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The Drew Barker Diary: The Next Chapter

Future UK Quarterback Drew Barker kept a diary for KSR throughout his senior season to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on in recruiting and the changes in the UK football program. Check out his earlier entries:

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Hey guys. I guess you heard, but my team lost to Anderson County in the playoffs last Friday. It was a tough game. We played them in 2011 in the Regional Championship and they ended up beating us 31-30, so this year, we were still kind of mad about that game and we wanted to come out and win. We got down early by a few touchdowns and it just seemed like nothing was going our way. All year we’ve battled back, and we came back and got the score to 35-34, and on the extra point to tie it up, we decided to run a fake kick and we didn’t get it, so we lost to them by one point again. In my three playoff losses as a starter, I’ve lost by a combined five points–one my sophomore year, three my junior year, and one this year. They were all tough games. Matt Jones came out to the game, so it was good to see him on the sidelines. I know Anderson County has a lot of UK flavor, so there were a lot of UK fans there too, so I definitely want to thank everybody that came out to show their support.

Photos via Drew Barker

Photos via Drew Barker

I feel like I’ve definitely improved a lot over this season. Going to all these camps this past summer like the Elite 11 really helped. When I was there, they focused on my footwork, which was good because your accuracy starts in your feet. They also helped me with my drops and the quickness of my drops, which made my pocket presence much better, being able to sit in the pocket a little longer and deliver the throws instead of running out as quick or bailing out as quick. I also thought my release got a lot quicker over last year, when it was a little drawn out. Just from watching Coach Brown’s offense this year and at Texas Tech, those quarterbacks have really fast releases. They might not have the strongest arms, but they have a really quick release. When I went out to the Elite 11, I asked Coach (Trent) Dilfer how I can improve the speed of my release because I knew it would help me in the Air Raid offense. They were hard on me about that, but you could see a big difference between last season through the end of the summer to the end of this season, how much better it’s gotten. I’m getting the ball to the receivers a lot faster. That and my footwork are the two things I’ve really improved on.


With high school football over, I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I’m taking a little break this week, then starting on Monday, I’m going to get back to lifting, running, throwing again and stuff to get ready for UK and the Army All-American Game in January. In high school football, there are two major all-star games: the Under Armour All-American game and the Army All-American game. You know how in basketball they have the McDonalds All-American Game and the Jordan Brand Classic? The Army All-American game is more like the McDonalds game. I got invited to both of them, but they’re back-to-back on January 3rd and 4th, and in the contract you can only choose one, so I chose the Army All-American Game because I thought it was for a really good cause, and there’s a lot of prestige behind it. I think almost 300 NFL players have played in the Army All-American game, including great players like Tim Tebow, Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson, guys like that. Also, like I said, the cause is great. We wouldn’t be able to play football if it weren’t for the people serving our country, so that had something to do with it too.

As you know, Matt Elam’s also playing in that game, and I’m still trying to work it out so I can room with him. I called the people in charge of the game about it and they said they’d get back to me, so don’t worry, BBN, I’m on the case! I’m still not wavering at all in my prediction even though I see a lot of people getting nervous. Matt’s 247 Crystal Ball is up to 60% Alabama the last time I checked, but I think back to when I announced, and my Crystal Ball was 81% South Carolina, so those are just guesses. I’m staying strong with my feeling that he’s coming to UK. Like I said in my last diary, he’s definitely living the recruiting thing up and likes being in the spotlight, which is awesome, because he’s not going to have a bigger stage than the one at the game on January 4th. If he chooses Kentucky, it will be huge with all those viewers watching. I think I heard that there were over 2 million people watching it last year, so if had the UK, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State hats on the table and chose UK, that’d be a sign to every recruit and fan that we’re not playing around anymore. They’ve gotta start taking UK football seriously. We’ve already done that with the class we have now, but it would be an even bigger step if he committed.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the 2014 class tweeting out pictures of the letters they’re sending in. Technically, it’s not a letter of intent, it’s a financial aid agreement that guarantees the scholarship to the player. It means that the coaches can have unlimited contact, changes some of the recruiting restrictions, and they are permitted to talk about you publicly in the media. I’m planning on sending mine in tonight, and I’m really looking forward to faxing it in. Yes, even though it’s 2013, we have a fax machine, although it’s actually part of our printer. I don’t feel comfortable mailing it in because it will take two to three days, so I’ll fax it in tonight. In fact, I may have already sent it in by the time you read this.

Barker did send in his financial aid agreement today. | Photo via Barker's Twitter

Barker did send in his financial aid agreement today. | Photo via Barker’s Twitter

I plan on talking to the coaches tonight after I send my paperwork in. They all sent me messages on Twitter after my game last week, telling me I had a great high school career and they can’t wait for me to get to get down to Lexington. One of the main reasons I chose Kentucky over the other schools was I felt like I had a great connection with all the coaches, and after that loss, it was cool to have every coach on the team send me a message.

Photo via Drew Barker

Photo via Drew Barker

It’s crazy that I’ll be at UK in a little over a month. I remember committing like it was yesterday and now it’s actually about to happen. I think it will definitely be kind of weird at first not going back to school with all my classmates, but I’m really looking forward to it and getting down there to work with Coach Korem and the strength staff, who say they have some big plans for me when it comes to weightlifting and diet and stuff. I’m ready to get my body in the best shape possible and be there with all the other guys enrolling early, like Mikel Horton, TV Williams, Nick Richardson, and Thaddeus Snodgrass. We’re looking forward to getting down there and bringing the new swagger with us to Kentucky football. I’m getting really excited.

This is my last entry, so I definitely want to thank everyone for reading. Ever since I committed, all of your support just shows that there’s no better fan base than the Big Blue Nation. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and tell me they read the diary, so it means a lot. I can’t wait to go out there and represent you on the field.

Article written by Drew Barker

24 responses to “The Drew Barker Diary: The Next Chapter”

  1. DublDownDrew

    Can’t. Wait. Best of luck as you begin preparations!!

  2. lesigh

    Nice stats Drew! We’re looking forward to seeing you ignite the air raid next year!

  3. David

    I’ve enjoyed reading your articles. Looking forward to seeing your team play!

  4. southcentralKYCAT

    Great post. Drew, you are a great example to all the aspiring young KY fans out there who wish to live their dream of representing the BLUE and WHITE. I have enjoyed every Diary entry and look forward to seeing you in the Spring Game. Keep working hard and bring in ELAM.


    Great read as always Drew! Can’t wait to see you at UK! Thanks for all you have done to reach out to the fans. It means a lot! Go Cats!

  6. boom

    Great read. Can’t wait to see you in blue and white. You have already become a tremendous ambassador for the UK football program and state of Kentucky. Best of luck young man!

  7. JVice

    How well spoken (or written as the case may be) is this kid?

  8. KT

    Drew, I followed the And. Co. game online because I was on the road and was sorry to see it end the way it did. You had a great season and I guess I realized how much I’ve been following your recruiting class when I swear I felt that pain with you. I’ve been following your diary all year through this site and can’t wait for you put on the blue and white. The SEC is tough for a Freshman to start but you may actually have the tough mentality and work ethic needed to fight through that. Either way I’m looking forward to watching you in this offense the next few years. You are an incredible talent and one of the smartest players I’ve seen come out of our fine state. I particularly love how you’ve been able to keep this recruiting class together in spite of the tough first year we’ve been having under Stoops. The true KY football fans like myself recognize that good football is coming. We see coaches that truly energize everybody and know football. That is evident in the heart that the team has played with this year and we see the great recruits continuing to roll in like yourself. It may be a couple of seasons yet before we can make a dent in the SEC but until then we will be behind you thick and thin and waiting for those wins to start rolling in that will energize the basketball side of the fan base as well. Enjoy the week off and the end of your senior year. You’ve earned it and UK will be here when you are ready. BBN is ready already.

    1. Haha

      Chill out bro he is like 17

  9. BBN Gary Oldman

    Great season young man, we can’t wait to see you at Commonwealth next year

  10. Catlogic15

    I believe you mentioned in perhaps your first post that a redshirt is possible….so UK fans shouldn’t be bummed if you redshirt next year. Coach Stoops is a futurist, and as a longtime (I mean really longtime haha) season ticket holder, I can see why this would be a smart move for the program if so happens. I hope others will see as well.

  11. joe Dennison

    Thank you Drew for committing to UK, thanks for being a great recruiter, thanks for the encouraging words on KSR, and I am looking forward to watching you on TV. I live in Northern Nevada so games are not something I can get to. Spent all my life (70 years) as a Kentucky fan and never been to any UK games.
    Was offered a trip to watch Louisville and turned it down. Like Ashley Judd said about NC, I’d rather freeze to death.
    Good luck on your studies and conditioning

    1. highoctanehurricane

      Mr. Dennison, I am rooting for you to someday be able to make it to Lexington, KY to watch the Cats play.

  12. hooters

    Joe Dennison you are a special man. Go big blue

  13. Stats

    Those are some incredible numbers. I pray he can step in right away and take the starting job. Otherwise we’re in for another season just like this one.

  14. idontflinch

    Best of luck to you, Drew, and all of your killer fellow 2014 commitments. The future is yours sooner or later. However it works out, I hope you guys destroy everyone and never feel sorry for them for one second. UK has been in the SEC crap house for far too long. Just remember pain and glory. The pain you guys endure while getting better will only be temporary, but the glory of being a great football team will last forever.

  15. goUKats

    Excellent article Drew.As a die hard UK football fan,i am looking forward to you and your soon to be new teammates arriving on campus.
    You are surely going to be in the spotlight and I sincerely hope you can reach your goals and have a fantastic career as a student and an athlete.

  16. UK Freshmen

    Me, me, me. I, I, I. Look at me!!

    1. BarkerRules

      Drew’s first UofL troll, congrats Drew, you now have officially “made it”

    2. Eric

      Usually when someone is brought on to write about THEIR experiences, it does have a lot of material about themselves. Crazy how that works.

  17. SteelyDanu

    So, just to be clear. A website that has repeatedly ridiculed the NCAA for profiting from players, is profiting from players? Seems legit

    1. Eric

      Yeah… im sure that they brought Drew in for the sole purpose of profit. They were doing so bad before he came on to do these articles. Did you come to this website just because drew barker had a post here? Troll

  18. UKfanNKY

    Another great post and congrats on a GREAT HS career!! The BBN is looking forward to you and all your upcoming recruits as well as present players to turning KY FOOTBALL into a WINNING program thanks for being a hero. Stay true and beleive me Coach Stoops and his Staff will get it done!! GO CATS!!!

  19. The Loco Pollo

    Drew, thanks for giving the BBN a glimpse into your world. I know I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Best of luck to you as you transition to college. We look forward to watching you as the Cats QB in the future. I hope you’re celebrating with Elam on the sidelines in San Antonio to start off the new year.