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The Funkhouser Media Forecast


(The following is written by Funkhouser guest featured writer Brad Morris.)

Welcome to another edition of the Media Weekend Forecast. I am your Mediaologist Brad Morris.  While the last few days have been soggy weather wise, this weekend we can make up for it Media wise. I searched the platforms we all love to watch, and I think you’ll find some interesting choices are in the palm of your hand.


Netflix: Tower

Why To Watch: This is an interesting documentary that I came across this week in looking out for the Forecast. It is about the infamous Tower shooting on the University of Texas campus in Austin, which took place on August 1st, 1966. For those of you in your early 40’s and beyond, school shootings have been rampant in our country ever since Columbine. However it’s the mass murder in Texas that was the first to happen. Charles Whitman took a small arsenal of weapons to the tower and began firing on people below from the 27th floor, killing 17 and injuring 31. In the process he killed his wife, his mother, and the unborn child of Claire Wilson. What makes this documentary fascinating for me is the use of animation. They use the typical on scene, grainy, black and white news footage, but they enhance it with animation based on interviews and the post mortem of the event. They also show the people involved in cartoon form then, and as they are now. I was not expecting to enjoy it, but it was great view into a portion of our past that often gets overlooked. The pain and suffering of any school shooting is unfathomable to comprehend, and it’s a wonderful insight to the largest school shooting in US history up to that point.


Hulu: The Golden Girls

Why To Watch: If you’re a millennial and haven’t been introduced to the Florida retirement home occupied by Rose, Sophia, Blanche, and Dorothy, we need to correct that mistake right now. And for those of you who are older, what better way to relive the past than with the Golden Girls. National Treasure Betty White plays the dim-witted Rose, often the butt of the jokes for her simple minded ways. White plays her role to perfection. Bea Arthur’s Dorothy was the straw that stirred the drink. She was the level headed woman whose wit was so dry it seems as if sand is coming out of her mouth with her delivery. Rue McClanahan plays the (phrase not coined yet) Cougar of the group, searching and lusting for men in every episode. You’d think with that description her character would be one note, however McClanahan plays it with such aplomb that you’re in stitches. And last but not least, Estelle Getty plays the mother of Dorothy, Rose. Often telling stories of how things were in her native Sicily, Rose had more comebacks than Michael Jackson and Tupac combined. It’s easy to get lost in the rhythm and flow of the shows laughter, but when Rose spoke it would sometimes send me into side splitting tears. So catch up on some great 80’s TV. And thank you for being a friend.


TV: Saturday Night Live

Why To Watch: This may be the most anticipated SNL in recent memory. Whatever you think of this current administration, the one thing that can not be argued is that it has brought comedy to the forefront. Political satire seems to have ebbs and flows with each President that we have. With “He Who Shall Not Be Named” in office, the gold mines are open again. And with all that went down this week in D.C., having Melissa McCarthy on this week is the perfect storm. Her impersonation of Sean Spicer is like getting drunk on laughter imho. She’s already been seen riding around the streets of New York behind a podium in full Sean Spicer makeup. So at the very least we can expect a great pre taped digital short. And this could also be a huge week for Weekend Update. So set your DVR, or stay up to not miss anything “Live, from New York! It’s Saturday Night!!!”


Movies: ?????

Why To Watch: This week its more like what not to watch? I can not in good faith recommend the two big releases, King Arthur or Snatched. The reviews for Snatched are that it’s garbage, which makes me sad. I was hoping the combination of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn would be perfect, and it turns out it’s a hot damn mess. If you want the classic story of King Arthur flipped on its head, I guess you can see it, but I’m just not a huge Charlie Hunnam or Jude Law fan. If you want laughs, Boss Baby is still in theaters, and if you want action then Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is definitely worth a second viewing. So tread lightly at the movies this week.


Sports: NBA and NHL Playoffs (cont.)

Why To Watch: We’re down, almost, to the final four in each sports respective playoffs. In the NBA, Golden State will do battle with San Antonio in the Western Conference. Over in the East, Cleveland awaits for whomever wins the Boston vs Washington series. I’m pulling for John Wall to make it to the Conference Finals, both as a fan and so we can shut Colin Cowturd up. I still believe we’ll see a Golden State vs Cleveland finals, but these next two weeks should be more entertaining than the first two rounds.

Meanwhile, the NHL playoffs have been highly entertaining. Multiple overtime games have kept fans on the edge of their seats. In the West the Anaheim Ducks are hosting Tyler Thompson’s Nashville Predators for the right to go to the Stanley Cup Finals. In the East, and believe me this is hard as hell to type, The Pittsburgh Penguins take on the Ottawa Senators. It’s hard to type because for me the Pens are like Louisville, Indiana, and Duke all rolled into one. And since this is a forecast, I’ll be avoiding this series like the plague. So tune in, or out, for some time on the ice.

I hope this forecast gives you enough viewing options this weekend. I know its almost summer time, so get the lazy days in while you can. Pretty soon it’ll be beaches and Disney World, or whatever you and your family does in the summer. Until next week, I’m you Mediaologist Brad Morris. #Smashville #GoPredsGo

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

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