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Article written by Zack Geoghegan

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7 responses to “Trey Lyles is Now an Unrestricted Free Agent”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    Perhaps he will sign with the Lakers.

    1. IrishCat

      They’re already stacked at his position too. The Lakers need a couple more guards.

  2. RC

    Lyles really should’ve come back for a sophomore season. He’s earned a little over $10.3 million which is life-changing money, but it’s not anywhere near what some of his classmates are going to make. It’s not “retire at age 25 and never worry about money again.”

    Lyles always seemed to be capable of much more when he played at UK and it seems like his NBA career has been similar from what I’ve seen and read. Maybe he’ll stick around a few more years and carve out a nice journeyman career. But so far it’s been disappointing on the court.

  3. AshtonTheGOAT

    No he won’t ya bandwagon

  4. Big Sexy

    I think Trey would’ve benefitted from another year or two with Cal.

    1. StuckinLville

      He was still a lottery pick.

    2. Big Sexy

      Odds are that he would’ve been the following year or year after as well. The second contract is where you make that “I’m set for life and so are my kids” kind of money. There’s not a lucrative market for a 7.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg player. I’m sure he’ll be OK but I think it could’ve possibly been better.