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June 19th, 2017

KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s

has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for
the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.

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#10 Ramos

This is my favorite way to use this new meme.

#9 Mike Price

Our minor self-reported violation is NOTHING.


And can I be an extra?

#7 H~A Simpson

Nice try.

#6 Larry Barkin


#5 A Proud Rino

He’s basically a saint…you know except for the whole no morals thing.

#4 Stephen Hoskins

The most important way to share cultures.

#3 Not Jerry Tipton

I wouldn’t accept any gift from Pitino right now.

#2 David Scott

KSR…it brings people together.

#1 CeeCee

Full circle.

Meet the Man Who Could Be Calipari’s First 2018 Commit, Immanuel Quickley

USA Basketball

John Calipari doesn’t have to look far for what could be his next point guard.  This week at the Team USA Training Camp in Colorado Springs, Cal is coaching Immanuel Quickley, a lengthy five-star point guard from Maryland who could be Kentucky’s first commitment in the class of 2018.

The first point guard to receive a scholarship offer from Calipari, Quickley plans on deciding before his senior season, and that decision is more likely to happen sooner rather than later.  Down to UK, Kansas, Maryland and Miami, Evan Daniels told Ben Roberts the Cats are the team to beat and there’s “not really” any other competition from Quickley’s other finalists.

Calipari gets an obvious advantage in recruiting this week, although there are a few different ways to look at it.  Being able to pick apart Calipari’s brain is what Quickley likes the most about this experience.

“This is the first time I’ve actually had basketball instruction that will be from him. So it’s going to be different,” Quickley told Roberts. “Just being able to talk to Cal, getting to pick his brain, on and off the floor, I think that’s an advantage.”

The other advantage for Calipari is his point guard resume.  Quickley told Kyle Tucker he sees this week as an opportunity to prove to Calipari he can “carry the torch” in UK’s legacy of point guards.

“I think it really means everything because you don’t want to go somewhere where the players haven’t been too successful at the same position.  You want to go somewhere where they’ve been successful, so I think that means a lot.”

There’s a lot going for the Cats.  Is there anything going against them? “I don’t really think there’s too many cons when you talk about Kentucky.”

Even though he dished out plenty of praise for the Cats, he refused to call them his leader.  He still plans on visiting all four of his finalists before making his final decision.

By The Numbers

Immanuel Quickley
Point Guard (2018) | 6-3 | 175 lbs.
Bel Air, MD | John Carroll School
ESPN No. 14 | 2 PG Top247 No. 16 | 5 PG
Rivals No. 15 | 4 PG Scout No. 10 | 3 PG
  • Offered on October 3, 2016, he’s just one of two 2018 PGs with UK offers.
  • At last year’s FIBA U17 tournament in Spain he averaged 23.7 points and 7.2 assists.
  • 247 Crystal Ball: 73% UK, 18% Washington, 9% Duke

In-Home Visit

Quickley did something we’ve never seen before.  In a documentary about his recruitment, Cal let the family film an in-home visit.  Hear Cal’s pitch and witness an experience that used to be exclusively reserved for the nation’s best basketball players.


Quickley fits the mold for Calipari point guards.  His two best weapons are speed and length.  His shooting was considered the biggest question mark, until he showed off an improved three-point shot in this year’s adidas circuit.  One of his best performances (which you can see some of below) came against Quentin Grimes, the other 2018 point guard with a UK offer.

Kentucky Thrones Radio: Season 3 Review

The Game of Thrones review on KTR has made it to the most controversial and shocking moment in the show’s history.  Nick Roush and T.J. Walker share their initial reactions to the Red Wedding, where the Starks went wrong and the fallout from Tywin Lannister’s sadistic scheme.  Other highlights include…

—  Malisandre’s meeting with Arya and a premonition that could soon come to fruition.

—  The show’s first resurrection from the Lord of Light.

—  Will we ever see Gendry Baratheon again?

—  Two minutes too long of talk about Samwell Tarley.

—  Rickon, Bran and Jon Snow are almost reunited in the North.

—  Why Jaime Lannister became the Kingslayer.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

Matt and Mary Jo Play Cringe Factor on Hey Kentucky!

Instead of Fear Factor, Matt Jones and Mary Jo Perino play a game of Cringe Factor with today’s headlines on Hey Kentucky!  There’s a terrifying video of a Lexington man on a drug called “serenity,” a Louisville councilman is caught with his pants down, Michael Phelps’ odd upcoming Shark Week cameo and more.

Watch the entire episode after the jump.


Cal’s Cats are Roommates at Team USA Training Camp

KentuckyMBB| IG

Add another benefit to the endless positives surrounding John Calipari’s time as Team USA’s U19 coach.  During their time at training camp in Colorado Springs, Kevin Knox, P.J. Washington and Hamidou Diallo are roommates.

“It’s all fun and games, and on the court we do our business,” Kevin Knox told Kyle Tucker after the first day of practices.

“Everyday it (our bond) gets stronger and stronger and this environment here, playing with each other, being on the same team, it’s just helping us for the season.”

As they become closer off the court, Hamidou Diallo believes they’re building chemistry on the court.

“We’re in the gym together all the time.  We’re just trying to find our chemistry.  You just gotta stick with it and run with it.  We’re just in the gym competing and trying to get each other better everyday.  That’s our ultimate goal for this summer.”

Diallo also discussed his eleventh hour NBA Draft decision, the advice he is giving the new guys and much more in the video below.

Knox talked about playing guard, his secretive decision and why he picked Derby day to make it.  “I didn’t know it was Derby day till the day of.”

[Kyle Tucker]

UK Hoops unveils 2017-18 non-conference schedule

Last year, UK Hoops played the second toughest schedule in the country, and this season, Matthew Mitchell isn’t taking his foot off the gas. UK Hoops just unveiled its 2017-18 non-conference schedule, which features seven opponents that finished last season inside the top 100 of the NCAA RPI, four in the top 50. The schedule includes marquee home games against Louisville and California and road trips to Washington State, Baylor, Florida Gulf Coast, Miami (Fla.) and Middle Tennessee.

It all starts with an exhibition game vs. Southern Indiana at Memorial Coliseum on November 5, followed by the season opener vs. Sacramento State on November 10:

For a complete breakdown of UK’s non-conference opponents, head on over to

De’Aaron Fox continues to charm on ESPN media tour

It’s been quite a day for De’Aaron Fox, who has appeared on almost every show on the ESPN networks over the past twelve hours. Fox’s day began on “Mike and Mike,” where he fielded the usual questions about Lonzo Ball, the loss to North Carolina, and what it’s like to play for John Calipari. When asked about Foot Locker’s Father’s Day commercial last week that went viral, Fox said he found Lonzo Ball’s deadpan breakdown of his father’s antics just as funny as everyone else.

“Going into it, I knew Jayson (Tatum), Jonathan (Isaac) and I were going to talk about how our dads did this and that, good things. All they told us was Lonzo is going to go off a list of kind of what his dad’s been doing. I didn’t know how it was going to come out, but when I watched it the first time, I probably watched it 50 times in a row. It was hilarious. He has a sense of humor. I liked it.”

Next, he made the first of two appearances on “SportsCenter,” which I recapped earlier. On “First Take,” Fox explained his comments about wanting to shut LaVar Ball up in the Sweet 16 game vs. UCLA and how he believes his game will translate to the next level:

At some point, he met up with draft insider Chad Ford, who was absolutely charmed:

He also taped an interview for “The Paul Finebaum Show,” which will air at 6:30 p.m. Producer John Hayes is hoping this quote gets the #BBN talking:

I mean, that’s the new normal, right?

Rex Chapman pens emotional plea to end opioid epidemic for Sports Illustrated


Since getting clean three years ago, Rex Chapman has been upfront and honest about his addiction to prescription painkillers, which led to his 2014 arrest for retail theft. Today, Rex penned an emotional plea in Sports Illustrated to state and federal lawmakers to tighten regulations on painkillers to end the opioid epidemic that continues to cripple the state of Kentucky and other parts of the nation. In hopes of raising awareness, Rex shared his story, revealing that after his playing career ended, he became addicted to Vicodin, OxyContin, and Suboxone:

I am one of the lucky ones: I had the financial resources and support of family and friends that enabled to me to enter rehab three times. My last stint was in the fall of 2014, and I have now been clean for three years. That is amazing to me. There were many times I didn’t think I could go without opioids for three hours, much less three years.

Though I was fortunate enough to get a grip on my addiction, I realize that millions of Americans are suffering. That’s why I am working to bring awareness and to influence policy makers to address this plague. My home state of Kentucky has been especially hard hit. In 2015, more than 1,300 Kentuckians died after drug overdoses, many with opioids in their system. That’s about four per day. That same year, more than 353 million doses of opioid painkillers were dispensed in Kentucky—enough to provide every man, woman and child in the state with 79 pills. Like me, many of these people were first introduced to opioids by a doctor. This is the crux of the problem. The U.S. makes up 4.6% of the world’s population, but we consume 99% of the world’s hydrocodone. How can that be? Are we in more pain than the rest of the world?

Honest, thoughtful stuff here from Rex. To read more, click the link below.

[Rex Chapman: Our National Pain]

Katina Powell has been approached about a “Breaking Cardinal Rules” movie

Katina Powell’s tell-all book “Breaking Cardinal Rules” opened the door one one of the most salacious scandals in NCAA history, and now, a movie could be on the way. Over the weekend, Powell participated in a candid Facebook Live Q&A with Louisville comedian Jason English in which she revealed some graphic details about the UofL sex scandal following the release of the NCAA’s infractions report, which will require the university to vacate 108 wins, including the 2013 National Championship. Sadly, English took down the interview due to its explicit nature, but Powell reportedly said that while she is “so sorry” for the fallout from the scandal, it was worth exposing it considering her financial situation at the time.

“It was worth putting food on the table,” she said, via ESPN. “It was worth me driving what I drive. It was worth me living the way I live.”

According to Wave 3, during the interview, Powell described having sex with one of the recruits and told English she’s been approached about a movie deal, as well as a sequel to “Breaking Cardinal Rules.” 

…which begs the question, who would play Rick Pitino in a movie? Gotta be Al Pacino, right?

Alfonso Ribeiro as Andre McGee…

Angela Bassett as Katina Powell…

Xosha Roquemore as Rod Ni Powell…

Vintage Steve Urkel/Jaleel White as Russ Smith…

Get ready to hear more from Katina, because she’s appearing on “Hey Kentucky!” tomorrow night.

UPDATE: How could I forget Dave Fleming as Matt Jones?

Where Kentucky’s prospects stand in mock drafts following the Celtics/76ers trade

The trade between Boston and Philadelphia is now official, meaning the Sixers will choose first in Thursday’s draft and the Celtics third. How does that affect Kentucky’s draft prospects? Judging by the latest mock drafts, De’Aaron Fox will go either fourth to the Phoenix Suns or fifth to the Sacramento Kings. ESPN draft guru Chad Ford seems to believe it will be the latter.

“The Kings have also explored moving up to No. 2 or No. 3 in the draft,” Ford writes. “Their target has been Fox. Not only is Fox the fastest player in the draft and a major fit at point guard, but he has shown genuine interest in playing for and leading the Kings. If Fox is gone, Tatum seems like the next most likely pick for the Kings.”

Interestingly, Ford has Malik Monk sliding to 11th to the Charlotte Hornets and Bam Adebayo 20th to the Portland Trail Blazers. Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp still believes the Knicks will take Monk at 8th.

“This would be a big win for New York. Monk will struggle on defense, and it’ll probably take him another year or two before he adds enough weight to finish at the rim and score consistently in the NBA. But even with those qualifiers, he’s probably one of the most underrated players in this draft. Everyone was falling in love with De’Aaron Fox a month ago, and recently Dennis Smith has been getting that affection, but Monk’s best-case scenario remains just as impressive as either one. He’s got unlimited range on his jumper like Jamal Murray, but he’s a more explosive athlete, with better instincts as a scorer. If anything, playing next to Fox might have held him back a little bit. Monk will be very, very dangerous.”

A roundup of the rest of the mocks:

Just think, in three and a half days, we’ll know for sure!

WATCH: Kevin Knox and Hamidou Diallo continue to impress on Day 2 of Team USA Training Camp


Day two of USA Men’s U19 Training Camp is underway in Colorado Springs, and Kentucky freshmen Hamidou Diallo and Kevin Knox are picking up where they left off after an impressive first practice. Watch as Diallo delivers this perfect pass to Knox for the slam:

And Diallo’s nice step-back (hop-back?) jumper:

Knox showed off his range with this three:

And some ridiculous speed and control in transition:

Look at those hops:

Don’t worry, PJ Washington made his presence known with this emphatic slam:

Meanwhile, Bol Bol says NO!

It’s just videos of scrimmages, but man, it’s good to watch basketball in June, especially when most of the highlights include future Cats.

How fast is De’Aaron Fox? Let ESPN’s “Sports Science” show you

We all know De’Aaron Fox is fast, but how fast is he? ESPN’s “Sports Science” crew put him to the test, measuring his acceleration and hand speed. Fox was able to dribble from the three-point line to the hoop in 1.28 seconds, 15% faster than Kyrie Irving, who clocked in at 1.5 seconds. That’s fast.

The crew also tested Fox’s hand speed by pitting him against WBC Heavyweight boxer Gerald Washington, who has a 82″ reach. How did Fox fare vs. a professional boxer? I think you know the answer, but tune in below to find out.


One of UK’s minor self-reported NCAA violations involved “Last Chance U” star Brittany Wagner

Every year, UK has to self-report violations to the NCAA, and last year, one of them involved “Last Chance U” star Brittany Wagner. Wagner, the former athletics academic advisor at East Mississippi Community College, became a star after Netflix’s series came out and was invited to a UK’s season opener vs. Southern Miss last year. (You probably remember that she appeared on the KSR pregame show, along with my podcast and Matt’s podcast.)

According to the Courier-Journal, an SEC Network color commentator requested tickets for Wagner to the game, which UK Football assistant Lamar Thomas left at will-call under his name. Apparently, because Wagner is an employee of a junior college, that’s a violation, which UK immediately reported to the NCAA. In response, UK Football staffers had to go through training about what to do in that situation (put Wagner on a pass list for recruits instead of leaving her tickets at will-call) and were prohibited from visiting EMCC prospects off campus for a month. The NCAA at work, my friends.

All 17 violations UK reported in the 2016-17 year were Level 3 (minor). Women’s basketball accounted for five; football, women’s golf, gymnastics, men’s soccer, and swimming diving two; and men’s basketball and track and field one each. The men’s basketball one is especially trivial. A freshman player posted a picture with a recruit on Snapchat, which violates the NCAA rule for publicizing the visit. Because it’s SnapChat, the image disappeared after 24 hours, but the entire team still had to go through a rules education session.

Read more about UK’s 17 self-reported violations over at The Courier-Journal. And then shake your head.

[The Courier-Journal]

De’Aaron Fox: John Wall said Lonzo Ball will have a target on his back next season

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

De’Aaron Fox is making the rounds at ESPN today, and just said on SportsCenter that he’s heard rival point guard Lonzo Ball will have a target on his back in the league next season. Fox, who expects to go anywhere from second to eighth in Thursday’s draft, said his friend and mentor John Wall told him Ball will have an especially tough rookie season in part because of his outspoken father, LaVar.

“I’ve heard it,” Fox said. “Playing point guard [in the NBA] is going to be tough anyways, but what’s been said is — it’s going to be tough…John said you have a few other players who have actually said it.”

“Lonzo is a quiet kid, I’ve known him for years. I didn’t know his dad until our senior year of high school but he does things his own way, let’s put it that way.”

As we all know, Fox outplayed Ball in both head-to-head showdowns last season, putting up 29.5 points, 6.5 assists, and 1.5 turnovers per game to Ball’s 12.0 points, 7.5 assists, and 5.0 turnovers. Most pundits believe the Los Angeles Lakers will still take Ball with the second pick in the draft, but Fox worked out for LA last week, and, as he said repeatedly, no one knows what will happen until the names are called on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, when pressed, De’Aaron didn’t give away any secrets about his draft night attire, except that JC Penny will outfit him and fellow Cat Malik Monk.

“JC Penny is who me and Malik’s, our suits are by. I’m not going to tell you what it looks like, the color or anything.”

What about his famous hair?

“Actually, right now, I got it done yesterday. It actually just does its own thing. Thursday, it’ll be different and I won’t even do anything to it, but it’ll be different than this.”

Just please not the ponytail/man bun.


Kentucky targets make up the top 5 of ESPN’s updated 2018 Top 100

ESPN just updated its Top 100 rankings for the 2018 class and, not surprisingly, every player in the top five has an offer from Kentucky. Marvin Bagley leads the way at #1, followed by Zion Williamson, Cameron Reddish, Bol Bol, and Romeo Langford. How good is Bagley? Paul Biancardi said the 6’11” power forward is a “once-in-a-lifetime talent” that would go number one in THIS year’s draft.

“The 2017 NBA Draft could be one of the best in a long time and could have the most one-and-done picks since the inception of the rule in 2005. Even with top talents like Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum and others, Bagley would go before all of them. Bagley is the best pro prospect in the last 10 years. The NBA looks hard at position size combined with athletic ability, measurables, scoring skills and basketball knowledge. Bagley’s game has a maturity with high end results as he flirts with a triple-double on some nights. He will be the top pick in the 2019 NBA draft if he continues to do his job.”

Here’s the rest of the top 15 for 2018 (players with confirmed UK offers in bold):

1. Marvin Bagley, III
2. Zion Williamson
3. Cameron Reddish
4. Bol Bol
5. Romeo Langford
6. Moses Brown
7. Nazreon Reid
8. Jordan Brown
9. Simisola Shittu
10. Jontay Porter (commited to Missouri)
11. Darius Garland
12. Emmitt Williams
13. Keldon Johnson
14. Immanuel Quickley
15. Jahvon Quinerly

Keep in mind that Cameron Reddish, Bol Bol, Romeo Langford, and Immanuel Quickley are all in Colorado Springs to try out for Calipari’s U19 National Team this week. Read more of Biancardi’s takeaways on the 2018 class and see the full rankings below. And then watch Bagley take on Bol Bol.