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About Thyme Cafe’s Friday Peach Jam News and Peach Jam Views

Friends, loyal KSR readers and those of you trolling us from other fan bases, we need to talk about a little place called About Thyme Cafe. Tucked away in the mean and sunny streets of North Augusta, just a mile or two from the Peach Jam, About Thyme Cafe is the best restaurant you’ve probably never heard of. We had never heard of it until Thursday afternoon when it jumped out at us on our way back to the hotel from the gym. A sign out front saying, ‘Welcome Peach Jam’ caught our attention, and we’re damn sure glad it did.

We were a little weary entering the building — we’ve only been eating at wing and burrito joints and the exterior didn’t fit that mold — but one quick look at the menu and we knew it was the right call. My appetite hit its Dougie as I frantically perused the options: Pot roast sandwich. Kentucky Hot Brown. Pork tenderloin. Shrimp and grits. Chicken enchilada casserole. Lasagna. A Grown Up Grilled Cheese? I don’t know what that is but it sounds awesome.

After devouring our food — the pot roast won out for me — Matt noticed a KSR commenter told us About Thyme Cafe is owned by a Kentucky alum. We had to ask for confirmation before leaving, and it turns out, KSR commenter was right. The owner, Liz Victor, was behind the counter when Matt asked, and she told us her husband is a UK grad, born and raised in the bluegrass before moving to Aiken, South Carolina. And as if that discovery and the incredible food weren’t enough to win our undying love, she told us her husband reads KSR and listens to the radio show and they’d love to have us back again for another meal.

Done. We hope to see you there.

Now let’s get to a Peach Jam edition of the Friday News and Views…

peach Some say KSR had an exhausting Thursday in North Augusta, but we’re not half as tired as John Calipari and Kenny Payne. The two Kentucky coaches were in attendance for all six rounds of games to watch a number of up-and-coming talents in high school basketball. Malik Newman is one of the prospects the UK staff had eyes on and he did not disappoint in the morning game. Newman scored 40 points, an AAU high for him this season, in front of Cal and representatives from several other elite programs.

After the game, Newman admitted to reporters that he doesn’t watch very much basketball. He said he saw about two college games last season, but he does know who John Wall, Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans are.

peach I don’t understand how the Mac Irvin Fire can lose a game with Jahlil Okafor and Cliff Alexander in the frontcourt. But it happened.

peach UK target Stanley Johnson got to show what he’s made of in front of Coach Cal Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t his best outing. I didn’t stick around to see the entire game, but I was there long enough to see his defending champ Oakland Soldiers go down by 30 points. The box score tells me he finished with 14 on 3-of-10 shooting and seven turnovers. His athleticism is as good as any, though.

peach Kelly Oubre told Adam Zagoria he has an offer following his team’s win against Newman’s 40-point performance. Oubre is a 6’7″, 200 lbs. shooting guard from Richmond, Texas, ranked 19th overall by He said he got his first phone call from UK about a week or two ago.

peach Trey Lyles: “Kentucky gets players to the league faster, but Louisville might develop them just a little bit better.” (via Jeff Borzell0)

Interesting quote. Anyone agree?

peach I’m still confused by this photo of Coach Cal hanging out with Doug Shows:

And did Shows eject him from Gym 4 before the game ended?

peach No one is having more fun at the Nike Peach Jam than our own Chris Tomlin. The man was put on Earth to cover AAU events, it just took him too long to find out. He and Frank Haith were also meant to be best friends.

peach Matt looks really excited to be sitting next to Lorenzo Romar. I bet they had a lot to talk about, like all the times Romar thought he had a player at Washington until that player committed to Kentucky.


That’s Rodney Billups in the Colorado t-shirt. He’s Chauncey’s baby brother.

peach The media workroom is occasionally used as an AAU locker room, unexpectedly, and as Tomlin mentioned in his post earlier today, things got a little intense following a loss. The coach was very furious with his players’ lack of effort and voiced his frustration with words you wouldn’t use around your mother. He emphasized how this weekend determines what college scholarships they’ll receive and that the high school season “ain’t gon do sh-t” for them. “This is your time and you’re too busy worrying about free gear and going to the mall to chase girls,” he emphatically said. Tomlin and I feel for the players, though, because we too are in Augusta for the free gear and chasing girls at the mall.

peach I can’t put into words my disappointment when I ran into the gym to watch Team Penny, coached by Penny Hardaway, only to see Penny wasn’t in the building. This was my opportunity to meet the man who inspired Lil’ Penny and the shoes I wore for at least three consecutive basketball seasons in the 90s. Where are you, Anfernee? Don’t tease us like this.

Side note: Team Penny’s fans wear t-shirts saying, “Team Penny, No Loafers.”  I want one.

peach We owe a big thank you to KSR commenter Ridge Runner, who hooked us up with a $50 Hooters gift card. We’re putting it to good use tonight. It was great meeting you.

peach One final non-Peach Jam note: Steve Delabar earned the last spot in the MLB All-Star game. Mrs. Tyler asked you to help the Kentucky native out Thursday morning and it worked. Good for Steve and great job by you.

Go Cats. Past, present and future.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

52 Comments for About Thyme Cafe’s Friday Peach Jam News and Peach Jam Views

  1. Rei
    11:12 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    yeah, UL really develops players better. That’s why Siva will be a better player than Wall, right? Garcia and T. Williams are two “big” UL stars in the NBA today too, I think.

  2. Rabble rabble rabble
    11:13 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    What, no mention of SharkNado?

  3. Didn't do the homework
    11:19 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    I would love to have trey lyles on UK obviously, but damn the kid sounds like an idiot. I mean COME ON!!! has he looked at a NBA roster in the last 10 years?!!!! ricky p does a good job of developing what?!…… Kids to play in the d-league the rest of their life? To flip burgers? To be on the Maury show?!! Come on trey, I like ya man but damn when you say uneducated $hit like that, it’s not a good look for you my man.

  4. Someone smack Trey
    11:23 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    How many players from UL are in the NBA right now? I’m pretty certain I can count on one hand with this question. In fact I wonder if Trey Lyles could answer that question.

  5. Cool Daddy
    11:24 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    Jesus– get off ridge runners jock. Stop saying everyone is a “super nice guy” anytime they are nice to you or Matt. You guys are the media- consider that they have alternative motives.

  6. Mack
    11:24 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    Will the problems at Prime Prep hurt the remaining players or was it just the 2 that entered college this summer due to their late tranfers into Prime Prep?

  7. Beatle Bum
    11:25 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    What UL players are tearing up the NBA? If better developed, why do we not see TWill, Clark, Garcia, etc. as All Stars. I actually think Garcia has mproved his game more SINCE leaving UL (maybe playing for Cal helped). The comment just is not substantiated by their lay IN the NBA. Rick tears everyone down to force them into his image. That works eventually for the college game, but which player has that helped improve their stock for the NBA or play better in the NBA?

  8. Bmac
    11:26 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    Lyles should have taken a note from Newman and admitted to not having watched basketball. That way he wouldn’t have been caught saying something stupid.

  9. Linda Taylor
    11:30 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    5 – Do you mean ulterior motives? Ridge Runner has shown many times on this blog that he is indeed a very nice guy without ulterior motives, just plain old decent human consideration of others.

    11:39 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    Who in the hell has Louisville developed? I am so sick of hearing about Louisville “doing it the right way”. Who do they think they are? Butler? They will underachieve next year because Rick will not have A point guard to kick around.

  11. Dwoos
    11:46 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    Trey if we had every player for 4 years we would have time to develop them to. How developed do you think Wall, Cousins, A.Davis etc. would be in 4 years. They didnt need it but you do. Go to Louisville

  12. bob bbn
    11:47 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    ok Trey lyles, look at who uofl has in the league… Garcia is the only one who has stayed in the league the longest of anyone. Dear Mr. Lyles if you wanna flip burgers at McD’s the rest of your life go to Louisville. If you wanna be a player and an all star, you go to UK. If this dude picks UofL he is dumb as y’all know what.

  13. Hal
    11:49 pm July 11, 2013 Permalink

    totally agree, tre lyles

    terrence jennings – #18 recruit, undrafted
    rakeem buckles – #36 recruit, undrafted(?)
    derek character – #25 recruit, 58th pick
    samardo samuels – #9 recruit, undrafted
    edgar sosa – #74 recruit, undrafted
    zach price – #67 recruit, transfer

  14. fishon
    12:07 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Cal shud pull his scholarship offer and then he can think long and hard about that comment

  15. jpgott2
    12:13 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Could you imagine what UK would be like if Cal kept his recruits for 4 years like Ol’ Ricky? I find it funny that Cal is 4-1 against UL with mostly new teams every year, yet Rick (who retains a lot of the same roster) has struggled over his 12 seasons at UL with his teams chemistry.

    Rick does the opposite of develop players because he wants them to stay for 4 years. Heck, Siva did not even have a jump shot entering his senior season!

    I also find it funny that since UL won it last year, their fanbase is excited about some 5-star recruits showing interest, even though some of them are 1-and-dones…..Is that L1C4? UL could not be interested in them!

  16. jpgott2
    12:18 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Please show me the DEVELOPMENT at UL? Players that stay for 4 years, and are not 1-and-done should be way better than UL’s crop! Cal spends only 9 months with some of his players, while Pitino gets 4 years.

    Shouldn’t Pitino’s DEVELOPED players be dominating the lottery? It is not like he has been recruiting a bunch of 3 star guys!

  17. bob bbn
    12:24 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    can’t wait to watch Towns absolutely murder Trey when UofL and UK play. Towns is 10000 times the player Lyles is.

  18. jpizzle
    12:28 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    How did I know which peach was going to get the most response?

  19. John calamari
    12:35 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Give Murray State coach, Steve Prohm some love BBN………uk’s cool little brother. He’s in the last pic!

  20. Laker Cat 18
    12:56 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    It was 90+ degrees out today. Why is everyone in long sleeve shirts?

  21. A Source
    12:59 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Penny is a huge philanthropist in his home town in Memphis.

    I actually got to meet him when he was leaving the chamber of commerce downtown.

    Had a nice black Bentley too!

  22. Reality
    1:22 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Lyles’ comment translated= Cal’s not recruiting him as hard anymore.

  23. Perspective
    1:28 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Everyone is busy trying to negative spin a future ul player comment all while no one has professed any love for Malik Newman. Who might be Cal’s best PG in his time at UK.

  24. Ridge Runner
    1:55 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    You guys are certainly welcome, Drew. Although I have lived across the river in Georgia for several years, friends coming in from my home state Kentucky should have a little bit of hospitality extended. Never ate at the “About Thyme” but looks like a cool little place. Heck, we have our own “Fan Kentucky Effect” spread across the south here in Ga/Carolina!!!

    Both noon games really surprised me with the outcome. Soldiers getting ripped had me like…huh?? Stanley Johnson and his entire team just looked a bit unprepared and it showed. He can and has used his tenacity to dominate games but not that one. I too noticed Tom Izzo kinda like…well, yawn, I’m here, yawn, etc.. heh?? In the other game (Fire), was it me or did Okafor tend to well…just run out of gas or perhaps more like “stop” playing toward the end. Alexander is a man around youngin’s out there on the court. They lost by 3 (I think) but this dude can move people around when he wants to individually.

    Noticed one older gentleman at the jam today, older than my ancient self but I had him beat with my bald head. Anyway, he was like…”Hey where’s those KY Radio boys? Not sure what the hell they look like but I read they were coming” ha? Got a kick out of him. Decked out and I mean decked out in UK gear too.

    If ya guys have time and feel like tasting a bit of the old south food… try “Sconyers BBQ”. It’s a bit of a drive –so I hear ya if ya may not want to. They actually catered food up to DC for Jimmy Carter when he was in the White House late 70’s. Good southern food.

    Let me hush and get outta here. Go Big Blue!!!


  25. Trey Lyles
    1:55 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Pitino lied to my face and told me he could get me to the NBA after one season. Enjoy me as a fifth year senior at UofL or a transfer .

  26. Ridge Runner
    1:58 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    22, just saw your comment. Yes sir…Newsome is awesome for sure. You nailed it.

  27. mashburnfan1
    2:02 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Develop players….a joke of a comment. Players now days are just bigger, stronger and more athletic but way less skilled. Several have trouble dribbling, making a freakin ft, playing D and shooting in general outside of a dunk. If teams get monster defensive rebounders they can win as almost all teams seldom score on their first attempt unless it is a fastbreak usually from a turnover. Skill levels and knowledge of the game are getting worse, not developing. Look at this article, Johnson shoots 30% with 7 turnovers in a game where no defense is played but he has athletic ability is the quote…..

  28. Kevin
    2:06 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    27) You have a point but as ridge runner said above you with Johnson sometimes the player and team just doesn’t have his game. Hard to go off one game for any example.

  29. bluemist
    3:13 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    so is the peach jam in South Carolina or Georgia? little confusing.

  30. bluemist
    3:15 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    I know Cincinnati’s airport is in Kentucky, so we have confusing things too.

  31. CincyCat
    3:32 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Tomlin’s posts are great and this was a good idea. Hope you didn’t leave him at the Hooters restroom overnight. Shows-Cal, Cal-Shows?? Just doesn’t compute.

    29– It’s in S. Carolina as it looks like Augusta sprawls across the Savannah River on both sides of the two states. Every region has it unusual geography/locations for people not living there it seems.

    24– Ridge, don’t beat yourself up on the bald head. A lot of the young guys shave theirs. So you fit in alright.

  32. MacGruber
    5:45 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Trey Lyles quote is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Talk about being misinformed. Now if he had of said at UofL they spend more time with you , like four years.

  33. BBN
    6:26 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    I saw the rest of the Trey Lyles interview. He said that uofl doesn’t usually recruit top 10, one and done players. So, comparing them to uk players is apples to oranges. He said many of uk’s players were considered lotto picks out of high school and uofl’s were more thee and 4 year level recruits.

  34. Trey Mamba
    6:50 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Neither UK or UofL stack up when compared to a real players’ first program with two top four picks. I am just embarrassed I decommitted and blew my chance with them. Cal wants me to blow Uncle Wes now but I refuse.

  35. TAXman
    7:26 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    34. that’s cute. your “run” is over. i know that’s hard to hear because it JUST started, but you can make this easier on yourself if you just leave now.

  36. Shut up guys
    7:35 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    This is a problem with BBN. Trust me, I’m a UK fan and I will always be. but when some recruit says something we don’t like everyone starts hating on him. When wiggins committed to Kansas we gave him hell. I hate Louisville i can’t believe he said that but it doesn’t mean he’s commiting to Louisville.

  37. Jarvis Redwine
    7:43 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    36) Most of the idiotic comments you speak of come from idiotic trolls impersonating UK fans. It’s amazing the crap people will pull to try to give UK a bad name. It’s just a sign of UK’s success and should be seen as flattery.

  38. Catlover
    8:27 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Ricky P. was told to “Lockup not Knockup”.

  39. Bluegrass
    8:28 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Is it mandatory to wear khaki shorts at this event?

  40. Rockfield, KY
    8:43 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    UK just happens to recruit more players that are league ready and UL doesn’t, so they stick around longer. Look at which team has the better pros.

    Also, just look at cases like Liggins, Miller, and Jorts. None would have gone to the NBA without Cal or coming to UK.

  41. yeahright
    9:02 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Trey Lyles: “Kentucky gets players to the league faster, but Louisville might develop them just a little bit better.” (via Jeff Borzell0)

    Interesting quote. Anyone agree?


    I’m not hating on UL, I’m asking a serious question: what UL alums in the NBA are playing well, and which ones are playing well because of their development at UL?

    The best player in the league from Pitino (and Tubby) is Nazr. Pitino transformed his body, and perhaps, in the process transformed his lifeskills of healthy eating and exercise to enable is long, successful career. That is the best example I can think of quickly from Coach P’s players.

    Earl Clark from UL seems to be a nice player teams like, however, I honestly think he would be having this level of success had he chosen a number of other universities. He has that type of body type and game well-suited for the NBA.

    From UK, Jodie Meeks (yes, I know, not a Calipari player) is doing better than I expected… and he deserves it after putting up with the nut-job-of-a-coach he had to deal with. Also, Tubby’s players Tayshaun Prince and Keith Bogans (GREAT new contract for Keith!) are having very nice careers, and my impression is UK fans seem to give little-to-no credit to Tubby for their success. Shame on those type of fans, and dammit, put Tubby’s jersey in the rafters.

    However, I don’t see how anyone can argue with the type of players Calipari gets, then prepares them for the work they must put in, to make it to the league fast… which gets them through that rookie contract one year (or two) quicker, which gets them even MORE money. Which, if they have ANY good advisors around them (see Pitino’s player: Antoine Walker), should be plenty of money to make for a nice life.

    Rick is a Hall of Fame coach, Cal is a fantastic coach and recruiter; my impression is Cal will put you first (cliché now, I know, but it’s simply true). Cal is not going to try to persuade you to stay AT ALL if he thinks you are going to be picked in the lottery. While it would benefit his career, his team, and make his job easier, he KNOWS the player will benefit financially in a life-changing way. I heard Pitino CLEARLY talking to Dieng on the Final Four floor about how great it would be if he would return to UL next year. There may have been some tongue-in-cheek in the banter, however, when that Pitino talks, I doubt there’s a whole lot of real joking going on.

    Just sayin’… in a very long-winded mood this morning I suppose… sorry.

  42. Big Blue Coming At You
    9:11 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Actually Trey, UL players develop better once they leave UL. The same player develops better in one year at Kentucky than he would 4 years at UL. That’s why most of our players leave after one year instead of having to stay all 4 years. The number of Kentucky players in the NBA doesn’t lie.

  43. Cardinal Hater
    10:04 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Glad you got over to About Thyme! Liz and her husband are some of my best friends in the world. I was there this spring…great food!!

  44. Tom Blevins
    10:14 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    After reading Trey Lyles statement, I looked at the active roster of every NBA team. I could have overlooked someone, but I counted two former Louisville players, Gorgui Dang and Peyton Siva. Both will be rookies this coming season, so I don’t have any NBA stats on them yet. UK fans, let’s not hate on Trey Lyles. I’m going to make a couple of guesses, here. I would guess that he was told Louisville develops players better than Kentucky. And I would guess that Rick Pitino is the one who told him. Of course we all know Rick Pitino never lies. When he was the coach at Kentucky, he TOLD us he didn’t lie. Of course, he could have made a mistake. After all, he truly did think Carlos Toomer could play point guard at Kentucky. And he had doubts that Anthony Epps could.

  45. lonnieb
    10:24 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    I actually like Pitino and think he is one of the best 2/3 college coaches. The problem is he runs a system that is great in college but does not translate to nba. No elite player wants to play for him b/c his style does not prepare for nba. The pressing and all that non sense is great at the college level…but a player like wiggins does not want to run around like a chicken (in the KFC bucket) with his head cut off. He wants to run high ball screens and dribble drive offense to prepare for nba.

    And all the louisville fans talking non sense about one and dones are jokers…it was either last year or the year before louisville offered 12 top 50 prospects….they just didnt sigh them.

    Plus blackshear and behannan have gotten worse, so has siva, Dieng got better but from stuff i read he was a after practice jump shot machine. I cant think of one player that has really gotten better and he has 3/4 years to work with them.

    however the progress by liggins, jorts, miller and some of the “weaker” players under cal is astounding. He made several guys legit nba prospects in no time

  46. lonnieb
    10:26 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    T wil, clark, and garcia are probably their best nba players without looking it up. that was a pretty bad effort on your part

  47. Wilbur
    11:14 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Trey Lyles is 100% correct. Lil Rick can develop Lyle better in four years than Cal can in one.

  48. Great Post!
    11:15 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Nice post #45. Some may disagree but I think you nailed it.

  49. Tom Blevins
    11:20 am July 12, 2013 Permalink

    46. Thanks for the 411. I looked up the 3 players you mentioned. All three played last season. Clark finished the season with the Lakers, Garcia with Houston, and Terrance Williams with Boston. None of these are currently listed on the active rosters of their respective last known NBA team. That’s where I looked, on the NBA active roster for each team, as provided by Yahoo Sports. (I think it’s associated with Rivals.) The information provided by Yahoo may not be totally accurate, but my reporting of it was. Now I’m sure there are other sources form this information, and you could argue that I could have been more through. For example, I could have checked the list of players they provided. (I didn’t go that route, because it doesn’t show what college the player is from, unless you click on the individual player’s name.) But considering that I’m not getting paid for my research, I don’t think I did too bad a job. You may disagree with that, and if you do, God bless you.

  50. YSR2KSR
    12:16 pm July 12, 2013 Permalink

    what r the chances ksr goes to the all star game with delabar? or is he willing to b a ksr correspondent while there?

  51. jpgott2
    12:47 pm July 12, 2013 Permalink

    33 & 36., Was Eric Bledsoe a projected 1-and-done? No! I am sorry, but just because a player is projected a lottery pick, does not mean they do not undergo massive transformation at UK in the time they are there. Terrence Jones developed both physically and mentally in the 2 YEARS he spent at UK.

    The funny thing is Mr. Lyles made a statement that has no factual backing! UL is still getting 4 star top-100 guys with a dash of 5-Stars. Heck, Siva was a fringe 5, and he did not have a jump shot entering his SENIOR season.

    The difference between Cal and Rick is that Cal forces you to devlope, or you will not play. Pitino not only won’t play freshmen as much (especially guards), he wants his players around for the long-term, and not for success in the NBA.

    Rick has been at UL for 12 years, so where is all this DEVELOPMENT?

  52. Chip
    2:01 pm July 12, 2013 Permalink

    Someone tell Trey about Chane Behanan. Yeah he has developed nicely. From 5 star recruit to what? Harrell is a projected higher pick and that is based on upside not “his development”. The problem is after 4 years the NBA worries you will not develop further whereas leaving early and working on your game and getting paid for it lets then develop you their way. Rose, Evans, Boogie, Wall, Bledsoe, MKG, Davis, Noel, Goodwin and more will disagree with that comment. Twill and Garcia were the same player when they left as when they came in, just older.