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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

A Wild Day at Kentucky Sports Radio…..

Well this was officially a wild day around these parts. In one day we had a barrage of attacks from deranged Tennessee fans, the turmoil started by Dave Telep’s interview on our radio show last night and a crazy amount of email ([email protected]) (which i love by the way) feedback from the fans. I loved it and it made things exciting. Here are a few random thoughts as we head towards the weekend…..

(1) The reaction to the Bruce Pearl story is truly amazing. Most Kentucky fans are truly outraged, and I understand why. Look this is not as serious as war or the most important issue of our day, but for the sports world, it is a big deal. And literally EVERYONE I talk to thinks the Mason County folks have lost their minds. The Tennessee fans are of course eating this up, as seen by the message boards and their ventures onto this board, to show their mediocre wit. I expect this story to continue to linger and it will be interesting to see what happens….

(2) Speaking of bizarre, consider the saga of Anthony Randolph. Randolph is considered one of the better players in the Class of 2007, but his interest in Kentucky has dropped in recent months. Randolph did an interview with the Kansas Rivals site which is bizarre. Here is an excerpt:

When it comes to Georgetown, Randolph’s brain trust – which includes Mr. and Mrs. Randolph, along with Marsaw and the young guy’s high school coach Pat Washington — initially felt stronger about the school then Anthony. Being African American’s concerned with not only Anthony’s personal development but also that of the larger Black community, they believed it was crucial the young man at least consider a program led by a positive, involved African-American coach.

To that end, according to Marsaw, “We got together and said, ‘Who are the Black coaches out there’? That meeting produced three names; Georgetown’s John Thompson III, Tubby Smith of Kentucky, and Boston College’s Al Skinner.

Of that stellar list, Boston College was eliminated as they believed one Jesuit school was enough to consider, while Kentucky paled in their minds to the total package Georgetown has to offer, which was explored during the interview.

Anthony Randolph has narrowed his college list, and G’town has made the cut. He greatly enjoyed his recent visit
“I think Georgetown is an impeccable university first of all” opined Marsaw. “After the academic portion, the basketball speaks for itself. They do things the right way”.

Everyone felt mutually, except for Anthony. “To be honest with you, he didn’t want to go visit Georgetown” his uncle revealed. “He was intimidated by the academics and distance

Lots of things are funny to me, but two stick out. First, the notion that Kentucky “paled in their minds” to what Georgetown has to offer is just silly. Look, say you dont want to play for Tubby….say you dont like the system, say you dont like the state. But to act like Georgetown, which cannot sell out a home game unless it is playing Duke, is a perfect spot for basketball is silly. It is an urban, intellectual institution that tolerates its basketball program because of the publicity…..nothing more, nothing less. That quote is just silly.

Second, isnt it funny that it seems like Anthony GETS NO SAY IN THIS…..they told him where to visit and he had to go. Meddling parents and hangers on to the highest degree in this one.

Look I like Randolph…he is good. But he has the biggest entourage I have ever seen at this point outside of OJ Mayo and whatever coach gets him will get a good kid, but the biggest bunch of headaches in America. He would be nice on the court, but off the court, we wont miss him. And good luck at the impeccable Georgetown, if that is where you end up.

(3) No commitment from AJ Stewart that I have heard. I think there is a strong chance I would have, so I am going to bed assuming it didnt happen. I hope Kentucky presses this one…..Illinois just lost Darquavius Tucker and I bet they step up the Stewart recruitment VERY SOON.

(4) Kentucky-Florida spread is 26….might be some good cash to put down for the Big Blue….

Finally, a few things. First, listen to Episode 6. It is good, I promise. Second, scroll down and play the Choose or Lose game by 5 o clock today to get in on the fun. Cash and blogging to the victors. Third, if you are in Florida, check ESPN radio tomorrow as two radio stations have called us and Rob Gidel will be on one at 11:20 in Jacksonville and I will be on one in the evening in Orlando. Finally, check back in on Saturday night and Sunday for some game coverage from a correspondant who will be there. Should be fun…

Article written by Matt Jones