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2nd annual BTI’s friends Kentucky Draft

This years draft order: Alex, Brad, Meredith, BTI, David, and Jake

Last year, me and 5 of my friends (Jake, Meredith, Alex, Nick, and Brad) got together and did something kinda fun.  We drafted teams from only UK players since 1990.  We did this pretty quickly, with little research, and we also did it with no concern for position.  So, some teams lacked any real big men and some teams were loaded with point guards.  But, it was kinda neat to see which people had a different view of players from everybody else.  For instance, I would not have taken Cameron Mills in any round in single digits.  But, he was taken in the 6th round of that draft, meaning he was one of the 30 best UK players in the past 20 years?  I didn’t think so. 

Anyway, we did that draft before the 2008-09 season, so Jodie Meeks hadn’t blown up and obviously this last recruiting class had not been to Lexington.  So, it was time to revise our picks a little and mix up the draft order.  

So, when we got together this year for the draft, we set a couple of ground rules:
a. We are making 10-player rosters, and each team MUST have 2 players that played at Kentucky before 1990 and 8 players after 1990.

b. You need to draft with position under consideration

c. The 10th player you draft has to be a memorable player for UK, whether those memories are positive or negative.

Now, Nick couldn’t make it this year because he joined the Navy, so this year I inserted David in his place, who is a minister, yet told me to go “pi** off” when I drafted Mark Krebs.  The order of the draft was choosen at random and the results are as followed with each teams starting lineup and reserves and the round each guy was taken in parentheses:

PG: Travis Ford (4) 
SG: Keith Bogans (2)
F: Jamal Mashburn (1)
F: Kevin Grevey (5)
C: Kenny Walker (3)
Reserves: Anthony Epps (6), Ramel Bradley (7), Darius Miller (8), Daniel Orton (9), Shagari Alleyne (10)

PG: John Wall (1)
SG: Derek Anderson (3)
F: Jack Givens (2)
F: Scott Padgett (5)
C: Melvin Turpin (4)
Reserves: Randolph Morris (6), John Pelphrey (7), Sean Woods (8), Allen Edwards (9), Todd Svoboda (10)

PG: Rajon Rondo (3)
SG: Cotton Nash (4)
F: Tayshaun Prince (1)
F: Antoine Walker (2)
C: Jamaal Magloire (5)
Reserves: Ed Davender (6), Rod Rhodes (7), Marquis Estill (8), Dale Brown (9), Matt Heissenbuttel (10)

PG: Wayne Turner (3)
SG: Rex Chapman (2)
F: Kelenna Azubuike (4)
F: Erik Daniels (5)
C: Demarcus Cousins (1)
Reserves: Alex Groza (6), Deron Feldhaus (7), Heshimu Evans (8), Jared Prickett (9), Mark Krebs (10)

PG: Kyle Macy (3)
SG: Gerald Fitch (4)
F: Ron Mercer (2)
F: Dan Issel (1)
C: Nazr Mohammed (5)
Reserves: Joe Crawford (6), Walter McCarty (7), Eric Bledsoe (8), Jules Camara (9), Gimel Martinez (10)

PG: Louie Dampier (5)
SG: Tony Delk (1)
F: Chuck Hayes (3)
F: Patrick Patterson (2)
C: Sam Bowie (4)
Reserves: Jeff Sheppard (6), Jason Parker (7), Rodney Dent (8), Patrick Sparks (9), Richie Farmer (10)

So, what do you think?  Who drafted best?  I say Meredith did this year, getting an absolute steal with Rondo in the 3rd round, and you can say what you want about Rod Rhodes, but he was a fantastic talent, and in the “fake” world, there is no such thing as chemistry issues.  And I would say Alex has the worst team.

Article written by Bryan the Intern