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Funkhouser Presents the Kentucky Deadcast: Season Eight Finale

Welcome to the season finale of the Kentucky Deadcast. For all the ups and downs the first half of the season had, the back half fixed most of the problems. When building up to an explosive season 8, this season ended on a high note. The Battle for Alexandria was the first of many conflicts to come. In this episode of the Deadcast, Brad and Josh discuss what has happened and what is to come. Topics include:
– Sasha’s decision to end her own life
– Negan’s reaction to Shiva
-The Scavenger’s turncoat motives
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3 responses to “Funkhouser Presents the Kentucky Deadcast: Season Eight Finale”

  1. AuthorDude

    I’m looking forward to hearing your take. While there were parts of the finale I thought were excellent, there were others I didn’t care for. I thought for the most part, the last episode moved a bit slowly and, for the love of all that’s holy, can a show for once show someone shooting an automatic weapon who can hit something?


  2. binarysolo

    Season eight finale? Did we just go a year into the future?

  3. BHMFire911

    No it’s leading up to an explosive season 8, from this finale. And AuthorDude I agree wholeheartedly.