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Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Are So 2017

It’s that time of year again!  It’s the time for people to pair their love of dress up with their favorite piece of pop culture.  Over the year, I’ve saved all of the best trends, characters and iconic moments from 2017, just so you can have the most perfectly relevant costume at whichever monster mash you attend! I’m sure you’ll win the Most Original Costume trophy while everyone else is dressed as Wonder Woman or Sexy Pennywise. (It’s a thing!)

Best Costume For Infants – Literal Baby Driver

Items Needed: A baby, A baby carrier, Baby Steering Wheel, Cool Ray Bans, Iphone headphones, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Blaring.

This costume will help you weed out who you actually want to talk to at the party. If they haven’t seen Baby Driver, then they can go talk to the twelve other people dressed as Eleven in the corner.  Be sure to perfect the perfect Baby Driver snarl to complete your look.


Best Couples Costume – BBC Interview Girl

Items Needed: A man who is all business, a charming girl (or lady for couples!) in yellow

Nothing brings me more joy than this viral video.  I love the dad who just wants to talk about South Korean politics.  I love girl #1 who strolls in with the most confidence ever seen.  I love girl #2 who’s gone rogue in a stroller.  I love the Mom who tries to casually crawl behind the husband to protect his stodgy reputation.

I need this costume to happen.  We must not allow ourselves to forget.

Most Regional Specific – Ellen Calipari

Items Needed: A tasteful turtleneck, A Brad Calipari jersey, A fresh Mom Cut, Dangling Silver Earrings, the quiet confidence that you possess the greatest brownie recipe ever known.

Most likely, the first woman of UK would not be recognizable outside of the tri-state area.  It’s best to keep this costume confined to the Bluegrass state, otherwise you might be confused with someone’s aunt who has earned, not given.


Most Fabulous – Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement

Items Needed: An elaborate floral arrangement, a mossy green veil, maroon undergarments

Although it seems like years ago since Beyonce dropped her iconic pregnancy announcement, the actual post came in February.   Which means, it’s fair game for Halloween 2017!  Pregnant women will probably have a better time being recognized with this costume.


Most Likely to Make Others Uncomfortable –  Sexy Mr. Clean

Items Needed: white eyebrows, piercing blue eyes, a single gold earring, fitted white tee, a mop (obviously.)

Sexy Mr. Clean makes everyone around him uncomfortable.  Perhaps that’s how he gets rid of germs.   When Mr. Clean 2.0 was released in 2017, I knew he was bound to be the inspiration for many costumes.


Most Basic/Horrifying – Unicorn Frappuccino

Items Needed: Unicorn Head, glitter, basic Starbucks costume, more glitter, pink feather boa.

In April 2017, if you were honest with yourself, you considered getting a Unicorn Frappuccino.  Whether your motives were ironic or good-intentioned, the Frappuccino was a sweet symbol of fantasy, prediabetes and over priced drinks. Although the drink is gone, but not forgotten, the Unicorn Frappuccino Costume will help the dream live on for one more night.

Most 2017 – Snapchat Hot dog Man

Items Needed: Hot dog costume, green headphones, hot dog eyebrows(!?)

No one asked for a Hot dog wearing headphones with weird little wiener joints, but we got one anyway.   Snapchat’s most exciting protein would make a great addition to your Halloween wardrobe.   


Least Recognizable – The Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Items Needed: Three participants, red tank top, plaid short sleeve button up, creepy whistle/cat call, light blue tank top, a look of utter disgust

No one will guess what your costume is, but as long as you know that going in, it will be fun to watch people flounder.  It’s also a conversation starter.  People will love explaining their favorite version to you!  Here’s mine!


Most Open to Interpretation – Covfefe

Items Needed: Coffee with fefe?, negative press?, IDK

The is a huge amount of artistic license for those who want to be, wear or embody covfefe.  At the very least, a “Hello,  my name is Covfefe” name tag will suffice.




Most Intrusive – Solar Eclipse

Items Needed: eclipse glasses, all black attire, commitment to standing in front “the sun.”

Where were you when the great eclipse of 2017 happened? Probably standing outside wondering, “is this it?”  Regardless of your geographical location, this costume should get you a path of totality right to the Best Costume Award.  The key is “eclipsing” others throughout the night (i.e. standing directly in front of others.)

Happy Haunting Y’All!

Article written by Megan Suttles

I can't decide if I want to use this space to be witty or insightful. I guess it will be neither.

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  1. CatManDo

    Costumes are like jokes, if you need to explain it, it isn’t good.