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October 16th, 2017

Today on KSR, sponsored by Anthem Medicaid: Mississippi State on deck, Pitino officially out

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Mark Stoops will preview Mississippi State

The bye week is over, which means Mark Stoops will meet up with his favorite media members at Kroger Field to preview Saturday’s game vs. Mississippi State. Tune in to the site around lunch for a live stream and complete recap, courtesy of Nick Roush.

If you missed it, the Bulldogs opened up as a 10-point favorite. Here’s what they done thus far this season:

We’ll also find out the Tennessee game time

The Volunteers continue to implode, which could make next weekend’s game in Kroger Field especially sweet. Tennessee hasn’t scored a touchdown in ten quarters and are by all accounts a terrible football team; however, I’ve seen enough games vs. the Volunteers in my lifetime to be cocky. I just hope they hang onto Butch long enough so a loss to Kentucky will be the final nail in the coffin.

Speaking of coffins…

Rick Pitino’s fate is about to be decided

As we speak, UofL’s athletics association board is meeting to discuss Rick Pitino’s contract, or, more specifically, terminating it. It still seems surreal that Pitino’s out at Louisville, and today, he’ll have the chance to defend himself, whether it be in person or by video call. Knowing Rick, his lawyers will continue to drag this out to get every cent they can, but today is officially the end of the Pitino era at Louisville, a damning end to the final chapter of a legendary coaching career.

Speaking of Rick…

Did you see that Karen Sypher will be on KSR tomorrow?

She’s the big surprise guest. Tomorrow’s interview is her first since being released from federal prison and she reached out to KSR ahead of other outlets. Yet another must-listen show.

Kentucky Volleyball took down #1 Florida

For the first time in program history, the Kentucky volleyball team took down the number one team in the country, the undefeated Florida Gators. Watch the final moments below, along with the post-match celebrations:

It was a good weekend for basketball recruiting

Zion Williamson and Bol Bol wrapped up their official visits to Kentucky yesterday, and from everything we’re hearing, they went very well. The Cats were already considered the leader for Zion, but the visit moved them back into the driver’s seat with Bol as well. After watching the group of recruits wait by the blue carpet for almost an hour on Friday night, I can tell you that, unlike some of the guys, Zion and Bol ate up the attention from fans and genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves (as did 2019 star James Wiseman and 2021 PG Zion Harmon). Hopefully Immanuel Quickley’s tweet from yesterday is further confirmation of all those good vibes:

Check out Matt’s post from last night for more good recruiting news, including the latest on Keldon Johnson, who could be the sleeper in the 2018 class:

“Magoffin County Cadillac’s Sunday Night Notes”

Shoutout to my big brother

My brother Travis made the family proud yesterday by finishing the Ironman Louisville. In just over 11 hours, he swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and ran 26.2. Meanwhile, I drove home from Danville, had a piece of pizza and a beer, watched football, and napped. Clearly, he is the badass in the family. Way to go, big bro.

Radio in an hour…

October 15th, 2017

Freddie Maggard wins “Doug Flynn Kentucky First” Community Service Award

KSR’s own Freddie Maggard was surprised tonight with the “Doug Flynn First” Community Service Award, a trophy given to the Kentuckian who gives back to the state of Kentucky with time, talent, or resources.

Jacob Tamme, Doug Flynn, Mitch Barnhart, and Matthew Mitchell are just a few of the past recipients of the award.

Here was the announcement, followed by Freddie’s reaction to receiving the honor:

If you know Freddie, you know the state of Kentucky is engrained in his DNA, and there is not another person in the state that deserves this award more than him. In his free time, Freddie gives back to his hometown of Harlan, KY and the surrounding communities his time, support, and money to help in any way he can.

When he’s not giving back to his hometown and those in need in Eastern Kentucky, he’s helping out those in the Lexington community. Whether it be a close friend or family member, someone in the Big Blue Nation, or a complete stranger, Freddie would give the shirt off his back and every dime in his pocket if it meant someone got what they needed to not only survive, but thrive. He has taken the term “selflessness” to a whole new level.

Freddie has taken me under his wing and has given me opportunity after opportunity to put me in position to succeed, and that is something I am infinitely grateful for. And I am just one of the countless people he has impacted. He’s a role model to everyone that has had the privilege of meeting him, and I am lucky to be one of those individuals.

“You’ve done good, I’m proud of ya, and I love ya”

Congratulations, Freddie!

USA Today says UofL has hit a new low following loss to Boston College

Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

When Bobby Petrino was hired at Louisville for the second time, most UofL fans realized it was a slimy move for a guy that backstabbed the program on the first go around, but realized wins were almost certain to follow.

Following the Steve Kragthorpe era, it seemed as though the program was willing to sacrifice their morals for the sake of success. Little did we know that would apply in more ways than one.

Dan Wolken of USA Today broke down the state of the UofL athletic program in his weekly “Misery Index,” and it was brutal.

Is this a great time to be a Louisville fan or what? The athletics director who built your program from the ground up and shoehorned it into the ACC has been ushered out after yet another scandal. Your legendary basketball coach has gone away in disgrace, leaving behind an uncertain future and potentially crippling fallout from the FBI investigation into college basketball. And that’s less than a year after the 2013 national championship banner was ordered to be taken down by the NCAA for yet another embarrassing episode involving stripper parties and escorts for recruits.

The Louisville brand has been exposed as morally bankrupt on every level. Even its signature accomplishment as the “most profitable basketball program in the country” has been defrocked to some degree, as reporting from the Courier-Journal exposed that the financial picture wasn’t nearly as rosy as the school made it out to be.

You know things are bad in Louisville when Bobby Petrino is the honorable, steady hand in your athletic department.

Re-read that last line for me… Following the recent scandals within the basketball program, Bobby freaking Petrino was the lone stable component of the Louisville athletic department.
Almost immediately after, however, Petrino and his Cardinal football team fell to Boston College at home, and a bowl game birth is now in legitimate question.

The new low for Louisville came Saturday in a 45-42 loss to Boston College. And though while the Vegas odds may have indicated this was a huge upset, it wasn’t much of a surprise. The trend lines have been very clear for Louisville dating back to the end of last season when people started figuring out that its offensive line was bad.

Including those games, Louisville has lost six of its last nine against FBS opponents and may legitimately be in danger of missing a bowl game. With road games at Florida State and Wake Forest coming up, there won’t be a huge margin for error on the back half of the schedule.

But Louisville wasn’t the only school of interest on his Misery Index. The Fighting Butch Jones’ of Tennessee also made the list.

Vol fans have mentally moved on from Butch Jones, and it’s likely a good percentage of them were probably rooting for South Carolina on Saturday to go ahead and finish him off. As of Sunday afternoon, that hadn’t happened officially (and may not for several more weeks), but the point of no return seems to have been breached. We have to allow for the likelihood, however, that a coaching search might be even more frustrating for Tennessee fans than the product on the field the last couple years.

Is there a better time than right now than to thank Mitch Barnhart, Mark Stoops, and John Calipari?

More than anything, thank God for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Read the entire USA Today article here.

Jalen Hurd’s father breaks down the Tennessee offense and offers his thoughts on Butch Jones…

Last year, former Tennessee star running back Jalen Hurd decided to transfer from the school due to his lack of chemistry in the system his and inability to work with the coaching staff. He headed to Baylor to continue his football career, and the Tennessee football program has crumbled into oblivion since.

The fanbase has given up on the season, the coaching staff is hanging on by a thread, and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate resolution to get things fixed.

And this isn’t going to help their problems by any means.

Hurd’s father took to Facebook to give the Volunteer fanbase an insight into the team’s offense and his thoughts on head coach Butch Jones.

It wasn’t a good look…

Dumpster. Fire.

I really want Butch Jones to still be there by the time the Volunteers come to Lexington, but I find that highly unlikely at this point. Things are an absolute disaster.

He gone.

“Magoffin County Cadillac’s Sunday Night Notes”

They sold this picture on shirts…I forgot to get one and I need one

I miss writing as much as I used to. Radio is the purest form of media in my mind, because the immediacy and live nature leads to the most genuine and real interaction one can get from hosts and public figures. But I do miss the days when I would sit down every evening around 9 pm and blast out a post about UK news and whatever other random things were on my mind. One of my favorite parts of what we used to call “the Night Post” was the introductory paragraph, which usually featured something in the state or pop culture that I wanted to highlight and give publicity. I thought of that Thursday night when I saw Tyler Childers perform at The Burl in Lexington. If you listen to the radio show, you know I have become a big fan of Tyler and I ended up seeing him twice this weekend in Lexington. However on Thursday, his opening act was a man from the mountains called The Laid Back Country Picker. His music was terrific, his band better (including his wife playing in curlers and a bath robe) but the highlight of the entire proceeding was my introduction to his hit, “Magoffin County Cadillac.” As he explained it from stage, when police departments turn in their old Crown Victoria patrol cars, they often end up getting sold at an auction in Magoffin County. Local folks often buy them and thus we get the “Magoffin County Cadillac.” You owe it to yourself to watch the video, hear the song (which will get stuck in your head) and learn more about the Laid Back Country Picker. He actually taught Tyler in high school and now as Childers blows up, he had the opportunity to be his opening act and play his hit “Whitehouse Road” with him on stage. It was a cool scene, a better story and sharing it is part of the reason I miss writing as much as I did in the old days.

Now to some nuggets of news:

— The biggest news of the weekend is in the basketball recruiting world where after the visits of the weekend, the UK recruiting class is starting to take shape. We know Immanuel Quickley is on board but after the visit this weekend, I feel very good about three other UK recruits and their likelihood of signing with Kentucky. Zion Williamson and Bol Bol both made their visit and from talking to a couple of sources after, I would put Kentucky now as leading with both. This has probably been the case with Zion for a bit, but with the issues at Arizona and the reconnection with Calipari and his staff, I now think Bol is likely to be a part of the final class as well. In addition, I can confirm the speculation online today that Keldon Johnson has become a definitive UK lean and could end up as a commitment in the very near future. The 6’6″ wing is the sleeper of the class in my view and I think he ends up as final Top 10 recruit by the end of the year.

In my view, Kentucky is going to take 5 kids in this class. If that is the case, I am predicting the UK class as of this moment as Quickley, Williamson, Bol, Johnson and Quentin Grimes. That would give UK a starting lineup just with these five and combined with whoever returns, a potential monster 2018-2019 team. This group doesn’t include RJ Barrett, who I think the staff is still recruiting but has lost some confidence on in the past week. The increased likelihood of getting Johnson and the emergence of Bol Bol as a real option, I think makes Barrett (who in my view is still the best player in the class) less of a necessity, as good as he is. The Cats would of course still take him and will still recruit him…but I am moving him out of my predicted class and inserting Bol/Johnson. As always, things can change, but I like where UK is right now quite a bit…potentially 4 Top 10 guys and one Top 20…not too shabby.

— The story of the early practice buzz I am hearing is the tremendous defensive play consistently and the way it is affecting what the ultimate style of play will be. Defense wins every practice at this point, and that is something Calipari really likes. One person close to the program said to me, “we don’t know right know whether our offense is really struggling or our defense is just that good…but it sure has been good.” The issue for Kentucky (no surprise) will be shooting, but they like their ability to get in passing lanes and I think you will see this team have a TON of pressure…even if its not a full-court press. This group will not sit back and they feel good about having rim protectors to help fix any errors on the perimeter. I am told coaches feel the loss of Vanderbilt early matters more than most media have suggested, but long term this is a group they believe plays well in March.

— As you may have heard we will be having Karen Sypher as a guest on KSR Radio on Tuesday morning. This is someone we have wanted to have for some time and this will be her first interviewing since serving out her 7 year federal prison sentence. Sypher has never really gotten a chance to tell her story since the trial and she didn’t testify there as to the events that occurred. As with the Katina Powell interview, we will provide her a forum to talk, but will also challenge her on the events and what happened. Some have said this is “old news” and “why would you have her on”, but I respectfully disagree. There is much to this story that still hasn’t been told and the events that began that night at Porcini’s were the start to the downfall of a coaching legend. It will certainly be quite a morning to listen on Tuesday.

— Finally, A housekeeping note….we will be starting in 2018 a part of KSR called “KSR Voices”….it will basically be a section of KSR that will allow people in the state of all different walks of life to write about issues that are important to Kentucky. They will range from culture to economics to politics to the arts. The goal is to bring in diverse people from all backgrounds and belief systems, including those that we may not agree with so that voices are given a platform that can be seen by many. My reason for this is simple…there is a lot to be proud of in Kentucky and a lot of great minds and leaders out there that need a spotlight and a forum. I have a forum and I want to use it to better this state. As with everything on the site, feel free to ignore what you aren’t interested in…but as with my Matt Jones Podcast with Ricky Jones (which you can listen to here), you might find you like things you didn’t original think you would.

One of these topics will also be religion and along those lines, a pastor friend of mine Robert Cunningham from the Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Lexington will have his first post on here tomorrow evening. He wrote today about why he decided to accept my invitation to write and you can see his thoughtful comments here. If you have people you believe would be good to consider for this long-term project, feel free to email me at

CONGRATS TO UK VOLLEYBALL ON BEATING #1 FLORIDA!!!! The win was on the road and is huge for the program. This may be the best UK Volleyball team ever, so go out and check them out. Until tomorrow….

Denver Post: Jamal Murray ready for pain-free season

Even though he was here for just one season, Jamal Murray became a fan favorite. Whether it was his quick release on his shot or firing an “arrow” at EJ Floral, Murray captured the heart of Kentucky fans.

In his first season in the NBA, the former Cat averaged 9.9 points in just a little over 25 minutes per game. This was all while battling two Sports Hernias through the majority of the season. Per the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a sports hernia is a painful, soft tissue injury that occurs in the groin area. Personally, I can’t imagine playing basketball with one hernia let alone two.

Today, the Denver Post published an article about the now healthy Jamal Murray. On the hernias, the article said:

“The pain began as soon as Jamal Murray moved to get out of bed.

It persisted during light pregame stretches. It reached a level Murray “couldn’t explain” when he’d slide laterally on defense or barrel through traffic for a layup.”

Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said that Murray never said a word about the injury, which shows his mental toughness.

The article goes more in depth about Murray and how he has dealt with past injuries. You can find it in its’ entirety by clicking HERE.

Obituary: The “Student/Athlete” (1964-2017)

INDIANAPOLIS — The “Student/Athlete” died on Friday, October 13, 2017, after decades on life support, at the age of 53.  The cause of death was asphyxiation, brutally smothered by one of its parents, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”). An autopsy revealed the murder weapon: an NCAA press release announcing that the University of North Carolina athletic program would receive no penalties for an academic scandal that one impertinent recovering politician termed “the most morally offensive institutional misconduct in the history of college sports.”  Minutes after the Student/Athlete’s passing, another lifeless body was discovered: the NCAA’s Credibility, whose death had been rumored for years.

The lineage of the deceased charts back to ancient Greece, where the concept of the Athenian Ideal of Amateurism was born. The term “Student/Athlete” was conceived in 1964, coined by the NCAA’s first executive director, Walter Byers.  Byers gave birth to the nomenclature as a shield against reformers’ efforts to compensate college athletes under workers’ compensation principles.  Byers named the baby “Student/Athlete” because “Student” comes first: The NCAA and its member schools, of course, have always placed primary priority on the educational training of their athletes, with sporting activities simply an incidental sideline to their personal development.

From the moment of its birth, however, the Student/Athlete suffered from a variety of debilitating ailments.  Coaches, boosters, and agent-wannabes regularly infected the concept through their efforts to grab for their pieces of the financial riches accumulated by the volunteer activities of athletes.

Occasionally, over the years, the NCAA tried to inject health and wellness back into the Student/Athlete by imposing sanctions on players and programs (outside of the Tarheel State, of course) when the amateur ideal was undermined.  These included severe violations of the principle…where the academic virtue of college sports suffered mortal threats…suspensions were levied, for example, on students accepting slices of pizza and used mattresses, assistant coaches butt-dialing recruits, and athletes posing for free in a charity calendar.  Most recently, the NCAA exposed and excised a metastasizing cancerous growth on the paradigm, through a months-long investigation in which they identified and commenced punishing coaches and agents involved in a landmark shoe company pay-for-play conspiracy.

Oh wait, that was the FBI.

Still, the NCAA was handed an historic opportunity to breathe new life into the Student/Athlete when it was presented with a scandal that subverted the very moral bargain universities cut with their students.  For nearly two full decades, in order to keep athletes eligible to play (and earn money for their institution), University of North Carolina officials steered more than 1500 players toward fake courses, in which they received no education; in fact, many had no contact with instructors.  The vast supermajority who didn’t go pro were subsequently cast adrift on the job market with fewer tangible skills and less training. This was a clear example of a complete loss of institutional control in a way that directly harmed the very young people whom the university was entrusted to protect. This was the textbook case of undermining the very concept of a “Student/Athlete.” Indeed, as Walter Byers’ modern day counterpart, NCAA President Mark Emmert, stated: “This is a case that potentially strikes at the heart of what higher education is about.”

But, apparently, since only about half of the students that attended these sham classes were athletes — since over 1000 non-athlete students suffered simultaneously from this sports-inspired ruse with a devalued diploma — the NCAA did not consider this enforcement action within their jurisdiction.  That’s some logic.  In the words of today’s most esteemed political philosopher:

(h/t anonymous embarrassed UNC alum)

The Student/Athlete is survived by Rank Hypocrisy, Utter Disbelief, Wealthy Shady Shoe Middlemen, a Devalued Sport, and a Pissed Off BBN.  Funeral services were held this weekend in the Dean Dome under the banner of a third championship that should have been vacated. In lieu of flowers, please consider the impossible: suppressing all of your basest instincts and rooting for Duke when they take on the Tarheels.

Mississippi State opens as 10-point favorites

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Vegas has spoken and they don’t seem to have as much confidence in the Cats. Kentucky will open as a 10 point underdog in their trip to Starkville on Saturday. Speaking as someone who does not know a lot about everything that goes into creating a spread, I do expect for that number to go more towards the Cats favor.

Something to keep in mind is that Mississippi State, unlike Kentucky, has yet to play in a close game. In fact, their closest game of the season was yesterday in their 35-10 win over BYU.

Overall, what does all of this mean? Absolutely nothing. I like this team and like their chances in Starkville. Go Cats. Beat Mississippi State.

See who voted for Kentucky in this week’s AP Top 25 Poll

Kentucky received votes in the AP Top 25 college football ranking for Week 8.

Thanks to the people over at Reddit, we were able to see who voted for Kentucky.


The people who voted for Kentucky are:

  • Lauren Chute, SEC Country – 25th
  • Michael Lev, Arizona Daily Star – 24th
  • Soren Petro, Sports Radio 810 WHB – 21st

John Clay from the Lexington Herald-Leader did not vote for Kentucky.

Kentucky came in at No. 26 in the Coaches Poll and a win at Mississippi State will guarantee a spot in the Top 25 in both polls.


Watch the Kentucky Volleyball celebrate after win over Florida


The No. 8 ranked (No. 3 RPI) Kentucky volleyball team defeated the No. 1 and undefeated Florida Gators today.

Kentucky defeated Florida 3-1 and in Gainesville.

Head coach, Craig Skinner, and the team celebrated accordingly afterward.

Mark Stoops sent his congratulations.

At least one sport can beat Florida………

I am a big fan of Spencer Hall, aka EDSBS

Spencer Hall, or as everyone knows him as, the guy from Everyday Should Be Saturday was tweeting fire this morning.

This year does rule.

Hall, or EDSBS, was defending Kentucky from people saying Kentucky hasn’t played anyone good and has one-score margin wins against bad teams.

I don’t know what a tire fire is, so to find out I googled it. According to Urban Dictionary a tire fire is “a complete waste of time and money in a graduate school program.”

I don’t really know how that applies to that game, but go Kentucky graduate program.

Also, if you want something entertaining to do, read the replies on his tweets.

Nothing anyone can say can change that fact we are 5-1 and haters gonna hate.

No. 8 Kentucky Volleyball knocks off No. 1 Florida

Down goes Frazier.

The No. 8 ranked (No. 3 RPI) Kentucky Wildcat volleyball team just knocked off the undefeated No. 1 Florida Gators, winning 3-1 in Gainesville.

This is the third time in history UK has been able to defeat the Gators on the road, and their first time taking down the No. 1 team in the nation.

The Volleyball Cats did an exceptional job on both ends, blocking on the wings, finding open holes on blocks, and shifting momentum whenever Florida managed to get a full head of steam on offense.

Kaz Brown and Emily Franklin both found success on slide plays, with Leah Edmond dominating on outside hits. Setter Madison Lilley had a field day, putting the ball in position for her teammates with ease. The Kentucky blockers had a solid outing, but libero Ashley Dusek wore out the Gator offense all afternoon.

The Cats will almost certainly move into the top-three following today’s victory, with a shot at No. 1 entirely possible.

This is the 11th consecutive victory for Kentucky, and it doesn’t look like anyone in the country can stop them.

UK is now 16-2 (7-0 in the SEC) on the year, with a battle against Tennessee set for next Sunday at Memorial Coliseum at 1:30 pm ET.


Kentucky ranked No. 26 in Coaches Poll

Kentucky was this close to having a number next to their name…

The newest Coaches Poll has been released, and the Wildcats came in at No. 26 in the nation.

They received 64 votes, ahead of schools like South Carolina, Florida, Georgia Tech, and… Mississippi State.

After Florida went down last night, the Wildcats found themselves alone at second place in the SEC East behind Georgia.

Win on the road next weekend, and Kentucky will find themselves ranked across all polls.

Let’s get it done.

What Could Jarred Vanderbilt Miss?

Mark Zerof | USA Today

Worst case scenario, we won’t get to see Jarred Vanderbilt take the floor for the Cats until January. Word is he could return earlier than expected, but for now, we have to assume UK will suit up for the first two months of the season without one of their most versatile players.

At 6’9″, 213 lbs., Jarred has a lethal combo of strength and speed, and his ability to guard 4-5 positions on the court make him invaluable if the Cats want to make a deep March run. While I’m sure we’re all glad JV will return with plenty of time to prepare for the postseason, there are still several critical matchups Vanderbilt is at risk of missing.

November 14: Kansas (United Center, Chicago)

Like Kentucky has plenty of depth at the forward spot, if you include Vanderbilt, KU is loaded with wings. Returning guards Devonte Graham (6’2″) and Lagerald Vick (6’5″) will form the backbone of Kansas’ backcourt, leaving former 5-star guard and Mississippi St. Bulldog Malik Newman (6’3″) to try to assert himself on the perimeter.

But maybe the most intriguing factor for the Jayhawks is returning forward Sviatoslav “Svi” Mykhailiuk, a 6’8″ deadeye shooter who despite his size prefers to stick to the 3-point line. Svi was left alone on the outside far too often last season, making opponents pay again and again with deep 3’s. Mykailiuk doesn’t play much of a factor in the post. He’s a subpar rebounder for his size, so having a guy like Jarred Vanderbilt who is athletic enough to move inside-out, finding the open shooter or the loose rebound when needed, would be sorely missed against Kansas.

December 23: UCLA (Smoothie King Center, New Orleans)

When this modern rivalry is renewed at the CBS Sports Classic this year, all eyes are gonna be on Thomas Welsh for UCLA. The 7-foot senior promises to be an absolute load in the paint for the Bruins. If you care to recall UK’s first matchup with UCLA from last season, the Cats struggled to stop Welsh. He played only 19 minutes, yet he scored 14 points on 5/7 shooting to go along with 8 boards.

Nick Richards is a solid defender, no doubt, but Welsh has about 15 pounds on him, and undoubtedly has a bit more offensive finesse. It’s gonna take some help defense, as well as rebounding support, to nullify Welsh.

And even if Richards can handle Welsh on his own, it’d still be fun to watch Jarred Vanderbilt harass LiAngelo Ball a little bit. Did you forget LiAngelo was a Bruin now? I sure did!

December 29: Louisville (Rupp Arena)

Not to rub salt in any wounds here but… Louisville is not the team they were just a few weeks ago.

Brian Bowen is effectively gone from the program, leaving the likely scrambling David Padgett to come up with some sort of formidable lineup to face UK. They still have some weapons, though, that could give the young Cats fits, especially without JV.

6’7″ Deng Adel jumps out as the likeliest adversary should Vanderbilt return to the court in time for this game. Adel was a long shot to get drafted over the summer, so he decided to return to UofL with hopes of becoming a lottery pick.

Adel was unpolished but athletic in his first two years at Louisville. He averaged about 12 points and 4.5 rebounds per game his sophomore season while developing his 3-point game. This year, he’ll start off as a much more well rounded player, assuming the offseason program tumult has stunted anybody’s progress. If Padgett hopes to field a decent team, Adel is likely their star, and Vanderbilt matches up with him exceedingly well.

Also, true 7-footer Anas Mahmoud will still be the tallest guy on the court, so Jarred’s rebounding prowess would come in handy as well.


In the wake of Vanderbilt’s injury, Coach Cal has had nothing but praise for the freshman forward. He sees a ton of potential in his young star. And it’s clear his absence will throw off Cal’s plans for any opponent. So let’s hope for a speedy recovery, because the Cats could use an all-purpose star like JV as soon as possible.


Several NBA Cats waived on Saturday afternoon

Most days we have good news to report about former Wildcats in the NBA.

Today, however, there’s a bit of bad news.

Three former Kentucky Wildcats have been waived by their respective NBA teams.

Despite superstar guard Damian Lillard taking him under his wing, Isaiah Briscoe has been released by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Former Cat Archie Goodwin was included on the Portland roster cuts, as well.

After signing with the Heat on October 11, DeAndre Liggins has been released by the team.

This is the fifth time Liggins has either traded or waived this offseason, though the Heat are expected to keep him on their G-League affiliate.

Here was the entire list of local roster cuts to kick off the weekend:

With the NBA season officially kicking off this week, this news comes at a rough time as teams are making their final cuts to get down to the maximum 15-man roster. That being said, hopefully we see new homes for the former Wildcats sooner rather than later.