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64 responses to “Sacramento Kings broadcaster blasts DeMarcus Cousins for comments about Raptors fans”

  1. Trueblue44

    F all that. That dude was incredible here and was amazing with this absolute rabid fanbase. Always had great things written about fan interactions and all that. People get off on blasting him and it needs to stop

    1. syrin23

      And there it is. because he played at UK, fans give him a pass for repeat garbage behavior. If he played at Duke NO ONE here would be defending him. NO ONE. And they shouldn’t. This isn’t the first reporter to say these things. KSR has documented many reporters saying the same things about Cousins. So is there a journalist cabal out to get Cousins or is Cousins just a huge a’hole? Why aren’t they saying these things about ANY OTHER UK player? Why is it always Cousins, the same guy who gets fined and suspended repeatedly? because he’s a giant spoiled a’hole. You should be loyal to your values FIRST, your team a distant second.

    2. Lip Man 1

      Not saying the radio guy was right or wrong, but I’d like to know if in fact his allegations about Boogie are true. That is the question. if they are…well then his comments would not be out of line would they? If they aren’t then he owes Boogie an apology.

    3. Cletis75

      Always loved Boogie, but he should be calling out his coach, team President and owner and doctors! They put KD in that position in their own interests not KD’s. He should have never been out there in the first place!

  2. stratblend

    the culture of “hot takes” in sports radio can’t die soon enough. news is now made from blowhards that have to find a way to fill 3 hours of airspace a day.

    1. ClutchCargo

      I couldn’t agree more. Where is the “like” button when you need it.

    2. nocode96

      Spot in strat

    3. nocode96


  3. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    If what he says about Cousins cursing all those times is true then he is correct.

    1. 4everUKblue

      If it is true, I’m sure Cousins is the only one who curses all the time.

    2. Luether

      My sources say that Boogie has no filter…

  4. njcat54

    He needs to say this to his face. We never heard anything from him when Cousins was in SAC. And DeMarcus was right, the Toronto fans WERE completely classless in their reaction to KD’s injury.

    1. Cletis75

      The whole Golden State organization was classless for putting KD out there in the first place. Had they not taken advantage of KD, they wouldn’t have had to worry about Raptors fans showing that they were as classless as the warriors for having him out there against the best interest of his health.

  5. katmandue2you

    Yeah when you start throwing F-bombs around in a public forum much less a press conference then it’s time to be publicly condemned. Cousins is a loose cannon and he deserves to be called out for his inappropriate display. There’s ways to communicate what he wanted to express without being classless and completely disrespectful of the fact that young people everywhere are observing you’re behavior and your commentary.

    1. ClutchCargo

      So Cousins saying a bad word in a press conference is worse than a bunch of fans cheering a player’s injury? Got it.

    2. katmandue2you

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. Like I said he could’ve expressed what he wanted without the garbage. Got it???

    3. StillBP

      Yeah that wasn’t exactly a press conference. Public forum, sure. He was emotional after what happened and the way the crowd cheered his “brother’s” injury. Sure, it’s not nice to curse but it does happen frequently. Just because he plays basketball doesn’t mean he has to be a role model to your kid or anyone’s kid.

    4. Cokely53

      A loose cannon? Sounds more like a butt hurt Louisville fan. It was a an interview with adults around and his words get censored. Grow up baby. Athletes have acted that way since the dawn of time. Kids see that stuff everywhere. Should he have said it? No but to condemn him for sticking up for his teammate is absurd and shows your ignorance

    5. ClutchCargo

      What two wrongs? I only counted one: the idiot fans cheering about an injury. Who is the victim of those comments? I mean besides your overly sensitive ears? Pretty sure he communicated exactly the message he was going for by using that language.

    6. nocode96

      Are you really trying to take the moral high ground saying cursing is worse than fans cheering a terrible injury? Wow! What are you, 60? It’s 2019, people don’t have to hide f bombs or any other curse word, it’s in our nomenclature. There are homeless children in our streets and vets that are treated like garbage by our own government and citizens, women get assaulted and the dude doing it gets no punishment because judges don’t want to “ruin their lives”, unwanted dogs are left in garbage bags on our city streets and f*ck is the sword you’re going to die on?

    7. nosewhistle

      You’re not ok with Cousins dropping an F-bomb, but you’re totally cool with him being condemned by a guy on the radio saying he should “shut the hell up and for once act like a freaking professional”?

      Not liking someone’s choice of words is all on you. I guess the old saying should be changed to sticks & stones will break my bones but words will totally upset me and make me post on a website about your inappropriate display.

    8. Nickerbocker05

      Get off your high horse katmanduché! You probably sucked every dick to get where your at in life.

  6. brb_skywalking

    Oh no, Boogie said some curse words! Think of the women and children! If that’s all this guy has to complain about then it sounds like he’s the one who needs to grow up and be a professional. Welcome to the real world buddy – cussing has become second nature. Quit throwing a tantrum because Boogie left Sacramento for greener pastures and get over yourself

  7. sportsbird66

    I hope all of that is untrue.

    1. UKPROF

      Me too, but sometimes, if we allow ourselves to be honest, the truth hurts.

    2. 4everUKblue

      I’ve been waiting for some words of wisdom from the prof, he always seems to feel smarter than everyone else.

    3. Nickerbocker05


    4. Luether

      It’s not…

  8. 2Dogs

    Well this guy is a member of the media, just like the KSR writers, and he’s making a statement about his personal observations of Cousins over the time he was in Sacramento. Why should he withhold his opinion? Just because Cousins played at UK or has done some good things for the community doesn’t mean he isn’t a jerk other times as well. Napear is entitled to his opinion the same as the writers on this site. And personally I like Cousins.

    1. StillBP

      And ksr is entitled to their opinion about his opinion. We all are entitled to our opinions on everything, isn’t that fun?!?

    2. 2Dogs

      Are you asking me if it’s fun to make a snide comment? I wouldn’t know. I try to avoid it even though it’s passed out like candy by some.

  9. Kyceltsfan

    Cousins is my favorite Calipari era player and I dont understand the way he is sometimes but I feel like this time he is justified. Seeing those fans cheer at KD getting injured reminded me so much of when Tim Couch was on the field concussed while the Cleveland fans cheered.

  10. ClutchCargo

    I’m not mad at the guy for stating his opinion. But he just picked a strange time to rip Cousins when he was right about what he said in that press conference. Why not blast him about that other stuff back when it supposedly happened, or even in the years since then?

  11. bigblue2284

    “no one idolizes superstar athletes” I can’t roll my eye hard enough at this statement, it’s laughable. I like Cousins I think he is probably an immature spoiled person though. I also suspect much of his behavior at UK was concealed by Cal protecting his brand for the NBA. I think the fans cheering was before they realized how serious the injury was, I’d like to think people are better than that.

    1. StuckinLville

      Was you watching it? One guy on the baseline was waving by to KD when he was on the ground grabbing his ankle. I know the fans were already cheering because of the steal and foul, but once KD got up and was being helped off the cheered even louder. Raptors players were motioning for them to stop. So Cousins was absolutely right to put them on blast and if you can read lips, Thompson said that’s f***ed up when they were cheering. I dont know care who the player is, no one should be cheering an injury. As for this guys comments, why not say something prior? I think he is just making this garbage up. Yeah he has a temper on the court, but there has never been anything said of Cousins treating fans or anyone in public this way. They are just out to make him look like a bad a guy.

    2. bigblue2284

      I’m not saying they didn’t cheer, I’m just not sure they understood the seriousness of the injury. It had been said it was a calf injury, I suspect they thought he aggravated it again. To address your comment about trying to make Cousins look like a bad guy, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Cousins has made himself look like a “bad guy” since HS. There is a reason Derrick Favors was drafted ahead of him.

    3. StuckinLville

      And what exactly has he done to look like a bad guy? Do bad guys dress up as Santa and take kids on shopping sprees? Do bad guys donate a million dollars of a max contract to the community? Do bad guys organize a panel and block party to discuss race relations? Need I go on? Some players are nasty on the court, doesnt mean they are nasty off of it.

    4. bigblue2284

      I believe Cousins is a decent person and I’m aware of the many good things he’s done for the community, those things shouldn’t be ignored and neither should the not so great things he does either. He was traded by the Kings in his prime as the best big man in basket ball, why do you think that is? He wasn’t resigned in NO do you know why? I have a few guesses. I’m guessing this media person you declaring a liar has spent much more time with Demarcus Cousins than you, I’ll listen to him before a fan who is too biased to look objectively at the situation.

    5. Nickerbocker05

      Annnnd that’s what makes you an idiot.

    6. 4everUKblue

      Any Raptor fan who didn’t realize the seriousness of the injury after KD had been sidelined for 32 days had to have been living in a cave. Regardless of the seriousness of an injury fans should never cheer when any player is injured, it’s classless.

    7. WildcatCam

      He said everyone (does) idolize the athlete and doesn’t respect who they are as people.

  12. Ned T.

    Boogie can be a good guy. but he chooses not to more often than not. His foul language in public reflects his true character.

    1. bulldog


    2. StuckinLville

      So cussing because people were just cheering for your teammates injury shows your true character? Lmao no it means he’s human and pissed just as you would be if it were your teammate. Why is everyone so concerned about what he said instead of the nasty display that Toronto fans put on? I dont blame him one bit for what he said.

    3. davisfeathers

      his language was totally appropriate given the situation. You’re right, his true character shines in this situation, because he knows wrong from right. The fans were wrong.

    4. 4everUKblue

      So youre saying that anyone who curses in public is of low character. Good to know Reverend Ned and Reverend Bulldog. How about judge not lest ye be judged?

    5. 4everUKblue

      Given the logic that anyone who uses foul language in public is of bad character really narrows the number of high character people in the world of which I would guess Ned T and bulldog are two?

    6. Ned T.

      Exactly, thanks for agreeing. It is classless to swear in public, period. And, to do it frequently is a character flaw.

      Love puddles.

  13. Bluebloodtoo

    So this media guy is a sexist, huh? Do ladies deserve to be treated different than everyone else? Why is it important to call out the fact that they were ladies? I thought ladies wanted equality?
    Ok, i do agree that boogie could have found a better way to communicate those feelings. I also think cousins has every right to communicate those feelings, just the same way that this media guy had the right to communicate his feelings. Was the media guy better in his blasting of cousins because he didn’t use curse words? No! He’s blasting cousins the same way that cousins blasted the fans. The behavior itself is no different between the two of them, only the words are different.

  14. bulldog

    Katmandue2you- I agree 100%. The guy is crude.

  15. ohiokatfan

    I do not deny that Cousins has done some great things in his communities. And he deserves praise for that.

    However, that does not give him a free pass to act however he wants at other times nor does it make him I immune to criticism when he acts like an idiot.

    I find truth in the comments of both Cousins and this announcer.

  16. Han

    He cursed at women? Oh sweet mercy! Let me clutch my pearls and admonish him for such churlish behavior!

    1. Big Sexy

      So it’s acceptable behavior in your opinion?

  17. Big Sexy

    I’ve been waiting on Cousins to grow up for a while. I made excuses for him, “he’s just a little immature, he’ll grow out of it”. It’s not this rant that I’m talking about but years and years of this type of behavior. I don’t think he’s a bad person but I think there’s still an angry young man inside of him that lashes out.

    1. Luether

      Agree. I’ve seen more class in a roach…

  18. ukcamel

    Am I the only one that thinks that Raptors fans “cheering” wasn’t a big deal, Cousins being upset about it and swearing wasn’t a big deal, and this clown trying to siphon off some attention concerning the whole thing should just be ignored? I mean, none of this matters. I’d rather talk about the game.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      I think the fans cheering for someone’s misfortune is classless. I don’t think you’d ever see that at a UK game. I hope you wouldn’t…

    2. ukcamel

      You wouldn’t see it outside the student section at UK – we have too many longtime fans that would shut that down fast. I’m not saying it isn’t classless, I’m just not willing to get my panties in a bunch standing up for Kevin Durant.

  19. John Henry

    This is the American culture. Very low class and crude. Look around it is every where. Not just Cousins. Cousins is part of a culture that is out of the ghetto. You can remove him but no way you get that out of his character. So why be concerned. Most Americans accept it and endorse it. I am sorry the Sacramento radio man does not understand. But most basketball fans do understand. Cousin may very well be a thug but he is our thug. .

    Your grandmother may not understand but she lived in yesterday and yesterday is gone. So let’s all move on.

  20. Nolecat21

    Cousins wasn’t resigned in NO because of money/injury/future unknown situation. Please don’t make it out like something it’s not. It’s why Golden State took a chance on him with the unknown future situation. He was obviously a steal at that price. Had he stayed healthy, Davis probably wouldn’t be wanting out of NO either.

    1. bigblue2284

      Money wasn’t why he wasn’t resigned in NO, he played for the minimum with GST this year. The fact is Cousins is a really good player when healthy, but not good enough for teams to want to deal with his attitude. I root for him but seeing him lecture people on how they should be acting is absurd, this is the same guy that will throw an absolute temper tantrum at the drop of a dime.

    2. Cokely53

      Big blue you are completely wrong. They didn’t resign him because the Achilles is one of the hardest injuries to come back from. They saw they could sign Randle for cheaper and didn’t think the production would fall off as much and would be guaranteed a healthy player. Had nothing to do with his attitude. He was great in NO

  21. UKrulesall


  22. catdaddyd

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