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Article written by Drew Franklin

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24 responses to “Rondo might not be the Lakers’ starting PG after all”

  1. ColoradoCatFan88

    Could possibly be the most talented starting lineup ever..

    1. DelrayCat

      True…But also one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in history. And a group of guys that all like to jack 3’s at a low percentage.

  2. Smyrna_Cat

    If it is on the internet it must be true.

    1. Soylentbeans

      I suppose that’s why they said MIGHT NOT be.

    2. gobble gobble

      oh it’s definitely true. If it’s on the internet, it doesn’t make it false.

  3. UKinIN

    LeBron usually has the ball anyway. It’s not like this will be a huge change.

  4. Nickerbocker05

    Danny green came off the bench for Toronto…dude is not a starter.

    1. UKinMKY

      He is on the Lakers. Guard is their thin spot right now, and Danny Green is a damn fine guard esp. on defense.

    2. Middy

      He came off the bench in San Antonio too! Good lineup but far from the most talented ever!!!

  5. UKCatAttack

    That will work fine on offense but I feel like Lebron would struggle guarding some of the quicker point guards in the league. Regardless Rondo will likely average about 28 minutes per game if he is healthy. And at this point in his career I’m sure the Lakers are going to try to play LeBron less.

    1. gobble gobble

      LeBron is a natural point guard… in the last 15 seasons, he actually has more assists than any other player. It’s the smaller guards that’ll have difficulty guarding him… not the other way around.

    2. ukisgr8

      Lebron is a ball hog. No matter the position he plays, he’s going to have the ball until 3 or 4 seconds left on the shot clock when the other players heave up a prayer shot. Luckily. 8 or 9 go in per game. For all purposes he’s a pg except on defense and handle. Harden would light him up all day long and most would get him in early foul trouble so no way he guards a pg. the Lakers needed a Steve Kerr type pg, not rondo.

  6. gobble gobble

    And LeBron isn’t slow in the least….

    1. IrishCat

      I’ll bet Lebron starts fewer than 50% of the regular season games @ point.

  7. ukisgr8

    Kuzma is a pf, not even a tweener sf/pf. No way could he guard a sf. Cousins comes off the bench to spell Davis and kuzma. In rare cases you might see all 3 but I doubt it in today’s nba. Unless they land another player the 3 spot will be run by committee. Starting kuzma at sf would be the dumbest move in nba history. Very good player and a starter, over cousins only because he’s part of the Lakers future.

  8. DelrayCat

    Todays signing of Avery Bradley changes this entire discussion. But I hate to say it, but dookie Quinn Cook may be their pg of the future. His time with the Warriors helped his game a lot.

    1. UKinMKY

      Yeah, just checked ESPN and saw that. Think it’s a toss up as far as who starts between Bradley and Green. Cook is one of the less hateable Dookies in my book, concur with you on his game.

    2. ukisgr8

      I agree. Caldwell Pope is getting better and better too which may push green to sf or with cook and Bradley they may have one of them and green on the floor as sgs essentially since lebron will have the ball anyway. But no way lebron could guard a pg or sg for long periods. He’s getting old and breaking down. Personally I’d try to convince him to play pf. It’s where his game is now. And Caruso showed a lot of promise last year as a solid role player. Better depth than people give him credit for

  9. njcat54

    Shoot… was looking forward to some Rondo v Beverly matchups. Pest on pest.

  10. Han

    Bradley might start instead of Kuzma. Bron won’t be guarding the other team’s 1 or 2 all game, and Bradley is a good defender.

    1. ukisgr8

      Bradley will not start at pf. Kuzma is 100% pf. He’s not even close to being a sf. I’m not even a big nba guy but watched the Lakers to know that he’d get eaten alive at sf. He’s a very good stretch 4 because he can shoot or get around another teams 4. His strength becomes a weakness at the 3 spot but he’s a far superior player than Bradley. Cousins becomes the odd man out in the starting rotation because kuzma is their future star

  11. KYjellyRoll

    I’ve started keeping up with nba because of all these uk players lol

  12. tripleaaaron

    Cousins is currently a better player than Kuzma. He starts.

    1. ukisgr8

      The only way he starts is if they decide to put Davis at pf and cousins at center. His injuries won’t allow him to play pf anymore. It’s amazing he was even able to come back at all. Pre injury I agree he starts no matter who is there. Post injury, he’s limited in what he can do which is why his worth is so down.