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5 Questions With The One and Only Enes


Let’s get up close and personal with our good friend Enes

Earlier today, I posted this link to 5 Questions with Enes Kanter from Utah’s Deseret News.  So, with slow news and all combining with the chance to copy and paste some actual words from the UnderKanter himself, I think it deserves its own post.  Visit the site if you’d like, or just read the Q & A session below:

What do you hope to bring to the Utah Jazz?

“I’m going to try to work hard and make this team better. I’m going to bring more energy and more toughness. I really believe this team is a really good team when they are playing together. This is a talented team and I believe this team will be great next year.

Where did the nickname “Undertaker” come from?

“I am a fan of WWE and my favorite wrestler is the Undertaker. In Kentucky, friends call me Underkanter because Underkanter and Undertaker it’s pretty like close names. So they just started calling me Underkanter and my nickname is Underkanter.”

Kanter started playing professionally in Turkey when he was 15-16 years old, playing against grown men almost twice his age. What was that experience like?

“That made me tough. They didn’t say like, ‘Oh, he’s a young kid.’ No, they were like going hard. … They just make me tough. They told me ‘This is real life and you have to get used to it.’ And I said, “I need to get used to it, I need to get used to it.’ ”

What will you do if there’s a lockout, which looks likely right now?

“My family is still back in Turkey. I miss them probably I will go visit them because I didn’t see them like maybe over a year, you know, 13-14 months. If there’s an NBA lockout, I will probably go back to Turkey and play national team, That will keep me like stay in shape. I will stay in shape, and I will like play against the great players in European Championships. I will play against like Dirk (Nowitzki) or I will play against Gasols (brothers Pau and Marc) or I will play against like NBA players. I know that will make me ready for NBA.”

What were your first impressions of Utah, the team and the city?

“I know Utah Jazz is right team for me. Utah Jazz fans are just crazy. They are unbelievable. I love the city because the city’s like really similar to what I grew up in Turkey, the east side. I saw that there’s mountains everywhere and there’s still snow in mountains. But first of all, the city is really clean and beautiful and people are so nice. I just feel like at home.”

It’s always interesting to hear the big guy speak … or read his words.  Apart from the UnderKanter, I found the possible lockout stuff to be very interesting.  If Kanter returns to Turkey for a while, especially with the national team, how will he be treated?  Welcomed with open arms?  Shunned?  Ignored?  Who knows.  We all remember the lines Enes dropped to Matt about the Turks and how he felt about them these days.  Enes will always have a home in Kentucky if he decides to come back around these parts, that’s for certain.

Article written by Chris Thomas

3 Comments for 5 Questions With The One and Only Enes

  1. OogieBoogieMan
    9:03 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Freed Enes!

  2. Bill Curry
    9:48 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Go back and read his last 2 or 3 answers and imagine miss sc’s voice, it’s very funny haha. You know the chick that butchered her miss USA interview, “um like such as” hahaha.

  3. Kevin
    11:42 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    #2, yes, but the difference is he has learned his English as another language over the past year and a half…she supposedly spoke English her whole life. (I’ve always wondered if she was really that dumb or if she got nervous and then said the DUMBEST trainwreck response to a simple question ever. Anybody know?)

    Oh yeah I almost forgot – Enes rocks! I really hope he is the next version of Shaq in the NBA as far as dominating big men go.