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Aaron Gordon To Announce At Mcdonald’s All American Game

Take your mind off the NCAA tournament with some recruiting news. Aaron Gordon is going to announce his college destination on April 3rd during the Mcdonalds All-American game. Gordon hails from San Jose, California and many feel he could opt to keep his game out on the West Coast. The big man is down to Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. Just imagine adding a Blake Griffin type player to next year’s already stacked roster.”All you do is dunk in that game.” “Bingo”-Blake Griffin

Perhaps Kentucky will be getting some good news in the coming weeks. Watch him work:



Article written by Andrew Cassady

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36 Comments for Aaron Gordon To Announce At Mcdonald’s All American Game

  1. Brent
    12:27 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Since Andrew Wiggins may opt for Florida State, does anyone out there in BBN think it’s possible we could get Aaron Gordon at the 3 and Julius Randle at the 4?

  2. EastCoast
    12:29 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    I am not 100% positive I wouldnt take him over Wiggins or Randal. I will gladly take any of the three of course, but his jumping ability would make an already very athletic class that much more explosive!

  3. Chris
    12:29 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    We will get randle and keep everyone except harrow and Noel. Gordon is staying out west and wiggins is going to FSU.

  4. bmt22033
    12:31 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    LOL. Louisville and Indiana are setting up a three 3 deal!

  5. Hartline
    12:44 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    So are we in the tournament yet…?

  6. Joe
    12:45 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    I want Mr Hawkins from Richmond KY. He will be at Kentucky in 2017.

  7. Rei
    12:46 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    There’s no word on Wiggins going to FSU or anywhere else. Idk why you guys are always acting like you know where someone is going.

  8. SillyMe
    12:47 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Uh, when is the McD All-Am game? Help me out here.

  9. Brent
    12:50 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    #8 McD All American Game is Wed, April 3rd. I’m pretty sure ESPN will show it

  10. bosshogg24
    12:53 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    I believe Randle and Wiggins both will be in Lexington! Randle is the most important player for UK and the missing link to #9! Wiggins wants to win a National title and the only place to do that is UK, he has no chance of winning anything at Florida State!

  11. Fire Cal Soon
    12:58 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Cal will strike out on all three just like last year and we will be setting here on selection sunday waiting for the NIT brackets once again.

  12. bosshogg24
    1:00 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Cal does not strike out on anybody, that is foolish talk!

  13. SeoulCat
    1:00 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    #11, I can’t wait to watch that expression on Pitino’s face when you guys bomb out in the second round. Who will be this year’s Morehead?

  14. Rei
    1:07 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    lol @ “fire Cal”. Go hop on another bandwagon.

  15. Fire Cal
    1:19 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    I am an idiot.

  16. UKBlue
    1:21 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Kid not coming here, next.

  17. Bleed Blue
    1:42 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Gordon is going to stay out west because we are getting Randle. If Randle was to go elsewhere then we would get Gordon. Also on Wiggins, I have heard different things. I have one person that says he doesn’t think we will get Wiggins and another that has said for months now that Wiggins is coming to UK. Both are very good and very accurate, but one will be right on this and one will be wrong. Both have told me though that WCS and Poythress are coming back with Goodwin leaving. I am actually more shocked by WCS returning, but apparently he loves college and likes the true fans, not the ones that dog and verbally abuse the players. I have not heard anything on Harrow, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he left, but I think he stays and settles for the back-up spot. If I was to put out a roster for next year it would look like this. Starting 5: Twins, Wiggins, Randle, WCS. Poythress first off bench, followed by Young, Lee, Johnson, Kyle, Harrow. I think Hood transfers, which is what I have been told for months, and that means we could possibly add Hawkins. Everything will start taking shape in 2 weeks.

  18. mashburnfan1
    1:44 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    12} then why do we not have Shabazz or Bennett this year. Even Harris at MSU would have helped us. He missed on those important pieces but all those guys are tourney locks this year so maybe they knew something. Course when the first 2 get drafted high it will be because Cal recuiting them got them to the NBA. Cal is only way to NBA per most people…

  19. mashburnfan1
    1:47 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    17} I hope you are 100% correct on that roster for next year. We would be incredibly deep and versatile. We would have 10 starters and practice would be alot of fun to watch.

  20. Mike
    1:50 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Rumor is that Gordon will choose between Arizona, Washington and Oregon.

    Arizona – probably the best collection of talent among the 3 school but they are stacked at PF.
    Oregon – best coach among the 3, great facilities, Nike, good young guards
    Washington – he likes Romar…? Washington is a mess

    If he wants to be a high lottery pick and win a national championship, he’ll go to UK. Plus the focus will be on BASKETBALL. No outside distractions.

  21. Wall2Cousins
    2:21 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    20 STFU rumor was made that you was a idiot.

    Fact is now confirm that you ARE a idiot.

  22. Laker Cat 18
    2:22 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    I’d love to have Gordon in blue and white, but he’ll be an Arizona Wildcat.

  23. Mark
    2:23 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    @17. You are spot on about our starting five for next year and our bench will be deep no matter who stays or who goes. We will be locked and loaded for next season. Wait until the college basketball world starts to see our roster shape up for the 2013-2014 season!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  24. UKFAN3
    2:24 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Gordon is a great player i would love to see him in blue he’s tough as nails and plays hard.I don’t have any idea where he may go all i know he will make anyone he picks better just hope that is UK.

  25. JBR
    2:24 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    17, you lost my confidence in you when you said Poythress would be first off the bench. Unless he completely transforms his heart and mind, he is worthless. Potential never won a basketball game, and this kid is the biggest waste of talent and athleticism ever seen at UK.

  26. UKFAN3
    2:27 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    #15 You are correct you are a idiot go troll somewhere else.

  27. Youngin
    2:28 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Bleed Blue I almost believed everything you’ve stated but not including Young in next season’s projected starting lineup…. lost all credibility.

  28. Rae
    3:20 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    27. That shows how loaded we would be. Aaron Harrison would be a better 2 and Wiggins obviously a better 3. Young is great, but the Twins and Wiggins definitely start, and we’d need 2 bigs for the rest of the lineup.

  29. uostudent
    3:27 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    21 – are you a Louisville grad? Jeez…

  30. RahRah
    3:29 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    #18, mashburnfan, we don’t really know whether Cal missed on Shabazz or Bennett or whether he backed off. If you remember, both had eligibility issues. I believe neither would have ever played a minute in blue. My .02.

  31. Big O
    4:13 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Dream on! Wasted space to post this . Get real.

  32. J
    4:20 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Why does everyone think wiggins will go to Fsu his parents AND his Huntington prep family came to Lexington his Huntington prep family did not go to Fsu nc or Kansas. His coach said he wants to win a national title now what school offers that! NOT FSU OR KANSAS OR NORTH CAROLINA!! If you don’t believe he said that its in the Tallahassee newspaper.

  33. Bigblue4life
    4:30 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    We have some great, educated, and sensible fans. However, as these comments sections have helped enlighten me on, we also have a bunch of ignorant, fair weather fans sprinkled in with the occasional naive racist fan.

  34. playersfan
    4:40 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t really care how high they can jump, or what great dunks they make. My question is “Can the shoot the ball in the basket?”, excluding dunks.

  35. Troy
    5:02 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    The only thing I am impressed with is how he handles the ball. You kiddos are so enamored with dunking. Wow. A overly tall human can dunk the ball, just like Goodwin, Poythress, and a shit ton of other mediocre players. You know who DIDN’T dunk much? Jamal Mashburn, Marc Gasol, Steve Nash and a shit ton of other players with actual USEFUL basketball skills that help you win games, not a half time dunking contest for losers.

  36. bosshogg24
    5:05 pm March 17, 2013 Permalink

    Use common sense, Cal cannot sign every player in the country if he did he would have 40 people on scholarship! Some players will not come because of another player! Harris at MSU would not come because we already had Goodwin, this happens!