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Kentucky’s “signature artist” is…Fall Out Boy?

Image by Paul Lamere/TheEchoNest

Image by Paul Lamere/TheEchoNest

I’m well aware this is a sports blog, but when I saw this map pop up on Twitter this afternoon, I couldn’t help but share. Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company, used Spotify and a range of data services to compare musical preferences for each of the 50 states. From there, he listed each state’s “signature artist,” or the artist with the most support compared to other regions.

What musician do Kentuckians love more than any other state? Fall Out Boy.


Some of the other results aren’t as shocking, like George Straight and Texas; Phish and Vermont; or Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey.

Who knew the Bluegrass was so emo?

[Exploring regional listening preferences]

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25 responses to “Kentucky’s “signature artist” is…Fall Out Boy?”

  1. hooters

    I’m a big Marilyn Manson fan

  2. OMGMattyG

    Well, I’m moving to Colorado then.

  3. Rei

    I love how stereotypical the south’s artists are. Either redneck trash white girls listen to or rap trash the black guys listen to.

  4. Mattd

    Its a skewed sample… It’s relying on people who use spotify, which means they’re cutting out a majority of the state. It should read, young people from kentucky who use spotify and other trackable services prefer music akin to that by fallout boy. That wouldn’t be shocking.

  5. Old Fart

    What in the sam hill are these youngsters listening to these days? Never heard of most of these artists. To say this poll is skewed is an understatement.

  6. WRB

    Who the hell is Fall Out Boy???????

    1. BIllDozer

      They do sing that one good ‘pump up’ song that the football team used before intros……called ‘Light ‘Em Up’

  7. Matt Jones

    Basketball season is heating up and so are the deals at Hudson Toyota. This week, get a brand new, loaded 2014 Toyota Sienna for under $12,000

  8. timefor9

    That is in fact New Hampshire who likes Grateful Dead. Makes sense though, I confuse them all of the time

    1. Larry Redmons I Love this Bar Bar

      Vermont makes the shape of a “V”

  9. hooters

    .7 that’s a good deal on them toyotas

  10. Catsfan5

    Hey guys that’s New Hampshire that likes Grateful Dead. Maybe we should all take a geography class again
    Just saying.

  11. Chubbs

    First driving 59mph in the fast lane of I75 and not EVER changing lanes. Now this. Oh how I hate you Ohio

  12. hooters

    Anybody heard of trombone shorty?

    1. DH

      I have. He’s played at the venue I work.

  13. Travi

    Emo? maybe 5 or so years ago, but I’d say we’re a more pop-punk state according to the data.

  14. Ryan

    C’mon South Dakota. Hinder? Is that even still happening? Blame Louisville for the Fall Out Boy label.

  15. Eli

    According to wikipedia, Fallout Boy was formed in Chicago. How Kentucky supposedly has anything to do with them, I have no idea.

  16. Catlogic15

    I tried to keep up, I really did, but the old hippie in me wouldn’t allow it.

  17. Chaz

    Someone spent a lot of time compiling and analyzing data that in the end, tells us what a small sample of listeners like. Makes me glad I never was engaged in statistical analysis. More power to them if it makes them happy to churn this stuff out. So people in New Jersey listen to Bruce Springsteen? Shocks the World fer sure, Dude.

  18. Daniel

    it should be either Billy Ray Cyrus or Loretta Lynn

    1. catdaddyd


  19. Jordan

    Gary Allan

  20. Fake JT

    Everyone knows we are a Kentucky Joe state…Ima Willie Cauley Stein Man