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A Word of Thanks to All

Hunter Campbell and Chris Johns celebrate today’s good news

Just a quick word here before Beisner brings it with his night post. I want to thank everyone for the well-wishes today on here, Twitter and via email concerning our news of the radio show and post-game call in show. We have been at this for almost five years and I do appreciate all of you who have supported us during that time. Without the grassroots fans that KSR has had over the years, we would have had no chance of making all of this happen. In addition, I want to thank the many great writers who have been on KSR since its inception. The site began with Rob Gidel, Hubby and I, expanded to include Tomlin, Mosley, Turkey Hunter, Intern, Duncan Cavanah and others, and has grown to the great group we have now, including Beisner, Drew Franklin, Bryan the Intern, Will Lentz, Chris Johns, Hunter Campbell and the others. Over the years that group, which includes names from the past like Fake Gimel, Dustin Rumbaugh, Kate Martin, Evan Hilbert and others have all put in CRAZY amounts of work and without them, it would not be possible for this site to exist. Also, friends in the “mainstream media” like Dave Baker, Alan Cutler, Gregg Doyel, Bomani Jones, Mary Jo Perino, Chip Cosby, Tom Leach, Oscar Combs and others have been supportive of our ridiculous Commodore 64-designed site from the beginning and have helped us in ways that I could never repay.

In addition, getting this show on the air has been a goal of mine for the last six months or so. The other sports and talk people at Clear Channel, including Terry Meiners, Tony Vanetti, Drew Deenor and Lachlan Mclean all played huge roles in making it happen and I really appreciate all of their support. Also, I must also thank Dugan Ryan of the old 1570 crew, who supported all of our early ventures on a nomadic path across radio stations all over the city. He was a supporter of all the things we have done and without him, there would be no future in radio, tv or anything else for this group.

This reads like a goodbye at a retirement ceremony, which was not my intention, but hey I am a complete sap so just give me a break. Like a lot of you, I grew up listening to Cawood Ledford and lived and breathed UK basketball throughout my childhood. I would have never imagined (especially after choosing to go to law school and have my personality sucked out of me one research memo at a time) then that I would have a chance, even for a short period of time, to make the coverage of it, my actual profession. Over the next year, Kentucky football and basketball is my full time work and will become the full or part time work of some other names on this site that you know well. I thank all of those I have named and the many I did not who helped give us the opportunity to keep covering UK in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Oh and thanks to Samantha Ryan too. We all appreciate your talents…

Article written by Matt Jones