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10 responses to “Some San Antonio Spurs Fans Have Concerns About Trey Lyles”

  1. pwells618

    Practice you talkin bout practice!!

  2. bionicmilk

    This rep has followed Lyles through two organizations. I’m rooting for the guy but can’t help but think where there is smoke there is fire. He had chances in year 2 with the Jazz and was pretty flat every time he hit the floor. BTW… SLC ain’t bad at all. Your thoughts on SLC seem like the same sort of uninformed outsider viewpoint that depicts Kentuckians as a bunch of shoeless, toothless rednecks.

  3. BBNinUtah

    Hey, I’m a UK fan that went to UK and I live in Utah. Salt Lake City is a great place. Take a look at Donovan Mitchell’s attitude towards Utah. One player is taking the Jazz up the standings and the other is now on his fourth team. I don’t think it’s a smart move to write articles that trash any city. There are UK fans everywhere.

  4. BBNinUtah

    The Salt Lake City area always makes the cut when rankings are compiled for best economy, best place to raise a family, etc. Google it

  5. The Professor

    I lived in Salt Lake for 4 years and couldn’t wait to get out of there. Great for winter sports if you like 6 months of snow. It is a theocracy. Nothing goes through the legislature without church approval and try winning a statewide office if you’re not a Mormon. If you order a cocktail in a restaurant, the bartender has to go behind a curtain to mix it as not to offend the faithful. With that out of the way, I thought Lyles was drafted way too high and it looks like he will never be more than a journeyman. If he doesn’t work hard he won’t last long under Coach Pop.

    1. BlueBanker18

      And here come the Mormons…

  6. ukbigblue33

    Not sure if this is a post about Lyles or to pile on SLC. Lived in Salt Lake now for 7 years and yes it has its quirks, but I’ve grown to appreciate how much they like their team here just like UK fans love Big Blue.

    That being said, Lyles was not good in the few games I saw him in person play for the Jazz. He never made any of his wide open shots and never seemed to be fully engaged. I wished he would have stayed one more year at UK, but not sure he would have been drafted any higher. Let’s hope he can make a leap in a good organization

  7. ryanbruner

    If he didn’t like practice and Utah I’m not sure why he signed with San Antonio lol doesn’t make sense. Dude just sounds lazy..

  8. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    As a UK fan and Spurs fan I feel like this article is extremely homerish. I love Trey Lyles and obviously hope he succeeds at San Antonio…but he does sound lazy and seemed to take a shot at UK. I hope he outworks everyone, but there is nothing wrong with Spurs fans being concerned about his work ethic after his comments. Also, trashing SLC in this article was low class and has nothing to do with Lyles perceived lack of work ethic.

  9. DelrayCat

    The Mormons are much more accepting of other religions and differing Christian sects than Baptists and Evangelicals. However, apart from their beliefs in the Bible…that whole Joseph Smith seer stone and the magic papers, Jesus in USA, magic underwear stuff, etc. is little kooky … but they sure are nice people as a whole.