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A fable for the Kentucky faithful

Hundreds of years ago, a Middle Eastern King decided that he wanted to know all of the information that existed in the world. He thus summoned the ten smartest men that he could find and asked them to write all of the information in the world in a series of books and then bring them to him. A year later, the ten men returned with over 400 books of information and handed them to the King, proud of what they accomplished. He quickly replied, “I dont have time to read all that…..make it shorter.”

So the ten men went back, got the best editors in the land, and shortened the 400 books down to five, gave them to the King and he responded, “still too Long….I have an empire to run here !” So they went back, condensed all of man kind’s knowledge into one book and came to present it to the King. The King saw the book and sat down ready to read it. Before he began he looked at the most brilliant of the writers and said, “I dont particularly want to read this. Tell me what all the information in the world can be boiled down to.” The intellect thought for a moment and replied, “This too shall pass.”

For Kentucky fans, who like me have spent the last couple of days worrying about this team and the state of the program, the sum of all human knowledge seems to be appropriate.

Article written by Matt Jones