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A new low for the Gators

We like to have our fun here at KSR.  As you know, we find humor in lots of things that others do not, but I think, in the end, we’re some pretty righteous dudes.  About a week ago, we had jokes at the expense of Tim Tebow and his service projects abroad.  All jokes aside, I think we can all agree that Tebow is being a model athlete to young people, something that is often missing in today’s game. 

Obviously, Tim’s philanthropic attitude has failed to rub-off on at least one of his (hopefully) ex-teammates.

The story that has been making the rounds online is impossible to find humorous.  In fact, I would wager to say that the heartless neanderthal-creep of a robot-blogger Beisner couldn’t even make fun of it.

I’m sure you all recall the tragic death that occurred within the UF program mere days before the UK-UF game last year.  If not, I’ll brief you.  Essentially, a Florida football player and a female student were riding on a motorcycle, they had an accident, and both students were killed.  Not cool.

Today, however, news has come out that a reserve DB on that same Florida football team has turned himself in after using the credit card of the deceased woman for the last six months. That’s not the worst part. He began using the card the day after the accident.

Now, before we all get on board with Tom Smykowski (google it) and start jumping to conclusions, let’s remember that the person in  question, Jamar Hornsby, has not had a chance to tell his side of the story.  I can’t imagine that it would be anything that would appease the anger of many, but he is entitled to his chance.

Regardless, that ain’t right.  I can’t imagine what was going through this kid’s brain when he obtained her card, and how the thought of, “ew, this is a little f-ed up” never crept into his psyche.  I mean, it was the next day.  When the entire campus was mourning the tragic loss of this young woman (who’s boyfriend was another Gator player) and his own teammate, Hornsby had all ready begun his shameless shopping spree.  I guess, for Hornsby, it was his way of coping.

There is no sign that he will repay the victimized family.

Article written by Evan Hilbert