshmen every year to Bloomington is a big risk.

  372. Anonymous... The Author
    9:18 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    John Benson, As the author I wanted to assure you that this is 100% authentic. If anything, I left plenty out. You are clearly welcome to believe/say what you want about my experience, and in hindsight, perhaps our poor decision making (Kilroy’s visit wasn’t the smartest), but everything in the story is true. Regardless, I’m pretty much over it at this point. Hope you make the trip to Lexington next December and have a blast. – “Anonymous”

  373. UK Faithful
    9:19 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Honestly I’ve seen the same thing happen to IU and UofL fans when they come to Lexington. Rivalries are harsh sometimes and this is nothing new. All the trash talking that went on on our part before the game probably had something to do with the reaction IU fans threw at us. This letter really sounds like sour grapes and, since it’s an attack, does nothing to make us Cats fans look any classier.

    Hope we get the Hoosiers in March when it counts.

  374. cry me a river
    9:20 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    and by “Big Dance”, I mean the CBI.

  375. No pennies for Indiana
    9:21 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’ll never go to another game at IU or say one nice word to an Indiana fan ever again. I hope they lose every game and I hope they get the death penalty.

  376. Amused
    9:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am a recent IU Alum and when I first read this story I was mortified that people were treated this way in my former home. I do not think that this behavior is by any means acceptable but I do have to agree that its not to be unexpected, drunken college kids are stupid if you wanted a classy environment you would not go to a crowded bar that is known for its rowdy clientele (Kilroys) or to possibly the one of the most notorious IU bar/pizza place in town. That was stupid. If you wanted class you should’ve gone to a bar that was not on Kirkwood. And speaking of class, it is hard to believe that I as an IU fan would be treated much differently in Lexington reading some of these comments. Both sides have shown EXTREME lacks of couth and to think that drunken college kids would act much different shows a lack of good judgement.

  377. chasefor#8
    9:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Let me start by saying this does not surprise me one bit. However, i believe it was the places that you were hanging out that gave you the ridiculous heckling. i was also representing BBN in Bloomington this weekend and sure they gave us lots of shit pre game, we are the number one team coming into their town when our teams have such a historic rivalry. I also walked up into nicks about two hours prior to the tip off and received the loudest boo i have ever heard whilst wearing my 3 goggles hoodie and backwards UK cat. I LOVED it, bring on the hate, all i did was smile while the profanity rolled, took it with class and they eventually calmed down. WE then went to the game and everyone around us behind some idiotic freshman students behind us were very kind and just as passionate about their program as we are of ours. I never once felt threatened and we even went out that night to kilroys and nicks and everyone i spoke with would give me shit at first but then be like if you come out here wearing that, you have some balls and we can respect that. Id say only a small handful of fans were obnoxious and they were all between the ages of 18-20. I had a great time that day and night minus the loss, but still got to see one of the most exciting games i have ever been to. Just imagine if it was our team coming off sanctions and hosting the #1 team in the country whilst we are trying to rebuild. i would hope our fans could be as classy as 90-95% of the fans i met up there were. Dont get me wrong i hate IU and Bobby Knight but their fans are very loyal and showed every bit of class i would hope BBn could do as well. I am glad the rivalry is back, there are very few blue blooded fan bases left in college basketball and i am glad i had such a great experience in bloomington last weekend.

  378. cry me a river
    9:24 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Lol I game UK fans were running their mouths n Kentucky were writing off IU. Sore losers…shouldn’t of been talkin $hit!

  379. Bill
    9:25 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Bloomington is a terrible place – I spent a year there for school and left because of people like this. Going back a few years later for a football game, I experienced a similar welcoming. Nothing’s changed. It could fall off the map for all I care.

  380. The heckling continued in Assembly Hall
    9:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    My favorite comment…”UK is just a bunch of uneducated monkeys!” Nice.

  381. Classy
    9:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Unfortunately there won’t be UK fans writing about how nice there trip to Bloomington was like we had UNC fans writing to us after last weeks game

  382. random hero
    9:27 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Better to be heckled and taunted than lose to VMI and Gardner Webb. Grow up, strangers in a strange land. What’d you want a reception dinner and applause hoping uk beat their ass? Please great game, great atmosphere and Hull didn’t end the game punching Doron. We should be proud of the whole day. Unc then IU, what other school gets that kinda tradition back to back with last second ending plays.

  383. No pennies for Indiana
    9:27 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It’s all bullshit that IU fans come on here and say the things they’re saying including calling this story a lie. Go to your own board if your fan base wants to continue being douchebags.

  384. Thomas Beisner
    9:31 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


  385. JD
    9:31 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #360….B game? you think that was your B game? your team put so much emphasis on this one game and played out of their asses for the first 12 minutes of the 2nd half…..hitting 7 straight 3s is your b game? shooting 80% the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half is your B game? get a grip…that team played as well as it could play for 35 minutes and still was a buzzer beating 3 from losing….that was the worst 35 minutes of basketball that this young UK team has played all year and they nearly beat your Hoosiers with a few good moments at the end of the game… us in the tourney (if you make it), and see what happens….they won’t play like this again, Davis won’t be in foul trouble and Jones won’t stay in Lexington and not show up for the game….enjoy your one moment in the sun, because it’s gonna get cloudy again soon…

  386. Brent
    9:32 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


    Pure fiction and garbage. I’ve never seen opposing fans at Rupp treated the way MANY UK fans have described their treatment on Saturday.

  387. It was mainly the Students
    9:35 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Five Points in Columbia is almost as hostile, but they don’t have the history to back up their smack. LSU can be bad, but 90% of the crowd will tease you and then buy you a beer. UofL in 2006 was pretty bad at PJCS, but that was mainly b/c the visiting section was next to the student section…big mistake.

    But NOTHING was as bad as Bloomington on Saturday. When you have to strategically park your car for fear of vandalism, there’s a problem. Or change the way the you walk back to your car b/c of some of the mob mentality outside the gym. It wasn’t a safe environment.

  388. Scott
    9:37 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Ha…reality is this happens in drunken college bars all the time. I got an entire pitcher of beer dumped on me at a UK student bar while wearing IU gear at my first trip to Lexington after the series stopped at the neutral site. My question is why did you go to Bloomington to watch the game at an IU bar? I can understand going before/after if you are there for the game, but you made the trip just to watch the game at the bar? Sounds like you were just fishing for touble.

  389. random hero
    9:39 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I hope uk goes to the ivy league or the sun belt maybe our fans won’t get their feelings hurt so easy.
    You all saw hoosiers, “its bad enough we have to play in this crackerbox you call a gym” – Norman Dale

  390. Scott
    9:42 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Also, as to getting in fight in Kilroy’s….let me tell you it doesn’t take wearing UK gear to get in a fight in that place. I’ve seen dozens there over the years that had nothing to do with a BB game/rivalry. College kids doing countless shots at the bar is usually enough. Throw on a emotional filled game and you’d had been best choosing a more “normal” establishment.

  391. Scott
    9:44 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    There’s an awful lot of “hate” being thrown around on this board for an irrelevant, non-existent rivalry with a “has-been” program.

  392. random hero
    9:46 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Go to. Wvu game or. Va tech game wearing the other schools colors, I am a fan of neither and I was ashamed

  393. who really cares
    9:46 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen poor babies. kentucky calling other fans hillbillies. now that is funny.

  394. Cat fan in btown
    9:49 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am an IU alum, current grad student, and employee and this weekend was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I have never been treated the way I was treated this past weekend despite having lived in Bloomington for 13 years. I have never seen anybody act the way IU fans acted. This was beyond any rivalry nastiness. Those of you saying that every fan base has fans that act that way are not grasping the level of viciousness and hatred. I was working in my office Friday afternoon and I could hear students already chanting f*** Kentucky.
    What disgusted me more than anything was the fact that none of my hoosier fan friends or acquaintances (save one) condemned the action. I don’t believe IU administration has addressed it either (I would love to be corrected on that assumption.) Bob Knight may have been a jerk but he would not have stood by while fans chanted f ky in Assembly Hall. I am quite sure he took the microphone and told fans to stop chanting bs at a game once.
    I have always been supportive of my IU fans and the IU team in general. I have seen these fans suffer through years of frustration over the complete destruction of their basketball program and I admire them because I know they are true fans. No more. I know, I know. They don’t need my support. Fine. I lost all respect for the program and its fans after this weekend and want UK to have nothing more to do with them. People are right when they say IU needs this game a lot more than UK. They can go find another rivalry besides Purdue.

  395. b
    9:49 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The only thing a diploma at IU is good for is a handicapped parking pass. There are more rednecks and hillbillys at IU than kentucky

  396. Sphocat
    9:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    My dad and I were at the game in Bloomington two years ago. We pulled into a parking lot next to assembly hall (with our Kentucky flag on the car, of course) and a student was running across the parking lot and punched our car as we were pulling in our spot. We got out of the car and he had ran off but were met by a rather large father son combo asking us of we had a problem with the guy punching our car. Then they politely proceeded to telling us they would kick our f*****g ass and cussed us like we were the ones to punch their car. Once in the arena fans werent as mean but were very cold. My dad tried to make small talk With some people around us and they weren’t going to have. Ignored everything thing we said, not to mention the ugly looks and death stares while we would cheer and applaud. And that was a year no one expected IU to be any good. I could only imagine this year.

  397. He watched the game in Assembly Hall
    9:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Why do people keep asking why would someone go to Bloomington to watch the game at a bar? Read the article. He bought 6 tickets for the game from the IU Ticket Office. Meaning, he watched the game in Assembly Hall. He went to Kirkwood before and after the game.

  398. indianarob
    9:50 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This is total b.s. I was at the game with one of my best friends(HUGE CAT FAN)and was at kilroy’s after the game. We never heard a negative comment. He even had an IU fan by him a beer!

  399. random hero
    9:51 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    T L : D R
    Some of you all need to look that up. No one wants to read your 5000 word reply on a msg board.

  400. Tommy Crean
    9:51 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I saw this coming when Crean tweeted about keeping the blue out of Assembly Hall. He was basically authorizing criminal conduct toward Kentucky fans.

  401. IU Alum
    9:52 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I grew up in Indiana and went to IU and think the behavior and treatment of these Kentucky fans is unbelievable and frankly ridiculous. Let’s get a grip people… It’s just basketball. Huge win for IU, yes but let’s celebrate it and congratulate Kentucky for a good game. Kentucky is one of the best teams in the country. Let’s not forget that. They deserve respect just as IU deserves huge congratulations for winning. The youth of today make me very sad and angry at there behavior. Not EVERYONE that lives in Indiana or is from there acts this way.

  402. jeremy
    9:54 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am not surprised one bit about this. This is exactly the way me and my father in law were treated in 2009. I swore then I would never return. UK needs to drop this game. Why drop UNC when fans can actually attend that road game????

  403. AT THE GAME
    9:56 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


  404. cry me a river
    9:57 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Also all you PU fans commenting about the hoosiers fans. I had a couple friends go to west lafayette for nd v pu fball game. They walked walked in to brothers and were welcomed w verbal abuse and beer thrown on them. They didn’t start crying about it and write into a sports talk radio website. So this type of thing happens everywhere. Even ur loved west lafayette. If you can’t take the fans don’t go to the rival town idiots

  405. wake up!
    10:01 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    399, you must have been passed out! that is the biggest bunch of bull that has been posted!

  406. Jack Demsey
    10:02 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Drop IU. I’d MUCH rather keep UNC on the schedule. At least they help keep our SOS up, and give us an exciting game that the nation (BBN and the rest of the world) cares about. We’ve won, what, 16 out of the last 21 games against IU? Who needs them?

  407. Dustin IU Fan
    10:04 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It is easy to remain “anonymous” and then make up a complete BS story. First of all, I was at Nick’s from 12:00 to 3:00ish and while there were a few UK fans there, none were treated poorly. Booed? yes. But so what? Eventually they sat down at their table, got their food/beverages and nothing else happened, nor was said. I even talked with some of them, and I asked them if they realized what they had gotten themselves in to, and with a smile on his face he said “yes, and I love it, being around all these crazy IU fans”. This guy’s story is FALSE and he knew he would get support on this craptastic website. Quit trying to sugarcoat your loss by making up BS like this. Pics/video of this abuse, or it didnt happen.

  408. TT
    10:06 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Do n’t think this is all Indiana people… There is a good school that would love to host Kentucky in West Lafayette! Boiler Up

  409. Steven
    10:08 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    That’s really disappointing. I am a huge die hard UK fan but, I currently attend Texas A&M and am a member of their Corps of Cadets down there. We share the same similar experiences every time A&M visits Texas Tech. Tech fans through tortillas at you,cuss you out, shout obscene vulgarities, and through bottles and various objects at the band, which ~1/2 its members will be going into the military, to name a few. Just this year they decided to spray paint A&M’s buses and smear fecal matter all inside. It happens to obnoxious fans who can’t just realize its a game and its all for entertainment. However, he is right it is important to maintain class, honor, and dignity. Gig’em Aggies and Go Cats! C-A-T-S! CATS! CATS! CATS!

  410. CWat4threee
    10:08 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I love how no one on here acknowledges the UK fans that say they had a great experience…real classy for your media…this site to talk trash about IU the week leading up to the game….and then cry about how you are treated after a loss.

  411. CWat4threee
    10:10 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    and for the comment about our cracker box gym…it was louder than Rupp has ever been!!! Not bad for a cracker box

  412. Who cares
    10:12 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    They were beat as children, it’s not their fault.

    ie Bob Knight<——Abuser which =’s bad behavior

  413. IndianaROTC99
    10:13 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    See 31. First: My girlfriend at IU in the 90’s is a rabid UK fan. My current girlfriend is a rabid Duke fan. Can’t get away from the damn blue!!! We never would see eye to eye on this subject, but respect each others teams. College students are going to be idiots generally speaking and those who are in their 20’s. You should have expected some of this due to the nature of this game. Yes, we have sucked for a long time, in IU years, and this was confirmation that what the program is doing is in fact in the right direction. I do not condone any of this and am ashamed as a graduate of IU and a life long fan of the university. I live in Columbia, SC now and know the college football scene is much more heated. Someone was stabbed at the Clemson/Carolina game this year. It’s a f’n game guys!!!!! There are service members dying in a third world [email protected] hole and this is what we consider grounds to die for? I will publicly apologize for the idiots in Bloomington and know that isn’t the image most of us would want to project. I’m sure there have been some IU fans berated in Lexington as some point in history. UK fans aren’t perfect either. See above. None of us that have half a brain were sure there would be a game, much less a win in that manner. Indiana, Kentucky and North Carolina have the most passionate college basketball fans in the country and hence you see this BS at these games. In reality, this was a pre-season game and in the end, nothing matters till we get to March, esp. for Kentucky. On the other hand, this was huge for IU and validation we are back and relevant.

  414. CWat4threee
    10:13 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Also the insults have gone both ways…just look at Rupp’s Rafters, or Catspause or this site and you see the comments from the UK fans about IU…and IU boards talking about UK fans…UK fans quickly made their way to our boards this week to tell us we suck…so part of the reason our fanbase was so fired up is because of your fans

  415. Scott
    10:15 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Dakich ripped you guys a new A** yesterday on his show, about how you clowns were the most unprepared jokers he’s ever done a radio interview with. You boast and rip him all last week after the interview, and he turned out to be exactly, 100% right, even layed out exactly how the game would play out.

    Now after all of that, you come on here ane whine and fabricate stories about the horrible treatment you got from a bunch of drunk 21-22 year olds. Pathetic.

  416. iugrad
    10:19 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Kilroy’s and Nick’s are filled with chicago and east coast frat boys. And most of the current students don’t know who bobby knight is. It’s a shame that those ‘fans’ have to ruin it for both sides. Sorry to hear you didn’t run into the rest of us good, hospitable fans.

  417. WeddingPlanner
    10:19 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    What a difference between what the UNC fan said about his experience just last week. Thank God I went to UK and not IU.

  418. Lou Houltz
    10:20 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    To Hellsh with the Indiana Hooshiershhs.

  419. It is December
    10:21 am December 13, 2011 Permalink




    Who cares about a game in December? We will be the ones cutting down nets!

  420. JoeMoney333
    10:21 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I haven’t posted yet, I’m willing to help this to #2, I hate IU’s hypocrisy of being a ‘classy’ fan base. Nothing bothers me more than a false self image.

    #416. Scott… Is it sad that you have nothing better to do w/ your life but to come over to a UK site and call things fake. You sir are sad.

  421. Neil
    10:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Payback next year!

  422. Larry Adair
    10:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

  423. Designated Drinker
    10:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have been to Gainesville, Knoxville, Louisville, Baton Rouge and many others decked in blue and have never experienced this. It’s fine Hoosiers, you showed who the true low class people are. Congratulations on your Super Bowl win Saturday, you won a regular season game by 1 on your homecourt in December. Haha… Your so sorry.

  424. Scott
    10:23 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I just realized that this was from an “anonymous emailer”. What a freaking joke. Yeah, I can fabricate a heck of a story too about a visit to Lexington and send it to my local two-bit IU blogger. This is what passes for “reporting”?

  425. IU Alum
    10:23 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You should try going to IU as a UK fan!

    It was terrible!

  426. sheff
    10:24 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Indiana fans are gonna be hated by uk fans 4EVER now
    GO UK!

  427. sheff
    10:25 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    421 your right

  428. Brandon Thompson
    10:25 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Who gives a shit about Indiana? What an awful state to begin with… they have penis envy of warmer states or northern states that have major cities like their neighbor Illinois that actually has Chicago..

  429. You Guys Are Idiots
    10:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This happens EVERYWHERE, no matter what school or what rivalry you attend. # 401, “authorizing criminal conduct,” what kind of drugs are you on? As a matter of fact, what kind of drugs are you all on?

  430. Steven Peek
    10:27 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I found some of the things the IU people doing normal for host fans before an important game, such as booing and an occasional f***, but much of the IU behavior was completely out-of-line. I don’t expect any home fan to buy visiting fans beers, but “hillybilly” and “fa****” are detestable when used. I’m far from an IU fan, but they’re behavior has embarrassed me overall as a Hoosier (Indiana native). And that was my feeling BEFORE reading a beer had been dumped and something had been thrown……no respect.

  431. You're Wrong
    10:28 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


  432. It was planned
    10:29 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I think Cal lost this game on purpose because he wanted to drop UNC rather than IU off of the schedule.

    There are greater powers at work here. Let us just enjoy the ride!

    Go Cats!

  433. jwil
    10:30 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This story reminds me of the time I went to see the Colts play New England with a buddy of mine back in 2009, the game where Bellichek made the questionable call on 4th down. Anyway, my buddy is from Boston and a huge Pats fan, I am a fan for neither, I just thought it would be an awesome game to go to. It turned out to be. But even after the Colts one that game as my friend and I were walking out of the stadium middle fingers, f*ck yous, you sucks, and even an empty beer cup came raining down on he and I. The only reason I was thrown into it was because I was wearing a navy hoodie, he was obviously wearing his Brady jersey. There was only one person who said something nice to my friend. “We’ll see you in the playoffs.” I had nothing against the Colts or their fans until then. Also, just the other day I was at school, I attend IUS, and I witnessed an IU fan out in the parking lot antagonizing a UK fan. The two looked like they were about to fight, till finally the UK fan decided to be the bigger man and just walk away. I personally can’t stand Hoosiers as fans now. They don’t know what sportsmanship is, and they don’t know how to treat other people.

  434. ChicagoCat
    10:33 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The two things that shock me are the endless vitriol and the pouring of the beer. I understand getting jacked up for the game and booing for fun etc. But, how can a fanbase remain so angry and confrontational after THEY WON a game they weren’t supposed to, in spectacular, #1 in the Top 10 on Sportscenter, fashion.

    That is pure unadulterated hate and inexcusable from a fanbase that wants to have themselves included as a top-tier blueblood. Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, and UNC fans would never take things this far. Hell, even Louisville fans wouldn’t. Ridiculous.

  435. Takethoseonionsoffmysliders
    10:34 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    411 & 412, Assembly Hall holds 17,500. RUPP holds 24,500. How is Assembly Hall louder and have you ever stepped a foot in Rupp?

  436. "anonymous"
    10:36 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It’s funny how one chooses to remain “anonymous” when fabricating a story or experience. luckily, hooisers know what they’re really about and are proud to be students, alumni, faculty, and residents alike. Considering the amount of support IU recieved from surrounding schools in Indiana and the OPEN welcome they recieved from us definitely counter acts the lies. Don’t be bitter because the Hoosiers are back. HOOSIER NATION, IU lives on.

  437. Takethoseonionsoffmysliders
    10:39 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Hoosiers are hardly back. You won on a last second shot. Go throw a chair!!

  438. Mar
    10:39 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Please ban this anonymous vag from ever speaking for UK again. This is shameful to CATS fans everywhere. I was also at the game as a UK fan with my wife in the student section and had no problems whatsoever. The bars were equally awesome on Saturday in Bloomington. Please take all if this person’s and his family’s UK gear and ban them from attending future away games.

  439. TyraginFla
    10:41 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    If you are interested in the stark difference between UK and IU fans read the account of two Carolina fans attending the UNC/UK game in Lexington. Tell me who has class and who doesn’t.

  440. IUBB4lyfe
    10:44 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You do know none of this would have happened had UK won? No UK fan would be complaining and trying to grasp at anything to make their team still look good. He was asking for it when he went onto Kirkwood which was literally a riot. Look up the videos on youtube and say that was a good idea for someone wearing blue to do. Just put yourself in our shoes and beat the number 1 team by a 3 point buzzer beater. Go cry about it a little longer until we beat you again when it counts and you’ll see that IU is coming back. We’re not the basketball state for nothin’


  441. BCTCheadcoach
    10:46 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Coming from an unbiased fan both ways what do you expect in a rivalry game? Yeah, they may have acted as uneducated cornfield shuckers but that is the biggest game for Tom Crean since playing monopoly with Dwayne Wade at Marquette on a road trip. The b.s. part about it is that the “beer spilling incident” happened after IU won…wouldn’t it be the opposite way around? That part doesn’t hold much water but what do we all know about the truth? Nothing. I knew a couple people that went to the game, wore UK jerseys, and nothing bad happened to them. Im sure those UK fans who received bad treatment were not talking shit……..(sarcasm).

  442. You stay classy
    10:47 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You stay classy IU

  443. SEC Rules
    10:47 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #43 – Pretty sure the SEC still doesn’t allow us to sell alcohol at games so I think you are thinking of another game where your cousin got hit with a beer bottle in the game.

    I agree with most of the posts, Rupp has always been very classy to opposing fans for the games I’ve been too. The closest we came to being nasty was Rick Pitino’s first trip back as the UofL coach but even then there was nothing close to what has been described. It’s sad, college basketball should be fun and at the end of the day it is still just a game and opposing fans should be capable of meeting at the bar and sharing beers as HUMAN BEINGS after the game is over. I was in Knoxville the year UK lost 17-16 in football, two blue dots in a see of orange and it was a great game. Even Volunteer football fans were more classy and that’s REALLY saying something. Come on IU, have some class. Tom Crean should address this and fellow UK fans should lead by example next year at Rupp = continue being classy, even to IU after this incident. If we can’t then maybe we should go back to a neutral court before someone gets killed or seriously injured.

  444. Hoss_Cat
    10:48 am December 13, 2011 Permalink


    LOL they’re only nice to you cuz they kick the crap out of us every 99 out of 100 times they play us.

  445. he says she
    10:48 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    416 Scott. Listen to the podcast of the Dakich interview before you make an uninformed statement. You can find a link to it here: Matt Jones got out about one or two sentences before Dakich went off on some weird incoherent rant. Sounds like he has more issues with IU than anything else.

  446. HoosierHysteria
    10:53 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t know why people are getting so riled up about ONE person’s experience. I’m sure there’s one fan at every game that has ever happened in the history of history who was treated badly. It’s nothing new when the visiting team gets heckled by the home team especially when the home team wins. I think everyone should just get over it and move on. It’s not like Kentucky is special anyway. Any Purdue fan that goes to IU gets heckled just as much if not worse. Grow some balls please and thanks.

  447. Debbie
    10:54 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Please do not judge all people of Indiana by those stupid ignorant “educated-LOL” ones who act in such a manner as this. I AM NOT and IU (nor Bobbie Knight) fan and there are alot of people who are not who live here in this state. Just know that you are going to find @ssholes everywhere you go, even in Kentucky, but you are also going to find some good folks too. Don’t judge a horse by its color………

  448. Ruth
    10:55 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As an IU student, proud of my school and team I am a bit upset to be put in this group of “everyone” that was apparently so rude. First off, if you choose to hang out at bars before the game where you KNOW you will encounter drunk students and fans be prepared to be jeered at. Second, this game was a BIG DEAL for us. It was sold out over a week before and students tried to camp out before the game. This game generated a lot more excitement than the average game vs. the average team. Need I remind you also that not every student is going to be rude to opposing fans. I’m sorry for your disappointing experience, but please don’t generalise us all into one category of rude obnoxious fans. Keep in mind you are going to experience a much different crowd going to bars on kirkwood before a game than you would elsewhere. Some of us genuinely love IU basketball, love our school, and love good company of people.

  449. CWat4threee
    10:56 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    440….I ask you to read above about UK fans that went to the game and had no issues at all….but you just choose to pass over those.

  450. CWat4threee
    10:57 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    436…Drew from this site even said it was the loudest place he had been in for a game…assembly hall is designed for noise….you don’t have to have as many people to be as loud…

  451. travis johnston
    10:57 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Hey you cannot blame the IU fans for being in a raucus frenzy. What else would you expect from them when Kentucky has been taking them to the woodshed for the past decade. LOL


  452. Cristoforouk
    10:59 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    All you have to do is read the UNC fan experience at Rupp and compare it to the UK fan’s experience at IU. Sums it all up.

  453. travis johnston
    10:59 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    and btw i went to that game and the only ppl that were rude/ignorant to me were samples of people from the student section. IU fans for the most part are well-educated and respect kentucky’s prestige. The students are idiots though lol

  454. ProudBoiler
    11:12 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This story does not surprise me at all. If you want to come to a beautiful campus, with nice people who will enjoy your company, come to Purdue!! IU students just lack the class necessary to go out and conduct themselves appropriately in public.

  455. Purdue fan
    11:14 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @ #51: There’s definitely something to be said for southern hospitality, but I wouldn’t judge the entire Big 10 off of two teams. Across Big 10 country, OSU is universally hated for their arrogance and lack of class. Being a Purdue fan, I can attest to how classless the IU fans are. Sure, we have a song that’s dedicated to saying “IU sucks”, but it’s all meant in good fun. When I was at the Bucket game in West Lafayette last year though, (IU won in OT against Purdue’s worst team in a decade and a half) several IU fans threatened to start fights in the Purdue student section. They specifically came over just to fight, and at the moment, Purdue was up 14. Needless to say, they were escorted out of the stadium.
    All that being said, I can comisserate with you. IU carries the state redneck fanbase, and it annoys more than just us finally.

  456. IU_girl
    11:15 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It’s sad you were treated this way. I don’t think any human should be treated that way. However, I work with the sports at IU and I can say on many occasions when I travel to other schools I have been treated worse, by not only students but also parents and children not only in the Big Ten. I can say it does make me think differently of the schools, but I also realize the school can’t control what their fan base does and never did I write something up to bash them on a website.I’m not saying it was right, I am just saying at this point every single person was hammered. Like the guy said earlier, there were literally riots in the streets, watch the videos on youtube. Our fans were excited, it showed in the wrong way. I’d like to say that most people that come to IU have a fantastic time and enjoy it, but the passion that our fans had for the game against UK was extreme and I could have predicted an incident like this last Monday. What I do find funny is that you are bashing the whole entire fan base. That’s fine to set a stereotype. I also find it hilarious that the people on here that are disgusted are also threatening to do the same thing to us, and “beat up any IU fag …”. Good for you. The person making those comments is no better than the people who did it to you. Also, 99.9% of the time IU couldn’t care less about Kentucky except game day for basketball. We mostly spend our time hating Purdue. Actually, most posts I saw after the game on my facebook & twitter were directed towards Purdue fans. I’m not going to spend my time discussing how awful that school is because I unfortunately live closer to that armpit of America, plus this isn’t about them it’s about being treated respectfully. Regardless, my apologies for some of our fans, and sorry to all of the other UK people on here who can only react by threat of violence.

  457. jengland
    11:15 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Several IU students at Rupp last year displayed similar behavior…hell…one of ’em was so drunk he could not stand by end of first half. State troopers escorted him and his buddy out. Stay classy IU students!

  458. My Indiana Experience
    11:16 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I went to the Indy 500 last year. It was great. The usher at the race told my friend and I we needed to go back up the stairs, row “F” was higher up than row “H”…and we’re the hillbillies. Row “A” was the front row.

  459. Cal's A Cheater
    11:21 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Quit Bitching so people weren’t nice to you. It happens sounds to me like you could have avoided it all by wearing a red shirt. How could you buy tickets to the game in october when they didn’t go on sale until November oops looks like there’s holes in your story from the very beginning. So you can bitch and whine all you want won’t change anything. And maybe they shouldn’t have called this guy an asshole sounds like fairy would have fit much better. I said a You can’t spell SUCK without UK

  460. Big cat
    11:21 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Here’s the difference, And how it’s supposed to be…

  461. Scott
    11:24 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    453 Cristoforouk…..what you fail to realize is that there is a huge difference betweeen the validity of the UNC story and this one…that one was written by the blogger himself about his own personal experience. THis is from an emailer who wanted to remain “anonymous”…which means that 1) It’s a complete fabrication or 2) Its a huge exaggeration or 3) the writer was a giant tool bag who went around drunkenly shooting his mouth off.

    We’ll never know because he is “anonymous”…which is wierd in its own right. Not like he’s whistleblowing on his employer or something.

    I found this and some of the comments on other sites interesting, so I just emailed a co-worker who is from Kentucky, and big UK fan and I know planned to go to the game. She just told me that is was a pretty wild enviorment and a few people shoted some stuff at them going into the game, but nothing horrible. She got a crack out a kid who’s reaction to the win was to turn around to her and give her the “suck it” hand gesture….but other than that said everything was fine during her evening in Bloomington.

  462. he says she
    11:25 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    447. Look, every fan that has gone to a rivals arena/stadium and has experienced some sort of taunting, etc., but there are too many accounts of horrible treatment of Kentucky fans. Has nothing to do with having balls because they obviously went to the game after a constant bombardment of hate from adults on the way to Assembly Hall. These are adults who somehow have the nerve to call Kentucky fans every name in the book while at the same time frothing at the mouth. Get it? There’s a significant difference.

    Just accept that fact and move on.

  463. John
    11:26 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m from Southern Indiana (just a few minutes outside of Louisville). I’m also a die hard UK fan and wanted to mention my experience from the UK/IU game back in 2001. It was played at the RCA Dome in Indy and although I’m sure it can’t be compared to Saturday’s game in Bloomington but spoke volumes about IU fans. I went with my wife and my two elderly grandparents. Before the game started Tayshaun Prince was walking across the football field to get to the court and I hollered down at him and he waived back to me. Immediately a bunch of IU fans behind us started screaming “we’re going to kick your a$$ today”. I thought to myself, big rivalry game…that’s fine. Then the entire game we listened to the IU fans repeatedly talk about “people from Kentucky”. They were pretty nasty and I was embarrased with my grandparents having to listen to this. On the way out after the game all we heard was F Kentucky. I even had a US Army jacket on (and mind you this was three months after 9/11 and I was getting ready to deploy overseas)and I even heard someone say F Kentucky and the US Army. By the way….I went to the UK/IU game at Rupp last year and I’m sure things happened but heard nothing close to that from our fans.

  464. he says she
    11:28 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    460. Wow, where did you get you original material? Yeah, Indiana fans are intelligent.

  465. Johnny America
    11:32 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    UK fans are the most ignorant and arrogant fans in the country. Take your loss and move on. Quit your crying!

  466. HoosierHysteria
    11:35 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Dear #463,
    Oh and this whole thread calling Hoosiers rednecks and imbred is not the same thing? IU fans can walk into a Purdue stadium and get called ever worse names. I don’t really see why you’re crying so much about it. I think UK fans just can’t handle losing “to a team that hasn’t been relevant in a decade or longer” so they must cry foul at anything. Who the hell wouldn’t still go to the game? Why would you travel and not go just because someone called you a name? That’s not showing balls that’s just going to a game you bought 6 tickets for. Retard.

    This is Indiana,
    We are rowdy and crazy,
    Get over it,
    And once again grow some balls please and thanks

  467. Boilermaker Fan
    11:35 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You have to remember that IU has been beat up and a sub par team for several years now. Their fans are bitter about the horrible seasons that have tarnished the IU Basketball legacy. Now that they have a decent team, they’re ready to dish out what they’ve been eating since the Bobby Knight era ended.

    I have tickets to watch the Purdue v. IU game at Assembly Hall in March. This is undoubtedly a much larger rivalry than IU v. UK. I’m going with some friends from work who are Hoosier fans, so hopefully I’ll have some support from them should I be treated the same way this fan and his family were treated.

  468. KentuckyWho
    11:40 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    HA you guys are jokes. you lost. This is Indiana and Basketball country. Just like people who go to professional games wearing the opposite color take rude comments all night, so did you. Its just something you do not do. Drunk young people are confrontational everywhere you go, not just at Kilroys. and 454 your an idiot. We have six separate schools ranked top 5 in the country. Your are all complaining like other sore losers.. they paid the refs, we had a bad game, we were rattled. Yes you were rattled because Assembly hall reached 115 decibels. And we shut down your stud. IU was the better team that day. IU led almost the entire game and hit shots like good teams do.

  469. he says she
    11:40 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    457. What is it with you IU fans that make some sort of half-assed apology by saying it happens everywhere so deal with it? Do two wrongs make it right? The fact that you are all so defensive about what happened suggests that you’re embarrassed by it.

    I understand why IU fans were whipped up into a frenzy leading into the game, but obviously there were too many instances of IU fans taking it too far. Why is that hard for you to accept? Just leave it at that and go back to your Hoosier websites to bitch about whatever it is you bitch about normally.

  470. cb
    11:42 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    ya this is coming from a fan of the university of kentucky basketball program which is led by the least classy coach in the nation…. stop being a sore loser

  471. JackBluto
    11:42 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I would normally not believe this story – I went to college in the state of Indiana (at a school much better than IU and UK heh) and was a UK fan while there. My experience with IU fans was good, and I respected them as one of the elite fan bases of UK, UNC and KU. I went to the FF in ’93 in NO – there were a large group of fans from 5 schools – the FF teams, UK, UNC, KU and Michigan, and IU fans who had bought tickets (IU was the 1 seed) but were upset by KU. The experience was great but for the Michigan fans. I have always hated Michigan fans since then – and nothing about them has changed over the years for me, but I admit my sample size is small b/c I never lived more north that my Undergraduate school in Indiana and I live south of Kentucky today.

    Having said that, I am saddened by the IU fan base experience I have heard from MANY UK fans. Many were shocked by what happened over the weekend – not with the outcome but with the statements of IU fans. You only need read the 2 stories from the UNC blogger that went to Lexington the last 2 UK v. UNC games to know that UK fans generally give a different experience to opposing fans. I have been to UK basketball and football games in Athens, and basketball only in Auburn and Columbia. Columbia is a mixed bag, the fans in Athens and Auburn are generally (always drunk a$$holes everywhere – the issue is the culture – not the isolated incidents) great and nice. I have heard that LSU is a really bad place to be for an opposing fan, but I have no personal experience.

    I sadly find the IU stories reasonable and probably true. I think the culture of the fan base has changed for the worse. They always appologized for Knight, but perhaps years of being not very good has changed things there. Tubby’s last few years were mediocre, followed by mediocre Billy G 2 years, but our lowest point NIT once and a couple of 8 seeds. We were never BAD like IU has been for a few years.

    Last point: If you are good, your losses are magnified. But I am sick and tired of being other players/coaches signature wins. Crean said he has 2 big wins in his career. Both were over UK. Maybe one year he know what it is like to be someone else’s signature win of a career.

  472. KentuckyWho
    11:43 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    and we have the largest student section in the nation. by hundreds, no one is even close. So honestly what do you expect. Our 5 banners speak for themselves.

  473. Hartline
    11:43 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This really isn’t about sports as much as its about a group of people believing they are superior in every shape and form. Thank God Indiana isn’t in the SEC and South. I’ve been treated bad by LSU fans but they by no means believe themselves better like Indiana fans do. Must be something about when you cross that river.

  474. BigBlueFan31
    11:45 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    **Almost a fight**
    When we used to rotate the IU/UK games between Indy and Louisville, a few buddies of mine and myself went every other year to the game in Louisville. We scalped tickets that were the front row of the upper level seats at Freedom Hall. Great seats. The year that Mike Davis infamously went to the press conference, after losing, and stated, “I can’t coach this team, I’m not good enough.” (Or something to that affect.) Anyway, there was a point in the game where we went on a 10+ point run. The run lasted through a timeout and a TV timeout. So, we’re talking at least ten minutes of actual time. Well, the 4-5 people behind us were all IU fans and they were none too hapy that we stood up the entire time. These men were at least in their 30s and all 4 of us were college kids.
    So, they start demanding that we sit down because we are blocking their view. Well, we didn’t think they were serious, so naturally we continued to stand through the TO’s and through the run. So, the next thing I hear is one of them say if you don’t sit your F’ing a**es down, I’m going to kick your a**!! We all look at each other and laugh. At 5′11 170, I was the smallest of my group, but small by no means. The other guys were 6-1 to 6-4..we were killing their view. I had heard enough so, I turn to them and say, “don’t get mad at us that your team SUCKS and we’re on a run, we’ll sit down when you stop us!!!”

    They went from we’re going to kick your a— to going to ask security to have us sit down. I happened to turn around when they were talking to security and seen the security guard laugh at the guy. We did not sit down the rest of the game. We heard them say they were going to “get us on the way out,” but they left with 4 minutes left in the game.

    We looked for them on the way out, but they were no where to be found. To be honest we wanted to find them. And since that day IU will always be the team I hate the most. Even more than UL!!!

  475. IUfan
    11:47 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    While I am sorry that you experienced this, I also think you should not have gone to THE MOST crazy/popular bar to be at in Bloomington. Maybe something like Brothers, or some less popular bar or restaurant would have been more suitable. I went to Scottys Brewhouse to watch the game. Yes people were drunk and doing IU chants, but they were nothing more than “who who who hoosiers”. It was my birthday and their was a group of UK fans at the table behind me that almost ruined it for me. They were yelling excuses every single time IU made a shot, constantly talking shit about IU openly. No one bothered them even though they were being annoying. Even after the game, we gave them some shit but everyone was laughing, even the UK fans. I just dont know what you would expected going to Kilroys or Nicks. Most Uk fans I saw were talking a ton of shit before the game, posting mean comments on IU students facebook pages, ect. In conclusion, while I agree the conduct was wrong I also would not go to UK’s #1 crazy college student bar. Also, you guys are complaining about what IU fans said/did but there are a ton of UK fans on here saying next time I see an IU fan im going to knock their teeth out, ect. How is this any better? What you are threatening is assualt….

  476. Swampland in FL
    11:52 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am from Uranus (insert joke), I was there (not true), i saw it all (again not true),,they actually beat the crap out of each other in the parking lot as they argued which player would go higher in the next draft and why one player was actually invisible the entire game. Please remember almost nothing you read on a blog is actually real.

  477. Alan
    11:52 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It’s called southern hospitality and them SOB’s have none of that!! We have a bullseye on our back every where we go! I hate the Hoosiers and can’t wait to pour beer on thier head next year!!

  478. JA
    12:00 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    So you say Bloomington was rough? I’m not terribly impressed by the KY responses here either.

    12:00 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Chill out everyone. Where do you get off saying this shit? You know damn well if an Indiana fan traveled to UK for a game UK fans would hassle us the exact same way we did to you. It’s a college rivalry, and it’s expected. Boo-Hoo. Sad story. If you don’t like it don’t come to our campus on our home turf. It’s as easy as that, and you’re just asking for trouble. As Alan stated above (clearly a UK fan) he would pour beers on our heads next year. Who’s the hypocrit now? BOO YA! HOOSIERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. Indiana girl
    12:01 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t understand what everyone’s deal is with bashing people from Indiana. I was born and raised here and in no way would I ever treat someone that way. Bashing people from Indiana just because of a college basketball game makes you no better than anyone at that game. Besides, the game is about the players and their accomplishments, their talents, and their drive. Not about some stupid brawl that frankly happens everywhere. It was a great game, and everyone should see it as that. And one more thing, if you’re going to bash people from Indiana for being hillbillies, you should at least get your grammar and spelling checked before submitting a comment.

  481. Need a tampon?
    12:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    A wise man once said “What did you think was gonna happen.” Seriously this is unbelievable that all these grown men are crying about a few harsh words said to them. Sounds to me like they should have gotten their ass kicked to toughen them up a bit. Don’t be naive and put yourself on some grand pedestal, I just don’t see the need to write an anonymous letter complaining about how I was treated at a heated BASKETBALL game but then again I also have something that hangs between my legs.

  482. IUfan
    12:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I would first like to personally apologize for the behavior of the IU fans. I would also like to point out that most of this fan’s time was spent near the bars most often visited by students, where no doubt there would be drunken, crazed IU fans that let their class slip out the window. If you had encountered any mature and/or sober students or older fans, I am sure you would have been treated with much more respect. I wish that this wasn’t written as a general overview of every IU fan, because this is simply not the case. For every rude IU fan, there would be one who is respectful. It is unfortunate and upsetting to me that you didn’t run into any of those on your visit. As for me, I was nowhere near that area that night as I knew it was to be avoided… I again apologize for the behavior and wished you had had a better experience.

  483. juicedog1
    12:05 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    My father told me this when I was a kid and I will always remember it….Indiana should be turned into a parking lot.

    12:08 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Alright you guys deleted my last post…

    All I got to say is UK is filled with a bunch of inbread PUSSSYS and yall aint got SHIT on IU.

  485. UK Who?
    12:11 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Anonymous=Bullshit. I’ve been to UK games and UK fans are just as ridiculous. Quit being biased. Uneducated hillbillies with no self control. Say what you want but UK fans are synonymous with classless but it’s always easier to point the finger after a loss. Quit being sore losers and grow up. This blog was a “I’m taking my ball and going home” blog. I have five friends that were there that would never and have never acted like that but this cry baby says and I quote “THE ENTIRE FANBASE WERE OF THE CONFRONTATIONAL VARIETY”. Let me guess, you did noting to instigate anything right? I know another individual that was there that works for the same company that I do that is a HUGE UK fan and he claims he had a blast and the people in Bloomington were phenomenal. Bottom line…..quit being sore losers.

  486. he says she
    12:13 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    469 KentuckyWho. IU led for 23 minutes of the game, not the “entire” game. You say that like IU controlled the whole game which is absolutely false. There wasn’t a point in that game where IU fans thought they game secured.

  487. Bobby Knight
    12:14 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Indiana Girl:
    Want a good Sandusky later on from the King of IU, me?

  488. he says she
    12:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    485 Hoosier daddy. Sounds like you were at the game with about 17,000 of your buddies.

  489. Jon
    12:17 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    On behalf of Hoosier sports, I apologize for the unwelcome behavior you encountered. As a Purdue student who loves the rivalry with IU, I still hate seeing IU get bad press. Incidents like the ones you experienced happen all over the place…even here at Purdue, but it’s deplorable that they took it to the extent that you described. Playful banter is fine, but verbally berating someone over a sports game – something that is supposed to be entertaining, and nothing more – is ridiculous.

    I hope students from different schools read your story, and realize that when you get down to it, it’s a SPORTS GAME. They’re meant for entertainment. And just because “your” team….the one you support…may or may not win a game…doesn’t mean that you’re any better or worse than the supporters of the other team. Not even the actual PLAYERS act that way.

    12:20 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Haters gonna hate… Seriously YOU go through the last 4 years of Basketball IU has had and tell me you wouldn’t be as passionate about winning against the #1 ranked team and rival

  491. Christine
    12:21 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As an Indiana university student, I would like to extend an apology to this person and his family. I am embarrassed at the way several students chose to celebrate the game. It honestly takes the fun and excitement away from this and any future wins.

  492. IU thru and thru
    12:22 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    College athletics, not church, if you want to be cuddled and welcomed to a town do not come during the biggest game of our season. Our seats in Assembly Hall are meant for OUR students, OUR family, OUR alum, not a fleet of Kentucky blue. Have some respect and know your place. As IU fans we stand above all else when it comes to pride and would understand the same defense in Lexington fans. Watch the game at home for no cost at all, don’t be stupid and put yourself in the middle of a rival situation. USE YOUR BRAIN KENTUCKY!

  493. Bitter UK fans lie
    12:24 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You mean to tell me after this guy went through so much hate at Nicks before the game and then at the game, afterwards he decides to go to the craziest bar in Bloomington where fans are spilled out into the streets??? This guy was either a gluten for punishment or he is a complete liar. UK fans are notorious for blaming some of their bad fan behavior on “poser” UK fans. I’ve heard them claim other fan bases create screen names on websites, call into shows posing as UK fans, and actually dress up as UK fans to give them a bad name. Give me a break. It all just boils down to a small segment of the UK fan base being bitter about losing to IU and trying to lessen the smack talk by trying to get some sympathy for something that didn’t happen. Some UK fans would love nothing more than to try to bring down IU’s win by claiming they were spit on and assaulted.

    I was at Yogi’s before the game, at the game around UK fans, and at Kirkwood after the game. I saw ZERO instances of IU fans harrassing UK fans or doing anything negative towards them. I guess it was just coincedence I didn’t see any UK fans getting beat to death, set on fire, or their corpses eaten by blood thirsty Hoosier cannibals……… Give me a break.

  494. NoShoesJack
    12:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    If IU hate us so much, lets just take ’em off the schedule. Let them fill up their non- conference schedule with a few more big time matchups like Savannah State and Stetson. They won’t have to suffer anymore of us Kentucky Hillbillies and our national attention and our nationally televised ESPN games of the week.

  495. BoilerFan23
    12:26 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I see comments calling people from Indiana “the worst people in the country”. Please say whatever you want about IU, but when you just name the state you are including Purdue in there. If you were to come to Purdue for a game, nothing like this would ever happen. IU hates everyone because that’s what the student body learns to do when they can’t win which has been the IU way of life for many of the past years. Now that they are winning, they are not sure what to do so they just keep being assholes. Hope you don’t totally hate the state of Indiana now. I promise that we are nicer up north.

    As always though, Boiler Up!

  496. Crean and Crimson
    12:26 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    What you don’t understand is that the only team that IU fans hate more is perhaps Purdue. I received this same type of treatment when I went to Lexington with some Louisville fans for the football game back in 2006. The walk to and from Commonwealth stadium was like walking through hell, not to mention that most every car in the Louisville tailgating area/parking lot got keyed come game time. I would personally take a beer over the head than my car getting keyed any day. You can compare UK and IU fans at that time to each other because at that point UK was getting crushed by UL every year, similarly to how IU has gotten waxed by UK over the past several years. You may not understand because IU has become irrelevant over the past few years and its just another game on your schedule. They’re just another game on your schedule, but it means a lot to IU and their fans. If you don’t expect to be treated poorly on the road at a rivalry game, even if you don’t see it as a rival, then stay home and enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home.

  497. Btown Girl
    12:29 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Not only do I think it is absolutely ridiculous to say that “The difference this weekend was that the entire fanbase were of the confrontational variety”, but I also think this person needs a reality check. This person was in ONE place, downtown Bloomington. It is ridiculous for you to make a claim that the ENTIRE Hoosier fanbase is like the people you encountered. I also would like to say that I had a friend who is a Kentucky fan and her entire family down for the whole weekend. While I was at Assembly Hall, she was at Kilroy’s Sports and while she said there were nasty commments thrown around, she openly admitted that it was coming from both sides and everyone was laughing and in good spirits as they said them. She said not ONCE did she feel completely unwelcome and she had one of the best weekends of her college career. Both of her parents enjoyed themselves too. So if you can’t handle a little bit of a rivalry then I suggest you don’t put yourself in the middle of a well-known Bloomington Pub with a huge tie to IU.

    Also can I point out that my father is a police officer in Bloomington and he was working the downtown area on Saturday night and not ONE Kentucky fan reported to any of the police of any mistreatment. There was not one arrest made in Bloomington that night that was directly related to the IU v. Kentucky game.

  498. BoilerFan23
    12:30 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    And I am pretty sure that the IU fans on this page right now are not helping out their image at all by name calling and not finding an intelligent thing to say except “grow a pair”. I’m sorry some people actually have a team that’s good enough to follow on the road and hoped that people sharing a common love of college basketball would see that.

  499. Hey Guess What
    12:33 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe “ya’ll” should stop being pussies.

  500. joe
    12:37 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    sour grapes.

  501. KentuckyWho
    12:37 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU set a season low for points, season low for rebounds, and a season high for turnovers. For all those people that think IU played the game of their lives. No we actually had a a fairly average game. So come up with a new argument you cry babies.

  502. HoosierFan11
    12:38 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am an IU student and I was horrified to hear that people were being treated like that here. That being said I would never attend a huge game at another school, wear my school’s colors and not expect to be treated poorly. I agree with some of the other comments, unfortunately these kinds of events happen at every school whether you know it or not. People will always be defensive and get fired up about their teams. The atmosphere here at IU was even more intense because of all the events going on the last ten years. We’re sick of all the crap we constantly here from every other teams’ fans and we were jumping at the opportunity to prove ourselves. Which we did Saturday. So you better believe we were going to be loud, crazy, and have a few comments for all the people who told us we couldn’t do it. There will always be that group of people who take things too far and ruin it for everyone else, and I’m sorry they were treated like that. Seriously though some of these comments about punching the next person you see in a Hoosier shirt makes you just as bad as them. People will always be defensive of, and fight for their teams. But there’s one thing you can’t deny, the Hoosiers are back, so instead of all your hateful comments so should be happy for us, that a program so destroyed can be built back up and rise again. See all you haters at the next game 🙂

  503. IUSupporter
    12:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry for the terrible way you were treated.

  504. UK Alum
    12:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m completely embarrassed that this story has been published. I have been to IU many times, including to this game and I don’t agree with any of this anonymous person’s claims. I very very much enjoyed my time there this past weekend and even after our lose to IU, I had a wonderful night, getting swept up in their excitement.

    If you were a Packers fan and went to Solider field to play the Bears in green and yellow, you’d be boo’ed too. That’s sports. Man up.

  505. Jack Demsey
    12:46 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #502 doesn’t understand his own argument. KY, even with their low game of the season, caused those things for IU — who played BY FAR their best game of the season. If UK was at full force, it would have been a blow out.

  506. BoilerFan23
    12:49 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Anyone else find it ironic that the main IU claim to fame is their “Banners On The Wall”. The most recent banner was won before most the current students were even alive. I mean come on, find something a little relative to modern basketball to be proud of.

  507. HangTen
    12:52 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    To make matters worse, we have Rex and V telling UK fans to admit to defeat and to stop making excuses. Terrosist!!!

  508. hoosier42
    12:55 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    grow up

  509. Hannibal Lecter
    12:56 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Talk about an epic party after the game! Oh yeah, that’s right, Hannibal Lecter is an IU fan. I picked out a nice UK family trying to leave the game in peace and what do you know!? Their car battery was dead due to some well placed cable cutters. So I gave them a ride in my windowless red IU van out to the middle of a corn field and chopped them up into little pieces. I was listening to the Fish give us post game interviews on my stereo as I boiled their meat until it was literally falling off the bone. I made some cute wind chimes out of their bones to sell in little Nashville next weekend and totally had a great time doing it. UK fans should visit Bloomington more often, they have tender meat! Go IU!

  510. YoungHoosierFan
    12:56 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As someone who live is the most southern part of Indiana, close to Kentucky, I do not see such behavior as was talked about above in my hometown area. Yes, we are big IU fans and no I or my family have not been to Bloomington for a game nor did I go to college there because it was deemed a “party school.” Anonymous needs to remember where he was and the behavior there does not reflect the entire population of Indiana. I wouldn’t be surprised to see such behavior come from thousand of drunk college kids anywhere. Now I’m not making excuses for anyone, IU, UK, Xanvie, Cincy, etc. Just asking for respect for the rest of the IU fans because we’re not all the same.

    12:58 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am a current Indiana University student, and have been a fan all my life. I have supported the Hoosiers basketball team through its ups and downs and would like to address some of the things mentioned in the above posts. It’s extremely ignorant to assume that the entire IU population is made up of ” the worst human beings in the world.” Not only is that overly dramatic but completely ridiculous. Our students are extremely passionate about our team and supportive of how far they’ve come and how hard they have worked to get there. I have personally met each player, and they all carry themselves with dignity and are respectful. They work hard on and off the court, and deserve the praise and support from their school. This win was due to their dedication to the game and hard work, not luck. I’m sure the North Carolina fans are probably accusing Kentucky of beating them due to “pure luck” as well. Hoosier fans are so proud of our team because of how far they’ve come since the Sampson days. Tom Crean has done so much for our program and is a great coach and guy. He deserves all the respect in the world from not only IU, but from college basketball in general, and it’s insulting for you to sit there and bash Crean while your coach has been more than questionable with his college basketball coaching career. John Calipari has more vacated wins (42) than 96 current D-1 coaches (27.8%) have total career wins. Also, UK is 9th all-time in major infractions (6) & was the 1st basketball team to earn the death penalty. Just some fun facts for you to consider before bashing our team. I would be embarrassed to cheer on a team with those statistics. To the initial post, if the things described really did take place, then I’m very sorry and I can assure you that the majority of IU fans would not condone that behavior, but at the same time, you chose to watch the biggest rivalry game for the Hoosiers in a bar in downtown Bloomington. You should have considered the implications of the situation you were putting yourself in.

  512. HoosierFromKY
    1:00 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I saw this post linked on facebook, through some KY friends…I am originally from KY, and went to IU for undergrad (recent graduate). In my four years there, I never saw activities like this. Of course there is the occasional person who is a jerk, but that doesnt speak for the population as a whole. I know no one in my sorority or my friend group would ever act this was. That being said, I have been to the IU/UK when it was held at Rupp. And I def wore my red! And I was berated with mean comments all day/night. Thats to be expected. Grow a pair. Perhaps I got it easier, being a female. Every time I wear opposing team colors, I get harassed. And I’ve been to SEC games, Big Ten Games, and Big 12. Take it with a smile and laugh. People who get openly agitated are the ones who the crowds persist on. So I would just like to say that UK is not known for their hospitality. Ive gone there wearing IU and UofL gear and been treated equal to that of these gentlemen. This to me sounds like someone who is being a sore loser. I doubt it would have been written, had KY won. Grow up. Quit whining. And cheer for your team, thats what you are there for.

  513. clapclap
    1:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Why the hell would you go to Kilroys after the game? Kirkwood was packed. What do you expect? No chance in hell you thought people would “buy you a beer” and say good game! You knew what you were getting in and everyone knows if this was @ Kentucky the same shit would happen. Get a clue

  514. Yo Bro
    1:03 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    HAHAHA at you hicks saying this guy should’nt have attended the game and wore blue. WTF, that’s basically admitting that your fanbase is nothing but a bunch of trashy rednecks and treat opposing fans like this all the time. You should absolutely be able to travel and support the damn team you cheer for without getting assaulted, I can understand a little taunting…it’s part of the rivalary and the price you pay for wearing blue but what’s wrong with being welcoming and respectful..wish the other fan a good game and no injuries? Is that too classy for you rednecks to do, because that’s usually how the “home team crowd” acts to the visiting fans in college sports, atleast the games I’ve attended (NOT IN INDIANA OF COURSE).

  515. Grow a pair UK fans
    1:08 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Sounds like nothing but a bunch of crying after a loss. The original writer of this email thought IU fans should buy him a beer while he is wearing all blue at the bigggest rivalry game Bloomington has seen in years???? Was he expecting IU fans in bar downtown made up of mostly drunk students to roll out the red carpet because he was a UK fan???? Get real. I was at the game and at Kilroy’s after the game and didn’t see anything like this. IU fans were having a good time and actually saw a couple UK fans joining in the fun buying shots for a few IU fans around them. So I find it really hard to beleive these stories are coming from UK fans that either made it up or weren’t even there. Shame on UK fans for being so low to make something like this up in order to help ease their pain.

  516. Natalie
    1:10 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As a native Kentuckian and an IU Bloomington student, I have to apologize on behalf of my fellow students. I don’t think that these people are representative of the City of Bloomington’s welcoming and cultured spirit, or of the student body as a whole. Our “sports fans” tend to be jerks–this is true. I and my friends have had to deal with their drunken debauchery on more than one occasion, and it’s shameful. But it is NOT–I repeat–NOT representative of IU’s student body. Neither I or my friends, or any that I know from Bloomington, would have EVER treated you that way. In all of my experiences as Kentuckian living in Bloomington, I have never once felt discriminated against based on where I come from. I’m sorry you had to see this stupid minority of people instead of the majority of people in Bloomington that are friendly, intelligent and hospitable.

  517. Notre Dame Fan
    1:10 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have to live with all sides, IU, UK, and U of L. And by far, Kentucky has the worst and delusional fans in this area. They drink they own vomit if it contains alcohol.

  518. Cats
    1:11 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    516. There is no pain buddy, I was mad for a total of about 5 minutes after UK lost. Woke the next day knowing that I’m a UK fan and you all always be IU fans…have fun with that. Be sure to tune in when the Cats are on the road to cutting down the nets for the 8th time in school history, while the Hoosiers will probably miss the Nit…..again.

  519. AJ_IU_ColtsFan
    1:12 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Why should any of this have happened? Fellow Hoosiers: Don’t blame KY fans for going to Kilroys. They should’ve been able to watch the game anywhere in Bloomington and not have been molested. They should have been able to go anywhere in Bloomington and not have been abused.

    There is no excuse for anything that was done. Even if only a fraction of what was posted here is true, that fraction should still not have happened. At all. End of story. Even a hint of an opposing fan being abused in any manner is nothing to laugh at. That hint is inexcusable. Our fanbase needs to show class, and no, it doesn’t matter if they’re Wildcat fans, it doesn’t matter if it’s our soil, and it sure as HELL doesn’t matter if any of us have been on the receiving end of it before. Either we show class or we don’t. Either we choose to be better than others, or we don’t.

    Don’t be abusive. It’s that simple. You don’t look mature when you do so, you don’t look enlightened, and you don’t look superior. You simply look foolish.

    We *can* be a class fanbase, but it has to start with even enemies showing up at our bars. I was downtown that night on and near the square (Opie Taylors, Malibu Grill, and Jonny Rockits), and I sure as hell wouldn’t have abused any KY fans. I wouldn’t have done so because it’s not right to do so. No one else should either.

  520. Help Me!!!!
    1:12 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m a UK fan still stuck in Bloomington. Some students abducted me and locked me in their basement with no food, no water, and really spotty internet service on my phone! They beat me with a rubber hose, cut off my ear, made me eat a dog turd, and called me a UofL fan!!!! I’m gonna die if you don’t help me!!!! These IU fans are blood thirty animals!!! AHHHHHH!!!

  521. John Wooden & Bobby Knight
    1:13 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @512 Just because we didn’t get caught doesn’t mean we did things the right way…

    In all seriousness though, KY had a bad past with some of that stuff, I agree. Although I still don’t buy the story from the 80’s and still think that stinks badly of a setup, however, I think we probably did enough crap the previous 2 decades that Kharma finally caught up to us in the Sutton era. Regardless we haven’t cheated since 1987 and in fact have run one of the cleaner programs in college basketball under 4 different coaches now. I would say we learned our lesson so calling us cheaters now is really going back to stuff that happened before the current students were born.

  522. IU Fan
    1:13 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am very sorry you were treated poorly here in Bloomington on Saturday. I am currently an IU student and have been a die-hard IU basketball fan since I could walk. It has been very disappointing to go to a school with such a rich basketball history during the years that the men’s basketball has been at its worst. Many others who are now seniors feel the same frustration I have felt. Finally, after all that suffering, the team is making huge strides, and Watford’s buzzer beater returned hope and excitement to us. If you understood this, and understood how frustrating it’s been to see your coach magically start at Kentucky and get the best recruiting classes (seems kind of fishy after what’s come out after he’s left other schools…), then you would be able to see why there is hostility toward Kentucky. That being said, I am shocked and appalled at the level to which some of our fans stooped. I am very sorry that these encounters have led you all to make hasty generalizations about all IU fans. Never in my life have I, or any of my friends, shouted these things and never would we think about showing violence toward another team, even an arch rival. I’m sad to hear that this was your encounter in Bloomington. I hope you can realize that many of us are respectful and hospitable, and please don’t let drunk fans determine your opinion of everyone.

  523. Um...Not So Fast
    1:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Anonymous posts are always interesting to me. For one, I don’t buy into it because this UK fan refused to post his name or be interviewed. Secondly, I don’t care where you are, these things happen somewhere to some unlucky away-fan. At a BAR no less. Next time, park at a church and walk down. Don’t park and sit with people getting liquored up before, during, and after the game….and then judge the other fans based on that incident.

    I get it. It sucks. But you kinda threw the whole fan-base under the bus. And, again, ‘anonymous’ posts are simply untrustworthy. Wouldn’t be shocked if this was simply a bunch of sour grapes. #hityourfreethrows

  524. AJ_IU_ColtsFan
    1:19 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    And Ps. There’s no dodging this by putting blame on “Chicago” students and anyone else from The Region. That’s bull. I have family in Chicago. I have people I grew up alongside who now live in Chicago, and I know their friends, many of whom grew up in Chicago. I can’t think of a single one – **not one** – of them who’d even think about doing anything like this. And I can see all of them being disgusted at it.

    Besides which, even if it were true, even if the egregious offenders were from Chicago and New England states, **it does not matter**. While at IU, while cheering for IU, that person’s a Hoosier. Maybe not a native one, but that person’s an IU fan all the same. Doesn’t matter if he’s from Saskatchewan, Honolulu, Shanghai, or Detroit. He’s a Hoosier. And that person needs to act in a manner that does not make the rest of us look bad.

  525. Krice Cook
    1:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have a question. If this young man bought tickets for the game, then why was he watching it in a bar on the campus of Indiana?

  526. Indiana Resident
    1:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am not a UK fan.. I am not an IU fan.. I am not a fan of basketball. But to here this stuff coming from other Hoosiers is horrible.. That aside, you people commenting about how “Horrible” Indiana people are, are just as bad as the Hoosiers treating the Kentucky fans like crap. I do know the feeling though, I am a hockey fan. I live in Fort Wayne and love the Komets, and followed them to a Bloomington game and got treated just as bad, just no beer pouring. All in all, it’s not “Hoosiers” that are horrible people it is the poor-sportmans-like fans!

  527. Connor
    1:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This guy is a little bitch. The same thing would happen if IU was at Kensucky. You shouldn’t expect anything going into a situation like that. Quit whining and buck up. Shit happens.

  528. Current IU Student
    1:26 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Oh you were treated poorly? Think I care? Nope, you should be pissed at your team for letting you down, then you could have been running your mouth and talking shit. So don’t blame us for yelling, don’t blame us for pouring beer, and dont blame us for mocking you. Blame your idiot coach who didnt foul, blame your future ineligible players for not performing, blame your work for paying you so could buy a ticket, or blame your parents for making you grow up and attend Kentucky But sure as hell don’t blame Indiana Fans, not our fault you came to the game

  529. AJ_IU_ColtsFan
    1:27 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    “Help Me!!!! Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 1:12 pm
    I’m a UK fan still stuck in Bloomington. Some students abducted me and locked me in their basement with no food, no water, and really spotty internet service on my phone! They beat me with a rubber hose, cut off my ear, made me eat a dog turd, and called me a UofL fan!!!! I’m gonna die if you don’t help me!!!! These IU fans are blood thirty animals!!! AHHHHHH!!!”

    Suck it up. At least you still got internet service. 😉

  530. IU Forever
    1:28 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Ummmm Then don’t come back to IU. We don’t want you here. When you step foot in Bloomington I hope you remember that. You’re not wanted we basically hate you. So don’t wear your crappy UK blue in our town, and you won’t get called an asshole. You came to an IU this isn’t the SEC we aren’t your friends remember that.

  531. Oh...
    1:28 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Wow…as an IU student, I’m really sorry that shit happened. I promise, we are not all drunken bastards! If I had to guess, I’d say you just got a nasty cross-section of folks who probably woke up early that morning specifically to get to the drinkin’. It’s not an excuse, by any means, but please don’t assume that we’re all like that. Most of us are okay people.

  532. IU Forever
    1:28 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Ummmm Then don’t come back to IU. We don’t want you here. When you step foot in Bloomington I hope you remember that. You’re not wanted we basically hate you. So don’t wear your crappy UK blue in our town, and you won’t get called an asshole. You came to an IU basketball game this isn’t the SEC we aren’t your friends remember that.

  533. iu_Fan
    1:34 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The sissification of America, cry, cry, cry some more, your going to Indiana which eats, sleeps, and breaths basketball…..Additionally, your going to the BARS on a SATURDAY before dead week….what do you expect? But don’t worry your program will soon explode like Indiana’s did, Calipari???? C’mon we all know its a matter of time before his slippery ways are exposed at Kentucky. How do you expect to be treated after you sell your soul to the devil Kentucky????

  534. I call BS on this email
    1:34 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The guy was tortured so much at Nick’s before the game and during the game that he decided to go to the place after the game with the biggest concentration of IU students mixed with alcohol?????? Either this guy was a moron for thinking IU fans were going to “buy him a beer”, he really wanted to start something, or he this story is completely fabricated by an unmamed source posted on a pro-UK blog for the purpose of trying to diminish IU’s victory and fantastic atmosphere that is being talked about all over ESPN.

  535. ACE
    1:37 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Why do you think there was no name attached? Made up story, that’s why. Let it go, I.U. won this one. Better luck to you next year.

  536. HooHooHoosiers
    1:38 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You made the decision to come to the home school’s campus wearing the opponent’s colors. What did you expect? It’s a college town. I don’t know where you have been living, but they’re all like that to some extent. Where I go to school, you’ll get dogged if you’re wearing any other school’s colors to a sporting event. It’s all about team support. Don’t wear the opponent’s colors and expect to be treated the same as the home team. And definitely don’t expect to get a beer bought for you. People don’t even do that for their fellow fans.

  537. Cory
    1:40 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Lol. Everyone needs to suck it up. People are going to be stupid as shit everywhere you go. Not just IN. I live in Fort Wayne, IN and I really dont like Bloomington, but all you people saying that all the people in IN have no class are just ignorant. Thinking like that and posting it on the internet just makes you look like an idiot. So next time something dumb happens to you, dont be that retard that starts a fight or goes and complains about it to everyone because it makes you look silly. These things happen all the time, everywhere. Suck it up and just be the better person. This is just a ridiculous thing to talk about. Anyway, I hope your next encounter with one of us “hillbilly, no class, Hoosiers” goes better because not everyone is the same as the stupid ass people in the bars at IU.

  538. Cats
    1:41 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU Forever, (533) I’ll be in Bloomington in 2 years wearing nothing but blue and guess what, you won’t do shit about it….I can promise you that kid.

  539. Mr. Man
    1:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    While the last paragraph upset me on the pouring beer on someone else and throwing things at you but for the love of God quit whinning. I don’t even go to school in Indiana and if a #1 rank team came to my college town, and their fans sat in my college’s bar and wore their team’s gear I might be inclined to exchange choice words with you and if I was drinking, flip you the bird as well!

    Don’t be naive to think that you were going to just waltz in to IU’s Alumni bar sporting Kentucky gear and not get harassed. Like…really? Are you honestly that surprised? The matchup between Kentucky and IU was already a heated topic in the sports world if I remember correctly.

    I would bet any amount of money, if IU were ranked #1 and some fans came to Kentucky’s alumni bar to watch the game they would have been treated exactly the same. Especially if Kentucky’s team was thought to have a chance at an upset. Again, I still don’t agree with you having beer poured on you and things thrown at you, but the verbal abuse and middle fingers are nothing to complain at.

    You are basically telling me you’re surprised a bunch of bees stung you after you stuck your dick in their bee hive.

  540. Cats
    1:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    536. No name is attached because he probably does’nt want one of you psycho hicks showing up at his door-step tonight, would’nt put that past you.

  541. LivesinINBUTnotAhoosier
    1:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m gonna have to be honest, i dont know whats going on.. i dont watch baseball.. but i do know that 2 + 2 = 4.

    1:48 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    First off, I’d like to apologize thoroughly, for your treatment Saturday. I am offended to say the least that people would actually pour beers on your party like you claim. Now for discussion, which is where you may have to meet me half way. You cannot come to Btown, or any hostile rivalry game and not expect to be heckled, that being said, I knew you knew to expect that but some of your brothers (fellow UK fans), didn’t help your cause. The only UK fans I saw inside the stadium or outside on grounds wearing UK gear were returning, if not even initiating the malicious comments. But I took no part on either side. I may only be a freshman here, but I have listened to Don Fischer (The voice of IU basketball) since I was 5, being that my parents went here. Maybe its just the way I was raised, where I wouldn’t drink to get drunk, or curse with ill intent, but there is a 2 hour time frame where all restrictions are out the door, during the game. After the victory however, I will say I did storm the court, but after we won, I was in complete awe, of how fantastic and picture perfect the ending was for an IU fan. On my way out, I approached NUMEROUS UK fans and congratulated them on a young team with loads of talent. So again, I am terribly sorry you ran in to the part of town or the fans that have been here 3-4 years and had to put up with the worst IU basketball has to offer, and the toppling of the Goliath like UK has long been awaited by the students and fans who were old enough to be viewing from the bars. That doesn’t excuse their actions though, and Hell, if I were old enough, I wouldn’t have bought you a beer either, (no offense, I’m just a poor college student), but I would have congratulated you on a game that will turn into an instant classic and for the bravery to travel to the game and support your team. Sorry that I can’t speak on behalf of the 3-4 year college students at IU who are still bitter, but maybe I may be one of the few still focused on sportsmanship and good basketball that chanting “F*** Kentucky” or “Cals a cheater”. Coach Cal is an argument for another time, and even though I hate his guts for how he recruits one and dones and has an absolutely horrid reputation, I didn’t partake in any of the slanderous chants, only those that were for the betterment of my team, not the tear down of yours.

  543. Cory
    1:49 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Oh my god. Children, shut up. 539 and 533, youre just showing how stupid you are. Congrats, now everyone knows. And you too 541.
    540 is dead on. All this is nothing to complain about. It should have been expected that you would be harassed for wearing the opponents colors. That happens everywhere.

  544. stop crying like a b***h
    1:49 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You all are a bunch of females that can’t take some harsh talking to. If you are bold enough to go to a diff college wearing your colors then you obviously should b ready to get bashed like a bunch of nerds that you are. If you can’t handle it don’t come and if you want to go to the game then don’t where your colors unless you are ready to get yelled at. You are a bunch of sissies that can’t take a good bashing. Don’t come to IU if you aren’t ready to take some harsh words thrown your way. We are die-hard fans and we don’t like people coming to our town that are a bunch of sissies. Maybe if you had proved your self as a man none of these things would have happened. Who ever this happened to and who ever feels sympathy deserve to be bashed 100 times over no one cares and it just makes you sound like a little baby girl crying to her mommy. Go cuddle up in your bed and don’t leave until you are ready to go out into the world it is a scary place where people are mean and say mean things to you.

  545. Kristin
    1:50 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Just wanted to clarify that not all people from Indiana are like this… it just seems to be the ones centered around IU.

    Boiler up!

  546. I can't believe it
    1:53 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As a UK fan, I thought I would just walk into a packed and rowdy rival fan base’s college bar and IU fans would buy me a beer, shine my shoes, and worship the very ground I walk on because I’m a visiting UK fan. This is absurd. I’m writing an email to Barnhart voicing my displeasure as all other campuses we visit should roll out the blue carpet for UK fans, give up their parking spaces, and do anything else to make our visit 5 star.

  547. Hoosierville
    1:56 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Seriously? This is one of the most ignorant things ive ever read. Of course your anonymous because this story is likely completely exaggerated. I work in Kentucky have had to lesson to my coworkers talk shit for the past month in a half. Of course Monday when i come back to work all i hear is excuse after excuse. “Jones was injured”, “they were focused on finals” (that was my favorite), “Indiana had the game of their lives and Kentucky played worst game ever”, and so on. If IU would have lost, i would have been classy and said “UK played a better game and beat them”. Thats it, same thing Ive said the past 3 years IU has rebuilding their program. Get over it folks they lost its not the end of the world! The season just started and your already crying and making shit up. Its college basketball and anything can happen. Goin to the bars in downtown Bloomington.. its pretty obvious of your intentions.

  548. Suckstosuck
    1:57 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

  549. Ronnie
    1:57 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You are just bitter that you lost the game, and you are simply being a sore loser. UK fans need to stop acting like they have class. You are all toothless inbred meth heads; where does someone find “class” in that? Get over the loss, get over yourselves, and stop trying to be something you are not

  550. Kige'nCousins
    2:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    There is a major difference in some good natured ribbing and an “FU” to your face. And from the many IU fans’ responses to this thread, I can see the spirit of Bob Knight is alive and well. A fan base that worships a foul mouthed, chair throwing, student choking dispicable old man.

    And btw, you aren’t our rival. Nice win IU, congrats.

  551. Suckstosuck
    2:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

  552. Jagger
    2:05 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    So you kentucky fans have so much respect for IU that you allowed us 100 seats to the game last year?? Quit Crying

  553. Doom or Gloom
    2:06 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Wow…IU fans sure did show up to defend themselves. KSR record 548 posts!

    Keep up the work IU fans, soon you will be known as the “Mountaineers of the West”

  554. Jen
    2:08 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I sat in student section last year at the bucket and the UL fan base was yes a little obnoxious but never to that extent! But I doubt the Hoosiers will act like that again because they were just desperate for a big time win over a rival! Us UK fans only fueled the fire by saying it was not a rivalry and take them off the schedule. Those UK fans did not deserve that treatment tho!

  555. Doom or Gloom
    2:09 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    And the guy that keeps posting the Utube video…it was one game. UK is going to get a 1 seed and make run at the national championship. IU is going to make the tourney! Keep watching that video come March because thats all the glory you will have!

  556. SorryForUrPain
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    I only write this as an IU senior who, has not had a chance to celebrate any Indiana atheletics as a student, would not like to be classified as what many of the UK fans on here have written as classless, hillbilly,or vitriol. I’m sure a majority of what “anonymous” claims happened did, but it needs to be put into context. Indiana has not beaten a #1 team in six years, let alone beat a rival and neighboring state school. Not one undergrad on this campus has had the chance to whitness this program have any sort of success since they have been attending. The students had been drinking all day, and if this guy had a sour experience at the bars before the game, why would he consider going back to said bars, where the fans who did not go to the game had been continuing to drink the whole game. By having the audacity to go back to Kirkwood Ave. in Kentucky colors, where over 1,000 drunken students were partying in the street after the first signifigant win in years was not his smartest choice. Sure some fans acted outrageous towards him, but any person to wear Crimson in a Lexington bar following a similar situation would receive the same treatment. This group of UK fans put themselves in a hostile situation, and it seems that unfortunately they were able to find some of Indiana’s most unruly students. Sorry boutcha buddy… but to classify the entire student body and Indiana following in the light he did is in it self classless. Poor guy, I’m sorry no Indiana fans bought you a beer for you to cry in, it looks like this letter is where your tears ended up.

  557. Suckstosuck
    2:14 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #556 youtube**

  558. RickPaul
    2:14 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Oh man someone got a beer poured on him!?!?!?!?!?!?! Shit this is much worse than actual bad things that happen like the Giants fan at the Dodgers game last year.

  559. Boilermaker
    2:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m not surprised by this. Many of my friends go to IU and I have quite a few acquaintances on Facebook that I have added from weekends visiting my IU friends. Quite a number of these IU acquaintances proceeded to bash on Purdue and our basketball team after the UK/IU game. An intelligent example: “not only is ur redo of “this is indiana” an embaressment, but i hope you saw the game last night. If not check my wall for who we jsut beat and what our record this season is! We are coming for you Purdue, for your long deserved ass whoopinggggg”

    They don’t really seem to have any morals or boundaries anymore…

    Boiler up! 😉

  560. Boilermaker
    2:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU Sucks: Just to let you know Matt Painter is the basketball coach at Purdue. He’s not the football player, that would be Curtis Painter. Get your facts straight before you try and talk shit.

  561. BLUE HAZE
    2:17 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    A story about to hit ESPN about the IU fans obnoxious behavior before and after the game and the local law enforcement’s complete failure to police the local drinking/eating establishments.

  562. Doom or Gloom
    2:17 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    557 – celebrating is a little different that what happened to 90% of UK fans that went to the game.

    Irrelevancy should not translate to this type of behavior. Seriously, IU is now the “Mountaineers of the West”. Take your “drunk students” excuse somewhere else because every college sporting event has drunk students.

  563. Conner
    2:17 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I doubt this will be read by anyone, considering the insane amount of responses on this page! But I am an IU fan, always have been- and never act like you describe. I don’t doubt that it took place- I am only saying those are not “IU fans”—those are drunk, IU students looking for anything to get excited about. They are obnoxious and ignorant. If you go to Kilroys or Nick’s in town, you should expect these “fans” to be in abundance. They are not the most polite or intellectual and you should know that.
    I totally agree with your call for mutual respect- but I also do not doubt that UK has their fair share of the fans I just described above. It comes down to the person- and there should be no generalization. I am a college kid- but dumb college kids are everywhere- and I’d hate to be lumped in with them.
    And on another note, I would never wear a Colts Jersey to a bar in New England….Just sayin…Sorry for your bad experience, but what a game! Go Hoosiers 🙂

  564. Doom or Gloom
    2:19 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Suckstosucks…Sorry YouTube, thought I could abbreviate and you would still get the message.

    This was 1 Game for UK….For IU this was their championship which is sad really. My how the 80s have come and gone from the IU program!

  565. Seriously
    2:20 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m sorry for the actions you encountered. However, you need to realize that this was a huge game for the Hoosiers. I hate to say it but you kind of brought some taunting upon yourself by wearing UK gear around town and to the after game celebration. I’m sorry to hear that people treated you very poorly before the game and during the celebration but what the hell did you expect at a celebration with a bunch of drunk basketball nuts after they beat the number one team in the nation? Take some responsibility. You could’ve avoided the situation.

  566. Da Jay
    2:34 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink


  567. Jordan
    2:40 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU fans cheapened their teams win. As my dad likes to say Indiana people are “IFI’s”…idiots from Indiana. Not only are they bad drivers, they are obviously pretty ignorant when it comes to being a fan. Plus doesn’t IU know it’s better to win in march than it is in December…We will be big in march and they will just be another one of those teams that no one talks mentions.

  568. EvenMadonna'sTrueBlue
    2:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Yes, 43-IU traveler is right. Going into a hostel environment, you can’t afford NOT to be prepared. Sandals in the shower are a MUST or you’ll be paying for that foot fungus the rest of your life!

  569. Mike
    2:46 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    First off the person probably wanted to remain anonymous for a reason and that is because he exaggerated everything about this story to get some sympathy from college basketball fans. What did you expect coming to a RIVAL school at #1 when you had a decent chance at getting beat. And better yet you go into this town expecting to be asked how good of a time you’re having, if you would like a beer, and a thank you for making the trip… yeah must be an SEC thing. Take a look at this video and maybe you can understand how us Hoosiers felt about you guys coming in. Honestly, reverse the roles… imagine IU at #1, UK not ranked but with a good chance at beating IU in Kentucky… yeah it would probably pretty similar.

  570. Uk fan
    2:47 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This is ridiculous! Stop using “this was a big game” as an excuse to be disrespectful and utterly rude to someone. It doesn’t matter if this was the game of a lifetime always support your team with class. Unfortunatly IU did not do this! Instead IU made their team and community look UGLY! I’m proud to be from Kentucky and I’m very proud of our schools teaching us and our children to never judge a book by it’s cover. I guarantee when IU comes to Ky next year, they will be treated with nothing but class and we will ALWAYS have our heads held high no matter what comes our way!,

  571. John
    2:50 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    actually CAT LADY… WE ARE THE HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS… you know just took down the number 1 team in the nation… NO BIG DEAL 😉

  572. jbreezy
    2:52 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    quit your bitchin, its a rivalry game. if you can’t handle the heat then get out of kitchen. HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!

  573. Mike
    2:55 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #572 UK fan- you actually are judging a book by its cover by relating all Hoosier fans to the treatment this person received… ITS ACTUALLY ONLY ABOUT 14% of Hoosiers who treated them with disrespect since he said it was about 1 in 7 that did it. And yes… IU fans will be taunted and disrespected next year at Kentucky, you know why… cuz it happens in every college town with 20,000+ drunk students.

  574. Jake
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    2:58 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It appears to me that subconsciously you have become annoyed with the fact that IU not necessarily won that game, but rather how we/they/whatever have dragged out the victorious rantings and proudly left UK out to dry without remorse. This is normal for any big match-up…in any sport! The heckling, name calling, derogatory gestures–all part of the experience of traveling to an opponent’s turf. I’m sure it flat out sucked to go through all this but honestly it’s common knowledge that you’ve got it coming. Thank you for praising the city of Bloomington but your best bet was probably NOT to go anywhere near the downtown/Kirkwood area before the game. Also, Kilroy’s AFTER the game? The biggest and most popular bar in town? Sorry, but that is where you should not complain. There were literally hundreds of (obviously, drunken) fans packing themselves in and around this venue and you, a UK fan, decided to join? The beer pour-age is the worst of your long list to hear about but not surprising since you’re dealing with drunk college boys. It should have been obvious that you were walking right into what you were probably complaining about all day. In short, like many other posts on here, stop whining. Next time, send this silly anonymous stuff to a Bloomington media outlet rather than one in Kentucky. You sent it somewhere near because you wanted to read encouraging words of agreement vying against IU and further words of pity. Boohoo. It would make more sense to send this somewhere in Indiana to let IU officials and Bloomington leaders know of your terrible experience. Oh well! Good luck with the rest of the season!

  576. Hoosier Fan
    3:06 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I blame the parents of these students that were acting like idiots. I have been to Rupp Arena numerous of times and have had the same treatment. God to Cameron indoor arena and see what those fans chant….Stop crying. UK is just sad that with having the best bought team in sports it hasn’t really won anything. I’m just really surprised all of these Kentucky fans on the soap boxes preaching innocence. I respected UK basketball until they hired Calipari. Basically the scum of the earth in College sports. Its funny that him and Derrick Rose paid the Memphis University fines it received from the NCAA….so is that admitting you cheated or just being nice. Calipari has no business in college sports.

  577. Boiler
    3:06 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    The great thing about all this is that (as a Purdue student) we have a song every game against any team that we play that ends in “IU sucks”. they are our main rivals and this is just a lighthearted shot at a team we all grew up cheering against. i couldn’t tell you how many times i have heard IU fans get OFFENDED from their biggest rivals saying IU sucks. even to the point i saw a news story one time on TV where a student was ranting about how horrible Purdue students were because they have a song that ends in “IU sucks”. really? what school has not said their rival sucks? this is nothing compared to what iu students do. they lack class and this story doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. And for those of you wondering why IU fans are posting on this board, it is because fans such as myself came across this story and passed it on to IU fans to show them how pathetic they really are. The sad thing is, they get on here and try to defend themselves.

  578. Troy
    3:09 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I heard Indiana is about done building its new zoo!! Heard its one of the biggest zoo’s in the world……almost done with the fence up around Kentucky!!

  579. BleedGold&Black
    3:10 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This describes to a T every single experience that I’ve had as a Purdue student visiting IU. God-forbid you wear you school colors with pride around there. People are nasty and unwelcoming. People might think that this sort of behavior is mirrored by us Boilers when IU comes to town; however I’ve never witnessed anything close to the vulgarity I experience each and every time I go to IU. As an entirety they are a vile and aggressive people. It is a true shame that a well respected Big10 college would act like that to anyone. I am just glad to say that neither myself nor my school have been involved in such poor treatment. I feel sorry for you anonymous Wildcat fan, come to Purdue and I’m sure you’ll be treated with respect.

  580. anonymous
    3:11 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I just wanted to say as a Hoosier that I am sorry this happened to you. Not all Hoosiers are this way and I would be appalled to be considered one of them in this situation. As for all of the others that commented with hate toward Indiana and those of us that live here, I understand where you are coming from based on this situation and many more that I am sure you have had, based on the comments above, but at the same time, you have not met everyone that lives in Indiana and should not generalize based on a community of drunk college students and fans. They were immature to act like that and it is immature and ignorant for those of you to comment and say that all Hoosiers are bad people.
    Also, Not everyone here likes Knight and not everyone here would act that way toward you. Unfortunately you did not have contact with those that wouldn’t act that way while you were here but I would hope that, although you would have reservations and hesitations about coming back because of that experience, you would come in somewhat open minded and be open to changing your opinion of Indiana and those of us who live here.

  581. Tigercat
    3:12 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I was there. I am in my 60s and not looking for a confrontation. We bought the tickets from IU. We did not stay in the bar. For those of you IU fans who doubt the story, when Ohio State comes to Bloomington, go to the bars and the game wearing Ohio State garb.

  582. An Expression
    3:14 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    FWIW I believe the author meant “buy you a beer” as an expression… maybe buy a beer, have a beer, talk about the game over a beer, etc. I don’t think he was literally expecting IU fans to buy beers.

  583. IUFAN
    3:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I was a student at Purdue who was born and raised in Bloomington and was raised loving IU basketball. The author of this article may have had a bad experience, but what do you expect while wearing that God-AWFUL blue? I’m sorry but, you would have had to be a complete jerk to be treated that way by most IU fans. While yes, we are loud and very proud, you must have said something unintelligent and completely out of line to be treated that way. You dug your own hole on this one. If you were dumb enough to take so called “verbal abuse” to heart, then go back to high school buddy, and learn to take it like a champ. I have heard a lot of stories about UK fans being rude and out of line 9 times out of 10 from IU fans. So, how do you expect me to feel sorry for you, when UK fans are the biggest douches of them all? IU fans are mostly students, and therefore may not think before speaking. But, if you expect me to believe that you got treated that way in an adult BAR then you are obviously an idiot. And on the matter of Kirkwood being crazy and rude, you were a complete MORON for going down there wearing blue anyway. NO ONE is dumb enough to do that. You did this to yourself and you are just an angry, self righteous, pissed off, sore loser. Get over yourself and your hideous blue cats.

  584. Um...Not So Fast
    3:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Fake post by a sour radio host trying to make IU look bad. I live in Lexington and I’m a Vols fan. I saw what UK fans did to the Gator fans this year during football season (urinated on their cars while they were parked). But this account??? I don’t believe a word of it. Stay classy UK radio guys! Sorry your team didn’t their free throws when it mattered…

  585. Hoosier
    3:18 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Of course people don’t give you grief in the SEC because the only thing UK is good at is basketball, and the SEC doesn’t give a sh** about basketball!! Same as no one really talks shit or cares during IU football season. This basketball game used to be one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball, but faded when Sampson came along and screwed IU over. First mistake was parking by Kilroys, second mistake going to Nicks on a game day when students have been up all night and all day drinking… Im sure you have talked some crap before when you have been drunk that’s what happens… I’m not saying that everything that happened was great but don’t judge every Indiana fan like that. You were in a building of maybe 200 people and there are 30,000 plus fans and students there. Go to a Michigan/Ohio State football game…I had beer bottles thrown at me during that game. So honestly ,as much as it sucks, just either expect things like this to happen or just don’t deck yourself out in your teams gear.

  586. Just a thought...
    3:18 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I was passed this article by a hard-core Boilermaker fan via facebook, and I clicked on it because I was intrigued. I’m not a basketball fan by any means, regardless of the school, but I was frankly appalled at the malicious behavior I’ve seen from bother sides of the argument. I was offended and horrified at the offhanded commentary about all people from Indiana simply based on a sports bias. We’re not “stupid,” we’re not “hillbillies,” and we most certainly are more than just something to “drive through.” These overt generalizations at the quality of the residents of an entire state based on narrow-minded impressions derived from a singular, alcohol-ridden experience were completely shocking. I’ve never been to a sporting event for a large school such as IU or UK, and would be horrified if the claims made in the anonymous letter were true, but I find the conversation above to be no better. You demand respect but fail to give any to each other!

    I’m not taking sides here, because I don’t honestly care about who won a collegiate basketball game (I root for the Colts, and that’s obviously worked out so well for me this season…) but I find it intriguing that the base complaint here is about the quality of the fan-base of the IU Basketball team, and I can find over twenty apologies from IU fans about the incident in question… and yet not a single UK fan has taken ownership and apologized for the crass, obnoxious, and “vitriolic” comments made about IU, and Indiana in general in this particular thread.

  587. 83 Hoosier fan
    3:21 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have been a hoosier fan all my life and would like to apologize for this new generation of fans that are ruining our good name. I hope that we can fix this problem and be able to continue our rivalry.

    3:21 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Purdue fans…you are our biggest rival. Yet the IU/KY game had nothing to do with you nor does it now! Who cares if you would treat opponents with respect (doubtful) or if you’ve (obviously) experienced similar things? Your comments are unnecessary and lame when concerning this particular post.

  589. Boiler
    3:22 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    hey “not so fast” i was tailgating at IU as a Purdue fan, and some dude came by and pissed on my car WHILE I WAS IN IT so don’t sit here and try to say this story was faked because as you can see from anyone who has been to IU, this is not uncommon down there.

  590. Thomas Beisner
    3:22 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink


  591. Dane Brammage
    3:23 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @460, I know you are just having fun.

    Me too.

    You can’t spell “Labium” without IU.

  592. Jdawg
    3:23 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You are referring to the students I’m an IU fan and respect Kentucky with the utmost respect. Half the students dont live in Indiana there from other states surrounding states. So my point is dont call out Hoosiers call out the students who call them selves “Hoosiers” god bless

  593. PurdueKyleJ
    3:24 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As an Indiana native and Purdue fan, I’d like to apologize for the actions of these people. They may have had the word Hoosier on their shirts, but they are far from someone who truly represents Indiana.

  594. Anonymous
    3:26 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    “Anonymous” has his reasons for keeping his name hidden. If he disclosed all, the story would be even more embarrassing for IU fans and the university. Trust me, the story is hardly exaggerated. If anything, it’s wayyyy conservative.

  595. Boiler
    3:26 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    “iu sudent”- this isn’t even about basketball or the IU/KY game, this post is 100% about a lack of class from IU and representing the name “Hoosier” in a horrible light

  596. IuckFU
    3:28 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    What else would you expect from these people, look at what they did to that lauren spear. Indiana people are absolutely disgusting sickos

  597. IUHoosier23
    3:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    UK is the perfect Program, perfect team, perfect school, and perfect fanbase. I wish IU could be more like them, they never do anything like this. Hahaha god you guys are making it sound like going to Assembly Hall is like going to war in Iraq. Chill out, don’t go to the most popular college student and alumni bar right after the game that ended the way it did. Use some common sense. IU has been in the shitter for 3 years in terms of sports, three years of frustration was let out on saturday night during the game. If your afraid to come to Assembly Hall, drop us!

  598. hoosier fan and alum
    3:44 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I was there. I went to the game, Nick’s, Kilroy’s, and Yogi’s throughout Sat. My whole time down in Bloomington, I never witnessed anything remotely close to the extreme that this anonymous writer speaks of. It’s easy to make things up and grossly exaggerate things when you’ll never be questioned because no one know who you are.

    Sure there was light-hearted banter here and there. And while I never saw it, I’m sure there were some drunk idiots that might have crossed the line, but nothing to this extreme. Every 10 minutes? 1 out of every 7 fans? Seems suspect.

    Don’t let this exaggerated (or even possibly made up story) skew your perception. Hoosier fans historically haven’t been like this and I’d hate for one story like this to have everyone thinking otherwise.

    I hope Coach C keeps the rivalry alive. It’s always fun year after year. 🙂

  599. Ball State Student
    3:47 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As an Indiana college student, I am completely embarrassed to hear this story. This is why I don’t get into sports, because sometimes it really brings out the worst in people, which is a shame because sports are supposed to be fun for everyone, and they can so easily be that, but no, a bunch of jackasses have to ruin that for everyone. They make themselves look stupid, and make others uncomfortable. It’s a damn shame.

    I’m glad you Kentuckyans have more class and tact, and I’m sorry you had to meet the bad part of Indiana. Let it be known that the true citizens of Indiana have nothing but shame and embarrassment for those people.

  600. Talk about low class
    3:51 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    598.IuckFU Says:
    December 13th, 2011 at 3:28 pm
    What else would you expect from these people, look at what they did to that lauren spear. Indiana people are absolutely disgusting sickos

    Wow. Classless.

  601. IU student
    3:55 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As an IU Student, this behavior does not surprise me. But this is a huge rivalry between IU and UK and none of this should have skipped over you while you were preparing for your trip. I don’t know why you would have gone into the biggest IU restaurant during your stay with a UK jersey on if you didn’t expect taunting and jeers. Also, this is a common occurrence in the world of sports and forgive me if I’m wrong, but would you have not thrown some words at some IU fans had Kentucky won? And for all those that are saying wait until they see an IU fan and what they will do to them, I am a 5’4” woman and would love to see the way you respond to me. Calm down, it is just a sport and no one needs to go and categorize every single IU student as “classless,” “arrogant,” and “animals.” As someone born and raised in Indiana, I have never looked down on anyone from Kentucky and had fun at the game. Why don’t you all step forward from the incident and carry on with your lives and realize that in characterizing everyone by a single group’s actions, you are totally misunderstanding what it means to be a Hoosier. God Bless.

  602. Purdue Fan
    3:55 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It is one thing to talk about the IU fan base, but it is completely different to talk about the state of Indiana in general. To say that it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in Northern Indiana is uncalled for a disrespectful. Say whatever you want about the IU fan base, but don’t talk about the other people of Indiana who work hard their whole life, just like you do.

  603. IU student
    3:57 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    and for the record, her name is *Lauren Spierer.* And “we” collectively, did not do anything to her. “We” have created search parties, fundraisers, and concerts to keep her cause alive.

  604. laughable
    3:58 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink



    I’m sure that if the game had been in Lexington, Kentucky, and I wore Indiana red into the biggest sports bar in the town, I would’ve been welcomed with open arms and Kentucky fans would’ve bought me drinks!

    What. A. Joke.


    I can’t get over the hypocrisy of 99% of the people on this board.
    It’s been said, and I’ll say it again, ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black?

  605. HoosierIU
    3:59 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It’s funny that everyone acts like this only happens at IU (bitterness over a loss to what you claim is a mediocre opponent at its finest). I have been to multiple other campuses in my IU jersey and been ridiculed, threatened, pushed and had things thrown at me. I’ve been to 10 MLB stadiums in my Cubs jersey and experienced the same thing. Did I mention I’m a 5’2 female? Never in my life would I go to another school’s alumni bar and expect someone to buy me a drink. The writer’s problems stemmed from his own decisions. There are plenty of bars in Bloomington with patrons who would be friendly or just ignore you, but this person decided to go to an alumni bar and well-known fraternity bar and expected someone to buy him a drink. That’s a joke no matter where you are. And for all you claiming to be “classy UK fans,” please look at what you’re saying. Half of the posts on here are disturbing and completely unnecessary. Threatening to go to IU and start fights or behaving maliciously next time the Hoosiers are in town makes you no better than what you are complaining about. Good luck with the remainder of your season; see you in March.

  606. IUHoosier23
    4:00 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Do you guys always get this bent out of shape after a loss?? Get over it.. you guys are starting to sound pathetic. Go HOOSIERS!

  607. Dumb and Dumber
    4:03 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This entire thread started with a billshit story and digressed to utter stupidity. over and over and over and over

  608. Doom or Gloom
    4:06 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IUHoosier23…Bent out of shape? Im sorry, but this is a UK forum, talking about UK events. Most recent event is what happened to UK fans while at the game. Sorry you came to a UK website to read about UK fans experience in Bloomington!

  609. IU4LIFE
    4:12 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    It is hilariously embarrassing that this post was made, even more so that the man wishes to remain anonymous. Why are you going to one of the biggest rivalry games in college basketball, in the opposing team’s town, if you don’t want to be booed and called out? Did you not listen to / watch the coverage leading up to the game??? Both sides were nasty, both sides were talking trash and it was clear that IU and it’s fans were not going to be calm, quiet or welcoming to UK fans. Get a grip on reality here. This is aggressive, American college basketball. If you can’t handle getting yelled at in an opponent’s arena then you probably won’t be able to handle it when the NCAA brings your beloved Coach Cal to the chopping block and vacates everything he’s ever “accomplished” (cheated his way to) in his career.

    ANYONE who tries to say UK fans are welcoming and kind to rival teams CLEARLY has never been to a rival game at Rupp. I mean, does U of L ring a bell???? Please spare us your whining. And all IU fans on here apologizing, I hope you never set foot in Assembly again, you are a disgrace to Hoosier Basketball. Have a little pride. HOOSIER NATION ON YOUR FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  610. Red Bird
    4:22 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    ^One of the biggest rivalries in college basketball? LOL.

  611. Chad
    4:23 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You really thought you could walk in to Nicks wearing blue right before the biggest game IU has played since 2002 and expect warm, friendly welcome? You couldn’t beat IU on the court so you try to make them look bad off it! What you need to do is grow up and realise that you make a mistake coming into Blooington in Kentucky gear and wanting a night full of peace and quite. I agree that no fan should ever put his hands on a person because he or she surports another team but I also understand that it could get pretty ugly if you walk into the wrong place wearing the wrong thing. I mean what did you expect???

  612. Kymetgrl
    4:23 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I was raised with this rivalary or born into it more lcorrectly. Mom’s side is UK and Dad’s side is IU. I am a proud UK Alumni and member of BBN, and we’ve converted my Dad over my lifetime to BBN. A couple of my cousins went to IU and one is a partial owner of a bar on IU’s “strip”. I worked in a town about 30 miles from Bloomington for awhile – proudly wearing my UK gear. The taunting was “all in good fun”. It was about friendly bets to wear the other team’s colors, write letters to legendary coaches, etc. Taunting fans of the away team is expected. Fear for your safety is not. It is highly likely that these people were in my cousin’s bar and I totally believe that they experienced extreme hatred and threats – probably some from him. The one thing that really gets to me is the reference to “hillbillies”. My family has said this like being a “townie” from a place that died when the Ford plant closed makes them above Kentuckians. Some of the biggest hicks I know are “Hoosiers” (refer to the true definition of that word) but they aren’t smart enough to know what sad lives they lead. Give me the mountains, beautiful horse farms and cities like Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, and Pikeville any day. I was born in IN, but claim Floyd County Kentucky as my home (even if my job forces me to live elsewhere). I am proud to be a “hillbilly” with a college education, respect for other people, and an understanding of acceptable behavior. I was even taught that cussing is language used by those not smart enough to gain a full vocabulary. I guess that is why those of us from the south understand “southern hospitality”, and I hope BBN remembers our raising when dealing with other fan bases who obviously don’t have the same advantage of being “raised better”.

  613. Red Bird
    4:26 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    IU fans are hilarious, just let them be. They got a win in December that won’t matter because they’ll lose to Notre Dame this weekend.

  614. IUFanbase
    4:28 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    keep grabbin fellas, i think the NIT may work out for you this year. How’s football going???? Cal vacated wins blah blah. Cal won more games in one year then Crean has during his entire IU tenure. Plus Indian Giver Sampson put you guys on probation. Now thats the pot calling the kettle black. and yes northern indiana does look like a nuclear bomb went off. please remember to never fill up with gas in gary indiana past 6pm ok!

  615. laughable
    4:33 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’m sure that if the game had been in Lexington, Kentucky, and I wore Indiana red into the biggest sports bar in the town, I would’ve been welcomed with open arms and Kentucky fans would’ve bought me drinks!
    What. A. Joke.
    I can’t get over the hypocrisy of 99% of the people on this board.
    It’s been said, and I’ll say it again, ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black?

  616. mhmm
    4:34 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    611) Don’t you remember Ralph Sampson? Why don’t you recognize what has happened to your program, rather than trying to accuse our coach. I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy having people come up to you yelling expletives, so don’t try and act like other people should man up.

  617. Rick Edwards, Fern Creek, KY. The Mayor Of Crawdad Town
    4:35 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Certainly reminds me of the IU fans at every IU UK Football game in Bloomington that I’ve been to. (Nearly every game). And , one more ridiculous thing about it… In my opinion, most IU fans are IU grads. That’s one big reason why they can’t draw a crowd for Football games. Very few, other than grads and students pull for them.(In other words, Indiana residents that did not attend IU are Prudue or ND fans). That makes the behavior even worse. These should be Indiana’s finest citizens.
    Reminds me of the time Lorenzen played in Bloomington and they screamed “fatboy” all day long. I was awaiting a Back surgery, and literally had to drag myself to my car,clinging to a chain link fence. Instead of offering to help me, they screamed insults at me, all the way to my car!
    When I see a team wearing red that has class, it will be the first time.

  618. IUFanbase
    4:35 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    o and to guy who mentioned the indiana zoo, building a fence around ky. I actually appreciate the fence. Makes it a lot easier to post your mom up on and pound it bro

  619. IUFanbase
    4:37 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    lord, indiana fan above talking about their 5 banners. dude ky has 7. fail.

  620. CWat4threee
    4:38 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    So on 12/31 we can expect all UL fans to be treated with class…right? Just remember that when someone walks into a UK bar on game day that you offer to buy them a drink…shake their hand and say…good game….cause you are the classy fanbase.

  621. Letter to the Hoosisers
    4:38 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Your girls are ugly, and the rest of you are stupid jews that will be working for Purdue grads.
    signed. penny pincher

  622. cant wait until next year
    4:40 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    lets make rupp as hostile as possible and anyone with indiana garb on throw bags of shit at them.

  623. dansports83
    4:41 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Aren’t you all verbally assaulting IU fans and people from Indiana as inferior because a drunk IU fans did this to someone else?

  624. CWat4threee
    4:41 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I also find it hilarious that this site of all sites has this story….they helped get the IU fan base going for this game…then complain about how hyped up the fans were….get over it…YOU GOT BEAT!! AND WE WILL BEAT YOU IN LEXINGTON NEXT YEAR TOO!!!

  625. 603
    4:42 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    your fan base is the only ones that considers the game a huge rivalry.

  626. CWat4threee
    4:44 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink


  627. Go BBN!
    4:46 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Well I wuz up there on Saterday in my BBN blue and lemme tell ya, I gave the finger to every person whereing red that I saw. None of those p*ssies did sh!t to me tho. IU fans ain’t nothin but a buncha cowards. When I see an outsider in Rupp, I be sure to give em so much hell they be cryin by halftime. Thats the BBN way baby!

  628. Rick Edwards, Fern Creek, KY. The Mayor Of Crawdad Town
    4:49 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink


    # 1) Don’t even try to justify the barbaric behavior.
    # 2) You need to get out more, if you think other fans act like yours.

  629. Goes both ways
    4:51 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As a Hoosier fan, I have to agree to a point. I don’t think you’re going to ever go into a situation like that and not expect at least some sort if ridicule, no matter what school or pro team it is. I’ve been to campuses and pro stadiums all over the US for basketball, football, and soccer games and when you’re wearing the rival’s colors, you’re always going to hear something, especially when it’s as big of a game for a team that has been down as we have.

    For the record, I went to the IU/UK game last year there and not only did I have a beer poured on me, but popcorn was constantly thrown at me during the game while that group was calling me a ‘Loosier.’ My wife also rolled down her window to ask someone about parking and a girl reached in and tried to punch her while the rest of the people she was with were shouting obscenities. We were also down there this past April (right after the final four) visiting a friend who had just moved there and my wife was wearing a UConn shirt (where she went to school) and we were denied service at two different bars downtown because of the shirt. Although it was a bad experience, I’m not complaining, I’m just merely stating that it happens everywhere, including Kentucky.

    I’m not trying to make excuses and if the person who is writing this story is honest and not exaggerating the story (they are anonymous after afterall), then it really is a shame. I went to IU for four years and attended just about every basketball game and never ever have I heard anything like this coming from there. I do agree with HoosierIU though, because this person deliberately went to a place where it was all crazy IU students and when they were getting crazy, so of course it’s going to be worse. There are a ton of places in Bloomington they could have gone and not had to deal with celebrating students and the fact they chose there, it sort of antagonizing.

  630. Rick Edwards, Fern Creek, KY. The Mayor Of Crawdad Town
    4:53 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #3) I was at the WHO concert in Cincy, when the people were trampeled to death, and I can tell you that only by the grace of God, was no one killed in Assemby Hall. By the way, I’ve also seen the WHO in Assembly Hall. 1974, I think.

  631. mrklaine66
    4:56 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This type of reaction from drunken college kids in most places. As a Nebraska football fan I visited Penn State about 9 years ago, rudest fans I’ve ever encountered. Not just the college aged kids, but adults and grandma types as well. If you come to Lincoln with opposing gear on you’ll get ribbed a bit, but you’ll also have at least one person offer to buy you a drink. Sorry you had a crappy time, because without a dog in the fight, I enjoyed the heck out of that game.

  632. Kimmi Richie
    4:57 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Obviously the Hoosiers have no class what so ever!!!

  633. Pat Boiler
    5:03 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Possibly going to Bloomington for the Purdue game. I welcome the abuse. Am seriously considering going to UK for law school because I cant bear the thought of having an Indiana degree.

  634. Proud Hoosier
    5:10 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I have two comments:
    1) You think this was bad? You need to see what we do to Purdue fans!

    2) We are proud Hoosiers. This is Indiana. Not the South. What did you really expect? Free Beer?! Sorry bud, but Southern hospitality doesn’t exist here. As you experienced, we’d rather dump beer on you than waste it by giving it to you.

  635. IUstudent
    5:14 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Reading this I am not surprised and very embarrassed. Please know not all IU students/fans are like this.

  636. TheSiteIsGettingaMakeover
    5:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Uhh, this post has alot of words.

  637. Former-IU-student
    5:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I hate Duke basketball–but I can tell you one thing, their program and their fan base would never stand for this kind of behavior. Not to put Duke on a pedestal–I think a lot of programs would not stand for this. Verbal assault, pouring beer on a stranger, public humiliation??? This has gone beyond traditional rivalry and competition–and your morals as a human (not a basketball fan) are entirely out of whack if you think otherwise.

    As a former student, I can confidently say that there is a serious problem with the student base’s moral code. Not to say there are not exceptions–there always are. Being on the Bloomington campus for three years, I encountered some of the most arrogant, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and immoral human beings I have ever met.

    I would say “unbelievable” in response to this post…but it isn’t–this story is not an exaggeration or out of line in any way. Don’t let anyone persuade to believe otherwise.

  638. Hoosierville
    5:15 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This is rare coming from Dicky V (considering he is a huge UK follower), but it says it all! “Why can’t many fans in BigBlueNation just tip a hat to Hoosiers for finding a way to win? Some are loyal, but some really show zero class!”

  639. Hoo Hoo Hoosier
    5:19 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink


  640. NattyIce
    5:24 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This game needs to go back to a neutral site

  641. Hoosier812
    5:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Win is a win, and people all over are assholes. Classy people don’t typically hang out in bars. Just saying, as a Hoosier, I would have more than welcomed a KY fan into my house to watch the game sitting next to me and sharing pizza. Sorry for the frat stars of our campus, but bitching about the lack of class, makes you looks just as classless. Rise above it and move on, its in the past, and shit happens. Sorry bout it

  642. Hoosier student
    5:27 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I do not at all condone this behavior. However, keep in mind that Bloomington is strictly a college town when it comes to their bars, Lexington is not. The fan base you ran into is reflective of how college students are all across America. Not people from the state of Indiana or all IU fans. You walked into a college bar on the day of a rivalry game wearing the other team’s colors. And you really expected a free beer?

  643. Chrissie H.
    5:27 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    To those of you calling out things like “I hate IU/I hate Indiana/I hate Hoosiers/etc.”:

    Thank you so much for grouping all of us into the same category, even though you’ve never met most of us. Not everyone here (on the campus or in the state) is like that and several of us would NOT display such a distasteful actions towards anyone. But of course it’s fine to group us all as the same person because, you know, no one is an individual if they decide to go to a certain college or live in a certain area.

    I understand that these things get heated, and healthy rivalry can be fun. What occurred then, if it happened, I wouldn’t know since I don’t get involved in sports that often or intensely, was wrong and never should have happened and UK fans have the right to be angry, but when you start pointing fingers at everyone because of the mistakes/actions of others it becomes irrational.

  644. Current IU Student
    5:32 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I can not believe this is even being talked about, no one gives a rats ass. Judge us all you want because while you judge behind close doors and bitch and moan on a computer we sack up and said it to your face. Whats the difference between you people bitching about Indiana people being D bags on here and Indiana people saying it to your face? SO shut the hell up go back to your damn mobile homes where you live with your sister mother and cousin aka your wife and settle down. See what I did there I through everyone in one category just like you guys are doing.

  645. Common Sense
    5:52 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Listen people, there is no evidence anything in this story actually happened with the exception of an email he supposedly received. Being that this is a Kentucky sports radio website and there are no links to anything, isn’t it possible someone just wrote this to drum up some extra interest considering the fact that Kentucky lost?

    I’m sure every Kentucky fan at the game got some sort of boo or chant their way, and some may have even felt a little threatened, but not necessarily any worse than away fans at other schools. By the way, I’m not defending IU because I go there, I go to Purdue.

  646. NotSurprised
    5:52 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Kilroy’s is just full of assholes in general. I’m an IU student, and I don’t even like going there. That bar just tends to attract douchebags. People like the ones you experienced are the reason I tend to avoid that place.

    That being said, there’s no way you should have been treated like that, and I apologize. Not all Hoosier fans are like that, and it’s unfortunate that a few drunken assholes have given us all a bad name.

  647. NYC Hoosier
    5:53 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Absolutely horrified to hear that you were treated like this in Bloomington. I went back for the Bucket game against Purdue and got more grief about wearing a Liverpool Football Club shirt than my buddy decked out in black and gold. The only non-excuse that I can offer is that you were part of a nasty release of losing tension. None of the students there have experienced winning like the ones from my generation have. I would like to think that 6 or 7 years ago, I would have bought you a beer.

  648. #HoosierNation
    6:06 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This cracks me up. Both teams were undefeated 8-0 at that point. IU Basketball is great, and i won’t deny the fact that UK also has a good team. However, going to a large campus and expecting not to hear insults from the home team as a visitor is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. You’re dealing with a bunch of 18-25 year olds. It is sad that there are fights and beers poured on peoples heads and stuff, but you cannot get upset when someone is saying mean things about you’re team when they are a big rival at that point. IU also get slammed at our away games so suck it up. seriously.

  649. CalifCatFan
    6:10 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Notice that most of the past few dozen comments are by IU fans. UK fans have already moved on. This Indiana/Kentucky series has to end. By having the series, it makes IU relevant. End this now. They don’t deserve to be on the same court with the Cats.

  650. luvmesomekats
    6:11 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with Coach Cal and others that we should stop playing UNC, UL, and IU and replace them with games against lesser programs in Rupp. As a season ticket holder it will provide more opportunities to see the Kats at Rupp, improve our chances of going undefeated, and eliminate the threat of fans being mean to us when we bless their campus with the gift of UK basketball. Who is with me? Go Kats!!!!

  651. The Truth
    6:20 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    My friend had a knife pulled on him and his dad last year when they traveled to UK to watch the game. Pulled on them while they were at the game, cheering. Seriously people?

  652. Amelia
    6:22 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You honestly expect people to buy drinks for you when you visit opposing schools? You want them to reward you for coming into town and cheering against their team in their arena with free alcohol? What is wrong with you?! I agree with some of what you said, but please don’t make all of BBN look like whining, little princesses. Do yourself a favor and stay at home for the next away game.

  653. Trevor S.
    6:24 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Let me start off by saying I have been a fan of IU since as long as I can remember and I live in a primarily Purdue favoring town so I take a little crap for my allegiances, but most of those people are my friends and would never be this vile towards me.

    Seeing that someone had this kind of experience in Bloomington really makes me feel sick to my stomach, but from what I’ve read in the comments section from fellow IU fans has been even more sickening. I understand that we have had a rough go of things recently in all the big revenue generating sports, but to treat fellow human beings with this much disrespect, and then seeing how people were treated and backing it up afterwards on a Kentucky radio show? You’re just proving everyone who calls you classless correct.

    I don’t believe, however, that this was an isolated incident that never happens at any other college campus for a rivalry game. I’ve seen enough of human behavior to know that people are always looking for a reason to hate one another if they see them as even slightly different from themselves. It’s pathetic.

  654. Richard
    6:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I can’t say I trust the judgment of anyone who supports a coach who has vacated entire seasons at multiple schools…

  655. Suck it Up
    6:25 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @652, So a team that beats you doesn’t deserve to be on the same court as you? Seems logical.

    Sack up you pu**ies. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of whining b*tches. You lost. Get over it.

    6:27 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    You people make me sick. This is a sport where fans get involved. Have we not been through this before? Toughen up and grow a pair. If you think that you can be the number one team in the country, walk into a BIG 10 town, wear opposing colors and get treated like a special guest then you left your common sense back home. THIS IS INDIANA, we breathe basketball, so obviously the fans are going to be insane,they’re going to be drunk, they’re going to be IU FANS. GET USE TO IT. Put your big boy pants on and enjoy a great Indiana basketball game. That’s what you came here to do right? To watch a game, not get offered a beer. Come on now.

  657. PatBoiler
    6:31 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Cant wait till you come up to West Lafayette and don’t think I wont be in Bloomington with my bros game weekend decked in black and gold (just like at the oaken bucket game). I was the guy at the bar asking all your blonde girls if they were Lauren Spierer. IU fans love to act tough on their own campus, but when it comes to games at other campus’s their true colors show. Its easy to talk shit in a bar surrounded by other IU fans. PURDUE FRATS HARDER THEN YOU

  658. Cats
    6:34 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    656 your POS of a coach just got caught cheating THIS YEAR and you all are the ones who were just on major probation so STFU. Calipari has no major violations last time I checked but lets not bring up FACTS, right?

  659. Cats
    6:37 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    654. Amelia, you would’nt know anything about having drinks bought for you. You ugly girl, you u-g-l-y.

  660. IU Fan
    6:40 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Please stop crying. It is called a hostile environment that makes it hard for teams to come and win. If we wanted opponents fans to come and fill our stands we would be nice. It is called a home game for a reason. Stay home if you can’t handle it.

  661. The Truth
    6:42 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @659. moron.

  662. Brick
    6:44 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Umm. This happened at a bar. How can you justify that it was students? I am sorry, but you had to know the consequences of going to a bar in Bloomington.

  663. luvmesomekats
    6:44 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    We should start playing Purdue…that will show those mean ole Hoosier hicks!

  664. Nick's Server
    6:45 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I work at Nick’s English Hut and was disappointed in the booing crowd every time a KY fan walked in my bar I made trips to Purdue and was berated, not unlike your experience in Bloomington. I wasn’t a student too long ago, and I was always proud of Hoosier fan’s, now I find my self offering my sincerest apologies on behalf of my town, my fans, and my bar, I can’t appologize for Kilroy’s, that place just sucks.

  665. PatBoiler
    6:45 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @663 Hopefully I’ll see you at harrys Feb. 4 because ill be at Kilroys a month later.

  666. Brick
    6:46 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    @659 Really classy with the Spierer thing. I can admit most IU students don’t have class, but that is worse and you are in denial.

  667. WhoCares
    6:49 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    This guy should have known what was coming. I’m sorry not everyone is joyful and friendly when it comes to sports as him. But IU cares for their sports, and they take it seriously. It sucks for what happened to him, some of those people need to get disciplined, but don’t expect hugs and kisses everywhere you go.

  668. Jared
    6:56 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I am a UK fan and I attended the game. My family and I walked around Bloomington the whole day wearing our UK t-shirts and did not hear one bad comment or see any bad gestures directed towards us. This disgusts me. My own UK fans are making another team look bad because we lost. Get over it…there will be other games.

  669. Cats
    6:57 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve posted several times in this thread and I’m done, lets just let it die. IU, good deserved to win. We know all of your fans are’nt like the ones that acted like jackasses. See you next year in Rupp, good luck the rest of the season and even better if we meet again the tournament. Peace out.

    7:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Obviously by being a Fighting Illini fan I have not been a huge Hoosier fan, but then again I’m not crazy for Kentucky either. In fact I should say I have never liked the Indiana Hoosiers, the main reason being the abusive coach they had. You know the one, none other than Bobby Knight. This story just shows what those people learned from him.

  671. Stupid is as Stupid Does
    7:12 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe you should have went to a Church pregame instead of the Alumni Bar….
    As an Experiment, at your next Rivalry Home game, you and your family…make sure it is a group…wear the opposing teams colors and go to the bars where the pregame party is located. make sure to not indicate what your experiment is about. Ideally when we come there next year, wear IU garb..see what happens….if you survive.
    Make note of how you are treated.
    I think you will find the experience just as bad as you claim but more likely worse.
    I know I did last time I went to a UK game wearing IU garb…invited as a treat by a UK friend.
    My hat was stolen off my head, beer poured on my shoes, while 6 guys stood in front of me daring me to do something about it, then one of them drank my beer…and threatened my friend in UK garb for bringing me to the game..We left, but I didn’t cry…I figured we were just in the wrong place. My friend was shocked a bit.
    Then similar intimidating type treatment at the game….for me and my UK friend once again…to the point we no longer felt comfortable in our seats.
    And I was not stupid enough to go back to a bar afterward.

    There are A-Holes in every crowd…the younger they are (read College bar) the stupider they get… lets cut the wholly than thou “I’ve never seen anything like that” attitude.
    Maybe open your eyes a little wider and notice the treatment in your own house next time…
    I will never attend another UK game there,
    Just like I will never travel to Pittsburgh or Baltimore for a Colts game again….I can be taught….perhaps you should do the same here. Thus endeth the lesson.

    Sorry you didn’t get the IU red carpet treatment “here UK fan let me buy you a beer!”…it was a red out for cripes sake! You are the enemy. The biggest game in 4 years for us, where every IU fan thought we finally, finally had a chance to be competitive, and Rivalry and #1 team in our house, and ESPN with all the trimmings. There has been a lot of pent up frustration with IU BBall…..perhaps you hadn’t heard….

    I am not making excuses, and definitely not condoning some drunks misbehavior of which you received the butt end…but very silly of you to expect a royal slap on the back “hey how you doin’ good to see you here” treatment.
    So please….put your big girl panties on and grow a pair.
    You don’t go in the kitchen if you cant take the heat.

  672. CampCrean
    7:22 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #659 If I had heard you say anything about Lauren Spierer, I would have put you in the hospital. I dare you to come to Bloomington and pull that again. I promise you, you will not leave without spending a week in the Intensive Care Unit

  673. LittleBlueBikini
    7:29 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Indiana fans are known to be hostile, so it might make sense to not wear UK shirts and be so aggressive. That’s just asking for a reaction. Why risk provoking hotheads?

  674. IUStudent
    7:30 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    PLEASE keep this discussion going. Its finals week in Bloomington and we all appreciate the comical study break this post provides. Sounds like someone needs some thicker skin. You lost a game. Get over it.

  675. Ashamed Hoosier
    7:31 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As a hoosier, I am so incredibly embarrassed and disgusted by the treatment you encountered here in my home state. Please don’t think that you would recieve this same treatment at any other Indiana college, or anywhere else in Indiana for that matter. I recently graduated from Butler University and I know that if you were to visit Hinkle Fieldhouse, you would not be treated this way.
    To the IU fans who treated these men this way, you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is not the way we treat people in the Midwest, or anywhere else. Shame on you.

  676. LittleBlueBikini
    7:33 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Calipari’s teams are ALWAYS horrible at free-throw shooting. This needs to be fixed. GO CATS!!!

  677. Christie
    7:36 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Seriously why on earth would you go to the two bars in Bloomington that are the number one go to places for IU sports fans…..there are like 40 other bars, and why would you go out in Bloomington after the game its not a far drive take your butt home and don’t try and provoke anything all in all your fault don’t blame Indiana blame yourselves.

  678. LittleBlueBikini
    7:37 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Isn’t Kilroy’s a real dive? Nastiest place in town? There has to be a better place to go in Bloomington.

    Losing one game like this isn’t a big deal. Let the IU fans have their fun and wish them well on their final exams. They will soon graduate into the real world of 10% unemployment, bad jobs, and crummy benefits.

    Go Cats!!

  679. LittleBlueBikini
    7:41 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Tennessee fans have treated me really badly at games in Knoxville. Some of them want to fight. I just try to stay out of Knoxville. I truly hate that place. Those people are mean. I would not try to shove my pride in UK down anyone’s throat in Knoxville, either.

  680. Sincere IU Fan
    7:43 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    As an IU fan I am very sorry for your experiences at the game. However, I would also like to say that not all IU fans are that way. I personally watched the game with nothing but UK fans in my apartment. We poked and jabbed at each other all night but not once did it escalate. I also just want to say what do expect when you go into a bar filled with fans of one of your team’s biggest rival.

    Nevertheless I am very sorry for your experience hope you can forgive us.

    An IU Fan

  681. NeverSurrender
    7:47 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    #677 You must be a Democrat or French, at first sign of some complaint or offense you roll over and give them your land. At some point one has to be responsible for one’s own bad choices, like going into an alumni bar wearing the enemy’s colors and expecting everyone around you to be joyous at your arrival. It is kind of like getting a degree in Women’s Studies and then wondering why you cant find a job.

  682. Suckstosuck
    7:47 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Really? People have the nerve to say IU has no class, but then they bring up Lauren Spierer as a joke?! Obviously you suffered a major head injury from being dropped as a child.

  683. LittleBlueBikini
    7:57 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I know someone who moved from Lexington to southern Indiana and allowed his teenage kid to wear UK shirts to school. The kid got bullied until he switched to wearing IU shirts. Those Indiana fans were mean to the kid and he got punched and shoved.

    Now, that is pathetic, but even so, it is kind of silly to wear UK shirts in a high school in Indiana. There isn’t any point in deliberately *not* fitting in and making yourself a target. It is OK to support the school of your choice but there is such a thing as having social intelligence.

    In my very limited experience, Tennessee fans are much worse than Indiana fans. I’ve been cursed out in Knoxville in the summer just for having a KY license plate on my car. I always try to get through Tennessee without stopping for gas if I can help it. I’ve been spit at in Knoxville in the parking lot of family-style restaurants.

  684. Rob
    8:01 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    I absolutely hate how the writer of this trys to make it look like the entire IU fanbase is this way. They may be like that at a bar or in the student section, but I really don’t think a large number of IU fans would do this to an opposing team’s fans. There are people like this in other fan bases too. Ever heard of “assuming risk for your actions?” America is soft. Someone give this guy some money. He had beer poured on him.

  685. Things that make you go Hmmmmm
    8:02 pm December 13, 2011 Permalink

    All you UK fans talking about various places treating you bad… Indiana, Louisville, Tennessee, etc.
    Did it every occur to you, that well, um, maybe it is YOU. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.
    Think about it.

  686. LittleBlueBikini
    8:13 pm December 13, 2011