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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

I was very surprised that yesterday’s question about which UK player defined the 2000’s split the fanbase so equally.  We have put a couple hundred polls on this website and I don’t think we have EVER had one where 3 options were so closely voted on.  There is a solid argument for Prince, Hayes, and Patterson, but before I give you who I would give it to, look at what each guy did during the decade (2000-2009).  Keep in mind that Prince only played 3 years in the decade and Patterson only played 2, while Hayes played 4.

1) Patterson: 1020 (17.3 ppg)
2) Prince: 1561 (15.9 ppg)
3) Hayes: 1211 (9.0 ppg)

1) Patterson: 508 (8.6 rpg)
2) Hayes: 910 (6.8 rpg)
3) Prince: 617 (6.3 rpg)

1) Hayes: 290 (2.1 apg)
2) Prince: 210 (2.1 apg)
3) Patterson: 109 (1.8 apg)

1) Hayes: 109 (27.2 per year)
2) Prince: 69 (23 per year)
3) Patterson: 40 (20 per year)

1) Prince: 3 out of 3 years
2) Patterson: 2 out of 2 years
3) Hayes: 2 out of 4 years

AP All-American
1) Prince: 2 out of 3 years
T-2) Patterson: 0 out of 2 years
T-2) Hayes: 0 out of 4 years

1) Hayes: 2 Elite Eights, 1 Sweet Sixteen, 1 Round of 32
2) Prince: 2 Sweet Sixteens, 1 Round of 32
3) Patterson: 1 Round of 64

My thoughts: This is just like splitting hairs with these 3 guys, but I would go with Tayshaun Prince, followed by Patterson, followed by Hayes.  Prince was the only All-American out of the 3 guys, and led the team in scoring all 3 years, tying with Keith Bogans his junior season.  As amazing as it seems, Patterson will not lead the team in scoring any of his years, and Hayes never was higher than 3rd on the team in scoring.  Prince had the individual stats, as well as the accolades.  Hayes beats him in team success, but since neither guy made a Final Four, I would call that a wash.  Plus, Prince had the iconic moment against UNC and the 41-point NCAA game, while I am not really sure what Hayes’ iconic moment is.  Either way, I think Prince has the most COMPLETE resume to call himself the “face of UK basketball in the 2000’s”. 


1) Mark it down now: Erin Andrews has the “Dancing with the Stars” trophy on lockdown this season.  Even if she didn’t have the dance team background, she wins the woman sympathy vote plus the men’s genitalia vote, so I really don’t see how she can lose.  Unless Buzz Aldrin pulls a martian from his pants, then maybe he would win. 

2) Looks like a 96-team NCAA Tournament might really happen.  Which I think it a terrible idea, but as much as we can whine and moan about watering down the regular season and so on, we ALL would still watch every single game we could, thus if you are a TV network, what do you care how many teams there are? 

3) Jon Stewart with a hilarious bit about KY Senator Jim Bunning.  And since Bunning did pitch in the majors, I consider this a sports story and not a political one, thus it belongs on this site.  Also, Bunning makes mention of the UK-South Carolina game, making himself seem like a dedicated UK fan.  Or a complete buffoon.  It’s a fine line.   

4) The ESPN web-series “Mayne Street” has really been a dud for several months now.  But, I thought this most recent one was very good.  The Charlie Steiner joke is comedy gold. 

Article written by Bryan the Intern