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August 27th, 2016

The Red Bull Flugtag’s Saturday Morning Wakeup

We’re still waiting for one to fly, via Red Bull.

An honest blog.  We are not afraid to admit when we have messed up.  Today, we dropped the ball.  The Red Bull Flugtag is at Louisville’s Waterfront Park for the first time and we should be there, jumping a giant KSR-mobile off a 30-foot platform into the Ohio River.

We may have messed up, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it. The nonsensical leap is an annual event that occurs in cities across the country, proving that Red Bull does not in fact give you wings.  The madness begins when 35 teams take the stage, starting at 2:00.

If that isn’t crazy enough, Louisville is hosting a zombie walk on Bardstown Road. I’ve been a part of the Michael Jackson Thriller Parade and I had no idea how much fun it would be to get drunk and look dead for a night. Word on the street is that they’re expecting upwards of 40,000 people. Bring the blood; it will be fun.

The Coach Cal Fantasy Camp Continues

Instead of being dead in Louisville, I’ll be balling at the Joe Craft Center. Well, I will only shoot around from time to time while the experts show us how it’s done.

Day One provided plenty of entertainment. It wasn’t exclusively old guys; Cris Carter still has some athleticism, but he can’t hold a tune to the guy who dunked it twice during the tryouts. I’m sure there will be more shenanigans throughout the day, like this:

Did You Miss Mark Stoops on KSR?

Kentucky’s head football coach joined Matt and Ryan at All Sports in Fayette Mall to give the BBN something to look forward to a week away from kickoff.  He discussed Drew Barker’s progression and looked ahead to Southern Miss, something Freddie Maggard will touch on later today.

One Week Till Kickoff

It’s hard to believe it’s almost here. After almost six weeks of preseason, it’s finally game week. If you aren’t geeked yet, I’ll have something later today that should do the trick.

A Podcast Update

I’ve had a few goof ups since I started full-time a year ago, but I have never had a trainwreck like the one I was steering on Thursday. From bringing the equipment, to recording it, to editing it, I did whatever I could to make it terrible. Yet, it’s still one of the best things we’ve ever recorded. Please forgive me and give it a shot. The stories are some of the best of the best.

Also, keep your ears peeled for Freddie’s first Depth Chart Podcast, entering the airwaves Monday evening. It will be for football nerds, but it will also be enjoyable to hear Freddie out on his own, preparing you for Southern Miss better than anyone. Just remember: It’s not personal, it’s personnel.

Cats or Cougars?

For all the Crooked K haters.


Regis Meant is No Longer Enrolled

Before practice began a UK spokesperson revealed that Regie Meant is no longer enrolled in school, effectively removing him from the roster.  Although expected, you could only hope the “indefinite suspension” wasn’t permanent.

For more optimistic notes from practice, like Boom Williams saying he’s in the best shape of his life, check out these notes and quotes from last night.

Scores from Friday Night Football

  • Ryle 34, Henry Clay 28
  • Danville 35, Southwestern 34
  • Corbin 20, Central 14
  • North Hardin 25, John Hardin 10
  • DeSales 17, Butler 0
  • Bethlehem 14, Thomas Nelson 13
  • Campbell County 24, Highlands 21
  • South Oldham 34, Doss 26
  • Madison Central 14, Dunbar 12
  • Trinity 35, Brentwood Academy 21

Another Large Water Balloon Fight

The start of the fall semester means eleventy gajillion water balloons were thrown on the Johnson Center Fields last night.  For freshmen, it’s a can’t-miss event, including our own Maggie Davis who saw plenty of celebrities at the annual event.

If there was a Sportscenter Top Plays for Water Balloon Fights, Maci Morris chasing down Bam Adebayo would be No. 1.

Don’t Forget to Vote in the Tailgate Bracket

You have the rest of the weekend to have your voice heard in the Final Four of the KSR Tailgate Food Bracket.  Wings have a commanding lead over Queso, but the Sausage Balls still have time to come back to upset Fried Chicken.  As Diddy said, VOTE OR DIE.

Get Tickets for the Celebrity Softball Game

There are approximately 757 reasons you should go, but here are my top five:

  • Karl-Anthony Towns will be there
  • $1 Beers
  • If it rains out, you get to see an open practice
  • Proceeds go to help Louisiana Flood victims
  • $1 Beers

Get your tickets HERE.

August 26th, 2016

Water Balloon Fight 2016 Makes a Splash on Campus

wbf overview 2

Since 2008, the Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Kentucky has hosted “the world’s largest water balloon fight” annually. After starting with 58,000 balloons in 2008, the event has now grown more than 12 times that size. This year, it was announced there were 750,000 balloons, and the fight lasted well over half an hour.

wbf overview

The event was restricted to UK students only, and several UK athletes made their way onto the field, including Sacha Killeya-Jones, Tai Wynyard, Brad Calipari, Bam Adebayo, Bennie Snell, Maci Morris, among others.

World Largest Water Balloon Fight 🎈💦 #BBN #1Of1

A photo posted by (BAM) Mr.Productivity🍀🔵🌹 (@bam1of1) on

The men’s and women’s swim team won the spirit award for “most appropriately dressed,” for obvious reasons.

wbf swim men wbf swim female

Some other UK football representatives:

wbf football

Even alumnus Jarrod Polson made an appearance as one of the crew members.

image via @laureneastwood_4

image via @laureneastwood_4

This event has become a staple in the university’s “K week,” a week of activities designed to get freshmen involved on campus. The water balloon fight is the biggest event of the week with an estimated 5,000 students in attendance. If you were one of them, be sure to include #WBF2016 in your posts.

Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day


The one and only Wendy’s Baconator is a meaty masterpiece in its
own right. Composed of six strips of thick cut, applewood-smoked bacon;
cooked in an oven. Two quarter-pound patties* of fresh, never-frozen,
North American beef raised close it never sees a freezer. Only Wendy’s
has the fresh beef and thick bacon to give you a hamburger worthy of the
name Baconator.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:


#10 Ricky

Media dopplegangers are the best.


#9 Trey Minton

Because you eat out of a bowl?


#8 Matthew Mahone

Now that is truly the Drew Franklin burger.


#7 funKYcat75

There’s always a chance. Okay, yeah. Not really. 


#6 Justin Armbruster

He doesn’t even get a chance.


#5 Kindsey Bernhard

If you’re ever wondering what it would be like if I covered basketball, this would be it. I’m proud of myself for this. 


#4 Twillie Stein

There is not a time when this picture is not appropriate.


#3 David Diersen

I don’t know what this, but it has Katina Powell on it so it’s funny.

#2 Nick Carroll

But doesn’t he always?


#1 Hunter Pass






Here we are, folks: the Final Four. I honestly don’t understand how some foods got here over others (Jambalaya is my Harambe…am I using that meme right?), but the people have spoken. Your Final Four: WINGS, QUESO, FRIED CHICKEN, and SAUSAGE BALLS. Your vote will decide who goes to the Championship game and we’ll leave the polls up through the weekend.

First, let’s hear from our panel…

Wings vs. Queso

(Previous round: Wings 52% Pulled Pork 48%; Queso 75% Salsa 25%)


QUESO: Wings are definitely a football food but football isn’t voting here, Drew is. And queso is a Drew food.


QUESO: Dry wings would get the W, But, inconstant wing texture percentage lowers its chances to close out tailgate in the 4th quarter. Cheese’s sustained success over the years seals the deal for me because it keeps me on a regular latrine cycle.


WINGS: First I’d like to say I’m disappointed in all of you taking my two favorite items, pulled pork and chili, off the list. In fact, a plate full of pulled pork smothered in chili sounds delicious right about now.

Wings and queso are both messy affairs. Both bring the heat. Despite its versatility, queso can’t make the finals. Most of my shirts have stains on the front thanks to queso. I ain’t with it.


WINGS: We’re outside of the regions now, which makes this even tougher. How do you compare wings and queso? Both are delicious in their own right. I’ll choose wings because when I think football, I think wings, not cheese dip; however, queso should be proud of its run. Beating Buffalo Dip in the Sweet 16 was a major upset (in my eyes).

survey software

Fried Chicken vs. Sausage Balls

(Previous round: Fried Chicken 51% Chili 49%; Sausage Balls 58% Pigs in a Blanket 42%)


SAUSAGE BALLS: With all due respect to our state food, I’m taking sausage balls here in the semifinal. They’re much easier to eat and, well, cheese. It’s sausage and cheese. 


FRIED CHICKEN: Pregame poultry is the Leonard Fournette of tailgate cuisine. Don’t need a lot of carries to rack up huge yardage. Fried chicken possesses quick twitch tendencies of grab and go. Plus, I don’t like any humans that don’t love the Godfather movies or fried chicken. Running clock in the 3rd quarter butt whoopin’ here.


SAUSAGE BALLS: Fried chicken is too greasy, too heavy when drinking beer despite its saltiness. Sausage balls are perfect for every occasion.


SAUSAGE BALLS: This will probably be a controversial pick, but I’m taking sausage balls. Don’t get me wrong, I love fried chicken, but in terms of flavors, I much prefer the mix of spicy and savory in sausage balls to fried chicken (unless it’s hot chicken, of course).

I will say, if chili had beaten fried chicken, it would be in the finals instead of sausage balls.

survey services

You have until Monday morning to vote. Choose wisely.

Cats celebrating like it’s 1996 down in Miami


The 1996 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their NCAA title down in Miami this weekend. They’ve had frozen cocktails, they’ve played golf, they’ve been on a boat and at some point they will light these ’96 cigars:



Looks like a fun time, but why is Ron Mercer wearing red pants?

John Calipari Basketball Fantasy Experience Day One Notes


Alright guys, I’ll be honest. When I was asked to be one of KSR’s journalists for the John Calipari Basketball Fantasy Experience, I was expecting to watch a bunch of grown men recreate the Along Came Polly “Let it rain!” scene.

Needless to say, I was wrong. These guys are pretty good.

Sure, they may have a few extra miles on the odometer, but I saw some stuff out there that I couldn’t do if I tried. There’s some legitimate talent out there, and most of that talent that would light me up on the floor.

Here are just a few of my notes from my experience today:

NFL Hall of Fame WR Chris Carter is the best player on the floor, according to Chris Carter.

Carter was, as expected, one of the main story lines heading into the event, given the guy goes down in history as one of the best receivers to play the game of football. In basketball, however, his age showed today.IMG_8394
Carter made his presence known, but not as the freak athlete you might expect him to be. Every chance he got, he found a way to talk trash and make an attempt to get in the head of his opponents. He wasn’t the best scorer, but was fairly consistent on the defensive side of the ball and rebounded fairly well for a guy that used to make opposing corners look silly. Was he good? Yeah, I’ll give him that. But he didn’t dominate like I expected him to. We’ll see how he does tomorrow.

Coaches are VICIOUS.

Man, Tony Barbee and John Robic were tenacious on the sidelines today. Whether it was getting their players to hustle up and down the court, calling out specific plays, or arguing over a foul call, they certainly put on their “head coach hats” today, and I think the players really enjoyed it. They paid to live the life of a UK player this weekend, and they certainly got it on that end.

UK basketball players were great sports for the campers

Nearly every UK player/Fantasy Camp manager out there at one point or another grabbed water for the players, towels, wiped up the floors, etc. Bam Adebayo got on his hands and knees to wipe sweat off the floor a few times, which was fairly amusing to see.

Not only were the UK guys great on clean-up duty, but they were the biggest cheerleaders I’ve ever seen for their respective assigned teams. Mychal Mulder and Malik Monk went crazy for every made basket, especially on a few pull up threes. De’Aaron Fox and Derek Willis jumped off the bench, screaming and jumping up and down when a player sunk a Rondo-esque fake behind the back layup attempt.

The guys on the actual UK basketball team may have been having more fun than the Fantasy Experience participants.

Speaking of Malik Monk, his attire today was something to marvel, as well. His camouflage shirt and hat combo stood out among his peers. IMG_8385

We have an early MVP favorite

Daryl Towe on the Ambrosia Treatment Center squad was the best player on the floor, and it wasn’t even close (Sorry, Chris Carter.) He was an athletic specimen, physical presence on the defensive side of the ball, and pretty much scored when he wanted to. He got a little trigger happy there for a while, but I guess you have the ability to do that when you drop a smooth 41 points in your Fantasy Camp debut. After day one, he’s the early MVP favorite.

We may or may not have witnessed Tayshaun Prince’s clone today.

Fantasy camp veteran Jacob Yunker unleashed his inner Tayshaun Prince, hitting 5 threes in the final game of the day. Our own Matt Jones was quick to jump out on the floor and yell “DON’T LEAVE HIM OPEN!!!” after every made bucket. If it weren’t for Daryl Towe’s unbelievable scoring output, Yunker would’ve won MVP in the last game. He’s even #21, for crying out loud.

Isaac Humphries’ favorite food is broccoli, apparently.

KSR’s Haley Simpson asked the 7-footer out of Australia what his go-to snack is, and apparently he really likes broccoli. So there’s that.

The UK basketball team is going to be fun to watch


I can’t give out specifics, but even in the light shoot arounds I saw throughout the day, the UK players were extremely impressive. I always knew Bam Adebayo was a grown man, but he looks even bigger in person than I expected. Isaac Humphries looks like he has cut a ton of weight and bulked up with muscle. Both Malik Monk and De’Aaron Fox are a bit taller than I expected. Wenyen Gabriel is putting on some much-needed muscle. I’ve already said too much. That’s all you get.

I’ll be back tomorrow to cover CatsCenter, the UK-version of SportsCenter for these athletes, and to check out some more competitive game action.


Happy #NationalDogDay, everyone!

Friday Night Notes and Quotes from Football Practice

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

Hi friends.  It’s strange seeing you tonight.  Friday night is usually reserved for high schoolers, but tonight is the rare exception the media had the chance to meet with the football team.  Here’s a little from my conversations with Darin Hinshaw, Boom Williams and Dorian Baker.

Boom has Never been in Better Shape

“I fell like I’m ready to go, I couldn’t be more ready,” Boom said after practice.  “I feel like I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in since I’ve been here.”

I asked him if he could start the season better than he started last year: “That’s the goal.”

The Difference in the Receivers is “Apples to Oranges”

Darin Hinshaw has been pleased with the work ethic from the receivers in camp, running “miles and miles” each week.  They understand the system and now they look much different than they look when he first arrived.

“It’s apples and oranges from where we first got here in January to where they are right now,” Hinshaw said.

A New Stage for Tailgaters


Last year was the first time pregame concerts became a weekly tradition in UK tailgating.  Previously, they used a temporary stage near the Cat Walk.  Now a new permanent fixture will be in place in between the practice fields and Commonwealth Stadium, giving fans a place to gather before the team makes the walk in full pads from the new training facility to the stadium.

There’s No Set Running Back Rotation

Boom said they’ve never operated at a higher capacity under Coach Gran, but they still don’t have a set rotation heading into game week.  “Right now everybody’s just going with the flow.”

Battles with the Defensive Backs

Lamar Thomas and his receivers have repeatedly emphasized the importance of competition at the position.  That was again the case today, but that competition isn’t just between the receivers, it’s against Kentucky’s lengthy defensive backs.

“You really don’t see too many 6’3″ or 6’4″ corners on an everyday basis,” Dorian Baker said. “For me to be facing them everyday, it’s a challenge.  I get to work different releases and different techniques against them to make myself better.”

Praise for the QBs

During the summer,  they only threw the ball three or four days a week without shoulder pads.  They’ve worn their arms out the last few weeks, but the effort has paid off heading into game week.

“I’m really proud of where Drew and Stephen both are,” Hinshaw said.  “I think they’re both ready to play and ready to go win.”


Dorian Baker can see the difference in QB1.  “He’s more confident with himself.  He doesn’t second-guess himself anymore.”

The Depth Chart Podcast starts next week


Somehow, someway Matt is giving me the keys to the KSR podcast machine. I will be hosting The Depth Chart Podcast that will feature discussions regarding personnel, schemes, and tendencies for both Kentucky and its upcoming opponents.

I will be recording the Southern Miss preview show on Monday with the Hattiesburg American’s Jason Munz. Jason is the Golden Eagles beat writer and will provide incredible insight for the Cat’s opening game opponent.

Much like on the KSR Football Podcast, discussions and topics will be all over the map but will adhere to my “It’s not personal, it’s personnel” mantra. I’d like to thank Murray Promotions for turning a podcast concept into a reality. The company’s owner, Andy Murray, was a UK fullback and twice led the Southeastern Conference in knockdown blocks.

So, please tune in on Monday and tell your friends. It’s here!

Regie Meant is officially off the team


Regie Meant’s indefinite leave of absence from the program left a tiny possibility he could one day return. That went out the window today when UK announced Meant is officially off the team and no longer enrolled in school.

It’s not surprising news but it is news nonetheless.

He gone.

Stoops says Barker has done everything you want in a QB


Drew Barker needed to change his attitude once he was given the keys to Kentucky’s offense last spring and he has done just that, by all accounts.

Today, KSR asked Mark Stoops to summarize Barker’s progression from the spring all the way through fall camp, and he couldn’t be happier with his starting QB.

“I’ve been very impressed, as I’ve talked about a lot in the summer,” said Stoops. “I think it starts with him being a leader and maturity off the field and doing all the right things, and he’s done that. I’ve been very proud of how well he’s done in school; last spring he had a super high GPA and has done great this summer. He’s in the complex all the time studying. He’s around the players. He’s doing everything you want in a leader and everything you want in a quarterback.”

It sounds like Barker has done all that was asked of him off the field, which has in turn made him a better player on it.

Stoops said, “His play is correlated to that. He’s played extremely well and he’s very consistent. He’s making good, quick decisions and I think, in part, that has a lot to do with the offense as well — the talent around him and knowing where to go with the ball and when and delivering the ball. He’s really done that.”

“Overall I’ve been very, very pleased with him.”

Southern Miss will be down a defensive lineman next week

The Southern Miss defensive line will be down a man next Saturday when they come to Lexington.

Junior defensive tackle Draper Riley is out for the Kentucky game with an injury, according to the Hattiesburg American. Riley played in all 13 games last season and is projected to start at defensive tackle this year.

Kentucky was already going to run the ball up the middle all over the Golden Eagles’ weak interior. This only makes that a little easier for the Cats.

Scouting The Southern Miss Offense

Former Southern Miss head coach Todd Monken directed one of the most prolific offenses in college football a year ago. His team lit up Conference USA and Power 5 opponents during his tenure in Hattiesburg. Monken has since moved on and is now the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Enter Jay Hopson. Hopson was a long time defensive coordinator prior to taking the head coaching job at Alcorn State. With a defensive background, Hopson hired former UK offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson to lead an offense that averaged 509 yards per game in 2015.

In today’s scouting report we will strictly focus on personnel and statistics. Match-ups, schematic analysis, and a concentrated overview will be posted next week.

Chuck Cook | USA Today

The obvious first point of discussion focuses on senior quarterback Nick Mullens. Mullens is listed on virtually every postseason quarterback award watch list as well as being named Conference USA Preseason Player of the Year; an honor that he was awarded a year ago. 2015 was productive for the Hoover, Alabama native: 4,476 passing yards, 38 touchdown passes, and 10 games in which he threw for more than 300 yards. His highest total was 447 in a game at Nebraska.

An interesting observation surfaced during film study. Nick Mullens’ prior offensive coordinator was Chip Lindsey who is now in the same role at Arizona State. The QB and Lindsey’s relationship dates back to Mullens’ days in high school. Game one without his trusted play caller will come in Lexington.  Also worth noting: even with its high-flying turf show, in 2015 Southern Miss only beat one team with a winning record.

* USM averaged 22.6 points in its five losses to: Mississippi State, Nebraska, Marshall, Western Kentucky, and Washington.

**USM averaged 55.7 points in its eight wins: Austin Peay, Texas State, North Texas, UT San Antonio, Charlotte, UTEP, Rice, Old Dominion, and Louisiana Tech.

Receiver Mike Thomas and running back Jalen Richards combined for 2,489 yards in 2015. Both are now playing in the NFL. When watching Southern Miss film, it’s highly obvious that the duo was critical to offensive success that accumulated 7,000 yards. Their absence will be a significant adjustment. Thomas was Mullens’ go-to pass catcher. As discussed in a prior post, hypothetically when Mullens was asked his Top 10 plays; eight would have gone in Thomas’ direction. Richards was one of two running backs that rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2015. His loss also presents a challenge moving forward.

Center Cameron Tom is equally as touted as Nick Mullens. The senior center was named to the Rimington Trophy Watch List, Preseason All-Conference USA, and joins Mullens on the Reece’s Senior Bowl Watch List.

Joining Tom on the offensive line is Will Freeman. The 6’6, 290-pound Freeman spent his first three seasons on the defensive side of the football. The Kentucky game will mark his first start at left tackle.

Ray Carlin | USA Today

Junior running back Ito Smith is dynamic. The all-conference performer rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2015 by averaging 6.6 yards per carry. Smith is best when playing in space. His ability to catch the football coming out of the backfield will be a major concern for the Wildcats.

Much like Ole Miss and Mississippi State; Southern Miss enjoys recruiting success from the state’s junior college programs. Projected playmaking receivers Isiah Jones and Allenzae Staggers both played at East Mississippi which is now famous from the Last Chance U documentary. Also in the receiver corps are returners DJ Carter and Korey Robertson. Robertson is a promising and dynamic playmaker that’s returning from injury. Offensively Southern Miss is fast, really fast.


Offensive Line: Average size, 6’4 300-pounds

— LT Wil Freeman 6’6 290
— LG Brandon Farmer 6’4 304
— C Cameron Tom 6’4 287
— RG Devin Farrior 6’4 304
— RT Ty Pollard 6’3 315

Running Back: Average size, 5’9.5 195-pounds

— Ito Smith 5’9 195
— Patrick Brooks 5’10 195


— Nick Mullens 6’1 196

Receiver: Average size, 6’2 197-pounds

— Isiah Jones 6’4 195
— Allenzae Staggers 6’1 190
— Marquise Ricard 6’2 192
— DJ Thompson 6’3 200
— Korey Robertson 6’1 210

Tight End: Average size, 6’3.5 258-pounds

— Taylor Marini 6’4 247
— Ricky Parks 6’3 270


— WR Mike Thomas: 71 receptions, 1391 yards, and 14 touchdowns
— RB Jalen Richard: 1098 yards rushing, 5.9 yards per carry, and 14 touchdowns


QB, Nick Mullens

RB, Ito Smith

C, Cameron Tom


WR, Isiah Jones

WR, Allenzae Staggers

Southern Miss ran offensive laps around the 2015 Wildcats. Thus, the elephant in the room must be addressed. Can Shannon Dawson take over a high-octane group and maintain its level of prowess or will he stumble as he did in Lexington? Dawson certainly has the offensive weapons to succeed after inheriting the nation’s top statistical drop-back quarterback, a 1,000-yard rusher, a future NFL center and a group of receivers that possess size and speed. Was Dawson at fault for the offense’s collapse a year ago or were the players non-coachable? Was he hampered by a struggling defense and an apparent strained relationship with the head coach? These questions will all be answered in just over a week.



Adebayo’s high school coach thinks he can be the No. 1 pick


John Calipari had some high praise for Bam Adebayo yesterday when meeting with the media in Lexington to discuss a variety of topics. In talking about his new freshmen, Calipari called Adebayo a beast with skills who will follow a similar development path to that of Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Towns.

The full quote:

“He’s begun working out right now, and he was doing conditioning and all that but he’s getting on the court more. Look, my prediction will be kind of like Karl and even Anthony, and some of these guys that other players were more highly thought of. When you start hitting late January and February, you’re gonna say, ‘Oh my goodness.’ Because he’s a beast with skills. Greatest kid. I mean, he’s a great teammate aside from that. He’s unselfish in all kinds of ways, but he’s a beast who can play basketball. And he wants to win.

Adam Zagoria of then caught up with Adebayo’s high school coach, Brandon Clifford, to get his take on Calipari’s comments, to which Clifford said, “I think Bam should feel honored to be mentioned alongside those guys before he’s played a game at Kentucky. That being said, I’ve always felt like he was a special player that could potentially get himself in the conversation for the No. 1 pick someday.

“He’s an unbelievable talent. He will have to grow and adjust like all freshmen, but I certainly think being at UK will bring out the best in him. Just as it did for Davis and Towns. I’m definitely not going to disagree with Coach Calipari because, like him, I’ve been in the gym with the kid for extended periods of time. He’s a different kind of cat.”


Find YOUR New Tailgating Home at the 1865 Club Suites Today!


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The Purge: Anarchy

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Marcus Lee is back on campus today


Marcus Lee is back in Lexington with his old team today. The former Wildcat was spotted walking around the Joe Craft Center wearing his 2016 SEC Tournament Champions t-shirt over his new California sweatpants.

But don’t start thinking wild thoughts about a change of heart. Lee is helping out with Calipari’s fantasy camp while in town for a friendly visit. He’s not coming back to suit up for the Cats. He still gone.