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Infinity War Review and Analysis (SPOILER ALERT)

Avengers Infinity War.

Brad Morris and John Reecer both watched Infinity War on Thursday night. Here is their analysis and conversation over what will possibly be the biggest movie ever made. SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE YET!!! 

1. What is your immediate takeaway from the film? 

Brad: They somehow took everything from 18 different movies, stuffed it into two hours and 30 minutes, and it still has little to no flaws at all. Marvel actually pulled it off. This was an amazing achievement.

John:  The fact that a film like this could be so hysterical while also being so incredibly depressing is just insane. In theory, this movie should not have worked at all. However, there are so few flaws. This is truly a cinematic accomplishment. This was one of the most memorable times at the movies I’ve ever had.

2. Let’s talk about that ending. What did you think of it? 

Brad: It was absolutely perfect. That was the only way the movie would have made sense in the end. There was no way that Thanos should’ve lost in the movie. It is a genius way to lead into Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. It was so sad to see so many heroes perish, but this is all part of Doctor Strange’s big plan.

John: I never thought that Disney/Marvel would have the courage to do so, but they actually killed half the Avengers. However, it is SO unfortunate that Marvel has already revealed their next set of movies like Black Panther 2 and a Spider-Man sequel. Everyone and their mother knows that the Guardians, Spider-Man, Black Panther and everyone else that died is not going to stay dead. It does weaken the stakes and the emotional punch in the end isn’t as great as it should be. It’s one of the movies very, very few flaws.

3. How does Thanos stack up as a villain? Does he live up to the hype, or is he another disappointing Marvel villain?

Brad: This is Josh Brolin’s movie. He absolutely killed it as Thanos. He is without a doubt the best villain in the MCU. They actually pulled it off. The fact that he wins and kills half the universe makes him an all-time great villain in the history of cinema just by that alone.

John: I think he is the best villain since Ledger’s Joker. I’m dead serious. How Marvel actually made me sympathize with someone who wants to kill trillions of people… both disturbing and amazing. His story is just so compelling. It’s the best aspect of this movie. When he is sitting in peace at the end, I’m actually kind of happy for him.

4. From the Avengers side of things, who is your MVP of Infinity War?

Brad: Thanos may have won this battle, but Doctor Strange is winning this Infinity War. Like he said, they are now in the endgame by his design. It made total sense why he gave up the time stone for Tony Stark. Even though Strange is currently dead, everything is happening as he had planned. It’s a huge risk, and I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but Strange is one step ahead.

John: Strange is the easy choice so I’m going in a different direction and say that Thor is the MVP of Infinity War. Literally everyone he has ever loved or cared about died even before Thanos snapped his fingers (RIP Loki). However, he used his anger and vengeance in a positive way and stuck to the plan. To overcome what he lost is significant character development. Peter Quill should take some notes.

5. What were your favorite moments in the film? 

Brad: For me, it was the more subtle moments. For example, Spider-Man’s Aliens reference/moment on the spaceship was just awesome. Him defeating Squidward (lol) was one of the cooler moments of the movie. Then I come back to the introduction of M’Baku in Wakanda. Him recognizing T’Challa as his brother is a very touching moment. I loved Black Panther just as much as you did and that moment just really got to me.

John: Spider-Man’s moment on the spaceship was incredible. However, the best moment of the movie was without a doubt Thor, Rocket, and Groot finally arriving on the battlefield in Wakanda. That’s one of the coolest moments in MCU history. Then my personal favorite moment was seeing Captain America and Black Panther run out ahead of their entire army just to get into the fight first. Cap and T’Challa are 100% about that action and they work really well together.

6. What were the best jokes in the movie? 

Brad: Star-Lord changing his voice to sound like Thor was hysterical. Basically that entire scene had the audience laughing the entire time. Seeing Thor completely just blowout Quill’s confidence like that was awesome. Drax’s  “I’m being completely still” joke had me in tears as well. Bautista’s comedic delivery is really impressive.

John: Iron Man’s Squidward joke had the most laughter from the audience both times that I saw the movie. Combining the most iconic MCU superhero with the most iconic cartoon of all time was a match made in heaven. On a personal level, I liked Captain America’s “I am Steve Rogers” line when he was introduced to Groot. It was just so wholesome to see a joke between two of the purest characters in the MCU. Also, I am almost forgot but Drax screaming “WHY IS GAMORA” was just hysterical. Bautista is a national treasure.

7. What was the best team-up of Avengers? 

Brad: Thor and “Sweet Rabbit.” They are just perfect together. Rocket’s and Thor’s personalities and history work perfect as a duo. Every time they were on screen together were some of my favorite moments of the movie. Also, I thought that the Dr. Strange/Spider-Man/Iron Man team-up was really great as well.

John: Please give me a Thor/Rocket Raccoon buddy-cop movie right this instant. I could watch those two together all day, every day.

8. What were the biggest flaws in the movie? 

Brad: For me it was the Ant-Man/Hawkeye throw-away line. It’s bad enough they are not even in the movie, but the length of the explanation for why is just so pathetic. At least devote a couple more lines of dialogue to why they are not there.

John: While it did make sense for why they were not there, I agree. Some of the people I watched the movie with completely missed it altogether. One line from Black Widow really was not enough. Also, besides my small quibble with the ending, I also did not enjoy Mark Ruffalo’s jokes in this movie. They were fine, but he was just a little over-the-top in this film. It’s a nitpick, but it was distracting for me.

9. Where does Infinity War rank in the MCU? 

Brad: For me, Winter Soldier will always be the best MCU movie. But WOW did this come close. I would have it either at No. 2 or No. 3 behind the original Avengers.

John: Your feelings for Winter Soldier are my feelings for Black Panther. However, I think Infinity War is a close second for me. I really do think its better than every other MCU movie. It’s that good.

10. What is your final rating?

Brad: 9.75. It really was almost perfect. I just wished they would’ve handled Ant-Man and Hawkeye better. Next summer needs to get here NOW.

John: 9.5. I only have a handful of nitpicks when it comes to this movie. This was Marvel’s masterpiece of a cinematic experience. They really did it. I cannot wait for the conclusion of this story in Avengers 4.

Article written by John Reecer