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Hello, my KSR compadres!  It has been too long.  Some might disagree and if you do who cares, really.  Just kidding, I love all yall.  Matt has done everything but put a gun to my head for me to blog so here we go…

A lot has transpired since my last sighting on this lame excuse for a website.  Coach Billy the Clyde Gillispie was fired, John the Moonite Calipari was hired, John Wall has become the best basketball player in the history of the Earth (according to anyone in Lexington even though they have never seen a clip on him), Scott Padgett and Tony Delk Joined the basketball staff, a 50-1 long shot won quite a bit of money for me in the Kentucky Derby (it was 50 not a whole bill) and thank goodness Matt Jones took a bath old school style like when your mamma use to bathe you. 

The Firing of Billy the Clyde Gillispie

Billy got fired.

The Hiring of John Calipari

Was without a doubt the best hire we could have made at this point in time.  If we did not get Calipari my second choice would have been Rick Stansbury of Mississippi State University.  Some might call me stupid but look at what he has done in Starkville, Mississippi! A place where their biggest sporting day revolves around BASEBALL!  Look it up if you don’t believe me, Bulldog Days is like Mardi Gras to the citizens of Starkville, Mississippi.  Not only is Stansbury a great judge of Talent he gets that talent to come to Starkville!  I will rest there because that’s neither here nor there; we have our Moonite so let’s move on.  Coach Calipari could very well have us in the Final Four next year with the talent we have coming in.  Even if Patrick makes the jump to the NBA I believe with the core of players we have returning, we will have the ability to make it deep in the NCAA with the much needed leadership from our new coach.  Only God knows what the future holds in store for us all, but I’m going to say something that every knows already, our future looks a lot brighter with John Calipari as the new Men’s Basketball Coach.

Heck, Coach even helped me out while I was at Kentucky and I have never played for him.  Tubby saw Coach Calipari’s team in Memphis using a video game call Intelligym and coach Smith had to get it for us.  Oh I loved playing Intelligym!  Google it.

John Wall

Considering my first cousin is John Wall’s high school coach, one might presume I would know a little inside information.  Sorry guys nothing here…

I will be the first to agree, John Wall is a talent that doesn’t come around too often.  To land him for just one year would do our program good.  If Wall did come here, could he be the best point guard ever in the history of the program after one year?  I know it is kind of early to start crowing him but I believe he is the type of player that can change the complexion of any game based on what I have seen and heard.  With the addition of Wall I believe our National Championship Contention chances go from good to great.

Scott Padgett & Tony Delk

This topic doesn’t rest with Tony and Scott but for the entire Family of UK Basketball.  When Mr. Keightley passed it felt like we lost a connection with the program.  While visiting the Craft Center we could always find Mr. Keightley in his room ready for good conversation about anything and everything.  That connection to the program will soon return my friends.  I can feel it.   

Even though, I have not met our new coach I am thrilled to see him reaching out to the former players and the entire UK Family.

I will end on this note… If anyone wants to see my on the course let me know right NOW!  Also, if you or anyone you know is in need of mortgage services (Home Loans, Refinances and/or Investment Properties) please contact me through email: [email protected]. 

My next post will come next Monday after Matt and I play in our 8-hour scramble Saturday.  Mark it down turkeys, it will be a guarantee win for the KSR Crew! Should be good stuff…

Article written by Bobby Perry