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Broseph is Back, Forgot to Put In An Article Title

RIThe land where dreams come true.

For the first pony post of the season (smattering of awkward applause), I am writing from the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island.  Merely covering 1,545 square miles, it is a quaint state with a nice selection of wineries.  The good news: the Cats are on national TV tomorrow.  The bad news: NO OLD FORRESTER.  So, as you sip on your finer Kentucky-made adult beverages, think of old Broseph up North.

For the handicappers, Keeneland’s website is by far and away the most informative when wanting to glean information on handicapping the daily races.  They have a vast array of expert picks, and they look out for both the expert and novice bettor alike.  Additionally, the powers-that-be have included a new option this year, Poly-Capping, which, if I may be humbly honest, I’m not sure I understand quite yet.  But, if you can understand RPI and BCS ratings, then give it a shot.

Friday was a typical day at Keeneland with the average payout after 8 races being around 12 dollars.  So, let’s hope this is an entire weekend for longshots both on the oval and the gridiron!

Saturday Oct. 8:  $1 Pick Four Part Wheel (Race 2) 4-1-8-7 with 3 with 8-9-5-12 with 5 (two singles is probably suicide, but races 2 & 4 are super tough)Bet: $16

$1 Pick Four Part Wheel (Race 7) 2-11 with 1-3-6 with 5-4 with 1-5 (had to go three-deep with Shakis, War Monger & Thorn Song in the Shad)Bet: $24

All right, now back to my Jim Beam and Family Guy references.  Sigh.

Edit by Fake Gimel: Hiya Broseph!

Article written by Broseph