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A UK Fan’s Guide To New York For The Maryland Game

We’re getting a lot of questions from UK fans who are going to be in New York this weekend for the game, so I asked our friends with NYC UK Alumni to give us an update on how everything is looking in the Big Apple. Here is everything one would need to know for the trip to Brookyln.

(NYC UK Alumni Association)

UK vs. Maryland Game: NYC Events and Post-Sandy Updates:

When Kentucky meets NYC, the madness will begin! We have outlined an agenda below of the official UK Alumni events happening in NYC leading up to the UK vs. Maryland game in November. Please feel free to forward to family and friends.


To purchase tickets from the blocks of UK sections, please contact Ken with the Brooklyn Nets.


Group Sales Account Manager
Brooklyn Nets | Barclays Center
phone 718.942.9654
[email protected]

We understand some people will not be able to attend the event and at this time would welcome anyone to post on our Facebook page if they would like to sell their tickets:

Annual Wildcat State of Mind Benefit Event (Superstorm Sandy Relief Effort):

Thursday, November 8, 2012
7:00 p.m.
Jack Demsey’s
36 West 33rd Street
(between 5th Ave and Broadway)
$5 cover to benefit the Red Cross Sandy Relief Efforts
Celebrity bartenders, drink specials, Kentucky themed menu and giveaways during the event!

Please register for this event at:

Game Day Info:

Wildcat State of Mind Pre-Game
Friday, November 9, 2012
12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Jack Demsey’s

We will have drink specials and fun events leading up to the game and will be hosting the game for all that can’t make it out to Barclays.

Please register for this event at:

Bus Transportation:

We will have bus transportation available to and from Jack Demsey’s and Barclays. We have extended the sign up until Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to accommodate any extra reservations and MTA updates.  Please plan according because we will expect to have a little heavier traffic depending on Bridge and tunnel closures/ openings from Sandy damage.

We will be collecting the $25 cash on the bus but you MUST RSVP to ride the bus and provide names of any guests. We will not be able to hold the bus for any passengers due to traffic. We will designate a pickup location around Barclays and the bus will take everyone back to Jack Demsey’s. We are expecting the trip to take 45 mins with traffic so please plan accordingly.

We currently have 4 buses scheduled for 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:00pm and 7:30pm.  We may add additional buses if these fill up quickly.

Please register for a bus at:

Subway Transportation (will update this week if any lines aren’t available):

There are many options for public transportation to Barclays Center. From Demsey’s, you can take a left heading towards Broadway. Then turn left on Broadway heading towards 32nd Street. Enter the subway at the corner and take the D (or N, Q, R) to Atlantic Avenue – Barlcays Center stop (only 4 stops away on the D or Q). For specific directions from other locations please visit

***Sandy Transportation Update:

HopStop has been taking the recent updates from MTA into consideration but we would recommend cross referencing with the most recent MTA Hurricane Recovery map.

Please take a look at recent status from MTA as some subways lines crossing into Brooklyn were severely damaged.  Here’s a link for the most recent status:

Brooklyn Bar:

Buses will be taking everyone to the Brooklyn bar Uncle Barry’s. Located only 2 blocks from Barclays, it’s a great spot to grab a drink before heading into the game. This will also be the pickup location for buses taking everyone back to Jack Demsey’s after the game.

Uncle Barry’s
58 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

If you would like to volunteer or sponsor any of the above events please contact [email protected].

A few tips for people traveling into the city post-Sandy:

— Keep an eye out for the weather this week:

For anyone traveling in on Wednesday or Thursday morning, please keep an eye out on the weather as we are expecting another nor’easter to arrive Wednesday afternoon. . For those that don’t know what a nor’easter is: here’s the wiki page:

This type of storm has characteristics similar to a hurricane. More specifically it describes a low-pressure area whose center of rotation is just off the East Coast and whose leading winds in the left forward quadrant rotate onto land from the northeast. The precipitation pattern is similar to that of other extratropical storms. Nor’easters can cause severe coastal flooding, coastal erosion, hurricane force winds or blizzard conditions; these conditions are usually accompanied with very heavy snow or rain, depending on when the storm occurs.

With this storm we will be okay but given the fact we are still recovering from last week’s nor’easter/ hurricane there may be some flooding, closures and flight delays. It isn’t expected to cause that big of a storm surge, only 4ft right now and last week’s was 14ft. Midtown will be perfectly okay as it was barely touched with last week’s storm but other areas like East Village and downtown may see some minor flooding.

— South Street Seaport area was completely flooded and buildings have severe damage. Some places in that area may not be open by this weekend.

— Uptown and Midtown Manhattan was not effected by Sandy and all hotels should be fine. We recommend checking with your hotel if you are staying in downtown Manhattan and especially in the Financial District as many buildings did not reopen because they are deemed unsafe.

Be prepared to pay cash at restaurants in lower Manhattan (below 30th Street) that didn’t have power all week and may have flooded as some places are still getting their cables rewired, especially in the East Village, Tribeca and Financial District.

Transportation Update:

— Cabs may be harder than usual to find because of the gas shortage. This may change later in the week, but plan accordingly if you are trying to get somewhere fast.

— Check with your car service company to confirm their availability and if they have any current delays on picking up at the airport. As of today, there is about a 2-3 hour delay because of the gas shortage. Some car services have lost cars in the flood as well and are having a harder time with the higher demand.

Newark Airport: If you are arriving at Newark Airport, it is confirmed that the Airtran to NJ Transit is back up and running and is a fast alternative to getting into the city. The NJ PATH trains will not be functioning for the next few weeks.

JFK Airport: As of Monday morning, the A train is back up and running and a great way to get back into the city if you are having cab issues. Please expect slow service and delays but bring a book and you will be fine.

LGA: Thankfully the airport is no longer a part of the East River. While this is the closest airport to the city, your best bet is a cab.

Overall Transportation: As mentioned before, the MTA is rapidly updating subway service and they are running about 80% up to speed. Some of the tunnels are still flooded so commuting between Brooklyn and Midtown can be a little tricky. They are keeping a close eye on the Nor’easter coming our direction so this may change what lines they have available. Please stay up to date with the MTA Hurricane Recovery Map on this site: Downtown areas are limited because of some flooding still in the subway tunnels.

If you are coming in from NJ, NJ Transit is very spotty and their service keeps going back and forth. There will not be Path service for weeks to come. There have been some ferries running across the Hudson and can sometimes be your best bet. If you are staying in NJ, please contact your hotel as all coastal areas have seen significant damage including Hoboken, Jersey City and all down the coast.

If you are driving in, please be aware that we are in a gas shortage crisis right now that may not change before this weekend. Please fill up before you get into New Jersey or New York areas as lines have been known to take up to 2-4 hours at gas stations in the area. Also be aware that some tunnels have not opened as they are still flooded and occasionally some bridges are blocked off for emergency vehicles only.


Go Cats and see you there.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

12 Comments for A UK Fan’s Guide To New York For The Maryland Game

  1. Capt
    5:14 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    You would be smart to stay home for this one.

  2. Marathon Runner
    5:17 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    Mayor Beanbrain will cancel the game late Friday. Does not want to use resources elsewhere. OK for Knicks and Giants to play, these are local resources. Let him know when everyone is in town so he can make the announcement.

  3. Rick
    5:17 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    Louisville should consider redoing the exterior of the Yum! Center to something like the Barclays Center’s “rusty turd” look. Since it’s full of sh*t on the inside, might as well look like it on the outside too.

  4. Scotty Sharp
    6:06 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    Weathering steel = fail. All that rust will slowly seep and eventually drip onto the sidewalk below.

  5. tom in rockcastle
    6:32 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    i watched a special on this building. apparently the rust not only serves the purpose of a new particular style, but it forms a layer that actually protects the integrity of the metal making it last several times longer than the average construction.

  6. gentleman
    8:18 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    nice post, drew. It is well written and informative.

  7. BigBlue...SlushPuppy
    9:01 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    The Ken Dorsett from Barclays Center is the real deal. Good guy. Answers the phone when it rings and get back to you quickly. He helped me and my group get a block of tickets. Easy to work with.

    Looking forward to being with the BBN on Friday…

  8. eastcoastcat
    9:15 pm November 6, 2012 Permalink

    cant wait. the TWIN TOWERS are coming back to New York.

    3-its a good thing your name is Rick, RICK

  9. njCat
    6:32 am November 7, 2012 Permalink

    Here is link to NJ TRansit website. Click red banner for latest on line closures and alternatives to getting into manhatten from NJ.

    Holland Tunnel is now open.

  10. LexDoc
    8:44 am November 7, 2012 Permalink

    Have 4 tickets front row Section 1… cannot make the game…

  11. Chad
    10:08 am November 7, 2012 Permalink

    I hope we get a post like this for the Duke game on Tuesday. I’ve never been to Atlanta and it would be sweet to meet up with some cats fans before the games.

  12. Josh
    4:14 pm November 7, 2012 Permalink

    Are there are bus tickets left? I tried registering at , but it looks like the sale as ended. What did I miss?