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Spear and Magic Helmet


The Wall Street Journal has an. . .interesting. . article about football helmets. It is your basic report that tells you that football is a dangerous and violent game. Quelle surprise. It is chock full of silly ideas to prevent injury. Stuff like don’t wear helmets, don’t wear pads, don’t use the three point stance, don’t hit on Taylor Wyndham’s sister, blah blah blah. Other than that, it is a decent article and worth a read. Here are some of the choice quotes:

The first hard-shell helmets, which became popular in the 1940s, weren’t designed to prevent concussions but to prevent players in that rough-and-tumble era from suffering catastrophic injuries like fractured skulls.

Yeeee-ouch. The injury report in the 1940’s must have been something. “Otto McLaury is out with a skull. He hopes to make it back in time for the playoffs”.

Dhani Jones, a linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals, “In football, you’re taught to hit with your face,” he says. “You’re always contacting with your ‘hat,’ which is your head.”

Thanks for the connection, champ. ‘Hat’ = ‘Head’. Got it. You know we aren’t the ones with potential brain damage, right?

But while these helmets reduced the chances of death on the field,

What? Reduced!? How many deaths on the field were occurring? How long did it take before one of those players had the idea to maybe try a helmet and prevent something like death?

If only they had Dhani Jones back then they could have figured it out sooner.

Article written by Christopher Johns