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A Positive From Last Night

Normally I would just give this thought in the Sunday night post, but since tonight’s version will be a recap of our interview with John Calipari, I thought I would add it here. It is very easy when things are going poorly or when you are not a fan of a particular person, to then assume that everything they do is bad. We see it a lot in the two areas of life where people’s passions are the most inflamed, politics and sports, as individuals who are disliked are seen as universally failing. But sometimes even the person that you think is the absolute worst, does undertake actions with which you agree. If you are on the left, you might despise George W Bush, but can recognize the huge work he did for Aids relief in Africa. Or maybe if you are on the right, you cannot tolerate Michelle Obama, but appreciate her efforts to push legislation to provide aid/care and governmental support to veterans’ families. Rarely is anyone universally good or bad, although sometimes it may feel that way to the viewer.

The same thing has occurred a bit with the segment of the UK football fan base and Joker Phillips. Because they believe that he should no longer be the coach at the end of the season, some of them refuse to even acknowledge one positive attribute about a game of which he is a part. Take last night. It was hard not to watch last night’s game and feel positive about the good young players in UK’s program. Kentucky is in the top 5 in the nation in the number of true Freshmen seeing the field, and many are making plays from the outset. Last night, Kentucky got contributions from Freshmen and a host of other young players who could be huge SEC contributors in the years to come. In addition to Jalen Whitlow, who while thrown into a very difficult situation, handled himself well and led the team to a tremendous first half, the UK Wide Receiving corp is full of players who will make big contributions in the future. Darryl Collins, Demarco Robinson, Demarcus Sweat and AJ Legree have all shown flashes of greatness and have led the UK WR corp to be among the most improved in football. On defense, Khalid Henderson, Bud Dupree and Cody Quinn are becoming the centerpieces of UK’s back 7 and look to have All-SEC potential for the future. And if a big play is going to happen (like last night’s punt block), then chances are a young Freshman like Daron Blaylock will make it happen.

I have noticed some reticence by a few fans to acknowledge this positive fact. Perhaps they believe that suggesting a stock of young talent is in the program, might mean that people think the current regime should be back to coach them. But the two have nothing to do with each other. Regadless of who is manning the helm, next year’s UK team has the potential to be good based on the young talent that is stockpiling. Is that talent enough to contend for the SEC title? Probably not. But what it does create, is a strong base upon which some regime can build and upon which a return to a bowl game next year is distinctly possible. If the South Carolina game taught us anything, it is that UK’s best players are almost all Sophomores or younger. That can be frustrating and is probably the reason for the team’s poor second half. But it is also should provide a needed dose of optimism in an otherwise pessimistic time. South Carolina showed us that the future is bright, regardless of who is commanding that future.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. liptser
    10:17 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    hey matt… much like you refuse to recognize that great young talent got beat at home last week by western maybe?

  2. Myblueheaven
    10:18 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    I actually did have a good time watching the first, and do like the look of our younger players

  3. Bleaker
    10:19 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Only positive i see is that we are 1 game closer to the inevitible. #seeyajoke

  4. Jeff
    10:22 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Finally a half positive post about football.

  5. Matt Jones
    10:24 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    #1 how am I refusing to recognize it? Of course they lost the game…I was there. I saw it

  6. Jeff
    10:25 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Nevermind let the bitching and whining begin.

  7. Joe Balono
    10:25 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Joker Phillips has been paid millions of dollars to manage a division of the university and turn a profit. He has failed miserably and must go now. He does not know how to effectively manage a business. He does not return phone calls and runs an in efficient and ineffective practice. He lacks leadership and subordinates to effectively do the job. Not having a seasoned field general is unacceptable. Praising joker for a good half is silly. He failed miserably in the second half. They play 60 minutes. Spurrier made one adjustment at the half. He sent the kitchen sink at whitlow and shut him down immediately. It was a blow out and nothing to celebrate.

  8. Jim
    10:31 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Matt doesn’t want a coach like Petrino. Not because of his issues but because Petrino won’t give KSR the light of day. This is why he continues to defend KSR-friendly Joker.

  9. bigcatelswick
    10:31 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    1. Maybe Western is a quality team that played well above their potential on one night. They did beat a Southern Miss team handily that a Louisville team struggled with this past week. I’m thinking Western is the best team in the state.. but anyway, thats a WKU message board topic.

    I just want to say that the first half was excellent against South Carolina. If you werent there, then shame on you. The crowd was electric and up until our issue at the end of the quarter, the momentum was in full swing for UK. Before I cast judgement upon Joker and his staff I’d like to see how the season plays. out. But THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE is whether or not we’re gonna get funding to get our facilities to an equal level to those of our opponents. IT DOES NOT MATTER who coaches here, if we dont improve our facilities to the level of our competition, we’ll continue to fall short and fire coaches every 2 years.

    So for now, I”m all for keeping Joker. He’s done as good of a job as anyone else who’s stepped into this position leading this football program. And if the first half of Saturday is any indication, then the future of UK football looks bright under this current staff.

  10. Cowboy
    10:36 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    #9 – Bravo and ditto

  11. UKGrad04
    10:37 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    I basically agree with this, though I don’t think the premise is all that polarizing. I think everyone agrees that a) there is young talent and b) while we commend Joker for bringing that talent in, there’s a lot more to coaching than recruiting, especially in CFB.

    I don’t think anyone would take the stance that recruiting isn’t important–of course it is–but it’s not as directly relatable to success as it is in basketball. College football is so much more about system and attitude than any other sport. Look at Stanford. Their admissions requirements are rigorous, so Harbaugh (and now Shaw) used it to his advantage. He made it *the* place for the smart, tough football player, and what he got was a team that kind of came out of nowhere, playing a brand of football the PAC 10/12 wasn’t ready for. Sure, everyone knew Luck, but who knew Toby Gerhart before Harbaugh? He basically made Gerhart an NFL player. You can point to a dozen other places for similar examples (Boise St., WVU, Wisconsin just to name a few). System and attitude.

    As we know, very few players come to schools to play for the name on the jersey anymore. They come for the coach. Coaches, however, do come for the name on the jersey. Well, we can’t really sell either of those things as a football program, so to land a decent coach, we have to upgrade facilities, be able to point to something as we interview coaches and say this is what we’re doing to commit to football. Again, this isn’t news, but that’s the point: if I know this, everyone in college football knows this, including Mitch Barnhart, and the only way to get a coach who can install and instill the right system and attitude–and if he’s a skilled recruiter even better–is to commit to the sport. Otherwise, Lexington will always be a coaching graveyard, hiring has-been after has-been.

    *You can also go in and replace “Stanford” with “Western Kentucky” and “Harbaugh” for “Taggart” and the point still stands. He’s the only real candidate in my eyes, and since we don’t have the facilities (fingers crossed for the bonding) I think Mitch is going to have to back up the Brinks truck and hope the other schools after him–of which they’ll be many come January–decide not to match it.

  12. Matt
    10:39 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Matt, why haven’t we heard the name of a potential coach who 1-is a proven winner 2-wins in a state that lacks elite highschool talent 3-brings an exciting style of play 4-wins with lesser recruited players 5-looking for his first opportunity to coach in the “big leagues” (SEC) …Chris Peterson of Boise State is the candidate!

  13. jhnny
    10:41 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    I recognize the positive Matt. But what upsets me is that we are always looking for the diamond in the rough of an otherwise dreadful football season. Yes, we have some interesting young talent that may be even better next year.


    We are now 1-4! Joker’s first year he went 6-7 (with a talented team). Then he went 5-7. This year we are going to be something less.

    Lets put it this way Matt. If this was Basketball and it was clear we were barreling towards a third straight losing season, you would not be posting about how fans need to start recognizing the positives of the last losing effort.


  14. Joe Balono
    10:41 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Take the AD with you. He’s blown two out of the past three major hires. We all know the Cal hire will come back to haunt us one day in the near future. Where there is smoke there is fire. A Cal cronie will screw up and the “house of cards” will crash down. Too many people with a lot of money hanging around the program this off season. The AD will be 0 for 3. Gillespie and Joker. Great work Mitch. By the way, no one cares about the success in the non-revenue sports.

  15. UK
    10:43 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    12… Peterson has also turned down better and higher paying jobs than UK. Would be an out of the park hire, but just is not realistic.

  16. UKGrad04
    10:46 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    12. This is the problem with our fan base: that we are so freaking casual about football that fans like you actually think we have a shot at Chris Peterson. I’d urge you to do a simple Google search and look at the schools he’s turned down the last two years. He has a child with medical issues. He’s not going anywhere other than Elite Football Program University.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t mean anything personal by it, just holding it up as an example of the woeful lack of football knowledge of this fan base.

    While we’re at it: Jim Tressel’s not coming (nor will he be asked). Neither will Jon Gruden, Kirby Smart, Mark Helfrich, Tony Dungy or Vince Lombardi.

    Thank you.

  17. Rixter
    10:49 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Hey guys, thanks for proving Matt’s point to a TEE

  18. dave
    10:54 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    12- b/c common sense would tell anyone that he’s been offered about 10-20 jobs better than UK. and a simple google search will tell you that he’s actually turned down offers from ucla, penn st, stanford, etc. all better jobs than uk.

  19. Rixter
    10:54 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    ” Jim Tressel’s not coming (nor will he be asked)”
    Mitch, thanks for clarifying that, and thanks for supporting KSR

  20. BiffTannen
    10:57 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    19. You’re welcome, Rixter (sweet name, bruh–you must be full of antics, right? I bet you have lots of antics with a name like Rixter).

  21. BiffTannen
    10:57 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    19. *Facepalms the troll*

  22. Fried Balogna
    11:03 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Joe the Troll should head back in its stinky little cave. These miserable people who come on here and try to spread their filth and hate and negativity are truly pathetic. Luckily they are only a vocal minority who can’t comprehend the entertainment aspect of a website like KSR or of fandom in general. Small minds produce only the narrowest of ideas.

  23. BlueTexan
    11:18 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    #14- Totally on-target…Barnfart should have been gone after the BCG hire. A ‘professional’ AD (who knows what he’s doing) would not have been bullied into hiring an assistant and been after a Gary Patterson (TCU), Mike Leach or a myriad of other potentials. Barnfart is as much an embarassament as Joker.

  24. bigcatelswick
    11:27 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    23. Barnhart/Brooks thought keeping Joker around would keep continuity in the program and keep things moving forward. Joker flipped the staff and basically cut off what we had started as a program. This season is kinda like his Year 2 since his “first” year was played with Rich Brooks players. He is going to need a 3rd and 4th season before a turnaround will be seen.

    Also, its going to take any new coach 3-4 years before they experience success here. And the cycle will just continue…

    Our fanbase is backward anyway. If anyone at the game noticed anything about the crowd, I really hope you paid attention to the South Carolina section. When they were on DEFENSE they were STANDING UP CHEERING and when on offense they settled in to watch their team and gave them a quiet atmosphere to communicate better. Kentucky may be the only school/football program/fanbase that SITS DOWN WHEN THEIR TEAM IS ON DEFENSE. Just face it, we’re a collective joke in college football, lets stop pretending coaches/players want to come here.

  25. cracka
    11:28 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    tired of hearing about how young the team is, every team is “young” … a lot of players leave the team because of injury, lack of pt, don’t have the grades, etc. – let’s compare to some other teams (FR, SO, JR, SR) – according to roster on espn

    #1 Alabama 41, 32, 26, 17 … #2 Oregon 39, 28, 27, 17 … UL 41, 31, 26, 13 … UK 53, 30, 14, 23

    notice the # go down for every team? we only have 14 jrs so we grabbed a few more fr than normal this year, that’s it … this is not a good excuse to give the team more time before a change … the 2010 media guide lists 44 freshman, so tell me why we only have 14 left on the team

  26. Vette72
    11:37 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    25) because of the 44 fresh recruits, only a few were SEC caliber players so they are gone. Of the remaining 14 you couldn’t get 5 stars by summation of the 14.

  27. BigBlueWest
    11:38 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    This comment thread is the epitome of the UK fan base. Trolls. A few reasonable fans. And then more trolls. I agree with Matt. I really love the IDEA of Joker as the coach. It was really cool to see him get so pumped and excited on those big plays in the first half. There are few coaches out there that would show such emotion and start chest bumping their players and going crazy like that. It was both awesome to see, because it shows how much he loves this school, and sad that Joker won’t have produced enough this year to have it happen in years to come. He is the perfect coach for this university because he would stay here AFTER he has success. Any “up and comer” is going to bolt as soon as he starts to turn the program around. Joker would stay here forever. The problem is that he’s not producing on the field, and that’s a big problem. He’s the perfect coach for the job, except that he’s not. That’s the catch 22.

  28. SoCal Will
    11:39 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    The first 29 minutes were a refreshing reminder of just how much fun enthusiastic winning football is for both the players and the fans!

  29. BigBlueWest
    11:48 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    BTW, random fact … WKU has 24 players on there roster who are from KY. WKU has 53 players on their roster from SOUTH of the state of KY (that’s TN down and including Texas). 23 of those 53 are from FLORIDA. Taggert is somehow convincing some athletes and talent from other states to come to little ol’ WKU. Not saying he’s the guy for KY, but if he’s recruiting like that for WKU … just sayin’ …

  30. BigBlueWest
    11:56 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    Following up from my #29 comment above. Just looked at KY’s roster and the #s are similar for player from the SOUTH. But 39 from KY vs. 24 for WKU. I guess now it’s about “coaching them up?” Taggert seems to have the edge? Just questions for discussion.

  31. Looter
    11:58 pm September 30, 2012 Permalink

    We don’t have great young talent or a up and coming coach. You look for a bright spot to make a point with based on 4 or 5 plays in a game which could be made with any team in America. Alabama replaced its whole line and still #1. That’s good young talent. We replace starters with young guys because we are going to suck regardless! Yes, joker is a great guy (much like tubby).. Petrino is a questionable hire (much like cal)… I’m sure you get the point

  32. goukats
    12:02 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    The young talent that is here is all the more reason to bring in another head coach and staff.Joker is Bill Curry reincarnate,and it’s time to let him go.

  33. Ned Flanders
    12:03 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    The first thirty minutes reminded me of Brooks last few years when it was fun each Saturday. The second half the team remembered Joker was the coach and SC out scored us 31-0. I refuse to give in to moral victories and I refuse to go watch this mess until a real commitment is made by our school leaders. We will be lucky to have 45k in the stands Sat. I am not against Joker I’m just against sucking and that is UK football now.

  34. Scott
    12:07 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    24. Totally agree. UK football fans seem to have some delusion that we were some great program at one point in time. Never happened. Bear Bryant left and in doing so set up Kentucky for football failure for longer than anyone at that time could have imagined. However, we still feel like finding success in the SEC is a new coach and a wave of a wand from happening. But this is still the school we love.

    How hard is it to buy in to the school you love? It shouldn’t be as hard as you are making it. Not every year is gonna be great, and great by UK standards is 7-5. Is it really that hard to sing along to “My Old Kentucky Home” during pre-game? The damn lyrics are displayed below the jumbotron if you try the “I really don’t know all of the words” excuse. We have cheers, our fans just refuse to do them. They aren’t as good or lengthy as “Hotty Toddy” or “Rammer Jammer” but there are still cheers that UK has that many people just don’t want to learn or do. The worst feeling I have is when opposing fanbases come in and totally embarrass us at our HOME! Western and USC both showed up and wore their school pride on their sleeve while Kentucky fans just sat on their hands. Take a little pride in your school people!!!!

    I realize that this year’s team is pretty much a lost cause, but the whole point of this post was to point out the positive, and if you don’t see flashes of positive from our TRUE Freshmen and Sophomores then you should probably get off your damn high-horse.

  35. KCK
    12:07 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    This great young talent is still going to have us finishing as a doormat in the SEC in the foreseeable future. The Joke’s gotta go. Quit being a sunshine pumper, Matt. It’s not flattering.

  36. j8
    12:19 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Is KSR on the take? I LOVE this site, but geez…I know this is a fan site, but let’s call a spade a spade here. The majority fans are done with moral victories and silver linings. 31-0 2nd half, end of story.

  37. JBR
    12:53 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah Matt, after you have pretty much shown your lack of knowledge of football, and then with your arrogant attitude on your postgame show the other night, essentially making fun of your own followers…I thought you may have learned your lesson and would just stick to basketball…which you are very good at doing, by the way.

    Sorry, but with your challenge the other night on the postgame…you want someone to come on and have a football debate with you, bring it on. I will agree, many of our football fans are like you…basketball, and then a casual knowledge of football. Joker is a terrible coach…terrible. He may be an ok guy…maybe he is your buddy and that is why you have been in his corner so much on here. But, we have always played young players…most often because our old ones suck. They are young, full of enthusiasm, and this class is talented. However, Joker cannot develop talent, and he will suck the life and attitude out of most of these guys by the time they are seniors. As a poster said above, football is a different sport…one that taught skills and heart/motivation/attitude play a HUGE role in how successful a team is. Joker has never had control or the respect of his players…that is painfully obvious…and they take his monotone, emotionless attitude to the field.

    You are correct…we have some decent young players…now we just need to bring in a coach that can do something with them. If not, they will underachieve their way to history like those before them.

  38. Matt Jones Please Answer
    1:17 am October 1, 2012 Permalink


    I am curious as to how you and your writers never address the litany of poor coaching decisions made by this staff JUST THIS YEAR:

    1. How you could have a QB competition with Morgan Newton for 3 years let alone this year that was always “too close to call”
    2. Things like delay of games to start overtime, going for it on 4th down when the math clearly says kick the FG, not having a clue that there was a chance your QB might not start at FL, running a draw after a turnover and burning 30 seconds because you have no idea what you are going to do next. The list goes on
    3. The constant talk of “we have a base of young talent moving forward” he can build on that. You mean like when he took over a team that was consistently winning 6+ games a year and had two all american QB’s coming in with a pretty darn good recruiting class for UK?
    4. How about the fact that we haven’t scored a first quarter TD in 17 games. With names like WKU (twice), Jacksonville St, Kent St etc on the schedule that is a lack of preparation for kickoff. We are rarely ready to play. That is a leadership issue with Joker

    These are things football people know and notice. I am one of those people.

    You mentioned on your post game show that you would love someone to come in and talk football for 3 minutes. I would love to. I could do it for 3 hours. I have 3 state championships as a player, 1 state championship as a coach and a lifetime of breaking down film. I realize college is a MUCH different game in complexity, but I also know football is football at the basics and know it well. This guy is a BAD coach. He tries and I wish he was good, but he is bad.

    To the people who think a big name coach won’t come, not so fast. First they need to be asked, and second they need to be paid. Not all will say yes, but only one has to. Remember that when Lou Holtz went to SC, they were horrible (and had been for years) UK kind of owned them in football. He was past his prime but he did the job well enough to lay the groundwork for the Spurrier hire. Now when Spurrier retires, SC is a place a prominent coach would want to go. That’s what UK needs.

    The people who look at UK having a winning football program and say that’s not realistic are not people I would want associated with my football program. I’m sure Boise/WVU/South Carolina/Louisville/ didn’t feel that way when they made big time hires at previously struggling and unknown football schools and went to BCS bowl games.

  39. Nathan
    1:41 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Solid post Matt. While I think the Joker coach-in-waiting experiment should come to a close; I will be a little sad to see a former Cat player fail. Go big blue.

  40. JBR
    1:50 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Thumbs up 38…right there with ya, buddy. Matt desperately needs a real football person on the site if he wants to cover sports beside basketball.

    Matt is already catching a lot of flack from the fans about not knowing football…he said that comment in embarassment on air…he will not want to debate anyone with any knowledge on air, as that would further demonstrate his knowledge of the sport.

  41. MrG
    4:23 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Excellent post #38! Like you, I am a former player and my dad was a coach for many years. With my background I can tell after one game who can coach and who can’t. Most people miss these subtitle cues but they jump out to me. Indecision in critical moments on the sidelines, repeating a play just because the previous one worked, poor blocking and tackling techniques exhibited by players, repeated blown assignments and a coach’s repeated references to players taking too much time to learn their complicated playbooks, etc. all point to bad coaching. I knew Curry was a bad hire after his first game and I knew the same after Jokers first game. Time for a change. Now.

  42. putinrichie
    5:59 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    1 – Where is he refusing to acknowledge WKU? Also, this WKU team is MUCH BETTER than they get credit for. They will be going to a bowl this year and could beat several other teams in the SEC(i.e. – Vandy, Arkansas, UT, etc.)

    WKU is one of the top mid-majors in the country this season. Does it excuse our loss to them? Of course not. However, they would probably contend for a BCS game if they were in the Big East. Yes, WKU is that good.

  43. putinrichie
    6:19 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    38 – Hello sunshine pumper..I’m guessing you don’t know much about the history of UK football, but we are not capable of doing anything you suggest and the list of schools you gave are all terrible examples.

    1.) Newton was a high school All-American who had offers from multiple D-1 programs including Florida, Clemson, South Carolina, Miami, etc. Obviously he didn’t pan out, but its not like he wasn’t a major get when he chose us because almost everybody wanted him. Guys like this are guys who get opportunities to compete no matter how overrated they are.
    2.) Its called having a young team. When the team calls a play and the QB can’t get everyone on the same page….that is called inexperience. A lot of times things can look like bad coaching when it is really just young players that aren’t ready for the big stage. I don’t question a coach going for it on fourth down. There are NFL coaches who would have done the exact same thing in that situation.
    3.) Disagree….the team when he took over had a good base of junior/senior talent. When the freshmen/sophomores on this team are clearly better than the upperclassman, it proves my point. Yes, Joker did play a hand in recruiting the seniors on this team, but Joker’s current staff is recruiting better than Richs last couple seasons.
    4.) South Carolina and Florida combined to score 3 points in the first quarter of the last two games. So, it sounds like defense is coming out ready to play, doesn’t it??? We’ve played two consecutive games against Top 15 teams and not given up a TD in the first quarter. Your issues with the offense are more personnel than coaching. In Andre Woodson and Mike Hartline’s senior seasons, we not only scored often, but we scored in the first quarter all the time. This was a Joker Phillips offense when Woodson was the QB and Phillips first season as HC when Hartline was the QB. Both of these seasons we scored a lot of points. So, it can happen…we just need the right players.

  44. putinrichie
    6:36 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    38 – Why could we get a big name here??? Those close to the program know that Rich wasn’t the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd guy offered the job. Try 7th or 8th. We offered multiple guys and they all said no. We offered many of them major salary increases and they still said no.

    Taking the UK coaching job is an even tougher sell than taking the Auburn job in college basketball. You think any “big name” that is worth their price tag wants either of these jobs. Absolutely not. The only coach we could land is a formerly fired coach that is “known” but looking to collect one more D-1 paycheck before retiring. South Carolina was bad before Lou Holtz, but they have a great recruiting base. As a state South Carolina puts out 3-4 times the D-1 recruits as Kentucky does and they are a short drive away from the recruiting rich states of Florida and Georgia.

    UK isn’t a destinaton job. I think the best we can do is either get an older proven coach like Rich Brooks that can get us back to 6-6 and 7-5 seasons like we had under Rich. The next best option would be to get a young up and comer who has the potential to be great, but will leave UK after three years for a better position. The thing is guys like Kirby Smart would leave UK after 2-3 years of success. They want to coach a historic power and might take the UK job just because they think they can get us to 7-5, but going 7-5 here is like going 11-1 at a football school.

  45. Randal
    7:25 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    I have major problems with Matt Jones and how he poaches then incorrectly spins info from BBK but I will say that pales in comparison to the narrow minded idiocy that cannot or will not admit the truth in what Matt writes about the players that are playing well.

    This fanbase claims to be supportive of this football team but they are for the most part a mob of crying babies that cannot credit good play by our young players when they deserve it. They wax about how Claiborne tooks his lumps early with young players but as his players matured he fielded some good teams.
    The fans that have gone to the games this year have stated that even in the loss the game is more enjoyable since the braying brats have left the stadium, that is a testament about the fans that make to imbecilic claim they are loyal. Fact is they are only bandwagoners that belittle other teams and their fans when we win and then belittle our team when we lose. That is stupid undisciplined behavior borne from a drunken addled mind. That is how losers act. That is what other teams fans see and laugh at, they certainly were not laughing at the effort given by our young players.

  46. Good Grief
    7:33 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Matt this is one of my favorite sites for UK but man what is up? Did Barnfart threaten to pull your press pass if you didn’t tow the line? We got beat by Western at home and we will be lucky to finish out 3-8 after going 6-7 5-7. There is no reason what so ever to keep this travesty going. I am not looking to go 12-0 and have Nick Saben. I just want the last few years of Brooks when we were at least capable of the big win and fun to watch.

  47. Mitch Barnfart
    7:39 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    #45 you are my new best friend. I don’t call them cry babies though…..try microwave society it sounds smarter…. but you get it and I want to thank you Randal for an exciting 1st half at CW stadium this past Saturday night.
    Your new bud

  48. kywildcat
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  49. kywildcat
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    damn another post removed cant take the truth, get off the internet

  50. jhnny
    8:32 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    LOL @ 45. Are you serious?

    You are OK with losing season after losing season, so long as you had a few minutes of fun. The expectation levels of the sunshine pumpers like 45 are just beyond comprehension. Hey, enjoy your 4-8 season. Keep Joker and maybe you will win 5 next year, or even go 6-6 and then you can form a committee to hold a parade.

    Please. Get real people. Get real Matt! The team is horrible. It is getting only marginally better from teetering on the the abyss. And while there is some interesting young talent, it is not near enough to be competitive in the SEC. No, I have no delusions about competing for a SEC championship, I would just like a team to be about to go .500 in the SEC. I know it hasn’t been done in decades. But if we don’t strive for just .500 in the SEC, we will be left with the 45’s of the world who are content with 4 OOC wins against 3 patsies and Louisville, and 2 wins against bottom dwellers in the SEC.

    Oh, I also strive to beat Sun Belt teams.

  51. dodger1
    8:47 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    a year from now or even two,when these young guys have experience they will still be 2 stars playing against 4 and 5 stars.

  52. duper8513
    9:10 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    P E T R I N O!

  53. mbs
    9:28 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Maybe UK doesn’t get the 5 star recruits, they have recruited some good players (Randall Cobb,Derrick Locke, Wesley Woodyard, ect.). These kids are talented when they get here but unfortunately the coaching staff isn’t developing them to the next level. W/out the right coaching staff to develop these freshman and sophmores that are being thrown into these games, UK will continue to reside below the cellar dweller in the SEC East. I hate to see this talent wasted. I can only hope, like the rest of us, that the next hire has a track record of developing the talent he receives and helps UK be somewhat competitive again.

  54. UKGrad83
    9:46 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    I’m tired of hearing about up and coming talent. It’s the same story every year. “Yeah, just wait until NEXT year – we’ve got all this talent..” Please, spare me. And don’t keep trotting out that old chestnut that we are a basketball school. I know it’s been awhile but some of us do remember when the football program WAS relevant. In 1977, the team finished undefeated in SEC play and was ranked #6 in the final AP poll. Three months later the basketball team won a national championship. Those were the days…

    There’s no reason this program can’t be competitive (again) in the SEC but it’s not going to happen with the current coaching staff.

  55. UK Fan
    9:54 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Barnhart is the one who ought to be fired. His lack of leadership and commitment to the football program will make it difficult for anyone to succeed at UK. Joker had no business being coach here to begin with, so I don’t really blame him for the current state of affairs. Barnhart got the cheapest coach he could find and we got our money’s worth.

  56. catlogic15
    9:59 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    South Carolina not ready to play…..17-7.
    South Carolina gets blistered by Spurrier at half…..31-0.

    We had the same “young talent” both halves.

  57. Matt Jones Please Answer
    10:07 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    @-43, 44 – LOL You’re funny and have trouble with reading comprehension to answer your “points”.

    1. I know Newton was an All American, so was Moss. My point was that recruiting class was pretty good and Joker has parlayed it into 5 and probably 2 wins this year. Reread my post and get a tutor.
    2. All good coaches know that if you are going to run the ball with a short clock, you better have your second play already called. You know like all two minute offenses do. I don’t care that they ran draw, I care that they didn’t already have a second play called before you run the draw. Do you understand? Call two plays in the huddle and run them so as not to waste time? That is coaching at a very basic level. As for the fourth down, you don’t even know the circumstance I was talking about. 4th and 11 down 19 to Louisville mid 4th QTR, you go for it? 19 means 2 TDs 2 two point conversions and a field goal. You take the FG because 4th and 11 is such a low % play. Joker goes for it and has many times when the math says FG. He doesn’t understand basic strategies.
    3. The reason the upperclassmen on this team aren’t good are that Joker has caused many of them to quit, be suspended, or run them off. That is his fault. He ran off an All-American QB in favor of Morgan Newton. That is a coach that doesn’t understand talent evaluation. Maybe Joker is recruiting better, but he is coaching worse. Remember Rich consistently won 6+ games with those “lesser” players
    4. Again, learn to read. Not the last 2 games or when Woodson was here (Brooks coached him BTW) 17 in a row against several FCS and MAC schools. Inexcusable

    You say my examples at those other schools hiring a big name coach are terrible but you never say why? Louisville is in the same state as UK and got Petrino. Boise, no recruiting base, consistent winner. What other excuses would you like to make sir? I agree that Brooks did very similar to what Holtz did, but SC then made a real hire and built on that success, UK hired Joker and that’s the difference.

  58. Young Talent?
    10:22 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    The bottom line is this. Your young talent and awesome coach were spotted a 10pt lead at half. They were so talented and motivated that SC covered the spread of 20 and could’ve scored more.

    Think of it this way, a bunch of gangly kids on a 16 seed go out and play a 1 seed in the tourney. Some bounces go their way and they have a 2 point lead at halftime. The 1 seed realizes it can’t go through the motions and wins by 30 in the second half. Would you say “wow, that 16 seed has some young talent to build on” or would you say “both teams remembered who they were”?

    Now remember that the 16 seed only plays that one seed once a year, for UK football it’s week in and week out. See the difference? This young talent may be on the rise for say the MAC, but it’s still going to struggle in the SEC.

  59. Greg
    10:34 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    All these people who played High School football and now think they are John Madden crack me up. Reminds me of Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite! Let it go! These are also the grouchy old dudes in the stands that make Commonwealth Staduim as boring as can be.

    And do people really think Petrino can recruit like he used to? Do you really think recruits parents are going to be excited about sending their kid to play for a coach who just got caught cheating on his wife and acting like he’s part of the hells angels? Obviously Joker has issues but all these old grouchy ex High School walk ons thinking they have the answer is comical! Stick to managing your fantasy football team!

  60. Stormin' Norman
    10:44 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    I keep hearing about all the young talent, yet every one of Joker’s recruiting classes was ranked dead last in the SEC by every expert who rates such things. Yep, we have a few nice players in the frosh and soph classes but anyone who believes there are enough of them to make UK SEC-competitive is dreaming. UK needs a coach with the gravitas to draw some of the best players instead of just those rejected by the top dogs.

  61. Liptzer
    11:21 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    59) has the “cheating on wife” stopped the the coach with the #1 rated team in the country from having mothers send their sons to him (pitino)?
    Petrino was never a great recruiter. He relies on something very rare at Kentucky. Coaching ability!

  62. Matt Jones Please Answer
    11:38 am October 1, 2012 Permalink

    @59 – Didn’t just play and win 3 titles, won one as a COACH too. BTW, I’m 36 years old a die hard screaming fan and very in tune with college football and recruiting as many kids I played with and coached got recruited D-1. If you like, you can try on one of my 4 rings.

  63. true fan
    12:28 pm October 1, 2012 Permalink

    The UK fan base is terribly negative. I brought a friend to a game a couple of years ago when we were doing well and he couldn’t believe how negative everyone was. I, for one, am tired of the ignorance that I hear in the stands. With that said, the people that were talking about the fan base sitting on their hands on 3rd down Saturday night were obviously not at the game. The crowd was great and loud. As far as UK’s future, I 100% agree with Matt, we will never be a top contender until there are major changes at the university. I am not talking just coaching changes either. We need new facilities and for the school to back the football progam. Those of you who want to fire Joker and Mitch, you need to see the big picture. I’m not saying Joker needs to stay, but most of you had him written off before even giving him a chance. If you change coaches every 2 years, you will never be able to recruit players and all that you are doing is digging a hole for the program. As far as Mitch is concerned, I didn’t hear to may people complaining when UK won the basketball championship this year.

  64. CoryG
    12:29 pm October 1, 2012 Permalink

    Its good to finally see KSR saying something a little positive about the football team. I think the best is yet to come and everyone who is clowning on Joker will eventually regret it. He will be here next year and we will perform better in the SEC. Someone right it down