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The Funkhouser Situation E28: Smell the Infinity Glove

A little more than a week after the world’s biggest movie hit the big screen, Chris Tomlin and Lee Cruse break down Avengers: Infinity War on The Funkhouser Situation.  There are plenty of spoilers in this discussion, but they do not happen until the end of the show.  Before they talk about Thanos and infinity stones, KSR’s dynamic pop culture duo discuss…

—  Lee’s Most Enjoyable Kentucky Derby

—  Westworld’s Similarities to Lost

—  Game of Thrones is the Best Show HBO has ever Done (duh)

—  Why are we constantly remaking movies?

—  Bob Newhart is Underrated

—  What’s the last original character to launch a franchise that didn’t come from a book?

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2 responses to “The Funkhouser Situation E28: Smell the Infinity Glove”

  1. TomEcaster

    John Wick would be my answer to last franchise not from a book

  2. Sentient Third Eye

    Avengers is fun, but it’s “Marvel good”, not objectively good. What I mean is, because of the Marvel shared universe model, they have different rules for defining quality from other movies. If you watch this one as a regular movie, it’s horrible with very little characterization at all, and even less actual character development. Literally dozens of characters are just empty cardboard cutouts in this movie.

    But it’s a Marvel movie and a part of the shared continuity. The characterization was previously laid out in other movies, so they didn’t have to repeat it here, so by Marvel standards, it’s still a good movie even though it’s wanting by normal standards.