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What was Right and What went Wrong in The Last Jedi

The most recent installment of one of the greatest movie series of all times, Star Wars, may be the most polarizing movie in the series. It has either gotten great reviews and people love it, or people say it is worse than the Phantom Menace. I am the type who believes this movie is great and I think people should cut Rian Johnson a little bit of slack, but it does have its flaws.  Now before I get into this, a spoiler Alert is definitely in effect for this piece, as I will address the what went right and wrong, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Good: The Porgs

One of the biggest complaint in this movie is the amount of Porgs that are in this movie. The Porgs were obviously a marketing technique that Disney used to appeal to children, mainly, but it could appeal to many others. Like me for instance, I think the porgs are great and provide a nice comical relief. But some people were not a fan of the porgs, as they could be overwhelming at times, but according to Jake Lunt Davies, the creative designer for Star Wars said there were too many puffins on the island they shot the film from. So, Rian Johnson had a creative idea to create Porgs. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I thought the Porgs were great.

Bad: Leia surviving space

As we all know, the world lost Carrie Fisher almost a year ago, so everyone thought that she would be killed off (for lack of better terms) in this movie. Boy were we wrong. In fact, we got swerved multiple times and the fact that Leia is still alive in the Star Wars universe blows my mind. I know it will be said to lose Leia, but it has to be done at some point and they had the perfect opportunity to do it in the last Jedi. The fact she’s alive isn’t really the big issue here though, it’s how she is still alive. Leia survived floating in space and that’s unheard of. I realize that she is connected with the force, but it seems kind of outlandish that she can cheat death by floating back to the ship. I would have justified her living if she would have played a significant role if she returned, but she didn’t do anything that important.

Good: Not revealing Rey’s parents

People are under the impression we will never know anything about Rey’s parents and that she really did come from nothing. This befuddles me, because they are going off the word of Kylo Ren, who would obviously lie as a sith lord to bring Rey to the dark side. I think it’s almost a certainty that we find out about Rey’s parents in the next movie, but who that is, is beyond me. I am under the belief that she may be a Kenobi, the granddaughter of Obi Wan in fact. That would still leave a question about her parents unless Obi Wan just raised some junkies, but who knows.

Bad: The Luke/ Kylo Ren situation

This is easily my biggest gripe about this film, because it makes no sense whatsoever and is totally disconnected from the prior movies. I understand that we needed a cause for Ben Solo to become to Kylo Ren, but having a story that has Luke try to kill a conflicted Ben Solo IN HIS SLEEP is terrible. At what point did it make sense that Luke saw the conflict in Darth Vader, the evilest man in the galaxy, in the middle of battle, and could turn Vader. But he tried to kill a conflicted apprentice of his, in Kylo’s sleep? Makes no sense. This tweet sums it up best.

Good: The Elite Praetorian Guards

In Star Wars we have been a custom to the underlying villains playing an insignificant role in the movies. Whether it was the droids in the prequels or the clones in the original trilogy, we’ve gotten used to these antagonists looking very weak. But in the fight scene where Rey and Kylo team up to kill the guards, they looked extremely strong. Making Rey and Kylo (two of the most powerful people in the galaxy) pull out all the stops to defeat them. Not only does making them strong look good for them, it helps solidify that Kylo and Rey could be some of the strongest characters we’ve ever seen in Star Wars.

Bad: Snoke

Well this was dumb. For two years many people wondered, who is Snoke? Where is he from? How is he evil? What makes him significant? Well, all those questions weren’t answered, in fact they weren’t even touched. They killed Snoke and left us with no indication as to how he was significant. Unbelievably bad move.

Good: Gender parity

Its’s 2017 and gender equality is one of the biggest topics in the world right now. With Disney being one of the most progressive companies in the world it was no surprise that they would have women play a massive role in their Star Wars movies. We saw it in the force awakens and we saw more of it in the last Jedi. Rey is easily shoplifting herself as a Star Wars fan favorite because she is a total bad ass and it’s great to see her take the lead role in this film. Now, they may have gone a little overboard with the guys making boneheaded mistakes, only to have women save them. But it’s great to see Rey as more than a damsel in distress and reserving that role for someone like Poe or Finn.

Bad: Holdo not telling Poe the plan

This movie was the longest in the Star Wars saga, but it seemed a bit to long. They could have easily cut out 40 minutes of this film if Holdo just would have told plan in the first place. Not only that, her not telling Poe resulted in a large portion of the resistance being killed. I understand every plot needs a conflict, but this one was so laughably easy to fix.

Article written by Brent Wainscott

Twitter: @BrentW_KSR