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Netflix and Bill? Five Things to Watch on Netflix this Weekend.

Image via Netflix.

Netflix has taken over T.V. as we know it, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With so much content on the platform, and so many other competitors, it can be a little overwhelming finding things to watch after you’ve watched The Office for the 87th time. Luckily, that’s where I come in. Here are just a couple of things to watch on Netflix this weekend, next week, or whenever you want to.

Image via Netflix.

Big Mouth

I avoided Big Mouth for a really long time. It just didn’t really pique my interest at first and the animation style looked a little dumb, but man was I wrong because it quickly became one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Based on the friendship of creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg Big Mouth highlights the most awkward and frankly, gross, period of growing up, and is somehow able to make it hilarious and true to life. Does that boy/girl like me? What the hell is going on in with my body? Why is this giant hormone monster following me around? The show doesn’t shy away from the nastier aspects of going through puberty and does so in a charmingly graphic way. With characters like the ghost of Duke Ellington who gives misguided romantic advice and Coach Steve, the sex ed teacher who’s never had sex, Big Mouth is an incredibly funny show that is well worth your time.

Note: If you’re a more sensitive viewer, DO NOT let your kids watch. Unless you want to have some scarring conversations with them. Trust me, there’s some stuff with pillows that I wasn’t quite ready for. 


Image via Netflix.

Bert Kreisher: Secret Time.

Bert Kreisher is a beautiful, beautiful man. I first heard his work about a year ago when I saw his amazingly epic bit on his time in Russia, where Russian mobsters called him the “The Machine.” (Seriously follow that link and listen to it, it’s hysterical.). From there I went down the Bert rabbit hole and watched all of his stand-up and followed his podcast, Bertcast. He is my favorite  comic working today and when he announced his new Netflix special, I could’t wait. Thankfully Secret Time more than lives up to the hype and is my favorite special he’s ever done. Filled with hysterical stories about parent-teacher conferences, his sex-life with his wife, and just “getting drunk and telling secrets.” Secret Time is a fun and funny dive into the mind of Bert Kreisher.


Image via Netflix.

Set it Up.

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a sap. I’ve cried during The Notebook, I can quote entire sections of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and I like the lyrical stylings on Michael Bublè. I’m admitting this because that’s exactly what watching Set it Up is like. It’s a formulaic and sappy romantic comedy that everyone can enjoy. Harper and Charlie are assistants that work for two high powered executive types in the big city. Being constantly overworked by their respective bosses they hatch a plan to bring the two together and through the experience find themselves falling in love. It’s funny, sweet, and a bit predictable but I found myself really enjoying it. It’s the perfect stay-in movie that you can enjoy cuddled up with your boo thing.


Image via CW.

Black Lightning.

I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh Bill, another superhero show? Haven’t we had enough of these?”, and to an extent, you’re probably right. Black Lightning is a little different and isn’t your average superhero show. When we’re first introduced to Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning, he hasn’t been a superhero in 25 years. In fact he’s been doing more good for his community and changing young peoples lives as the principal of Garfield High School. That all changes when a gang called The 100 threatens the city of Freeland and forces him back into the spotlight. What’s so compelling about Black Lightning is that it has all the trappings on a great superhero show. The action, the characters, the conflict that Jefferson goes through, but theres also a lot of gripping social commentary on what it means to be black in America. Black Lightning is at it’s best when it is highlighting those issues as well as interweaving the effects of him being a vigilante has on his family. All while some of his family is displaying powers of their own. It’s a multi-layered show that works on just about every level.


Image via Netflix.

Ugly Delicious.

Ugly Delicious is an absolutely delicious adventure through the food that Americans eat and how they were influenced by food around the world. Part history lesson and part food show, Chef and host David Chang highlights a specific food each episode and flashes between a round table discussion with master chefs about the food and going to regions where the food was made and perfected. Chang delivers a unique food show that will undoubtedly leave you hungry for whatever they’re eating that episode. Starting with pizza, then moving on to favorites like tacos and fried chicken, it is a fascinating and fun look at the foods that we love.

Be sure to let me know what you think of the shows, I’ll have some more very soon.

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May the Force be with you, always.


Article written by Bill Sheehy