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The Walking Dead: Some Guy and The Big Scary U

Howdy folks! Looking back on a bi-weekly basis has become the norm around here. Not for lack of material mind you. Rather, it is a sign of the zombie apocalypse when so much time is dedicated to so little happening. It is an argument to have, over a couple of beers, what is wrong with this season of TWD. Crappy writing maybe? Eh, there are only so many ways you can write a conversation. Could it be the acting? I’d argue this has been one of the better acted seasons so far, we have to go deeper. The largest problem with TWD this year is people. Not good or bad people, but the amount of them. There is too many! Between the 6 communities (Yes I’m including the Heapsters and the depressing Oceanside group) there are no less than 22 characters to catch up with. Looking at a monthly comic is one thing. Watching a show every week is another. So if it feels like nothing is happening, that is what is occuring. We’ll have to wait and see if they start knocking people off in the coming weeks. For now lets catch up with the characters we followed for the last two.

King Ezekiel, Carol, Jerry, and Shiva(R.I.P)

Full disclosure, I’ve already watched this episode. No not last Sunday, I watched it in the comic 5 years ago. Scott Gimple tries to mix up new material with material straight from the comic. This was one of those episodes that almost mimic the comic page for page. Ezekiel is brought down to Earth with the decimation of his soldiers and the loss of Shiva. Except for the inclusion of Carol, the show follows Ezekiel going down the hole of reality and depression. This is a nice nugget of direction for Ezekiel, given his bravodo since he was introduced. How will he recover? Will he still be the King? Will his people lose hope? These are avenues of story telling that await. And God bless Jerry for his devotion to his king. For what its worth, Carol can join my apocalypse army any day. #thatsabadasswoman

Negan and Gabriel

The polar opposites of the show get stuck in a trailer surrounded by walkers. What mayhem ensues? Except for Gabriel taking a shot at Negan, we get to see little glimpes of how the main bad guy operates. His convictions on what drives him actually sound sane. To be honest, when Gabriel asked to hear Negan’s confession, I thought we were going to get a whole episode of his backstory. Robert Kirkman has teased that will find out more and more about how he came to be. Telling Gabriel about his first wife, and only true wife, shows that Negan does still have a soul. His weakness of not being able to end her life when she turns is on par with Morgan. For Gabriel it was a revelation to see Negan with his people and how they respond to him as a leader. It makes you wonder who the real bad guy on the show is.

Simon, Eugene, Dwight, Gregory, and various other Savior Leaders

The dynamic and tension created between Dwight and Eugene is fantastic. It creates a “will he or won’t he” tell Negan about Dwight for Eugene. Is he truly “Negan”. Knowing from the books Dwight’s story line, this is a wrinkle I look forward to watching unravel. Poor Simon can’t win for losing. Given the golden opportunity to lead the Saviors to survival of the walker invasion, Simon fails miserably. Descension with the workers of the Sanctuary isn’t stopped until Negan comes walking around the corner whistling his merry little tune. Gregory on the other hand is such a tool. I don’t understand how he’s made it this long on the show. I’m begging them to finish off his whiny behind.

Rick and Daryl

The buddy cop show we deserve! Although the duo doesn’t receive tons of screen time the last two weeks, what they do have is fast paced. Running down the truck carrying the .50 cal is action that had been promised this season. If you complain there is no way that random guy couldn’t hit Daryl and Rick with it while running down the road, you haven’t played Call of Duty. It can be so frustrating. The scrap the boys had last night appears to be brothers being brothers. I was wondering if they were going to address the different ideas they have over how to win the war. Daryl wants to end it in quick fashion at the cost of the enemies lives. Rick’s plan is to win with strategy because he wants people to live, at the threat of more of his people dying. We’ll see how long this plays out, with the Rick going one way slowly and Daryl headed the other quickly.


I know this season has been frustrating for fans this year. The amount of characters is troublesome and difficult to deal with. Will the show runners have the guts to have a cull? I think they’re building up to it. As per Walking Dead protocol, it is going to be a slow burn to get there. However, the last 2 or 3 epsiodes of Season 8 could be a bloodbath. We shall see. Just hold on people! We can get there if we try. Until 2 weeks from now, ta ta.

Article written by Brad Morris

If you see me running, the zombies are coming.