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A Card Fan Hazes on Kragthorpe


We all know what it is like to have a coach who we would rather exit the premises. It is a painful and disillusioned feeling. However sometimes that feeling cant be expressed. When the local university controls the local media (cough, cough), getting the message out can be difficult. KSR has a friend named Ethan who is a diehard Louisville fan, knows as much about the Cards as we do the Cats, and despises Kragthorpe with every thread of his being. Because we dont mind KSR being the “outsiders” way to air grievances, we give him this opportunity to nail it to Steve Kragthorpe. Please be kind to our (nice) Louisville brother and remember that if we replace “Kragthorpe” with “Gillispie”, you could have written this as well:

Analyzing Louisville Football’s Rapid Decline-When Will Kragzilla’s Reign of Horror End?


After Hurricane Cooper blew through UofL’s football program and John L. Smith came in to revive it in short order, Cardinal fans were left stunned again when he quickly departed for Michigan State. In came Bobby Petrino, who in his last three years had a record of 32-5 with final rankings of #6, #19, and #6 respectively. Petrino’s detail-oriented teams earned a 2004 C-USA Championship, were Big East runner-ups in ’05, and won the conference in 2006 and Orange Bowl along with it. Ahhhh, those were the days….


My, how fast we have fallen. Myself, like most UofL fans expected Krags to come in and pick up where Petrino left off-our mistake. Kragzilla’s reign of horror took just four games before it had overwhelmed the program. After giving up a million yards to the juggernaut MTSU Blue Raiders, most Cards fans thought we were looking ahead to the showdown in Lexington a week later-again-our mistake. Even though we were ranked #9 and had won four straight against the Cats, Kragglepuss would not let Big Blue down. Andre Woodson’s bomb to Stevie Johnson (the same play UK had run at the end of the first half that left a receiver wide open again) with just 28 seconds left proved the winning play, and Cardinal Nation sat stunned. Well, that was a tough pill to swallow so you would think that Syracuse, a 35.5 point underdog to UofL at home, would be the perfect recipe for success. Our mistake. The first play of the game, the Orange ran a deep fly pattern leaving a receiver so wide open, it looked like he was fielding a punt when he caught the pass, hauling it in for a score.

That three game scenario sums it for UofL football recently and the fans have finally had enough. Even the hardest headed Krag supporters going into this year are done. We are sick of the losses, the excuses, Jurich’s insults, and of the overall product. Tom Jurich’s comment that UofL fans expect “an Orange Bowl every week” couldn’t be farther from the truth. (I didn’t know that there were weekly bowl games until he said that.) What we do expect is to have a coach who isn’t inept and who can actually speak and say something of substance. Not someone who has sucked the life out of UofL football, causing fans to come up with ideas, nicknames, and websites to heckle the coach. Check out , , and others. At Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, you will see some fans talking about everything else but the game, wearing “Bag Krag” paper bags, “Oh Krap” shirts, as well as looking genuinely disgusted at the current state of affairs. He has turned UofL football into a joke. My how fast we have fallen….


Unfortunately, Louisville looks assured of our third straight bowl-less season, signifying that we are again not even in the Top 68 of college football. (34 bowls) Fortunately, while I know that Cat fans love it right now, Jurich will surely do what he should have done last year and can Klownthorpe. Will Jon Gruden be our next coach? Probably Not. But anyone is an improvement from Kaptain Klueless. PJCS is being expanded to 55,000 seats and it will once again be rocking and filled with excitement and enthusiasm, especially when we open the season with you guys up the road. Peace.

Article written by Matt Jones