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American Idol — The Finale

Well recently this blog (and my mailbox) has become all about the Adam Williams story and whether it is true and what are its ramifications. But I for one, am ready to move on. The story is out there; I believe it to be true; I report, you decide. Lets move on to much more important matters….like American Idol.

For those of you that havent been following the season (and how can that be?), I would contend that this was the deepest pool of American Idol contenders in history. From the rather large and in charge Mandisa to the squeaky voice diva Paris to the bald “I wish I was in Live” Chris to the ugliest teeth in America Elliot, this group had a lot of people who had the vocal chops to take home the prize. Yet the finals left us with two contestants, one of whom has a great voice but sings a type of music that doesnt scream American Idol and the other of whom sings every other song off key and wears the most mind-boggling belly-showing shirts that I have ever seen.

Taylor vs Katherine was the order of the day in the Jones Compound last night, and I must say I was a bit underwhelmed. Taylor was steller….doing Stevie Wonder pround and then giving what I think was an underrated version of Elton John’s Levon. Katherine sang a pitiful version of some song that had her laying on a guy with a moustache and then sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” for the 200th time, each of which has led Simon to call her a star and each of which has made me want to gag. But the worst part about the final American Idol night is that they continue to insist to force upon us, the first “single” for each artist…..a song that is always (channeling Simon Cowell), bizarrely dreadful. These songs always have a similar theme…..I have reached my dreams and I am so thankful….they always say that. Remember Kelly Clarkson’s “Moment Like This” or Ruben’s “Flying Without Wings”? Well I introduce you to Katherine’s “My Destiny” (hideous) and Taylor’s “Dont I Make you Proud”, which is a bizarre song for a 29 year old man who looks 45 to sing, but was the better of the two choices.

In the end, this finale did nothing to remind me of one of my favorite tv moments ever…..Clay the gay v Ruben Sandwich. But it was, like this season, entertaining and gave me a good hour of water cooler conversation. As for my pick….well if Taylor dcesnt win, then I dont understand America…..but then again, I said the same thing in 2004 and John Kerry is still a Senator, so what do i know?

Article written by Matt Jones