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1/31/2011 UPDATE: Fan Outfitters College Basketball Contest

I swear I am not working on commission
I swear I am not working on commission

The College Basketball Fan Contest has a dwindling field, and that allows more time and space to give a little tidbit on what lies ahead for our teams.

19 teams remain after a disastrous weekend for previously unbeaten no-names. The Jimmer went down in a heaping ball of fire, taking Matt Jones with him. El Capitan, Mi Capitan.

Tonight gives us a couple good match-ups for teams riding the streak: Georgetown faces a hot Louisville team (hot as in coming off a big win, not hot as in the burn one feels after hanging out with Karen Sypher). Texas travels all the way across the country state to take on Texas A&M.


Cleveland State Vikings(Chris Davis) – Thurs, Feb. 3 vs. Valparasio
Coastal Carolina Chanticieers(Kyle Albert) – Thurs, Feb. 3 vs. Liberty

Duquesne Dukes(Aaron Camper) – Weds, Feb. 2 vs. George Washington
George Mason Patriots(Jeremy Stanfield) – Weds, Feb. 2 vs. Hofstra
Georgetown Hoyas(Sam Keathley)Mon, Jan. 31 vs. Louisville
Harvard Crimson(BTI) – Fri, Feb. 4 at Princeton
Liberty Flames(Patrick Crow) – Thurs, Feb. 3 at Coastal Carolina
Maine Black Bears(CJ Cambron) – Tue, Feb. 1 at Boston U.
Montana Grizzlies(Denise Ray) – Thurs, Feb. 3 as Weber St.
Nevada Wolf Pack(Chad Newton) – Weds, Feb. 2 at Utah St.
Northern Iowa Panthers(Claude Sagaille) – Weds, Feb. 2 vs. Illinois St.
Oakland Golden Grizzlies(Ed Van Etten) – Thurs, Feb. 3 at Western Illinois
Ohio State Buckeyes(Kenneth Chambliss) – Thurs, Feb. 3 vs. Michigan
Princeton Tigers(Tony Cambron) – Fri, Feb. 4 vs. Harvard
Savannah State Tigers(Tom Leach) – Tues, Feb. 1 vs. Arkansas St.
Texas Longhorns(Jerry Moore) – Mon, Jan. 31 at Texas A&M
Utah State Aggies (Nick Fulkerson) – Wed, Feb. 2 vs. Nevada
VCU Rams (Mitch Grant) – Weds, Feb. 2 at Northeastern
Xavier Musketeers (Ian O’Connor) – Wed, Feb. 2 at Charlotte

Article written by Chris Thomas

14 Comments for 1/31/2011 UPDATE: Fan Outfitters College Basketball Contest

  1. DMCKIDs
    5:57 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    I thought the Liberty Flames played hockey?

  2. Tyrone Biggums
    5:58 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    Any news on NSD? I know you guys love your bball but tomorrow is a big day for those of us that pack Commonwealth.

  3. Bryan the Intern
    6:06 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    This contest is such bullsh……oh wait Harvard is still in. Nevermind.

  4. Wheelz
    6:10 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    I think the chambliss guy is favored to win

  5. BPsycho
    6:15 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    #3 Chambliss was bolded at one time!!!! lol

  6. Mr Schwump
    6:16 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    2, but Wed’s even bigger.

  7. rob
    6:54 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    BTI sucks. I called Harvard early in the original post’s comments–before anyone had it, according to a thorough search that included the comments. The comment was deleted. This contest is BS.

  8. Evan Meyer
    7:36 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    @ #7, try getting the team you picked, only to have them removed from the contest for no reasonable explanation.

  9. I am Me
    8:17 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    #8, I agree, I called UConn Women and was denied.

  10. WhiskerBiscuit
    8:35 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    Good Lord, I was planning to pick Coastal Carolina and I was waiting for the post to go up when one of my kids had a crisis and came back and notta! Good luck Kyle Albert, may you take them all down!

  11. I am Me
    8:50 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    BTW Evan, They have answered the question, just not an acceptable answer to you.

    On a separate note, I agree with you. Just because they play a weak Division 3 schedule, wasn’t part of the original rules.

  12. John Wilmhoff
    11:04 pm January 31, 2011 Permalink

    Someone beat me to the chase by picking Xavier. They’ve got this easy…the Muskies are dominating in the A-10.

  13. dubowski
    12:29 am February 1, 2011 Permalink

    just throwing this out there, please dont jump all over me. and hopefully the mods don’t remove this comment. but what if joker playing newton over moss was a race issue. maybe joker is a little bias, maybe has a little closer relationship with newton. not saying our coach is racist or anything, but maybe hes been pushing newton to be the future and moss got put on the back burner. I know im taking huge leaps here but, just sayin… what if.

  14. Jarrod Polson Fan Club
    2:05 pm February 1, 2011 Permalink

    The only team that will beat CLE State before the NCAA tourney is Butler.